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Callout for myself: I didn't believe you guys when you said Magnus was eating your paperwork. I owe you all a formal apology. He just came in, took a handful of papers off my desk, shoved them in his mouth without saying a word, and left. You're all allowed to come say "I told you so" to my face if you want. I can't believe he's doing this. He needs to be stopped.


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Am I crazy to dream that Yusaku is a Predatorshipping lovechild? In some angles he looks like Serena. And he has Yuri's sass. Hehehe. I am loving his personality in Vrains so far. Yusaku has the prettiest eyes.

But imagine Yuri teasing Serena about it? “Aw look Serena-chan, it’s our son from the future!”

Serena rolls her eyes. Yusaku looks him dead in the face and is like, “no.”

Yuri nods in understanding. He’s been caught trying to bamboozle his formidable other and this nice, murderous young man. He now must make amends, and set the record straight. “You’re right. I apologize.”

He places a hand on Serena’s shoulder, and looks at Yusaku with pride in his eyes. “He’s actually our grandson.”


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I'm sick of the way people are viewing Woohyun. The man who spent his own money on flowers and rings to give to us fans. Who read us bedtime stories. Who lied about the Bomi farting incident so she wouldn't be embarrassed. Who always put us fans first. Now you're accusing him of sexual assault because a stupid news station decided to use his face for the article. For what to get more clicks? Of course you had to apologize afterwards because it wasn't true. But now Woohyuns image is tarnish and it breaks my heart. It breaks my heart to think that people are still viewing him as someone who sexually assault a girl. I can't help but wonder if Woollim isn't saying anything because of Golden Child. Is this what Epik High fans felt when their own company couldn't speak up for Tablo? I'm just upset because no matter what they say Woohyun is now labeled as a person who sexually assaults girls.

was tagged by @junghan​ to do this bias selfie tag like over seven or so months ago but i was gone for a year and only returned last week so i didn’t actually do it and i figured i’d… try to do this??? LMAO i should probably learn how to take selfies from wen junhui tho or jisoo himself bc i clearly can’t take selfies and lmao my face is so big compared to his welp (i apologize for the hideous mess on ur dash)


tagging old and new mutuals (at least 80% of my mutuals aren’t active at all so idk who to tag???): @joshsua @jeongahn @95joshua @leeseokminnie (i’ve returned from the war now it’s sora’s turn to return from the war) @cafewoozi @taesthetic @peachuas @17dad @icydays …. and idk who else to tag????? if anyone wasn’t tagged but wants to do it feel free to do so!!!!

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Hi! Can you share the link of the video you used to make the last gifs you posted of xiumin and lay? Thank you!

hello anonnie! thank you for your ask! the gifset on xiumin and yixing learning basic cantonese? i’ve deleted that post but here is the link to the video! also, i’ve had many people asking me the reasons why i want that gifset to be deleted. i guess it’s better for me to explain it here while we’re on the subject.

a couple of hours after i posted the gifset, it got flagged by tumblr as a nsfw content post. yes, you read it right - not safe for work. typically, my posts consist of exo gifs with translations and i will tag them in accordance - the members’ name, the initial languages used, and what i think for that particular exo moment. none of my posts and tags have any profanities and vulgarities. i repeat, none.

now, why the hell did my post got flagged? i have no freaking idea. to make matters worse, my blog is also being reviewed by the tumblr staff as we speak. if tumblr is going to be hella petty [[which they usually are]], my entire blog would be condemned as a nsfw blog to anyone who has turned on the “safe mode” option. i guess this is an involuntary goodbye too because my blog would be pretty much defunct as we speak.

so, why did i delete the xiumin and yixing cantonese gifset? this is because i was extremely offended, upset, and angry. i want that gifset to disappear completely from tumblr.  even if i didn’t delete that gifset by myself, tumblr had already done that for me. my post magically disappeared from all the exo tags, but it was trending on the nsfw tags! sounds ridiculous? well, that happened as a matter of fact. therefore; if you have that gifset on a queue or drafts, please delete it and i will be forever grateful. 

on the side note, if this is how tumblr’s gonna treat tumblrers out there [[especially content makers]], they can go fuck themselves. 

