i can't with the logic on this show anymore

anonymous asked:

You do realize that people are campaigning for Netflix because that is what they have and that is what they can afford they can't afford to subscribe to Hulu or Amazon as well and they already have Netflix because it is the cheapest option and has the most shows avaliable for them. And GMW is already on Netflix so it makes logical sense to continue it there.

Netflix is 99.9% not an option anymore. See my post to understand why. It’s very clear and very accurate and should answer most of your questions.

To address some of your points: I do get why people want it to go to Netflix. Honestly, Netflix was my first choice too. We need to target the platforms we have the biggest chance of being successful at. Netflix is not one of those platforms.

There will always be ways to watch episodes, if the show continues. I get that affordability is an issue but Hulu is $7.99 a month. You can also get a 7 day free trial and binge watch the season if you don’t want to pay. Amazon prime has a free 30 day trial you could join and binge watch the show if it goes there as well. There are ways to watch the show in an affordable way even if it doesn’t go to Netflix (and let’s be clear: it isn’t going to Netflix).

Seasons 1 and 2 being on Netflix have no bearing on them wanting the show. They have a contract with Disney to show that show. They didn’t pay the production costs for the show. Picking a show up that’s been cancelled is vastly different cost wise and than paying to show past seasons of a show on a different network. It’s incredibly more expensive to produce a show than it is to show past seasons. They also have to consider other factors like other Netflix originals (Fuller House would be threatened if GMW moved to Netflix, for example). Oh yea, Hulu is also cheaper than Netflix.

There are a lot of moving factors here. Beyond all of the nuances involved in a business transaction like this, we need to be selfless and get the show saved wherever we can. We can’t be selfish and focus on platforms that are unlikely to pick the show up just because that’s our personal preference.