i can't wait to see the video of the panel

deryuj  asked:

Saiede + heather = I'm in love! I can't wait for you dead girl walking video! ( Is it the normal version or reprise?) Keep making your amazing work >////<!

Hello!!// thank you for the encouragement, it makes me very happy to see you’re looking forward to seeing a crossover! I started working on it this morning, hopefully I could bring it soon!!

The one I had in mind is this one:

(yep I’ve seen the amami’s candy store video and it was amazing I don’t pick the roles)

I’m going to need A LOT OF PANELS to make this video have all the things I want it to have; wish me luck please!

I haven’t really thought of how I’d handle the lyrics later on in the song I just said I’d do it because I found this song and the guy’s reaction and the girl’s attitude pretty cute but.. hm, I’ll see what I can do//; it won’t be that…suggestive I think? I think it’ll be something even little kids could watch!! ‘v’// but I don’t know what will come out till I get down to draw..;

I guess I could try drawing the reprise version if this gets good responses :D

“I think what is getting lost in the 100 is that there was this amazing relationship that fans got invested in and that the death of one of those characters caused a huge ripple which meant that you know that little girl who is in the closet and loves the 100 and is huge fans of clexa goes to school and sees her friends are as equally upset about that relationship as she is knows that people feel for her experience… This is storytelling and the 100 and javi and everyone is being assaulted and in the end i think they are giving fans this amazing chance to meet each other online and through twitter ” - Carter Covington from the THR Bury Your Tropes ATX Panel 

*Insert screen shots of the little girl in the closet that feels like being in the closet is the best place to stay now because being a wlw gets you killed*

*Insert screen shots of fans meeting each other on March 3rd as they bonded over the despair they felt*

The fact that these show runners keep creating minority characters and killing them to make privileged people feel something for minorities is really starting to make me want to be problematic. 

I mean I have only made it through about 20 minutes of watching the panel (to see if what everyone was saying is true) and its basically them just patting each other on the backs for writing an LGBT Character and bitching about fans on twitter.