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What you asked for: “Shiro/Keith, Shiro/Allura, or Shiro/Ulaz.”

Well @wolviecat​, I was your secret gift person for the Voltron Positivity Exchange.  Bless you for giving me the opportunity to draw such a happy Shiro.  I hope you like it!

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okay. let's talk about being vegan. i think it's great & amazing, & a right thing to do. BUT vegan people love to say how you'll find a way if you care, you'll find an excuse if you don't care. but have vegans ever considered that the majority of plane't population are poor people? and being vegan is at least 10 times more expensive. i can't afford to be vegan no matter how hard i try. i tried to just not eat the meat and ended up wiht anemia, because i can't afford the substitute for meat.

One of the myths about the vegan lifestyle is that it’s too expensive for the average or low-income family. Perhaps this is because many people relate the term ‘vegan’ or a plant-based diet to pre-packed vegan spreads, meat alternatives, vegan dairy substitutes and the cost of some fruits and veggies*.

While it is important to note that veganism is not a diet, but rather a life philosophy, we all have to eat and a plant-based diet is an essential part of living as a vegan. With that said, there is no single ‘plant-based diet’ and there are plenty of ways to eat vegan on a tight budget including or excluding prepackaged food items.

The first thing to do when we want to change our eating habits, is to learn about it; is not that easy as just buy meat substitutes. I barely eat substitutes, I make all my patties from lentils or chickpeas, which is a really accessible grain that can be prepared in many ways.

Follow foodstampvegan for helpful ideas and see how to eat vegan on a actual budget. And here are some other links that can help a bit more.