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Among The Beasts: Freedom

Reader x Kol Mikaelson


synopsis: Klaus’ attempts to live up to his promise to you lead him to dark paths, but, in the end, he manages to lift the curse up, waking you up. 

A/N: I don’t know if I made it clear, but the Mikaelsons are quite fond to the reader. She is friends with all of them, but has a deeper conection with Kol. :)

Word Count: 2525

Part 1 - Part 2

“This is funny”, Klaus thought, a while later, as he stood in front of his mother’s lifeless body, holding her heart on his right hand. It was indeed amusing, because all of Esther’s worries revolved around what he would become if he possessed his Hybrid powers. What kind of evil the blond would turn out to be. Yet, she did not considered the fact she was the one to blame. She made him. She sentenced a poor boy to a painful childhood just to hide her mistake.

A bitter chuckle left his lips. Yes, killing her was an act of mercy, for the witch deserved way more than a quick death.

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Young and Beautiful Chapter 4 - The Emperor

Type: Alternative History (AU)

Background: Ancient Egypt

CP: Zyglavis × Reader × Scorpio; Krioff × Reader 

Warning: Mature (3some)

Tonight you were completely at the mercy of Scorpio and Zyglavis. When Scorpio thrust inside you he clenched jaw and groaned. “The hell!” He gritted his teeth, “Seems that moron hadn’t fucked you well.” You moaned as loud as you could. Your husband would never be so rough, or more accurately, he couldn’t - since he’d been drained by endless wine and harem. Then you felt Zyglavis’ large hands holding your chin, guiding you to open your mouth, taking his shaft slowly and deeply until you reached the end. You choked at first, couldn’t adapt yourself to his size. After a while, you finally learned to adjust breathing. You prayed to Hathor, hoping to the get redemption from the intense pleasure engendered by them. It aroused you last night with Krioff and swept you along with a gigantic force. In the irresistible thrill of sexual awakening, you lost yourself in the flame of a new convert. You gave up counting how many positions they changed or how many times you reached climax. In the end, you felt exhausted, even desperate for sleep. 

You laid sweetly asleep and didn’t wake up until the morning light crept into every corner of the chamber, dissolving every trace of the moon’s glow. A cool breeze brushed your naked body. The linen sheet beneath you was dry and clean. It must be changed by either of them before rested you on it. You looked around with eyes fogged by sleep. Zyglavis was nowhere to be seen, and Scorpio was sleeping soundly at your side, hogging the only blanket.

“Oh, you!”  For one moment, you really thought about smacking a feather pillow onto him. But you didn’t. You glared silently at his sleeping face. Long eyelashes. A perfect nose. Soft lips. Everything about him just caught you off guard. He seemed so peaceful and kind of cute, completely different from the grumpy guy before. You ended up with getting off the bed and walking stealthily to the bathroom, carefully not to wake him up. 

You brushed with mint, dried iris, pepper and salt, then washed your face and body with chrysanthemum water. They’d cleaned you up last night, but you really wanted to soak in the hot tub. However, you ran out of hot water since no servant could come inside. I’ll take a bath later, maybe after breakfast, you sighed.

Returned to the bedroom you dressed in a robe①. You picked up the torn sheath and threw it into an empty basket. It was the second dress damaged by impatient beasts. You had countless of expensive dresses, but all of them were identical potential victims. 

“Your Highness, are you awake? May I come in?“ Helena’s voice came from behind your chamber door.

You replied at once. “Not yet. Later.” This soon wakened Scorpio. He rolled over to scold you, “Damn it, woman! Dare you say another word……”

“Helena! Ask Dui to come over! I’d like to have breakfast with him.” You ignored him on purpose and immediately raised your voice. Scorpio was not a morning person. As expected, he hissed when you conqueringly cut him off and walked to sit on the edge of the bed. You squinted, placed your arm on his shoulder, fingers caressed his muscles. 

“Oh, my bad," You smirked at him, "I forgot scorpions are nocturnal animals. It’s too bright here. Maybe you prefer somewhere dark and quiet, like the little rat cage you’ve slept before?”

Scorpio threw away the blanket and jumped out of bed. “Say that shit again I dare you!” He threatened. The interior doors slid open almost simultaneously when he grabbed your face and squeezed your cheeks. Dui, Krioff, and Zyglavis made their appearance at the door with bowls and jars.

