i can't with their chemistry omg


Harley and Ivy being beautiful bisexuals in DC Bombshells #54

MatPat: *takes a deep breath*

MatPat: i lo-

Jason: yes, you love Stephanie, we know, you love Stephanie so much, she’s the light of your life, you love her so much, you just love Stephanie we KNOW, you love Stephanie you fucking love Stephanie okay we know, we get it, YOU LOVE STEPHANIE FUCKING PATRICK. WE GET IT.



  • Me: I think its so refreshing the way Bughead's been written. I'm so happy its not two horny teenagers jumping each other every chance they get. It's like two lost, troubled souls are reaching out to each other, they have each other's backs and support and understand the other and it's so beautiful and unique and OMG I just love it!
  • Also Me: I can't get enough of them, their chemistry is off the charts, I scream and flail everytime they share the same screen space, I've watched all their kisses and touches 32647395729 times and omfg they're so sexy and hot af and I can't wait for them to bang!

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What are ur thoughts on kickthefire bc I read alittledizzy's fic and now I can't look at any of their collabs the same way

omg, always a riddle inside my head? isn’t that some good good shit?

kickthefire is my shit. i think they’ve got some serious chemistry (i think PJ has major chemistry with just about everyone he shares space with, but that’s a whole other thing), and i think there’s a mutual attraction/appreciation and i’m sure there was some point in his life where Dan got very flustered every time PJ looked at him (and Phil probably teased him for it). 

So yes. implied kickthefire has shown up in at least two of my fics (temporary and love me for the day) and dan/(pj/chris) is, arguably, the secondary pairing of my PBB.

Also, something something Italy, but not too much of something because I’m writing fic about that too.

so yes. i love me some kickthefire.

also, semi-related, but i just love the way PJ lights and colors his videos? the colors are just so rich and warm (and, of course, do amazing things for his eyes) and its so interesting to see Home and Depot in PJ’s videos as opposed to their own where the answer always seems to be MAKE THE LIGHT BRIGHTER AND WHITER. 


Yesterday I was having dinner with two friends, and we were talking about Tv shows. 

Me: I ‘m waiting for GOT s7!!!

Her : Well, I don’t watch it anymore, because everyone spoiled me.

Me: WHAT? Noo?!!

Her: Yes… So I actually watch another show on Netflix rn. I’m on season 6.

Me: Which one?

Her: The Vampire Diaries.

Me : OMFG L. You can’t watch it! this show destroyed my life!

Other friend: She’s true, since season 4 this show went downhill.

Her: Well, you are both right, also I don’t liek the fact that they can’t even kill people for real. I mean FFS, they are always cheating on death.

Me: Because of a certain someone…

Her: But you know I’m watching it after work to have a little me time. Also, I kinda ship Damon and the witch.

Me: ?!!!!

Other Friend with a big smile : Here we go.

Her: What? Listen, I don’t know but when you see them together, you can feel something is happening. But Damon is completely stuck on Elena, and frankly if you don’t see the chemistry between Damon and the witch… What’s her name?


Her: Yes. Well you’re a liar. Also Elena is really about “ I don’t know, I’m in love with Stefan, then Damon etc. “ and all this sire-bond thing… ugh.


Other friend: Because she ships Bamon. 


Me: I… I was supposed to stop with that!

Her: Don’t spoil me!

Me: I don’t want too. This show sucks. You gotta figure out by yourself.

Other friend laughing like crazy: You are so fucking dramatic.

  • Everyone: I love every episode of magi I love Alibaba so much I ship Alimor so hard
  • Me: I love episode 7 of magi because that's where Ja'far is introduced and why does he not have a bigger part in the main series he is the greatest character in the world and his chemistry with Sinbad is so interesting and I ship them so hard why can't Ja'far have a bigger part in the main series omg

Just watched episode 2, season 1 of Poldark. I really hope I ship Ross & Demelza eventually, since they’re likely the endgame of the show. But like…atm? Ross & Elizabeth are one of my TYPE A ships, and their ANGST and their crackling off the screen chemistry (THAT CONSTANT EYE SEX OMG) is eating me ALIVE. I ship them so hard, it’s unreal. I know it’s only been two episodes, but like… IT’S ONLY BEEN TWO EPISODES, AND I’M IN SHAMBLES.


tbh one of the hardest things about dating is that I can easily shift my personality to be likeable. It’s like creating chemistry where there is none… and then eventually I get tired of being on cool-person behavior, and it’s messy

