i can't with rob laugh

I can’t believe I didn’t share this yet!

So at JIBCon I asked Rob and Richard to adopt me and they were so chill with it!

Rob autograph

Me: so, my dad isn’t really around, would you adopt me?

Rob: what? Oh my God this is amazing! (laughs) yes, I will adopt you. What day is it today? 21? (he wrote down the 21 cause I wasn’t sure of when I would have gotten the autograph). This is lovely! 

Me: I’m glad you like it! I’ll see you on sunday!

Rob: so you are my daughter now?

Me: yep, see ya dad!

Rob: don’t be late for dinner!

Richard autograph

Me: so, I already have Rob, will you adopt me too?

Richard: why yes, I will. You sure you want us to be your daddies?

Me: I’m pretty sure, yes.

Richard: allright (signs). Now you have two daddies.

Me: great! Catch you later!

Richard: bye sweetie.

Later on I had a breakdown cause I realized I finally have two sugar daddies.

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anonymous asked:

Hi Mama, Anon here trying not to be a pest. Watched the video over and over about R saying Kris and this what I heard. Interviewer said, Both of you watch behind closed doors when you're in your own home? Rob answered laughing, Kris, (then I can't understand)I have my 12 valium. Hopefully some one can understand what he is saying. IF I am hearing this correctly, this is WOW!

Well…I know that I’m hearing Kris and look what the closed captioning hears…

So he does mumble enough that it’s not 100% clear but I think it’s safe to say that he either literally says Kris or is starting to say Kristen and than stops himself!

I think he’s talking about asking Kristen for the valium and I bet this is her response to him every time…

Her typical response when he does something crazy!