i can't wait to see this happen


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Hii my sunshine!! I have a very serious doubt. The ability to see ghosts is unique to Herondale or some shadowhunters have this capability without necessarily being Herondale? I love you so much, and I can't wait to LoS and TLH

Definitely plenty of Shadowhunters can see ghosts without being Herondales. It just happens to run in the Herondale family, like sarcasm. 

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I vividly remember an episode with the gang stuck in a radio station with a Michael Jackson looking villain lmao am I crazy I can't find it anywhere?

Hmm… would it happen to be The Diabolical Disc Demon?

It was an early episode on SDM, done nearly two years ago… but boy, it had some beautiful stuff.

Can’t wait to see how much more can be found when we reach the episode again… though nothing will ever top the glorious Frog Scooby, pictured above.


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Okay but the Google vid is really scary if you think about it. Google is getting more powerful, and more dangerous. If the egos are really planning something (which I would think, after MarkiplierTV) this could be reaaaaally baaaaaad

Exactly my own thoughts.

This isn’t just a video we laugh and go “WOW!!” at (ok it is, b/c that was pretty fricken awesome), but what is it Dark wants? Their “endeavor” from MTV?


Something Google in that video referred to as their “primary objective”. And what do they say in today’s video?

“Never losing sight of the primary objective.”

There was a post Mark himself “liked” that suggested we might see the other egos in their own sketches/ videos. If that happens, I think we ARE going to see them all getting stronger, one by one.

Mark better watch his back…

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@cassieclare Cassie when will you announce where and what special editions of LOS we can pre-order? I really want to pre-order all of them! I really loved LM and I can't wait to see what will happen, but I'm also scared.

Don’t be scared! ;) Here’s a guide to the special content that will be available in various first editions in the US and UK:


1. Target – Map of Alicante

2. Barnes and Noble – An exclusive scene of Emma and Julian on Blackfriars Bridge in which they discuss Will, Tessa and Jem

3. Costco – Julian’s portrait of Emma, described in Lady Midnight and just posted here



1.  W.H. Smiths and Easons—Trade Paperback special edition including interior cover printing of Shadowhunter runes 

2. Waterstones—Trade Paperback special edition featuring sprayed colour edges and scene of Emma and Julian on Blackfriars Bridge.

3. Hardback special limited edition (matching the UK Lady Midnight special edition hardback) featuring scene of Emma and Julian on Blackfriars Bridge and Map of Alicante.

Listen…. it’s captain swan. No matter in which episode they get married. What matters is that THEY ARE ACTUALLY GETTING MARRIED. LIKE FOR REAL. BECOMING HUSBAND AND WIFE. THE LOST GIRL AND THE LOST BOY WHO FOUND THEIR HOME IN EACH OTHER ARE GETTING MARRIED. It’s gonna be beautiful and so so emotional and I’m probably gonna die because too many feels. I repeat, no matter what they planned for the wedding, no matter if it’s in a musical episode, it’s gonna be amazing either way.

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I read the new issue of Invincible Iron, and I absolutely loved the scene between Riri Williams and Sharon Carter about SHIELD. The way you're building up Riri's philosophy with being a hero in relation to her origin is incredibly nuanced and kinda inverse to what Tony Stark was all about when he was in the armor. I can't wait to see what happens to her next!

THANK you.  So many awesome responses to the latest issue. So glad so many of you made it out to the store yesterday. Please support your local stores.

 And for those of you who were waiting for the first riri williams storyline to complete before diving in… Its complete! Our first storyline. take a look


 and for you Wednesday warriors, here is a little sneak peek of next issue

Datacow40’s Totally, 100% Safe-for-Work Yu-gi-oh! Writing Contest

What? A YGO (and YGOTAS) writing contest where the objective is to mention sex as little as possible. No smut. No suggestive themes. No characters wishing they could do smexy things to another (or have smexy things done to them.) Period. End of story.

What if I’m a horrible troll who likes to send porn to asexual minors? Don’t. Official Contest Kinkshamer™ Charlie ( @somegrumpynerd) is being gracious enough to pre-read all entries. He will inform me if there are any entries that don’t meet this guild line.

Fair enough. When is this thing due? Submissions are due March 24, 2017 at 6:00 pm Central Time. Entries can be submitted earlier than the final due date. Winners will be (hopefully) announced before April.

Winners? With an S?! Yes! There will be three (3) winners in total. Each winner will get a piece of fanart based on their story (and drawn by yours truly) I don’t know when I will get these prizes done, but it will be sooner rather than later.

Neato! How will our fics be judged? There will be one winner in each of the three categories. There will be a category for angst, for fluff, and for comedy. As for how their judged, I’ll be taking into account spelling, grammar, story flow, and proper word usage.

Okay, who am I writing about? Either Thiefshipping (Marik x Yami Bakura) or Deathshipping (Ryou x Yami Marik). They can be based on manga, anime, dub, abridged, or even your own interpretations of the characters!! Just so long as it’s one of those two pairings.

Alrighty. Is there a theme? Heck yeah! The theme is music based, because Marilyn is a music-loving nerd. I have created a playlist with 5 songs. Pick one of the songs, and write a story based on it. Try to incorporate the feeling the song gives you, or the characters.

I think I can work with that, what’s the minimum word count? 1,500 words or more. I will, sadly, have to disqualify entries that fall below the minimum. (note: if you get in the 1485-1499 range, and you feel like you cannot add any more, that’s okay! I just don’t want to end up with a bunch of entries that are 500 words, you know?)

Awesome sauce. How do I submit an entry? Post it on your blog, in the format shown below. Make the first tag #datacow’scontest <— I will be tracking this hashtag.

