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It's sorta funny, cus I feel like I know more about your original comic than I do Wartale. I don't even think I knew about Wartale till someone mentioned it in an ask. Either way, I think your story is a very unique idea, and the only thing it has in common with Wartale is the settin. And I still am lookin forward to your on IP than it. Cus with your own story, you have much more freedom, and I honestly can't wait to see what you come up with in regards to it ^u^

Ye they have that ww2 inspired setting so I do see where people get the idea ^w^;
I also wanna work on my original comic like crazy, though I have to say it’s a long story and a lil bit ambitious, but I’d love to make it!
In fact, you MAY see something, just something random about that one comic too someday. I mean if you’re cool with me posting art about it :>

When I heard the topic “httyd theme park” I just couldn’t stop. Here’s my working list of ideas from when we were preparing to record our first episode! I am definitely proud of a few of these (Let’s Get Ready to Rumblehorn, I’m looking at you) but mostly I just want to hear about your ride or attraction ideas! Please reblog with suggestions or comments and maybe someday our hopes and dreams will be realized… and remember, you get to keep the fish. -Caitlin

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I admire your work I wish to someday be at your level - 🗑

Well, I’m going to call you treasure anon, because one man’s trash is another’s treasure! And, thank you so much???? That’s really super sweet of you! If you ever wanna reach out to me, I’m sure your writing is amazing. I just read your request and it made me laugh out loud, so I think your writing may already be on a level higher than mine!

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Regarding proof, I've been quietly in the fandom since 2012 but never make posts and only pop into ask boxes anonymously occasionally. In all that time I've yet to see any solid proof (intimate pics/videos) or hear anything personally but I've never doubted that h&l were and are together. It's literally the only thing that makes sense. But the idea that people in the fandom have that kind of proof..*grabby hands* can't wait to see it all someday soon!!!

yeah i think it’s more to do with the people who you speak to in the fandom… obviously if you stick to yourself and only chat to people on anon, then you’re not going to find out anything because you’re not interacting in a private way.. a lot of larries these days became fans because they work in an industry which they’ve been able to work with/for/around the boys or they have close friends who have been able to witness/hear/know information about them… they believe they’re out because of the way they acted when they saw them and how they dont act like it’s a secret so when they either do some research on them to follow their social media or whatever they’ve found that they’re not out and it’s a big fucking cover up within the fandom.. .this gets people really interested in the ins and outs of their team and WHY they’ve done this and then they fall down the rabbit hole and they’re here to stay… those people make friends with other larries, they talk privately, they meet up with them in person, they become real life friends and earn each others trust and then they share their stories … thus creating the ‘proof’ that people have to make them KNOW harry and louis are together. 

these stories arent shared publicly because it could a) out H&L but also b) jeopardise these peoples careers and to be frank, a boyband and a closeted couple isn’t worth someones career so everything is kept hush hush on the public forum… but theres definitely enough proof like this among the larries and thats a reason why a lot of us stay around…. there is SO MUCH bts knowledge of H&L’s relationship that it’s so laughable to larries when anti’s get so pressed and try and say we’re deluded etc etc… because it’s not just some ship that we’re all here trying to make real via confirmation bias and tinhatting and all the other bullshit the antis try and pin on us… it’s legitimate fact.

but like you said, we dont actually need any of that to know they’re together. it’s easy to see by itself :)

What…what was that? Did you hear that? Oh, wait. Never mind. That was just the sound of my pants flying off of my body at 3,000 miles per hour due to John’s smouldering look, there. Holy shit.

This is just a tiny taste of something Kel is working on. I reeeeally hope to be able to show you the full thing someday, because wow.  Anyway, enjoy! This might be a part of my new desktop background.


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My compliment is to all the people who feel they are not getting noticed, and feel that the 'famous' ones who are the only "good" dancers. I wanna just tell you NO. Just because you may not be massively known in the dance world does not mean anyone is better than you. Keep your head up high cuz someday it's gonna be you that's on top of that podium, keep working hard because I'm sure the world can't wait to get to know you!

This 100%!!!!!

You know what I think about on nights like these? Nights where I’m home and making dinner alone, doing laundry alone, getting my things ready for work the next day alone, watching tv alone and soon going to bed alone?

I think about the fact that one day that won’t be the case. That there will be a companion to do the monotonous, boring things together.
I really look forward to making you meals, folding laundry while watching our favorite show and then going to bed side by side. Can’t wait to do those mundane, day-to-day sort of things with you.

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robyn are you aware of the fact that someday in the near future ('near' being less than a few years) THEY'RE GONNA BE OUT. attending festivals and Burberry fashion shows together, pap shots in la working on some new music, hopefully mia most of the time spending time with their kids [okay let's not go to far here. they're probably gonna adjust to being out the first year. but i don't think they'll wait very long]. they're ready, i'm ready and can't wait.

I just need to see them holding hands and I will be all set for everything else. I am SO READY for their power couple realness.