i can't wait to use these gloves

“Maybe I’ll give my alts a little love,” I say to myself as I shove every remotely interesting item into my necromancer’s inventory and spend all my game time farming for a legendary only he’s going use.

‘George used to say, “We are not these bodies”, or “I can’t wait until I’m not in this body,”’ remembers Olivia [Harrison]. 'I used to tell him, Stop saying that! (Laughs) Because we’re going to be out of these bodies soon enough. But he had a real curiosity. He wanted to transcend everything. He wanted to be transcendental in a physical world. When he looked at a tree he saw what runs through everything and I think he just wanted more of that experience. He felt the physical world was a limitation.’
—  Mojo, November 2011

Palmon Gijinka cosplay is done waaaay ahead of schedule!!! AX isn’t till July!! (Just waiting on the gloves to be made, also make up later cos I was too tired to try it on rn)

gonna be using my Palmon backpack to carry things (and to be a quick answer incase people don’t think in some half assed Bellossom /sob)