i can't wait to see what happens after!


“My ideal man’s face has always been Kashima but… I just realized now but could it be… that my ideal girl is also Kashima…

  • Castiel: I have to get back now
  • Gabriel: No! You can't come back to life for three days!
  • Castiel: Why not? I feel like I can do it now
  • Gabriel: Um for the religious joke? Captain No Fun
  • Castiel: Life and death is not a joke Gabriel!
  • Gabriel: See this? This is why we never hang out.
  • Gabriel: *Mocking Castiel* I must return to the Winchesters right now. Immediately after death because I have no STYLE
  • Castiel: How long are you going to wait?
  • Gabriel: Eight years!
  • Gabriel: Best. Prank. Ever
  • Castiel: What happened to you, to make you like this?

One of the things I love the most about Rin/Shiemi is that unlike most shounen manga where the girl crushes and falls in love with the guy, there’s a role reversal and we watch Rin crush and fall in love with Shiemi instead.


Thank you for giving me the strength to keep fighting!

Fraxus edit

     ⇉ requested by anonymous

Thank you for requesting! ^_^ It was really interesting making a Fraxus edit.

This is what I imagined would happen after the Laxus vs Wahl battle.


Freed being a confident and cute chef. ^_^

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I absolutely adore your webcomic CtC!! The art is gorgeous and I love the characters so much! I was curious to know if it'll ever snow in CtC?? (tbh bc Iris would look absolutely adorable when he sees snow for what I assume would be the first time!) PS.You're absolutely amazing!!!! I can't wait for the next part to be posted *^*

Yes :3cccc we’ll definitely see how Iris reacts to his “first” time out in the snow!

hi vel!!! completely unrelated to ctc or your art, but do you play any instruments? if not, what instruments would you like to play??

I don’t, I’d like to play the guitar and piano ;;

So I love ctc so so much and I had a random thought: if you ever decide to bind it and sell it as a graphic novel after you finish it I would so buy it. Do you think there’s a chance of that happening ever? Bc I think I’d give like even 50$ for this

I’d like to try one day after I get far enough in ctc!

Clockwork Princess Epilogue as told by Will
  • *quotes taken from Clockwork Princess epiloge, which was written by Cassie Clare*
  • Will: Raziel above, Jem isn't a silent brother anymore.
  • Jem: "I don't know how to live in this world as a Shadowhunter without Will."
  • Will, in heaven: Jem, my parabatai, you can still be a Shadowhunter without me.
  • Jem: "If I were to go to another institute and ask them to take me in, I would never forget that. I would never feel whole."
  • Tessa: "Then what--"
  • Jem: "That depends on you"
  • Will: By the Angel, FINALLY. Somebody find some wine because JESSA IS HAPPENING PEOPLE.
  • Jem: "I can't--forgive me, Tessa" *walks away*
  • Will: WHAT. Jem, stop. STOP. Yes, good, smart Tess. Run after him, Tess. Both of you must be happy. I REFUSE TO LET YOU BE UNHAPPY.
  • Will: Awww you kept the necklace. Good thinking Tess. C'mon Jem, you have your whole life ahead of you, GO ON AND MARRY HER.
  • Will: *wipes tear* I can't wait to see the wedding. Must get planning. Oy, Gabriel! Fetch me my planner!
  • Gabriel: *throws planner at him*
  • Will: Much gratitude to you, sir.

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Man this season was SO amazing, probably the best one yet! I LOVE how it's finally tying up the show with the second movie, with all the Bewilderbeast imagery; the ice in Berserker island, the Bewilderbeast skeleton that forms Vanaheim, Stoick's flashbacks and finally when traitor Johann says he was in pursuit of the "King of Dragons". It's so cool how everything is finally unfolding towards the plot of the second movie. I can't wait to see how they'll tie the loose ends in a nice little bow!

I think S5 was amazing, too! I am so stoked and it might turn out to be my favorite (or one of my favorites). I love what you mention - it’s bringing things closer to the second movie times. Not only that, but I feel as though S5 is doing a good job of bringing all the elements from RTTE S1-5 together, too. 

Heather’s missing parents, mentioned in S1, get addressed when Dagur finds Oswald’s resting place.

Heather’s Dragon Eye lens is finally addressed.