“Ah there you are Taeyong!” Yuna smiled sweetly as she moved closer to the other as she felt a slight smile come over her face. He didn’t run away. Thank God. She smiled a bit wider as she made her way to hug the other tightly. “What did you want to do today? I’m sorry I missed our last date, I was busy with my modeling job.” She apologized before she nuzzled into his neck. She felt better being in his arms. I miss you so much. I wish we lived together. “Taeyong?” (@grxnadxs)

The Perks of Being a Mayor

AN:  So last little epilogue in this series, some smutty fluff.  I can’t believe I wrote almost 16k words and 35 pages worth of extras.  This turned into more than I thought it would and if you want to read it in order:  We can’t keep doing this, Arrow Spec 05x01, Are You Over Me? (Deleted Scene), Arrow Spec 05x02, A Fresh Start.

Oliver and Felicity sit closely together on the couch, an old classic Hollywood film, Robin Hood, is playing.  They lean against each other, holding hands, her head against his shoulder; he’s got one arm wrapped around her.  

They look relaxed and happy.  Oliver looks down at Felicity, an affectionate smile playing on his lips. He brushes his lips against the top of her head, her concentration broken, Felicity glances up at him and smiles.

He can’t help it, her smiling face tipped up towards him is too inviting, he leans down placing a chaste kiss on her lips, but the kiss lingers.

She turns back to the screen, momentarily distracted by Robin climbing the trellis to win a kiss from Maid Marian in the movie.  But, Oliver is not distracted; he’s completely refocused on her.  He ducks his head down to place small kisses on her cheek, her jawline, her neck, pulling her hair away from her face with his hand; he kisses her earlobe, sucking the fleshy lobe into his mouth.

Felicity lets him, enjoying the sensation, but says, “Watch.  This is the best part.”  Oliver doesn’t stop, clearly not watching, still committed to sucking on the little tender spot, the bony hollow of her clavicle; his hands wander downward.  She closes her eyes at the sensation of him nuzzling her neck, his big hands squeezing her waist, pulling her closer.  

He pulls them both down from a sitting position, though at this point, they’ve drifted to a forty-five degree angle, to a spooning position on the couch. Oliver leans down to kiss her more thoroughly, sucking her top lip into his mouth, sliding his tongue roughly between her lips.  The rhythm floods her with warmth and wetness, a dull throb beating time inside her. He slides his fingers beneath her t-shirt, along the smooth planes of her stomach, skimming his hand up to her breast, squeezing lightly while his other hand inches downward, beneath the fabric, heading for the juncture of her thighs.  She squirms in pleasure, but uses her own hand to stay his from delving too deeply, murmuring.  “Oliver.”

“What,” he hums into her neck, brushing his lips back and forth across her skin.

“We can’t do this.”  He stills, then smiles amused, “this again?  I thought we resolved this.”  His thumb makes lazy little circles on her skin.

“No,” she sighs whispering, “my mom could walk in any minute.”

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I whined about this line from the localized version of Alice Love Fables: Toy Box by Seven Seas a long time ago already, but this time I have evidence! XD

In the Japanese version, Alice is screeching “悪趣味だわ!="This is really tasteless of you!” (Literally “This is bad taste!”) twice in the first line, which sort of sounds awkward when translated literally since English doesn’t work well with repeated lines like that. So I’m okay with how this bubble was localized a bit differently.

BUT! In the second bubble, Blood is replying “お嬢さんの趣味にあわせてやったんだが” =“I was trying to match the young lady’s tastes, though…” I’m being 100% literal with the translation in this case. HOW THE HELL did ‘young lady’ get turned into 'fickle little brat’???? This goes way past the range of editing lines to make them fit smoother, and is deliberate mistranslation. The statement doesn’t even match with his expression, Blood is more embarrassed than angry in this page (look at the flush on his face), and the use of one “╬” doesn’t give them the right to put false, insulting words in his mouth.