“Fisticuffs for an entire night and another morning. How impressive.” Krioff chuckled, making fun of Scorpio without hesitation when he saw him kiltless standing in the middle of the room.

“Pfft!” Zyglavis smirked, “Scorpions are fierce. They really know how to sting.” Dui burst out laughing and didn’t want to stop.

“The hell are you assholes saying!?” Scorpio blushed like a beetroot. Hastily, he picked up his kilt on the ground and ran into the bathroom. He seemed so embarrassed by the way the others were teasing him. 

You were laughing and giggling till they placed bowls of food and jars of wine on the table. Zyglavis and Krioff carried four armed chairs, set them near the table. Dui poured some honeyed wine into the silver cup. You walked forward to take your seat near him when your sandals stepped on a strip of cloth. It was scarlet red with several diagonal black stripes, edges embroidered with gold. You didn’t think it would come from your torn sheath.

“Scorpio’s hairband,” Krioff said as he watched you looking at it over and over. You soon realized it -The trio had the same style of hairbands but different colors. Krioff wore a sienna and navy one while Zyglavis had turquoise and black②. Just when you were about to put it somewhere you heard footsteps coming from the bathroom. Without thinking, you tied a knot and threw it hard into the basket near your bed.

When Scorpio came and sit you already started eating. Although the feasts would last from sunset to sunrise, you ordered the kitchen to prepare a full breakfast. Tasters were required as well, but they were not allowed to enter either Pharaoh’s or Queen’s room. Even so, you still didn’t let Dui touch any food or drink unless Helena or you tried them first. 

Watching you sipped a little bit and gave the cup into Dui’s hand, both Zyglavis and Scorpio averted their gaze. Krioff continued eating without batting an eyelid. He was used to it. When you fed Dui some fresh grapes, Scorpio flushed a brilliant scarlet and clicked his tongue exaggeratedly.

“What?” You were focused on peeling another grape, didn’t even bother to look up.

“Gross. This room is defiled by filthy humans!" 

You made a sharp retort with a sly smile. "We generous Goddess and God sometimes allow humans to sit down and eat at the same table③. So don’t be embarrassed by your low status as a commoner, OK? O General Scorpio." 

It was no wonder a hearty but noisy breakfast. Scorpio was so pissed off that Zyglavis and Krioff barely calmed him down. Dui also tried hard to pacify him. Thank Hathor the breakfast continued, although a moody Scorpio kept robbing food from your hand to vent his anger. 

You talked about schedules for the following days. There was still no pleas or news from Mitanni. Zyglavis suggested that Scorpio should return to the military camps with him as soon as possible. "We must test these soldiers to evaluate their fighting force.” He said with a little frown. Apparently, he doubted if they were well trained when they both were absent. 

“Tch. Like I have other choices.” Scorpio clicked his tongue again, expressing his dissatisfaction.

You flashed Zyglavis a sweet smile, “Will you come to the feasts tonight?" 

"I’m afraid not.” He replied quickly, “Please excuse us for our absence. We must make new schedules. There’s no time to waste.”

“How about tomorrow? You will come, right?” Dui asked. When the sun rose again you would meet the ambassadors from Nubia, Assyria, Mitanni, Babylon and other allies in the Audience Chamber, accepted their gifts as congratulations and loyalty to you from their kings. A former feast would be held in the Great Hall as well. As high-ranking Generals, they were supposed to attend.

“We shall be back before sunrise,” Zyglavis promised.

“Dui, we have plenty of time today. Do you want to visit the army with me?" You suggested excitedly on a whim, "Let’s bring some beer and bread there. It’ll be fun.”

Scorpio growled before Dui could answer. "You must be frickin kidding me! The hell were you thinking, huh?“

"Not a bad idea,” Krioff interrupted, “As long as we have enough food and drinks in the kitchen.”

Zyglavis put down a bowl of wine. He shot you a sharp look, “And why is that?”

You tried to persuade him. It all started on a whim, but to visit the army was more meaningful than to spend a lazy afternoon in the palace while the royal family was around, especially to Dui. The soldiers had three days off. Your visit wouldn’t influence their daily training. There was one thing you didn’t mention - You thought this would be a good chance to win the soldiers’ hearts - by a single visit you could make them realize they were not only people’s army but also yours.