What happened to Savage after Dagur deserted the hunters gets brought to a close.

The Dragon Eye and the quest for the power of the Dragon Eye is being developed in such a way that we’re leading to knowledge about Bewilderbeasts and the motives of Drago’s army. What once seemed to just be an adventure to learn about dragons developed into fighting dragon hunters developed into the beginning concepts of the second movie. Hunters looking to capture dragons are starting to look a whole lot like dragon trappers building a dragon army for Drago. We didn’t just get this random jump from chasing after the Dragon Eye to meeting some of Drago’s people… the story transitioned from S1 to present times.

We even bring together the villains in a comprehensible way. It’s not just jerking around two billion villains. We’re building. Introducing Viggo, Krogan, Johann… S5 is where it’s all tying together.

Love it.

Love it for how S5 connects the past RTTE season… and love how S5 is branching toward HTTYD 2.

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i'm really happy that you're working on falling!! i love winter song and am desperately curious about the birthday present but i gotta say, i really especially love the filling in the gaps, and i was like over the moon when u mentioned u we're gonna hit the restaurant scene in china, i've never seen that touched before and i can't wait to see what u do with it!!

I’m very excited about writing what happens in China! Victor’s black bikini undies will absolutely be making an appearance. I mean, how could I even dream of leaving such a thing of beauty out?? (And there might even be a brief mention before that.)

And can I just say that I still can’t believe that it’s canon that Victor wears bikini cut underwear and that we have photographic proof? What did we do to deserve such blessings in our lives?

I’m definitely going to write about Yuuri taking care of Victor after he gets drunk at the restaurant in China, but unfortunately, that won’t happen in the next chapter. Chapter 3 will be dedicated to their China trip, while Chapter 2 is more around the Episode 4-5 time period.

Chapter 2 is basically 20,000+ words of Victor falling in love with Yuuri, and I’m really enjoying writing every single letter. I’m not often proud of what I write … but this chapter has me feeling a little pleased.

It is, however, a beast in size, so I’m still going to need more time to finish. I hope the wait will be worth it!

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The way jungkook grabs jimin's hand, the way they smile, surprised to be together, the way they keep smiling all the time like two people who just get married. Can't wait for the next episode, the iconic trio JJJ will surely be extra funny ! And the behind the cam. I'm smiling like an idiot lmao.

I mean, not to look too deeply into it but like. Jungkook entwining his fingers with Jimin and gently guiding him towards him sounds like something from a fanfic yet it happened RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR EYES. 

That was cuuuuuutest. 

But you know what, sometimes I just gotta take a step back, especially after seeing their behaviour like this, that even though in my mind jikook is this ideal,  couple of literature with a classy amount of love-hate and push-pull exchanges etc etc but nowadays they just straight up trash when they around each other. ._.

like look at them. jeon’s gross ass gigantic smile upon simply discovering he on the same team as jimin. how they both had stupid, sketchy ass smiles on their faces for the like entirety of the episode when they were next to each other. and they think they being so slick at being “lowkey” affectionate but….yeah. so grooosss. actually get a room. plz 


Archer Dreamland Finale
  • Expectation before the finale: Man I can't wait till the finale! Dreamland have been my favorite season but I'm ready for Archer to wake up and see how his dream changed him as a person.
  • Reality: *Misty eyed after a touching goodbye to George Coe/Woodhouse* That was an amazing finale, but Archer didn't wake up! Dream Lana is dead and Poovy Chinese friends are gone! What the heck is going to happen next season?

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IDK why people is freaking out about everything really after 4x13 man Bellarke is happening even a blind person can see that next season they are gonna be canon we are gonna see them kiss and i can't wait to see them pinning, relearning,filtring what Bellarke is always been but now like adults,stronger than ever,i think that by 5b they will be already canon i feel that the midseason finale its when they boom kiss,next season is THE SEASON and they are gonna be together,i'm so excited.

Because apparently people aren’t used to being friends with their significant others but

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I'm getting too impatient I need the new season soon but it won't be until 2018 won't it? I can't wait that long!

I don’t think it’s coming anytime soon, anyway :/

It’s killing me, too. I need to see Bryce in jail. I need to see Courtney realise she was horrible and feel bad about it and at least attempt to genuinely apologise for it.

