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The Great Christmas Bake Off

Christmas is coming and Mary, Paul, Mel and Sue get into the festive spirit with two yuletide specials of The Great Christmas Bake Off.

Each episode, they welcome back four bakers from past series and ask them to don their Christmas jumpers and aprons to tackle three festive challenges.

As ever, Christmas elves Mel and Sue will be spreading Christmas cheer throughout the tent, until, of course, the judging, where it’s business as usual for Paul ‘Scrooge’ Hollywood and Mary 'Merry’ Berry as they decide which of the four will be winner of The Great Christmas Bake Off.


This is like… the sweetest thing you can say to a writer?? ;__;

Thank you! I mean… I’m not opposed?? I like books but the collection needs to make sense. So…… please wait awhile. 

I feel you, but I won’t be doing any US shows as “sansybones”. That’s why UT_Only is such a weird and wonderful opportunity for me. 



This RIDICULOUSLY LONG Karmagisa Mafia AU @cursedkaze and I have been slaving away at on and off for the majority of this year has broken 100 000 WORDS!

Sad (?) thing is it’s STILL not done. But with 8/15 chapters complete and most of those remaining chapters between 50 and 80% done we might actually manage to get it finished before the end of next year lmao.

Goal is to try and have it all nicely polished by june/july next year motivation depending. Why the heck did we think this was a good idea I honestly don’t know but hooray! Milestone for us ;w;


the other day I was working and what my perpetually single self decided to think up was something along the lines of…

imagine someone you love is waiting for you at home, they can’t wait to see you later when you get off work. throughout the day they send you texts, pictures, snapchats, all detailing how you’re going to be totally wrecked when you get home

*picture of feathers/hairbrushes/etc*

“you’re so getting tickled later”

*snapchat of handcuffs on the bed, or maybe full on X frame restraints*

“I can’t wait to have you all to myself”

*snapchat of nails tapping along a counter top*

“only 2 more hours of work left ;)”

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: Will the upcoming Gorillaz release pick up where Do Ya Thing left off? Did they get evicted from 23 wobble street? Where did they go? Where is Cyborg Noodle? Will we continue in the style of each album being styled after a band member, or will this be a new concept? Why have 2D's eyes gone back to black? Are we going to acknowledge The Fall? Is this fandom still plagued by the 'sunshine in a bag' picture?

f-einstein  asked:

I read a lot of things about your doggo, what's the matter with her??

The poor thing got caught in rabbit trap we do believe and she must of tugged and pulled that much on her leg that when she came home, her foot and a bit of her leg was pretty much mutilated and dead. So she ended up with her foot gone and is now a 3 legged puppo.


so here are the majority of the slides from the presentation on The Great Meme Thesis, plus some of the main survey results

DISCLAIMER: please keep in mind that this was meant to explain a 60+ page study in 5-8 minutes, so obviously, i didn’t go into detail on a lot of things here that i expanded upon in the final essay. 

it also comes off as more reductionist than the essay, because it posits these opinions as coming from “4chan” and “tumblr” as if they are monolithic entities–something i address and complicate in the essay. most of the political opinions from “4chan” came from /pol/, because /pol/ was the most interested in the subject matter of the survey (for obvious reasons.) so keep that in mind. 

4chan is not a monolith any more than tumblr is a monolith.

bonus meme slides:

(i basically couldn’t find any 4chan ted cruz memes except some early off-hand jokes about him being the zodiac killer on like /b/ and shit so i admittedly pulled that one out of my ass lbh)


(obviously “donald trump’s existence” content warning on the video–which is actually how i introduced 4chan trump memes)

“What the hell are you doing here?”

When he heard his voice, Percy opened his eyes and smiled.

“Waiting for you.”

Nico blushed. He turned his face away from Percy so he wouldn’t notice it.” You weren’t in the party.”

“There were so many people I couldn’t even talk to you.” He sat shaking the sand from the beach off his hair. “You have a lot of friends there, uh?”

Nico rolled his eyes and sat next to him on the beach sand. It was a beautiful night to walk on the beach, but he could still hear the lights and the noise coming from the fire.

“They are not my friends. Not all.”

Percy laughed.

“I know, Jason said it would be a commemorative meeting with close friends because you don’t like parties, but I think things were not like you planned.”

“Apparently the whole camp felt invited to participate. I don’t even know most of people who are there.” He sighed, but he was happy that his friends did this for him, even if it ended up like this. “Well, I needed to get out and walk a bit”

“It’s okay don’t worry. I’m sure they don’t even know that it’s your birthday party.”

They laughed together, something that had become common between them, until Nico felt Percy look over to him. Their eyes met and this time neither of them looked away.

Nico felt his heart beat faster. Why did he have to feel like that?