Your husband had been afraid of the army. You weren’t. You were the goddess who controlled them. 

Zyglavis nodded after a short moment of silence. He wouldn’t disagree since you were thinking of Dui. It was quickly settled and he stood up to leave. Scorpio followed him, then abruptly stopped.

“Wait. Where’s my hairband?” He started looking around for his disappeared item. 

“Someone stepped on it.” Zyglavis turned to looked at you and smirked.

“Someone threw it away.” Krioff cocked his head to the side.

“Um, I didn’t see anything.” Dui couldn’t help looking at you. His voice shook slightly with the strain of not laughing.

Scorpio glared at you. He stepped forward, a hand slowly around your neck. He lowered his eyes to meet yours, feeling your speeding heartbeat in every pulse under his palm. “Where did you hide it, filthy woman?" 

You intentionally imitated him to speak, blinking your eyes like an innocent lamb. "Like the hell if I know." 

Scorpio grinned and moved his thumb moved to rub your lips. "Fine, so do not be surprised if later I do somethin that I’ll regret." His voice was extremely tender and soft, which was quite unusual. You froze but enjoyed his warning as well as the warmth of his palm against your skin.

After they left, Krioff went to the kitchen to get some bread and beer ready for your visit. Servants floated in and out of the chamber under the arrangements of Helena. They scurried like miws④, cleaning up the room, changing the linen sheets, moving your closets and cosmetic boxes from Queen’s Chamber and heating the stoves to fill up the bathtub with hot water. You led Dui into the secret Chamber, which would not be disturbed by the busy servants.

You sat down and indicated him to take a seat. "The Ambassadors are coming for my coronation, and I’ll formally introduce you as my consort ⑤. I never ask before, but……how many foreign languages can you speak?”   

“I speak Nubian and a little Hurrian⑥, and that’s it.” Dui cocked his head, playing coy, “Not a marvelous Pharaoh who can speak seven languages.”

“Dui, you’re cunning!” You pouted, then laughed together, “Flattering cannot change the fact that you had a terrible tutor.”

He smiled while shaking his head. “__, you excel at languages, but I don’t. Not every person is born to be gifted.”

“There’s no way to say you are not good at languages since you write such beautiful poetry,” You pointed out, “You should have my tutor, and I don’t believe they can overwhelm you - Compare with writing poetry, languages are only tools.”

Dui asked curiously, "Who’s your tutor? You seldom mentioned him. Is he that good?“

"He’s the wisest man I’ve ever met.” You said with a bitter smile. After married you never mentioned about your past. There was someone who quietly appeared in your life, accompanied you with a happy time, and then left silently. He was not far away, but you’d been divided for more than eight years. 

“__? __? ” Dui shook you from wandering. He frowned a bit, then smiled wily. “Now I know your little secret!” He narrowed his eyes and grinned, “He’s your old flame, isn’t he?”

“I’m telling you nothing.” You tickled him into a burst of laughter. “__! I’m wrong! I don’t dare any further!” He nearly laughed himself to death. You pinched his face hard, didn’t let go until he begged. 

“Your Majesty,” Helena suddenly appeared in your doorway, smirking, “I’ve been busy like a honey bee, but you’re hiding here, savoring the delights." 

"Well, perfect timing to save your sweetheart.” You poked fun at her. 

Helena asked which crown you would wear so she could choose a gown for you. But you put fingers to your lips and shook your head. “I’m not wearing any crown today. I’ll wear a wig, the one that cost the most." 

"Plenty of work then. I’m not able to serve Your Highness bath." She rolled her eyes, walked back to take out the longest wig which was scented with jasmine and frankincense. It would spend her a long time to bead every braid of it. Dui volunteered happily to help select jewelry beads. You knew for him it was much more fun than preparing conversations in Hurrian or Sumerian⑦. Smiling, you shut the door softly and walked directly to the bathroom.

Everything in your chamber was clean and neat, and the bathtub was filled with hot water. When the steam cleared from your vision you dipped your hand into the water - too hot - you sighed quietly. 

