i can't wait to have you back on my tv!

You know what I would like for once? To experience the feeling of not wanting to kick my TV at the end of a season. Tie everything up in a nice happy bow. And then next season, just start out with fun criminal battles. The Rogues are back and they are here to take over Central City. Woo, so much fun~! Oh wait, a we still need a Big Bad? I don’t know…maybe just…the Rogues? Or just one Rogue that goes rogue that everyone hates? In short, I want innocent, non-drama filled, silly, fun Rogue time. Flash writers, use your villains, please?

Thank You, Katie Cassidy!
  • Thank You, Katie Cassidy for bringing one of my favorite comic book characters to life. Thank you for loving and protecting Dinah Laurel Lance as much as I do. Thank you for your enthusiasm and desire to do the comics justice. Thank you for being a role model to so many people. Thank you for portraying one of my favorite characters on tv. Thank you for doing cons. Thank you for loving you fans as much as we love you. While your time on Arrow may be over, please remember how many lives you have touched and how many people love you. I have loved both you and Laurel since the pilot aired way back in 2012. Thank you devoting 4 amazing years to such a beloved character. I have loved watching you develop Laurel into the character she is now. I have loved watching you grow as an actress. I can't wait to watch you on Vixen and on the Flash. And hope to see you on Legends of Tomorrow (fingers crossed). You can bet that I will be the first person in line to see whatever you do next. Most importantly, thank you for being you! You, Katie Cassidy, are extraordinary!!!!