He felt so stupid for being at the same point where he was years ago. It was as if all his hard work to give up Percy depended solely and exclusively of the fact of him not having any chance, because Percy was with his soulmate, Annabeth, and all he could do was move on.

But it was before. Before Percy and Annabeth went to college, met another people, realized that they can be attracted to these people and that some can have more in common with them. At least that’s what Percy simply said to explain why they broke up.

In a summary, they destroyed his theory about soulmates and now Annabeth was dating another architecture student while Percy returned to the camp.

The annoying thing is, without Annabeth there and being so close to Percy every day, Nico almost forgot why he was hurt, why he had to give up, why Percy will never be his. All that remained was why he was so deeply in love with the son of Poseidon. Actually he knew he never really stopped being in love with him. All his hard work was thrown away with just a smile. So stupid.

“What?” Nico asked when he saw Percy looking at him with a smile.

“I was thinking about my birthday. That birthday when you were in my room.”

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I met Seb at WizCon in Austin and he was seriously the sweetest thing ever. I got him to sign my shield and asked if he would mind me getting it tattooed on my Bucky tattoo so he leaned over and grabbed my arm and signed it. I got it tattooed later that night. To top it all off, he said my Bucky tattoo was amazing! Best weekend ever! 😍😍

@ginabaker1666 @fvckingavengers @just-call-me-mrs-captain

semi-update thing: k so ig i’m officially off my hiatus. still have school stuff to deal with but my workload’s gone down a lot and looks like it’ll stay that way so i’ll have more time to y’know. actually /do/ stuff on here

also i’ve decided to make this blog mutuals only. so if ur following me but im not following u i ain’t gonna rp with u. u can still send in memes n shit that i don’t mind. but no threads. i’ve figured out it feels kinda weird for me to rp with someone i don’t follow .-. so yea. mutuals only now.

also also just because im off hiatus doesn’t mean replies will be coming out super duper fast. im still a slow lil shit, but at least they will happen. at some point. sooner or later. 

but yea that’s kinda it for now! .w.

My half of Kylo Ren art trade with buddy @feyuca. Her request was High School AU Kylo. I have never drawn an AU before, so that happened LOL. 

I imagine he has the perfect life. Well off and well respected parents with connections to be successful. Great genes so he’s tall and strong, his parents probably make him do sports. Yet he’s still a petulant child who thinks he got short changed by society and won’t make any friends.

He won’t even be friends with the only other loser at school, Hux. 

(Although they become frenemies later when they end up attending the same college and then get scouted by the same company with a really creepy boss they both try to suck up to)


HEEEYYYYY~!!! (-O wO-) i’m getting myself hyped! HYPED!!! HYYPPEEDDD!!! for tomorrow! new followers!!! you may not have experienced one yet!!! but tomorrow (wednesday) i’m going to have my third Doodle Day!!! <3 <3 <3 it’s my favourite day! XD i like to have them after i finish a lot of big projects to like… decompress and get a few things off the to-do list!!!! and tomorrow shall be the third! all of the works above are from the past doodle days! so far i’ve managed four pieces each time, so i wanna keep that pace up if i can! <3 my work time is planned for 15 hours! 1pm to 4am is the hope! (^ O^) but if i start early, you’ll know! <3 <3 <3 <3 so i hope it will be lots of fun and everybody will enjoy it! <3 <3 <3 <3 early to bed tonight then! hahaha! XD see you all tomorrow!!!!


Okay so here’s the English dub trailer of znt.

(I couldn’t link to the vid on funimation’s channel, country restrictions bleh)

First off… Idk what to think about Twelve’s voice. His laugh sounds just… off? I knew I’d be very picky about it but, he just sounds much older in that particular bit. I’m just hoping it’ll grow on me, it has to.

Nine and Lisa’s voices are okay I suppose. I don’t have much of a problem with them right now. 

Out of them all I think I loved Five’s voice the most. 

I guess I got too attached to the original voices. Can’t be helped. So far between this and the German dub I’d pick the latter, but it’s too soon to really judge.


Super Watermelon Island came out today and it was great. 

As always, here’s the link for you to get this on your body

A very delayed THANK YOU!

Originally posted by hooray-anime

You guys are incredible! I’ve been VERY hard at work getting the book sent off for printing (which it did yesterday) and all the bonuses have been ordered for arrival at the same time as the books for shipping Mid November! 

A lotta love has gone into this book, and next time you get a post from here it’ll be of the PHYSICAL BOOK! Exciting aaaahhh.

In very good news tho


All books, all gone! The total will be announced once we ship all the copies and those payments are locked down. It’s a very promising total, and I can’t wait to share it with you all. After that I’ll make a big run down post of how this book came together from start to finish :D

SO from the bottom of my big ole heart. THANKYOU!! You made this awesomeness happen!! 
- Jenna