I need to see what happens to Sheri, now, cause I don’t really know how that works, and I’m not really sure what way I want it to. I need to see more of Tyler; his story, how everything’s affecting him, what he’s doing with all the guns and everything.

I need to know what Justin did after that scene with Bryce. Where he went, how he’s living now, and I really wanna see him just get better. I wanna see him interacting with other parents (Alex’s) and them caring about him and trusting him and being there for him.

I need to see him be there for Alex and for Alex to get better. I really need to see Alex get one scene where he can just be him again, relaxed and happy and not ruled by what’s happened to him, what he did to himself. I want to see how he reacts to it not working, what it’s like when he wakes up that first time and realises he’s still here. It’ll kill me, but it’s going to be an important storyline, and I need them to let us see it happen. I need to see him (all of them) just recovering and people being there for them and the Baker’s being there for him, because yes they were mad but the lost their daughter because she was hurting and they couldn’t see it and they’re really upset Alex had to go through that too.

I want to see Zach’s backstory. I want to know about his friendship with Alex, and Justin, really. I want to see how what Alex did affects him, because it’s like it’s happening all over again, and he should’ve seen it in time to stop it.

I want more Monty.

I want to see more Skye. I want to see her back story, and about her life, and her relationship with Clay.

And I want Clay to keep being Clay. Same with Tony. I want them to take care of Alex after what happens. I want more of their friendship with each other (wouldn’t mind more than friendship, I’ll take some Clony). I want to see their relationships with the Baker’s now. I want to see Clay’s relationship with his own parents.

I want to see parents more involved. I want to see them loving and being there for these children. I want better teachers and therapists and counsellors and I want to just go deeper with all of these characters.

Basically, I want season 2.

I’m tired af after having slept just a few hours but I’m getting more and more excited about the new season and I’m more than willing to give it a chance, since after all the information coming from the SDCC, I’m pretty sure that nothing bad is going to happen to CS (well, it’s bad enough that we won’t be able to see them together on the screen, but you know what I mean…) So I’m totally in, supporting always Captain Swan, Jen and Colin - Killian/Rogers. @laschatzi, @lenfaz, @saraswans, do you guys are with me?

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Day 1: first time that Legolas and Gimli gave Aragorn some peace (by stopping their bickering for once in favor of some much needed rest). Legolas just accidentally made his way to where he is positioned, in his sleep, or so he would try to feebly protest later on. Gimli would pretend that he minded very much, although he woke way before he started acting indignant that the blasted elf was using him as a pillow.

And so ends my meager entry for gigolas week.

this is so embarassingly sketchy and bad

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Apparently I neglected to mention: The ending of UNSPKN was PERFECT! So sweet. THERE WERE HUGS! THERE IS TRIUMPH! Papyrus goes forward to face the future >:D Such a wonderful wrap-up. He can never get back what he had, but at least he can start to get back to business. It's lovely. I can't wait to dub it <3 After dubbing the college thing. Small one before the big plunge lol. MAKIN COMMITMENTS YO

Look who caught up :P

YEP, ENDING HAPPENED, a while ago, we’re movin on to a new story, with more fluff and less angst -w-

I’m lookin forward to see what you’re committin to! <3

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Yay sunderance update!! But woah woah woah. Wait a minute. What happened after that cliffhanger convo in chapter 12? You can't just leave us hanging with "i didnt"!!!!! And if u ARE just gonna leave us hanging, his new weakness IS judy right? Right?! But in what sense? Strictly physical like lust or has he already fallen for her? GAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH kulkum! Ya makin me crazy!

As I often say… No spoilers for you! You will just have to waitand see. ;)

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The face’s Chidori makes when she learns Tenga has feelinsg for her really hit me because you can see so much in them.

The first pic is when we hear Tenga’s thoughts and he’s hitting Katsuhira. She was completely oblivious to his feelings for her and she’s slowly realizing them, but she’s not compltely sure though.
And the second pic is when Tenga screams “So what if I like Chidori ?!”, when it hits her. Not only the fact that he’s in love with her, but how awful it must have been for him to whole time. How she wouldn’t stop putting her feelings for Kacchon in his face, how selfish and how unconsiderate she was. She realizes just how much she must have hurted him.

 That’s what I read in her face and honestly it’s not okay.