i can't with these two :')


Happy second birthday, baby girl!

From the time you were born, you’ve been a feisty little fighter with the strongest will to live (and enjoy your life) that I’ve ever seen.

You’ve taught me so much- patience, persistence, unconditional love. You’ve taught me to enjoy being wild and you’ve taken me on so many adventures that I would have never experienced without you.

Here’s to hoping for many more lessons from you, and adventures with you, and to making your life the best it can be. You deserve it ❤️

Ya know bisexual characters can be…bisexual….you don’t gotta write them in fanfic like they’ve been Straight™ all their life but this One Person is the exception….like I know it’s wild….but their partner doesn’t have to be the only person of the same sex they’ve ever Noticed™ ever




Just two dumb boys ™

Interviewer : how do you guys stay so humble ?

Josh : I think we just make fun of each other a lot. We just like knock each other down. If I do something dumb and I know it’s dumb, than he makes me feel really dumb.Then I can’t think I’m sweet later on, cause I’m like .. “I’m dumb”

Tyler: it’s like my goal to make you just feel dumb

Josh : And than we get into a room with celebrities and we’re both just two dumb boys



“It is you.” | Rey Kenobi

Kylo’s version: [ + ]