"If I can't have you, nobody can."

When i was 21, i was choked to unconsciousness after hearing “If i can’t have you, nobody can.”  I woke up with a neighbor from a nearby apartment splashing water on my face.  My assailant was gone, but I saw that he had turned over several pieces of my furniture before he left. His audible rage was what alerted my neighbor.  Years later, he wrote me an apology, explaining that he had been “confused.”  He said he had thought that was how he was supposed to respond - “the way any man would.”

  • Ashton: His arms wrap tightly around you the second you walk into the room with tears in your eyes. It doesn't matter to him that you came in during a writing session with some of his heroes. Your his and you're upset. You bury your head in his chest and his arms wrap around you in an attempt to block out the rest of the world. He rests his chin on your forehead as you cry into his chest. He doesn't ask questions. He knows you just need him right now. "I've got you," he mumbles, somehow squeezing you tighter into his chest. Your hands fist into his t-shirt as you cry. Ashton drops a kiss to your hair before resting his chin on your head again, attempting to completely surround you with him. One of his hands starts to rub smooth circles on your back. He doesn't shush you or tell you it's all going to be okay. Right now you're upset and he lets you be upset. When you finally calm down enough to stop sobbing into his chest, he lifts his head and says, "You boys can finish this one without me today, okay? I've got somewhere else I need to be." That somewhere else is with you. He takes you back to his hotel and you tell him everything through more tears. That night, you fall asleep in his clothes, wrapped up in his arms. He never once tells you to pull yourself together. He's there for you, which is exactly what you need.
  • Calum: Interrupting rehearsal wasn't something you had never done before. When Calum sees you in the doorway of their rehearsal room, he immediately cuts the song short and puts down his bass. He comes over and takes your face in his large hands. He sees the tears stains down your cheeks and frowns. "Hey, hey, what's wrong? Talk to me," he says. You shake your head in response. He sighs and says, "Babe, I can't fix it if you don't tell me what it is. Don't shut me out right now." You mumble, "I shouldn't have come here. I'm interrupting-" Calum cuts you off, "Don't you dare apologize for coming to me when you're upset. You're my girlfriend. I'm supposed to fix this kind of stuff. Now, tell me what happened." You're shaking and the tears start to fall again as you tell Calum why you're so upset. The second you stop talking, he presses a deep, long kiss to your lips, his hands still cupping your face to keep you close to him. "Boys, I'm skipping out," he tells the guys when he pulls away from you. He starts to get yelled at by his manager, but Calum cuts him off by saying, "My girlfriends needs me right now. You can manage for a day without me." He drops his hands from your face to slide his fingers between yours. He spends the day distracting you with stupid faces and cheesy love confessions, which is exactly what you need.
  • Luke: You nervously knock on Luke's front door, your body already shaking with sobs you're trying to hold back. You know he's having dinner with his family, his family who has never met you to boot, but you need Luke right now. His mom opens the door and you quickly say, "Can I speak to Luke, please?" She starts to ask you who you are, but Luke hears you from the dinning room and comes up behind her. Luke breathes out your name when he sees you obviously upset. You slide past him mom and wrap your arms around him, burying your face in his chest. He strokes your hair softly and says to his mom, "Yes, this is the girl I told you about. Can we have a little time alone right now?" His mother mumbles that she'll be in the dinning room before she leaves. "What happened?" Luke says, releasing you so you look up at him. You start rambling about all the little things that are adding up and how you can't cope with everything right now. "Hey, it's okay," Luke tells you. "No, it's not," you mutter through your sobs. "I'm being a stupid girl who can't handle her own stuff. I'm dumping it all on you and we've only been together for a month, so you have to think I'm clingy and stupid-" Luke's jaw clenches before he speaks, "Don't put yourself down like that, ever. It pisses me off. No one gets to speak to you like that, least of all you. Okay? What do you need from me, baby? I'm not really that good at this kind of thing, so tell me what to do and I'll do it."
  • Michael: Reading through your mentions on Twitter wasn't something you did very often because you knew what some of the fans thought of you. For some stupid reason, you decided to ignore your cardinal rule for the day and read some of them. You immediately regretted it, seeing hate comment after hate comment. Your hands are shaking as you dial Michael's number. "Hey, baby," he says. His familiar voice is warm and comforting. "Michael," you choke out, "I didn't listen to you. I read through my mentions and-" He cuts you off by saying, "What did they say to you? Everything that isn't positive is a lie, baby. Are you okay? Do you need me to come home for a few days? I have a show tomorrow, but then the boys and I have four days off. I can come home." You smile as your crying begins to lesson thanks to his sweet words. "No, I'll be okay. I just needed to talk to you," you tell him. "I wish I was home with you," he sighs. "I also wish I didn't have to go right now, but I have some interviews. I'll call you after, okay? I promise." You let him go back to work, instantly feeling worse when you stop hearing his voice. You pull yourself together enough to take a shower. When you get out, your check your phone. You find that Michael posted a picture of the two of you on the band's Instagram with a long tagline: This is my beautiful, funny, smart, amazing girlfriend. She called me crying an hour ago because of some of the terrible things all of you have said about her. Stop hurting her. She's everything to me whether you like it or not and I love her. So go apologize. She's wonderful. You'll love her as soon as you talk to her. I promise :)
