i can't with james in this movie

You know, I’m guessing a prequel GotG movie is not a realistic thing to hope for, but Marvel makes film shorts, don’t they? Like the Agent Carter and Coulson ones. Wouldn’t a heist with Yondu and bb!Peter be a perfect subject for one of those?

Someone needs to shove some fistfuls of money in James Gunn’s direction to make this happen. :D

I Hate That I Know You|| old man logan

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Prompt: Can you do a fic where the reader and Logan start off as enemies and then become lovers?

Ooooo… This anon is practically begging for me to do another multi part Logan fic. Well.. that’s not happening yet, but this’ll be split into three parts! I have one more Logan request to finish after this and let me tell you, I am over the freaking MOON. I love him but I’ve gotta close him off. There’s so many for him in my masterlist!

Just so you’re all aware because most of you know that I’m a Christian and a Pastors daughter; I don’t consider pissed a curse word lol 

Part I- I Hate That I Know You (Set before Logan)

Part II- I Know That I Want You (Set during Logan) Coming Soon

Part III- I Love That I Have You (Set after Logan) Coming Soon

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Some kind of sign - deepgreensea - Star Trek [Archive of Our Own]
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Spock always hoped it wouldn’t happen to him, because surely the universe owed him one small mercy. McCoy could never have imagined the consequences of being entrusted with the most guarded of Vulcan secrets.

Set post-Beyond, Spock and McCoy navigate Spock’s first Pon Farr.

This is finished now! Thanks to everyone here for the ongoing support and encouragement, I am eternally grateful <3

An individual with multiple personalities who can change their body chemistry with their thoughts.” - SPLIT / 2017 / M. Night Shyamalan Movie

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I can’t wait to see the film. James McAvoy does troubles and ‘crazy’ characters so well (I love him for it) and I honestly think that Kevin is quite fascinating and I really want to know more about him! However, the film will be released in january 2017 in Germany, which means I still have to wait for a long time. I’m sure here are lots of ppl who can’t wait either. :)

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