i can't wait to wear this soon!

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Elk running for the hills, Louis staying far away from anything BG and his fake-son looking more like Briani's stepfather every day... No wonder antis are so pressed lately. Their house of cards is crumbling around them while Harry quietly keeps following Louis around the globe and wears rainbow shoes. I can't wait for the day antis realize all their ranting and bullying was wasted because nothing they do will magically turn the lies they've been fed into truths. 👻

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Even with the filter the baby looks like Austin&Brett. So I can see them ending it soon. And hes HUGE. Hes supposed to have too naturally skinny parents and is a bigboned baby. This is not how genitics work. He should be Doris&Ernest size. There is no way this can be kept up for another year especially because the child doesnt respond to “Freddie.” The video with Beep&Olivia trying to get him to laugh Briana says Freddie and he doesnt respond. Oliva starts making noises and then he laugh.

Everything is basically a big mess so you know, end it 

 "Pearl,I'm going to stay and fight for this planet" 
- Gosh I can’t wait to wear this cosplay again very soon! A couple of people sent me messages asking me if I heard about Cartoon Netoworks Costume Contest and joined :) Thank you for thinking of me~ Here is my entry!~ I hope everyone has a wonderful Hallween and stay safe!

H/&/M - 

patches - $8.00

dress - $99 (minus the underdress; I didn’t have a magnet, and the underdress was tagged. I can find a skintone knit slip anywhere, so I just left the underdress behind and took the embroidered part!)

M*acy*s –

nighties - $30 each

robe - $35.00 (I wasn’t able to find a black robe, so I’ll have to check out another M* store soon and see if I can pick one up there)

Total: $197

5//27//17 9:39 pm

hello. i’ve been highkey procrastinating/lounging around all day, before going to a friend’s grad party, so enjoy the first mood board i ever made :)) tbh, summer’s getting really boring really fast. hopefully i’ll be able to be just as productive soon!!

may study challenge, may 26th-what’s your style/what do you like to wear?

lots of flannel, tshirts, jeans, and converses. i have like no sense of style tbh besides “comfortable”

may study challenge, may 27th-what subjects do you find easiest?

usually english, and science, and civics :)

currently listening to: sincerely, me from dear evan hansen

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omg did you see the full version of the Barney's interview? Where he said he has an Oaklandish ONESIE?!?! Because I died I can't wait for the pictures of that to surface

Sincerely one of the stranger things I’ve seen. I didn’t even realize the newer link was different…because all they added was a single sentence to one question. And his opinion on a few pieces of clothing.

Hard to believe it will be cooling down soon, but what items are you most looking forward to wearing this fall?
I’ll be honest with you, I don’t really know much about fashion and trends, but I have this really fly zipper denim hoodie thing made by Sohung Designs. I also have this onesie by Oaklandish I can’t wait to wear, and Comme des Garcons sent me a couple of really cool pieces after I wore so much of their stuff during Tony season. I’m excited to show those off.