i can't wait to see how the story ends ; ;

Rebecca Sugar: no one’s truly evil in my show


Ok first of all she’s Jewish and second of all you claim to be peaceful critics and yet you get pissy and threaten the crewniverse over any fucking thing that doesn’t agree with your narrow mindset. Just… let Rebecca tell the story the way she wants to tell it and wait to see how it plays out. It’s her goddamn show. Who knows? Maybe you’ll end up loving it. But a Jewish woman saying that no one is truly evil on her show does not equal her being a nazi apologist.

Things like this are why the rest of the internet hates you.

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Misty and Brock don't represent the original series. I doubt they're trying to just replicate the original series, it seems like they're trying to capture the essence of the franchise into the Anniversary movie. Using Misty and Brock, in my opinion, would really only set them as tools to reach out to old fans. It's going to tell a story that Misty and Brock obviously weren't fit enough to help tell. I can't wait to see how they write the new characters, because it'll be a breath of fresh air.

That’s bullshit and I disagree, they could’ve fit into the narrative just fine, the writers were to lazy to do so. Good for you for looking forward to the movie, I can only hope you end up enjoying it

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I just saw you had finished planning the story line for seed wolf!! I am super excited, I can't wait to see how it ends!! (I need to Cora at some point too, she is my second favorite hale (。♥‿♥。) )

Thanks, Nonnie! I hope you’ll enjoy the end of Seed Wolf when it comes!

Cora isn’t in the story, unfortunately, but she does exist! She enjoys sitting on Derek’s ridiculous floofball of a tail because that’s the kind of snarky little sister behavior she likes to uphold.

Alternative titles for Game Theory

Alternative titles for Game Theory:

 'It Will Just Be A Few Chapters of Hateporn That I’ll Never Pub-OH SHIT’

‘And It Certainly Won’t Be An Epic Love Story More Epic Than FtDWR and ISWF That’s For - FUCKING SHIT.’

'Gwyn and Augus Will You Sort Yourselves Out JESUS NO DON’T DO THAT’

'Augus That Was Very Irresponsible Why Am I So Turned On.’

'Fucking Augus. Fucking Gwyn. …Fucking Ash.’

'Gwyn Being Sorry For Everything Doesn’t Actually Make Up For Augus Being Sorry For Nothing.’

'Wow Gwyn’s Family Is A Pile of Turds’

'I Should Have Split This Into Two Books.’

'Oh Look A Trilogy. FUCK.’

'Sex Doesn’t Solve Anything. But Who Cares.’

'How Not To Have Any Sort Of Relationship.’


'Gwyn Look At Your Life. Look At Your Choices.’

'Gentleness Hurts Like A Bitch.’

'Wow The Trows Are Cute.’

'Hey Pia Efnisien Is The Greatest Villain Can’t Wait to See What You Do With HIM WHAT DO YOU MEAN HE’S DEAD.’

'Never Mind, Crielle’s Here.’

'The Story of How Nearly Every Chapter Was Porn.’

'Game Theory Would Only Be About 100,000 Words If You Took The Porn Out No I’m Kind of Serious Sort Of.’

  • Sasuke: What are you looking at?
  • Sakura: Tumblr.
  • Sasuke: ... Why?
  • Sakura: People are talking about us.
  • Sakura: - shows him her phone -
  • Sasuke: !
  • Sasuke: You're... kidding?
  • Sakura: Yeah. Apparently I can't fight because I wear this.
  • Sakura: - gestures towards apron -
  • Sasuke: Because of that...?
  • Sakura: Oh, and because I'm raising Sarada and cleaning the house.
  • Sasuke: ...
  • Sakura: People are saying you're a dead-beat as well, and abusive.
  • Sasuke: The fuck?
  • Sakura: I know, and that's not even the half of it!
  • Sasuke: These people... you're joking?
  • Sakura: No. And they think Karin is Sarada's mother.
  • Sasuke: ?
  • Sasuke: What, I've never even touched her like that. She's a friend, that's it.
  • Sakura: Yeah, and they continue going on about it.
  • Sasuke: Didn't our story end years ago?
  • Sakura: You'd think they would get over it.
  • Sasuke: Hmph.
  • Sakura: - sighs - Though, people are freaking out about my novel.
  • Sasuke: Novel?
  • Sakura: Apparently, it's about how we got together. From my point of view.
  • Sasuke: Really?
  • Sakura: Mhm. All of our fans are so happy about it.
  • Sasuke: Huh...
  • Sakura: I can't wait to see their reactions to everything.
  • Sasuke: Yeah... people having a look at our lives. Great.
  • Sakura: I mean, it makes people happy, doesn't it? I think it's okay, as long as they don't get into... well.
  • Sasuke: Heh... No way in hell is our love life going to be like some Icha Icha novel.
  • Sakura: True, true.
  • Sasuke: - pulls away from table and about to head out door -
  • Sakura: What are you doing?
  • Sasuke: Something to do with those people harrassing us online.
  • Sakura: ... No wai--
Kids, I’m gonna’ tell you an incredible story - the story of how I met your mother.

The future Ted Mosby in 1x01

And now the incredible story comes to an end! Thank you for nine seasons full of love, fun and sadness <3 HIMYM will always be one of the best comedy shows we ever had! It will always be legen - wait for it - dary!

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I had an idea for a story - plot and characters. However, certain aspects of the plot have thrown me off; I've run into a few dead-ends regarding some ideas. Do solutions come with time, or is this just a sign that the story can't be? I've grown to adore my characters a lot, to the point where I'm basically attached to them. I can't bear to part from them, but I don't know if the holes in my plot will resolve. Should the story should be thrown out or is it worth pursuing with time? Thank you!!

Hey anon, I’m not sure how long ago you sent this, since I’m just now seeing a lot of anon messages that may have taken me a while to find! Sorry about the wait.

If you’ve run into dead-ends with certain ideas, it’s usually not best to just stop writing and hope a solution will come, because then you’ll usually just stop thinking about it and the story will drift away. Instead, it may be in your best interest to backtrack just a little, and take the story in a different direction, where you don’t hit this dead-end. Or, you could introduce a new plot twist that gets things moving again. As for plot holes, as long as you’re not posting the story online anywhere, you typically don’t need to worry about those until you’re finished writing the first draft. If you stopped to fix every single plot hole on the first draft, you’d never finish the story.

Don’t throw a story out just because of a few plot holes, especially if you’re invested in the characters! It may take a lot of time after the first draft to fix everything up, it’s usually worth it.

These links lead to some advice I’ve previously written about plot, which may help you out in deciding your next step:

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