#25: You wear one of his shirts to bed
  • Harry: Usually you'd just grab his Rolling Stones t-shirt from his dresser and throw it on. Or maybe even his Green Bay Packers one. But lately it was that really see through white one with all the hands drawn on it. He'd let you wear it once or twice before but you didn't want to make a habit of stealing his clothes. Yes, it was fairly new and fairly expensive (and he still wore it a lot himself) but he knew you wouldn't let anything happen to it. You both climb into bed and you feel Harry's nose press into the back of your neck and he chuckles into your hair. "I knew you'd find my shirt again," he mumbles sleepily, "tried to hide it from you..." Immediately you turn over to face him, feeling pretty guilty about raiding his drawers earlier. You start to apologize but Harry's lips cut you off mid-sentence. "S'okay," he says in between kisses, "S'okay baby, don't have to apologize. I love seeing you in my t-shirts." he murmurs against your lips.
  • Liam: "Twirl for me babe," Liam commands with sparks in his eyes as he observes you in his batman tee. Its was a little big on you considering it barely reached your knees. Liam can't help but giggle at first, but then he sort of lets out a proper laugh and his eyes get all squinty. You feel your face grow hot and you figure your cheeks must have been turning red because Liam immediately put on his puppy dog face (you hated how good he was at it). "Awh, babe, hey I wasn't laughing at you." He cups your cheek and lets his rough finger pads glide over your soft skin. "You look awful cute in my clothes, you know that?" He sees you smile and that makes his heart jump. He can't help himself from wrapping his rather large hands around your waist. Kissing from your jawline all the way up to your mouth. He doesn't stop working his lips on yours until and you pull away from lack of breath. Both your lips are bruised and red by now and you both agree that you should wear his clothes more often.
  • Louis: Grabbing any one of his random tees from his closet at night before bed was sort of like a ritual. Whether he was home or not, it didn't really matter, you just loved the scent of him. His natural smell mixed with his aftershave, and a little bit of Yorkshire tea. Usually when he's home, you'll put one of his football jerseys on before he come out of the bathroom and climbs into bed with you. "Fuck," he breathes out when he sees you. He walks over to the bed, never keeping his eyes off you, and crawls in right next to you. He bites down on his lip, bright baby blue eyes now turing a dark sea blue. "Hmm," he hums into your ear and his hot breath travels down your neck. "Who told you that you could wear my favorite jersey, huh?" His voice is nice and raspy, and you can tell he wants something from you. You flinch at the sudden feeling of his fingers traveling up the shirt. "Take it off for me, love. I have different plans for us tonight."
  • Niall: There were just so many to choose from. Mostly because he would give you the option of his entire closet. "Want this one?" He'd ask, holding up the 'gagging for a cupcake' shirt he pulled out from his closet. You giggle at him and nod your head. Though nine times out of ten it would be one of his 'crazy mofos' shirts (cause there were just so many of them). And if it was a colder night, he would insist on you wearing one of his jumpers. "C'mon Y/N," he'd hum while softly kissing down your blushed cheek. He knew that maroon colored jumper of his with 'hype' written on it was your favorite. "It's soft and it'll keep you warm, babe. I don't mind if you wear it. Besides I think you look sexy in it." He hands you his jumper while pecking at your lips. Once you two are both snuggled up together in bed his fingers and hands won't stop rubbing at the fabric, causing you to flinch and squirm. "Niall, stop that." you whisper but eventually let out a laugh. "Sorry," his voice sleepy, "Love it when you wear this one."
  • Zayn: This was actually the first time you'd ever put on one of his shirts. Yeah, maybe you've grabbed one of his hoodies before when it got cold, but that was about it. So when he had left the room you decide to pick out that shirt from his closet. Y'know, the black and white striped one with the little cartoon bear in the middle. There was just something about that shirt you loved so much. It was just so... Zayn. So his kind of style. It was cute. And he thought It was cute on you. He opened the bathroom door only to find you brushing your teeth in only his shirt and underwear. A sort of devilish smirk appears as he slowly tucks his bottom lip under his teeth. You quickly rinse your mouth and place your toothbrush down before Zayn hums, "You like my shirt, yeah?" He stands in front of you, hands finding your hips and his fingers trail up and under the shirt. Looking up at him you nod your head. "You look quite sexy in it, babe." He breathes heavy down your neck.