This sounds like fun, but I’m not a writer :c Please don’t feel discouraged!! This contest is for fun, and hopefully it will be a platform for all writers to improve their skills! And even if your entry doesn’t win, I’d still be happy to read it! We always need more creativity in our fandom, in my opinion c:

I have a question you didn’t answer here. Help? Feel free to drop an ask in my inbox! I will responds as soon as possible ^^

Okay! I’m going to go write my story now!! Best of luck my friend!

  • Simon: Ok fine so how are us guys supposed to treat girls?
  • Jace: Be suave, distant, mysterious, and play hard to get. Never make yourself vulnerable. Never rush to her side when she needs something. Let someone else help her.
  • Luke: Yo Jace you gotta help
  • Jace: I don't care about shadowhunter shit. Can't you see I'm busy. *continues flirting*
  • Luke: Cla–
  • Jace: *sprints out the door*
Me, watching the new episode of SnK (knowing that Erwin would appear at any moment)
  • *doesn't skip the opening because it's too good*: Here we go... SASAGEYO SASAGEYO!
  • *opening is finished*: Okay now, where's Erwin?
  • *Erwin not shaking Pixis' hand*: What!? THEY DDIN'T ANIMATE THE HANDSHAKE :'( I already had ideas of memes about that, goooosh!
  • *a wild Erwin dissapears*: ...
  • *no sign of Erwin*: ...
  • *waiting patiently*: ...
  • *Erwin appears again*: ERWIN! HE'S HERE TO SAVE THE DAY!
  • *waiting for Erwin to do his thing*: DO THE THING, COMMANDER, DO THE THING...
  • *Erwin listens to Hanji's plan and makes ot happen*: THERE IT IS! HE HAS DONE THE THING! *cries of joy*
  • me, at the end of the ep with tears on my eyes: Oh my, I can't wait to see him again next week!
Texts Between Ex-Bros

Yousef: Is your friend alright?


Come on man…

Even: Fuck off Yousef.

Yousef: Look Mikael feels like shit. 

Even: we had to go to the hospital. Isak has a broken nose. 

I don’t care if Mikael feels like shit right now.

Yousef: i know.

i didn’t think any of this would happen. i’m sorry.

And Mikael is sorry.

Even: duly noted. Now I have to go and buy ice packs for my boyfriend. 

Great to hear from you. Really, we should do this again sometime.

Yousef: Even…

i’m sorry.

I have issues with the cluster

Why why why was that used so early in the show??

“Gigantic monstrosity of fused shattered gems gearing up to burst through the earths surface like an eggshell” is awesome. That is some lovecraftian level creation right there.

We get to see corrupted gems, we get to see shattered gems, we get to see those delightfully horrifying force-fused monsters, the Cluster was this massive culmination of a lot of small plot threads. 

Something like that, something like the Cluster, is a series finale level monster. If, at the very end of the show, when the diamonds are defeated the Cluster would have been the diamonds’ ace in the hole, the one thing left in the show that could destroy the earth, that would have been an incredible boss fight of some kind. Even if Steven defeated it in the mildly anticlimactic way he did in canon, it would still have a lot of tension because it would have been the end of the show, the heroes either win or die and that’s the end. That would have been dramatic. That would have had tension. 

But instead, the cluster is brought up and defeated in the middle of season 3. It’s so…disappointing. It’s in the middle of the season, we know this is going to end happily, the writers aren’t going to destroy the earth in the beginning of a season (that would have taken the show in an interesting direction). We know none of the characters are going to die in the beginning of a season.

Instead the cluster arc entirely lacks dramatic stakes and it’s maddening. It’s a gun that was loaded and ready to go off and it never fired. 

“But!” you might think “It’s only season 4! It could come back!”

HOW? The crew won’t destroy the earth. You know they won’t. And using the cluster in a way that hasn’t been used already would destroy the earth. The crew is left with 2 ways to use the cluster again: basically a repeat of what we already saw with the cluster never gaining a form, or some dues ex machina way to get the cluster out of the earth without destroying the planet. I could see the latter happening since the show never follows through with consequences. But both ways would be disappointing honestly.

This show…this show wants to be both light-hearted slice of life and a fight against a colonizing force and all it’s accomplished is being a watered down version of both.

If anyone has any theories on how the cluster can come back and be an interesting addition to the plot I desperately want to hear it.

Alright, I have been studying this tweet for a good half hour and I am certain the certain emojis and the pattern, other than the color have a greater meaning. So first off, they aren’t in the order they are on apple, he didn’t just pick the first couple purple emojis, and he jumps around too he wasn’t just like “oh I like this and maybe this one”. There is more too it than that I believe, notice how the first emoji is the devil and the last is a peace sign, complete opposites, and directly in the middle of them is the crystal ball that keeps reappearing everywhere. You also have an alien monster on the side with the devil and on the side with the peace sign there is a heart so still a very similar layout, almost contrasting good and evil? And also on the side with the peace sign there is a girl that is meant to be signing “no” I find that interesting because he went out of his way for that one specifically not the arms crossed or whatever, that one. Then there are the umbrellas, two open ones on the same spacing on either side, and then the one closed one on the seemingly more evil side. I still can’t quite figure out the meaning, I have a couple little theories but I really don’t know. What I wonder is what’s so special about the three he picked for he’s username though??? Also the letters he uses, what do they mean, I’ve thought about it for a while and I don’t know if it would be the name of the album or a song or lyrics but the only thing I could come up with that those letters could stand for and make sense is “you’re not gonna make news crash” (or maybe “make a new crash”) I wash thinking crash because of the imagery with the waves they have been putting out. But idk those are my current theories on this, it could be nothing though and I’m just paranoid, but I would be curious to hear anyone else’s theories on this, especially with what the letters stand for.