Funny Raulson story that happened to me today during lunch at school. So my guy friend and I hang out at this shaded brick wall area where we usually eat our food and talk aimlessly about AHS and OUAT with a couple other friends. We were talking about Asylum/Coven and associating our teachers with each character when out of fucking nowhere he brings up Sarah and Lily. Now, before I continue, let me just say that he knows nothing about Raulson whatsoever. I don’t talk about it to anyone I know irl bc I just feel like this ship is really personal to me. Ok anyways, he straight up asks me, ‘Can you imagine Sarah and Lily together?’ I stopped midway in eating my lunch & looked at him with widened eyes. ‘What did you just say?’ I asked him cautiously. He goes on to tell me, ‘Idk, I think they look really good together,’ He’s still eating as if this meant nothing at all.

By this time, my heart rate had increased and I felt like I was gonna burst with Raulson feels any second. I asked him, still proceeding with caution, ‘W-why do you ask?’ He shrugged at me. I asked him, ‘Do you think they have chemistry together?’ He nodded. I’m freaking the fuck out and screaming internally by now. ‘Why?’ he responded. ‘Don’t you think they look good together?’ He turned the question to me. My voice is caught in my throat and I replied with a squeaky, ‘Of course,’ mimicking his nonchalance about the subject. I was trying my best to maintain composure. He proceeded to question me a couple times, ‘Wouldn’t you ship them? Can’t you see them being together?’ And he’s smiling like he was imagining them as a couple or something. It just felt so weird. I was nodding and continually avoiding his eyes for fear of giving myself away. He even added, out of all the actors in AHS, Sarah was the only one who looked good with Lily. I opened my mouth to say something but he suddenly blurted out, ‘Sily!”

‘What?’ I said. He repeated, ‘Sily, Sarah and Lily’s ship name! Or…Larah!’ And guys, he doesn’t just see them as a brotp, he sees them as a real romantic gal pal should-be-together pairing. He looked so happy when he came up with the ship names. I fought so hard to control myself right there and keep from telling him how the ship he ‘made up’ was already a huge fandom and how I have been hardcore shipping Raulson for longer than he’s been watching AHS. I was also stifling my laughter to which he asked why in the world was I laughing. Basically the moral of the story is: Raulson is way too fucking perfectly obvious that even my guy friend who doesn’t have a lot of ships (much less f/f pairings) and would never had watched AHS if it weren’t for my constant pestering, noticed how great a couple Raulson is. Their chemistry is undeniable and to me, this is solid proof.

  • two male characters: *look at each other*
  • straight women: omg look at their chemistry! OTP!
  • two male characters: *do something objectively Evil*
  • straight women: he's not a villain, he's just misunderstood!
  • two male characters: *are not gay in canon*
  • straight women: it's #radical to ship slash pairings!
  • two female characters: *flirt*
  • straight women: idk I just don't see it :////
  • two female characters: *declare their love*
  • straight women: um this is problematic?
  • two female characters: *share a kiss at their wedding*
  • straight women: why can't women just be friends?

“The last scene I filmed with him was the scene where Athelstan runs into Ragnar’s lodgings in Kattegat and tells him. “I’ve been born again,” and he hugs me and tells me I can’t leave. It was an amazing moment of — This is what the characters are saying to one another, but this is also what the actors are saying to one another as well. There was a lot of chemistry in that scene because of that .”

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how are you so sure that skyeward is endgame?? i've tried to keep hope, i really have, but tbh i can't.

Oh no, don’t lose hope!!  There are so many reasons that Skyeward will be endgame!!  Here, I’ll make you a quick list 😊

1) When Chloe and Brett were first considered for the roles of Skye and Ward, they did a chemistry test, which usually implies that their characters will be romantically involved/share a lot of scenes.


3) I personally am convinced that Ward will eventually become Hellfire given the similarities between the two characters. Hellfire is a love interest of Quake aka Daisy Johnson aka Skye.

4) Chloe and Brett talking about (and obviously shipping) Skyeward in interviews all the time also helps.

In summary:  Skyeward was planned from the very beginning (hence the chemistry test).  They’re constantly promoting the shit out of it (hence the promo photos).  I’m inclined to believe they’re setting them up to be a couple from the comics (my theory about Ward being Hellfire).  And Chloe and Brett not only ship it, but make it very well known that they ship it.  I know it may seem hopeless right now given Skyeward’s current state, but it’s like Chloe said

Just have faith my friend!!  Skyeward will be endgame and it will all be worth it in the end!!


                                        you are  n o t  alone