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I take back my apologies. You obviously don't care for other people's feelings. I actually like mabifica too. And it's really not pedophile. Bill can't grow, and his physical form stays the same age. The billdip fandom is actually really nice if you actually took the time to get to know them. We are not heartless bastards, and we are no different than you. You guys are attacking us, not the other way around.

ah yes being against pedophilia means i don’t care for other people’s feelings

makes PERFECT sense

and that’s a real reach buddy

you can’t “stay the same age” 

face it. shipping a thousands of years old demon with a 12 year old kid is 

p e d o p h i l i a

A Different Kind of Cruelty (p.1)
  • Kinda got this idea from imyourliquor-youremypoison right here on tumblr. Totally agree with you! Peter needs a badass chick.
  • And sorry about the awkward bold spots. I don't know how to fix that.
  • ---$---
  • Title: A Different Kind of Cruelty (p.1)
  • Pairing: PanxReader
  • Warnings: Cursing, abuse, talks about drugs
  • Summary: This isn't your average sweet damsel in distress that Peter seems to get stuck with. This is a kick-ass tale of pirates and fairies, punching guys, hitting jerks, and all around Neverland style adventure.
  • ---$---
  • The silent neighborhood looks peaceful. A late night dew blankets the grass; the streetlights spray soothing streams of light on the dark streets, creating a quiet and calm environment for the perfect families inhabiting each house. You scoff at your internal narration. Your family is far from perfect.
  • You run down the road in a hurry. He's never going to forgive you for this. Twenty minutes past curfew? That's inexcusable.
  • Dad is going to kill you.
  • You take a left on your street. The only house with a porch light is your own. Your bag hits your leg as you run. *Crap, crap, crap. I'm dead.*
  • You could see the police report now. "Y/N Parker was found dead in the local swamp late this afternoon. She was choked to death by her overbearing father and his perfect little wife helped hide the body."
  • No. You couldn't let that happen. So you picked up the pace and jumped your fence. The back door is always open. You slip into the house. The kitchen is silent: no one in sight. Once you make it up the stairs, you're home free!
  • You hear a gruff snore that stops you in your tracks. Dread fills your lungs as you peek into the living room. Your father reclines in his old chair, the TV playing white noise. He's asleep. There's still a chance.
  • You tiptoe behind his chair, being careful not to disturb the sacred recliner. He shifts a few times, making you jump and stop in your tracks, but you finally make it up the stairs. Unnoticed, you rush as quietly as possible into your room. With a deep, relieved breath, you change into your favorite pajamas.
  • As you're hiding the evidence of your late night excursion, your door is pushed open.
  • Dammit. You've been caught.
  • "Look, it's not what you think-" you begin. Your cover up comes to a quick stop when you see the big round blue eyes staring back at you. "Penny? What are you doing?"
  • Your half sister quietly and quickly closes your door and jumps onto your bed. "Where were you? You've been gone for hours, Y/N."
  • "You noticed?"
  • Penny nods, and that feeling of the world collapsing fills you again.
  • "Did Dad?"
  • "He almost did." Penny looks down, fiddling with your blankets. "I kept him away from your room. Told him you were working on all that late homework."
  • "Oh my god, Penny, you are a life-saver!" You trap your sister in a hug, grateful that something good came out of your father's second marriage.
  • "You're going to tell me what you were doing, right?" She watches you expectantly.
