i can't wait to see him in london

Preference #119: He Picks You Up from the Airport *Requested*
  • Liam: You never expected yourself to be one of those girls that dropped their bags in the middle of the airport because the love of their life has surprised them by picking them up. Yet there you were, dropping your bags and sprinting full force towards your husband who seemed like he was waiting for you on the other side of the airport. As soon as you ran into his arms, He picked you up and spun the two of you around as you both smiled and laughed like idiots. Once your feet were back on the ground, Liam was showering you with kisses and telling you how much he missed you as you continued to smile like an idiot. "Let me get your bags for you love." "Why thank you kind sir." Liam gave your cheek another kiss before placing his hand on the small of your back and leading you out to his car. He had been waiting for you to come home for too long.
  • Zayn: "Hello gorgeous." You heard Zayn whisper in your ear and you heard yourself squeal as you turned around to give him a bone crushing hug. You felt Zayn chuckling as his arms wrapped around you and once you pulled your head back a bit to look up at him, he kissed you. "Did ya miss me?" He asked teasingly and you nodded your head quickly, earning more chuckles out of Zayn. "I stopped and got these for ya." Zayn handed you a bouquet of your favorite flowers and you found yourself smiling from ear to ear. "Awe Zayn! You didn't have to buy these for me." "I wanted to see that pretty smile of your's." "I smile like this just being around you." Zayn smiled and gave you another kiss before helping you get your bags. Ah how nice it is to be back with your favorite man.
  • Niall: :(Y/N)!" You heard someone shout from behind you and you quickly turned around. Not expecting it to be anyone that you knew because your boyfriend had texted you once you had landed that there was a really bad accident on the highway causing the traffic to be horrendous. But when you turned around, there stood your boyfriend with that stupid smirk on his face that he always had, and his arms open wide waiting for you to run to him. And that's exactly what you did. You didn't think not seeing someone for almost a month would be that bad, but when you realized that it was the most amazing boy that you were leaving behind, your plane had already taken off. Niall rocked the two of you from side to side as your legs were wrapped around his waist and your arms were tightly around his neck. You didn't realize how much you loved Niall until you spent time away from him and you couldn't have been happier that you were finally back in his arms once again. Finally, you were home.
  • Louis: "Can I just say that I have seen at least 3 girls wearing exactly what you are describing to me right now?" Louis said teasingly into the phone as he searched around the pick up area of the airport. "But all those girls don't have a very shiny ring on their finger." "I knew I should've gone with something more simple." "Oh stop it Lou, I love it." "Oh I know you do! Sometimes I fear that you love the ring more then me!" "I love this ring because it's from you. Now, where the hell are you?" "I don't know...... I think I've gotten lost. I seem to be by some bathrooms." At that point, you hung up the phone because you saw Louis. He had his back to you so you quickly ran over to him and jumped on his back and covered his eyes before you said, "Guess who?" "Hmmmmm I'm thinking it's Sarah. The one with the really nice hair and those long legs......" "Nice try but nope!" You uncovered his eyes and kissed his cheek. "I can't believe you found me before I found you." You just smiled and got off his back before walking around to give him a proper kiss.
  • Harry: You nervously ran your fingers through your hair as you waited for your friend, Harry, to come pick you up from the airport. It has been a long time since you have flown out to see Harry and the rest of the boys. Harry was welcoming enough though, to let you stay at his home while you were over in London. You and Harry were on the verge of becoming a couple before you left, but sadly you had to fly back home to work. You heard a car blasting it's music and not long after, you saw a black Range Rover appear. You knew it was Harry because the driver slammed on the horn and pulled over to where you were waiting. It didn't take long for Harry to jump out of his car and pick you up off of the ground to give you a hug. He peppered you cheek with kisses and you couldn't help but giggle at the adorable sign of affection. "I've missed you so much!" "I've missed you too Harry." "You ready to come see your new home?" Home. You were really liking the sound of that.

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I'll start with a disclaimer that I can't give anything to prove this so feel free to delete this message but I have good authority that Louis left LA on the 6th and is currently in London for at least the weekend. I'm not sure if he'll be seen in London or not or if he'll be seen returning to LA :)

Ok, so. I got this sometime after I went to bed Saturday night and with Louis ‘warning selfie’ I was waiting to see if any new pictures of him in la popped up before posting (automatically assuming it was a troll) but since the pap pictures from Sunday are old and he hasn’t been seen since Friday I’m just going to go ahead and post it. I’ll delete if we get proof he’s not left la but I think this is a nice rumor and I think my whole dash was thinking it last night anyway lol .