i can't wait to wear this soon!

My highlight of this season so far is how, as soon as Isak knew his friends were cool with him not being straight, every single fuck he had to give disappeared, I mean he’s:

  • Shut Magnus down whenever he made a homophobic remark unknowingly
  • Basically told Even to get his shit together (with texting advice from Jonas)
  • Kicked all his friends out of the apartment when Even showed up
  • Willingly made the first move
  • Spent the entire weekend with Even and then posted a picture of him wearing Isak’s shirt (that Isak wears a lot so everyone knows it’s Isak’s) on Instagram
  • Showered with Even and gave him a blowjob while his flatmates were home
  • Shamelessly told Even to meet him after school and he’d do it again
  • Told his dad outright he would be bringing Even to the Christmas concert and that Even was his boyfriend
  • Just overall done with everyone’s bullshit

In conclusion Isak is a BAMF who is done living to please other people and I am so proud!

 "Pearl,I'm going to stay and fight for this planet" 
- Gosh I can’t wait to wear this cosplay again very soon! A couple of people sent me messages asking me if I heard about Cartoon Netoworks Costume Contest and joined :) Thank you for thinking of me~ Here is my entry!~ I hope everyone has a wonderful Hallween and stay safe!

turn to dust | i’m dancing with the devil; everything i want i found (drug dealer!au)

‘A good girl meets a bad boy’ cliché except no one is really good and no one is really bad; there is only existing, trying, and failing; there are neon lights, dark alleyways with dirty sidewalks, too many cigarettes and not enough conversations; her stacked textbooks collecting dust and his broken-in boots that he wears to outrun cops. It starts in the wrong place, at the wrong time and finishing it may be the only way to right it, but they might be incapable when in quiet rooms and early morning diners, it almost seems glorious.

i. stars - the xx // ii. nightcall - london grammar // iii. nicotine dreams - laurel // iv. young god - halsey // v. fire breather - laurel // vi. the sun - the naked and famous // vii. river - bishop // viii. devil devil - milck // ix. better than heaven - block party // x. turn to dust - wolf alice // xi. desire - meg meyers // xii. smoke stacks - layla // xiii. medicine - daughter