  • You were planning to tell her anyway, but you have to be careful. "Okay, you promise- on Justin Timberlake's life- that you won't tell another soul?"
  • Penny nods vigorously, crossing her heart.
  • You grab your bag and open it to show her the contents.
  • "Is that-"
  • "Shhhh!" You cover your sister's mouth before she can say it so loudly. "You have to be quiet."
  • Penny lowers her voice to a whisper. "Where did you get all that money?"
  • You shrug off the question. "Not important."
  • Truth is- it's very important. If you're caught, you could go to Juvey for a very long time.
  • That's what happens when you steal your father's medication and sell it.
  • "This is at least eight hundred dollars, Y/N!" Penny looks at you with worry. "What did you do?"
  • Penny is old enough to know that this much money doesn't come from selling lollipops or doing good deeds.
  • "Like I said, it doesn't matter. I can leave with this."
  • Penny doesn't answer. Which worries you. Usually, the problem is getting her to be quiet. "Why do you have to leave?"
  • "What's wrong, Pen? Aren't you happy? You and your mom and Dad can be a real family without the illegitimate child."
  • "What about me?" Penny demands. You're taken aback by her response. She should be all smiles. Dad won't want you punish you for looking like your mother anymore. Penny and her mom can be the perfect family they always wanted. The "problem child" would be a part of their past. And you would be getting out of a world of hurt that you didn't want to be a part of.
  • "What about you? You'll be happy, Penny."
  • She crosses her arms and stands. "You don't get it, do you?" Penny clenches her fists and starts shouting. "I want you to stay! I don't want you to leave me here!"
  • You can't believe it. "You want me to stay here where I get hit and beat and yelled at all the time? When I'm gone, Dad can have his perfect little family! You'll be happy!"
  • "You don't get it!" Penny screams. "I'm happy now! I want my sister to stay."
  • "That is so selfish!" you hiss quietly. You don't want to wake your father. "You are the perfect daughter, Penny. Dad really only wants you, and I'm not staying here with all this pain when I can leave."
  • "Fine! Leave me here alone with him!"
  • "That's the plan!"
  • "I hate you!" Penny yells, stomping out of your room. "You're not even my real sister!"
  • "Maybe that's a good thing!" you yell back.
  • Penny slams the door in your face, leaving the whole house eerily quiet.
  • "Girls?" Tatiana calls from her room. The noise is muffled through the door. "Penny, what's wrong?"
  • You can hear Penny crying in the hall, and can imagine her running to her mother's open arms. You can't hear what's being said, but you would bet all eight hundred and ninety seven dollars you have that she's spilling all of your secrets. Tatiana will call the police, but not after your dad takes "proper" disciplinary action.
  • You're not about to stick around for that.
  • You throw some extra clothes into your bag, along with your stash of money you made from odd jobs around the neighborhood. You figure that you have at least nine hundred fifty dollars in all. Your secret heap of food goes into the bag next. A bottle of syrup, half a box of nutty bars, and a bag of Cheez-Its. Not the best you could do, but you'll get more once you hit the road.
  • Now... How to get out of the house?
  • You can still hear Penny and her mother talking in the hallway, so that limits your options. The only remaining exit is your second floor window.
  • You could just jump for it, but you'd most likely break a bone or something else that isn't helpful in attaining your goal. You don't have any rope.
  • But you do have seven different blankets on your bed.
