i can't wash you off my skin

callherjulie  asked:

Hey girl! Let me know that routine. I can't message you.

Exfoliate/gentle face wash
Tone (witch hazel)
AHA serum if i have acne scarring
Moisturize or use oil (shea butter or coconut oil (keeps my oil production down. I have oily skin)

Clay mask (u can get bentonite clay masks or powder anywhere nowadays)
Peel off mask (cucumber or charcoal (good for blackheads))

Enzyme peel (i mentioned freeman feeling beautiful brand as a cheap introduction to enzyme peels and masks. Not every peel will be drastic and that’s good cuz sometimes u just need a lil boost in ur cell turnover rate nd having ur skin peel would be inconvenient)

Hmu if u got more questions 😊

we’re glaring into the sun and the florescence fades and everything is a blur, in an instant-

we look up and the sky doesn’t feel the same and I don’t feel the same and its like looking through a camera lens; you’re in focus and everything else is irrelevant.

i close my eyes to catch glimpses of the sky you look at night and the stars may be mapped on our skin; i’m making wishes and washing them off because i’ve learnt to be safe.

i don’t want to drown and i’d ask you for help, but you’re the one spinning this broken thread on a yard that wants to be broken as well and he probably already is, but remember, I’m too caught up in the closer picture, to bother, as of yet.