i can't wait to leave this country

My Daily Thoughts As A Future Exchange Student
  • Me: Holy shit I'm going to another country for a year
  • Me: What will it be like meeting my host family...
  • Me: Oh my gosh what if my host family doesn't like me?!
  • Me: *brushing teeth* *squeals* *jumps up and down* OMG IM GOING TO ANOTHER COUNTRY FOR A YEAR, I'M SO EXCITED, YAY
  • Me: What the heck did I do, I'm leaving for a year.. Oh my gosh *initiate all the what if questions*
  • Me: What will school be like... *nervous/ excited emotions flow through*
  • Me: What will the language barrier be like? How will we communicate? Oh my gosh
  • Me: *giggles randomly out of the blue at least once every hour* HAHAA OH MY GOSH A NEW CULTURE, LANGUAGE, COUNTRY, FOOD, WAY OF LIFE.. AH SO EXCITING
  • Me: I can't wait for the challenge 👊💥 one I've never experienced before. Bring it on.

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Some people are so hateful and I'm in physical pain... I just went into the tag and someone made a post (I can't tell if it's serious? But some of their other reblogs make it seem like they are) saying that Sana and her family should leave Norway and move to a muslim country where they will be treated better, and stop using Norway's resources and stop taking advantage of it's high standard of living...

wait … people actually said that???

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i am so disgusted....i can't even fathom how fucking ridiculous this is. i'm not looking forward to this movie whatsoever, etiher follow the plot and CAST CORRECTLY without whitewashing everything in sight, or leave the franchise alone jfc

This is a bomb that had long been waiting to explode upon us. Ever since WB USA announced that they bought the rights to a Hollywood remake, I think everyone’s been expecting it to be whitewashing hell, but having confirmed that it’s happening after all is still infuriating.

It’s absolutely gross.

Stealing cool ideas from another country, ripping them of all integrity to that country and then selling them as white-only watered-down products to a mass audience is apparently a standard Hollywood practice and it needs to burn.

I’m at the very least relieved to see the fandom reaction here is unanimously disgust.

Taking this moment to pitch out various ways of protesting this again. It’ll likely be in vain because lol, when has anyone ever backed out of making everything in sight white, but it’s still better than not trying.

Here’s a petition against it.

People have also started tweeting their anger at WB twitter. I personally think that messages might get lost to such a big corporate twitter, so I’d suggest also messaging people directly involved with the project: for a start here’s the Director’s Twitter and the  Director’s tumblr. Please not that his tumblr account is very NSFW and he posts a punch of porn for some reason.

  • Sousuke: *finds his dream after a relay with his friends*
  • Fans: awwwwwwww, he is so perfect! Sousuke is such an angel!!
  • Haru: *finds his dream after spending time in a foreign country, being encouraged by every friend he has, being inspired by a professional pool filled by people who are no more or less talented than he is, and spending an entire season stressing about his future*
  • Fans: OMG this is SO out of character what the hell kyoani I can't believe this crap I'm leaving the fandom right now

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I can't stand 18 yr old idiots in my country (Australia) who have a "solution" to the Israeli conflict when they know nothing about anything. Like when they say "why didn't the Jews go back to their homes in Poland instead of Israel". Honestly, the Nazis didn't even let the Jews keep their hair and teeth, do you think they would have invaded Poland and said "wait guys, just leave these houses alone, the Jews will want to come back here when the war is over". Fucks sake, people are stupid.

I can’t stand 18 yr old idiots in my country (Australia) who have a “solution” to the Israeli conflict when they know nothing about anything. Like when they say “why didn’t the Jews go back to their homes in Poland instead of Israel”. Honestly, the Nazis didn’t even let the Jews keep their hair and teeth, do you think they would have invaded Poland and said “wait guys, just leave these houses alone, the Jews will want to come back here when the war is over”. Fucks sake, people are stupid.

Everyone assumed all the Jews were dead when there were survivors. Those who stole our homes and property clearly hoped that would be the case. There are plenty of people who hold the property of Jews that didn’t come back to this day. 

There’s a movie in theaters right now called “Woman in Gold” about a Jewish woman named Maria Altmann who tried get a family-owned Klimpt painting of her aunt back from a museum in Austria that was stolen by the Nazis. I haven’t seen it, but I listened to interviews with Altmann and she didn’t want the painting back so much as an acknowledgment that it had been stolen. She was willing to let the museum keep the painting as long as it had an acknowledgment next to it that it had been stolen from her family. They refused, so she took them to court. She won and the painting is now in the Neue Gallery in New York. 

But there are countless stories about this. People just don’t want to hear them because of confirmation bias. They’re looking to have their half-formed beliefs reinforced, not challenged. This is one of the side effects of believing that the Holocaust was only perpetrated by Nazi Germany and that there weren’t millions of opportunistic and anti-semitic collaborators throughout the world who were more than willing to give Jews over to the Nazis so they could take what was ours for themselves. 

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I know this might sound weird but I feel like black people aren't worth anything in this country.. me being black myself.. Maybe because I live in Florida and I'm constantly surrounded by racial profiling and I'm sick of it but I can't wait to leave. Have you ever felt a similar problem? How did you over come it? I know it sounds shitty but I've had it on my mind for a while.. idk I need a hobby so I don't take stupid things so seriously.

Being Asian in NYC, I don’t seem to draw too much racial profiling [or at least haven’t noticed it]. People assume I’m smart and have good grades, and I do have good grades (3.5 gpa) and I don’t think I am dumb.

However being half Vietnamese and having a dark tan in New Jersey in a school with maybe 10 other Asians and seemingly no hispanic people, some people thought I was Mexican. Like the white people there were so wealthy and sheltered they had never seen an actual hispanic or Mexican person and my dark skin made them think I was Mexican. I even got some lawnmower jokes at me.

As for your problem, I guess you just have to have a thicker skin and ignore it. Be the better person and don’t be what they assume you are. But you should definitely move if you are uncomfortable where you are.

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I love seeing all this speculation that Coming Out Day is Coming Soon but I saw that one post postulating that they'd be out before Christmas, before OTRA, but I'm doubtful - someone made this point a while ago but I can't find the post: Some of the countries they're visiting are not LBGTQIA+ friendly (for example, the UAE, where, I quote Wikipedia, "Sexual relations outside of a traditional, heterosexual marriage are a crime"). I'm sure they have to take things like that into (1/2)

(2/2) consideration. Not sure where that leaves us. I’m torn, since I agree that coming out post-WWA, pre-new album may be their best bet at the moment, but at the same time there are certainly risks for them to weigh. I guess that, as usual, we’ll have to wait and see how it all plays out.


I don’t see those countries as a hard obstacle–plenty of lgbt artists have played in them before. Fans want to see them, they’ll pretend it’s not there.