  • What? Sometimes you get really cold.
  • You quickly tie them together and throw your makeshift rope out the window. It almost touches the ground.
  • Where to tie it? It barely functions as a rope. You don't feel like trying your chances at a parachute.
  • You decide to secure it to your dresser leg. It's probably sturdy enough to support you.
  • A series of quick knocks sounds from your door, startling you. Tatiana’s concerned voice comes through the hollow wood. "Y/N? Are you getting ready for bed?"
  • "Yeah. Just... brushing my hair."
  • "Oh, okay. Well, Penny is a bit worried about you. Could we talk?"
  • You have to get her out of here. Now. "I'm really tired, Tatiana. Could we talk about this tomorrow?"
  • You can practically hear her thinking it through, trying to be the best stepmom she can be. "Alright, sweetie. Well, goodnight."
  • "Don't let the bedbugs bite," you mutter in relief, her footsteps retreating to her room.
  • You continue with your plan, changing out of your cozy pajamas and throwing them in your bag. Maybe tomorrow when you get to a hotel.
  • You've been planning this escape for years. You know exactly where you're going and just how you're going to get there. You'll travel to a town in the opposite direction of your objective and plant your phone in a hotel room. It would take you a while out of your way, but it would be worth it. Your fake I.D. would definitely come in handy on this trip.
  • Your final destination: Ann Arbor, Michigan. The only lead you have on your mom.
  • And if the whole finding your long lost mother thing doesn't work out, you'll be eighteen in two years. You just have to last that long.
  • "Y/N?"
  • Dad.
  • "Yeah?" You pull on your pajamas as quickly and quietly as you can.
  • "I heard you were yelling at Penny. Is that true?"
  • "I guess," you reply, trying to choose your words carefully without incriminating yourself. "It was a stupid argument."
  • "Penny's crying over something stupid?"
  • Oh crap. Crap, crap, crap.
  • If Penny is still crying, then you are most definitely dead.
  • "Is she?"
  • You throw your bag and all its special contents under your bed right before your father bursts through the door. You couldn't tell before, but he's pissed.
  • "You're going to apologize to Penny, you hear me?" he hisses.
  • Oh, you hear him. If you thought you could get away with it, you would tell him to take his damn apology and shove it. But you are smarter than that. So you say, "Yes, sir."
  • "Why do you always have to mess everything up?" he demands. "Why can't you be good like Penny?"
  • You just can't keep your mouth shut. "You mean why did you meet my mom before you met Tatiana?" you ask viciously. "Why was I born at all?"
  • "Shut up, you little bitch!" A sting explodes across your face, sending you to the floor. "Your mother was a slut, and if she hadn't run off and left you, you would be out of my hair!"
  • You can see Penny peeking into your room. The shock and horror written on her face is clear to see, but you think you notice something else. Something more sinister.
  • There's some relief on her face, too. Like she's thinking, I'm glad it's not me. You deserve this, though. Don't you, Y/N? Selling drugs? Running away? You know that he's right.
  • Your father kicks you in your gut, making you want to vomit. You think you might if he does it again. He grabs your hair, yelling more insults, but you aren't listening anymore. He bangs your head on the floor, and the pain explodes across your skull. He does it again.
  • And again.
  • “Leave me alone!” you scream. “Get away from me, you douchebag!”
  • “I’m what?” he cries just as loudly. “I’m what?”
  • You climb to your feet, pain radiating through your body, but you refuse to back down. “You. Are. A. Douchebag!”
  • He smacks you one more time, and continues kicking your gut. Finally, finally your vision goes black, and you lose consciousness.
  • --$--
  • You feel like you've been floating for days. Maybe you have been. Maybe you're still unconscious.
  • Maybe he finally killed you.
  • That can't be right. You feel something on your leg- something wet, sticky.
  • You peel your eyes open, expecting to wake up in a hospital bed. Expecting pain.
  • Both are suspiciously missing.
  • In their place is a grassy floor and that sticky wet feeling on your leg.
  • You turn into your back to see a group of boys at your feet. This weakens your senses and you sit up with a jerk.
  • "What do we do?" one of the boys mutters.
  • "She just appeared-"
  • "-out of thin air-"
  • "-like magic."
  • A crude looking blond with a heavy looking club parts the crowd like he's the one in charge. "Quiet! We take her to Pan."
  • "Whoa." You aren't about to be quiet and do what they say. "You're not taking me anywhere."
  • The blond smiles. "We've got a feisty one, boys!"
  • The boys erupt in laughter, and more sticky wet stuff lands on your leg. You pull your legs away from the crowd, and finally see what's there. It's syrup. Like maple syrup and pancakes. Without the pancakes.
  • That's when you see a little boy with a bottle of syrup. Your bottle of syrup.
  • A few boys are rummaging through your bag, throwing your stuff all over the sand. Your money flies through the wind.
  • "Hey!" you shout, grabbing your bag and as much of your stuff as you can. "That's mine!"
  • One of the boys has a bra around his head, and two more are finishing off your nutty bars.
  • That's it. No one steals your nutty bars.
  • "Leave me the hell alone!" you scream. You pull yourself onto your feet and stand as tall as you possibly can. You're barely at eye level with most of them. "I'm not going anywhere with you, and if you think otherwise, you're delusional."
  • The boys stare at you for a minute. The blond steps in, getting in your face and yanking your bag out of your hands. "You'll do whatever we want you to. And this is mine now."
  • He's bigger than you and he's got an army made of teenage boys. He can probably outfight you, and even if you can get away-
  • Well, figuring out where you are and how to leave isn't the problem at hand.
  • So you do the only thing you can think to do. You drive your knee into his groin and take off in the other direction.
  • The other boys have no idea what to do, and you're long gone before you hear the blond yelling at his lackeys.
  • Douchebag.
  • You don't stop running until you see a huge bush and don't think twice before diving into it. A thorny vine sticks you, and it takes all you have to not gasp in pain.
  • This isn't the worst pain you've been through. You will survive.
  • "Where'd she go?" a boy yells, stamping into the area.
  • "I thought you had eyes on her?"
  • "No, you did!"
  • They run away bickering about who's responsible for you.
  • You use the quiet time to take stock of your situation. If you wait it out long enough, you should be able to make it out of this forest and find a main road.
  • You don't even stop to think about those weird boys and their strange clothing and old fashioned weapons. Or the fact that they have weapons at all.
  • For the time being, you're alive and free. The first step to survival.


❝ A-absolutely not! You’re such a pervert.. ❞

His face was horribly red, shocked at the question he was given. He couldn’t possibly admit to having a wet dream about Cain.

“Uh huh. Then how do you explain this?” he asks, leaning forward so that he can flick the lack of morning wood and the recently wet spot on Abel’s underwear. Cain wasn’t letting this go, he knew he’d won and was already relishing in victory.