You strolled in the room, examined everything in your precious ebony and ivory veneered cosmetic box: a polished silver mirror, gold-handled copper razors, a small silver dish, several alabaster jars and four obsidian jars decorated in gold. You closed the lid and stood up, opened every closet in the chamber and tried to find out which gown you should wear to the visit. You loved the open front but thanked the hickeys you could wear none of them. The long wig would hide your beautiful back if the halter was selected. Which color should I choose? An ornate and lavish one, or something that simple but elegant? You struggled with it, finally complained to yourself since no decision could be made. 

"I can’t find one to wear.” You grumbled.

“Then don’t wear anything." 

Someone suddenly emerged from behind. His muscular arms were wrapped around your stomach. A quiver of surprise ran through you. When you realized it was Krioff you relaxed, leaning on his chest. "Hey! You scared me.”

“You were loud last night, and you kept flirting with Scorpio all the morning,” He nuzzled his head against your neck, bit and sucked your skin, “I’m not glad." 

You giggled, tossing your neck back. "I wasn’t flirting. And you couldn’t possibly hear me. There are two doors!”

“I just heard it.” He pushed you up against the door of a closet, kissing your neck and back like crazy, “You were loud enough to disturb my sleep. Should give ya a good punishment.”

“It’s not my fault!” You protested. Krioff didn’t listen. He lifted your robe and you felt his erection, big and hard. You knew what was waiting for you. Then you thought of Dui and Helena. They might come in at any time.

“Krioff, please! They’ll see us!” You begged.

A large hand covered your mouth and his deep voice whispered in your ears, “Be a good girl and shut up.”

He made love to you from behind. It was so wonderful that you felt as if you were just going to melt in his arms away. After you both came, he kissed you sweetly. Your legs wobbled beneath you and you staggered. He scrambled to catch you, then scooped you up. You heard him asked with concern. “What’s wrong? Did I hurt you?”

Shaking your head, you closed your eyes. “Nope. It was great,” You smiled feebly, “I’m just so tired. Carry me to the tub and bathe me, will you?" 

"Sure.” He walked into the bathroom, tested the temperature and carefully put you in the bath. 

“Satisfied?” He chuckled when he heard you moan.

“Totally,” you murmured, “Last night they didn’t let me sleep, and you worn me out in the morning. I’ve never got tired like this much. But it felt so good. Just great.”

He laughed triumphantly and stepped into the bath to join you. Water started to overflow since it was only enough for one person. You just let him. You loved the feeling when his skin was against yours. He fetched a soap, rubbed it over your body, and gently massaged every teebe⑧ of your skin. You stretched your back, yawning.

“You’re exhausted. We can go another day. No need to push yourself.” He said.

“No,” You suddenly opened your eyes, “I can’t wait that long.” Your black eyes met his and you immediately sat up. “Krioff, we must visit the army today - You and Dui and me. Every wnwt after I anointed Dui I feel unease. My family and the priests must be extremely dissatisfied. I’m worried they are planning something. The longer Dui stays in the palace, the more dangerous it’ll be.”

He put his hands on your shoulders to calm you. “You both are safe. Their dirty tricks will never get Dui as long as I’m here. You can count on me.”

“I trust you.” You sighed. Even you got his promise you couldn’t let your guard down. You knew it was impossible for them to tolerate the existence of Dui. You knew them better than anyone else did.

After you got out of the tub he carried you to the bed. “Take a nap,” he patted you on the head, “I’m gonna see what Dui is up to.”

“Krioff.” You gripped his hand, nuzzling your face to his palm.

He smiled at your coquetry, "What, my beauty?“

"You can’t let them come all at once. They’ll break me!”

“Oh, that.” He grinned, the other hand fondly caressed your neck. “Poor thing. I’ll let you off the hook tonight.”

News had spread around the military camp before you left the palace that the reincarnation of Isis would come to visit them. You wore a white pleated sheath made of fine linen and the matching cobra with Dui’s around your brow. Helena had beaded every strand of your wig with gold and lapis lazuli. When they came together as you walk, they played soft music.

Your appearance roused the army to fever pitch. To them, you were the goddess, by one touch of your dress they could live for eternity. But now there before them all stood you, handing them a bowl of beer or a bread. They kissed the dust near your feet. It was your first time getting so close to the soldiers. Some of them were very young, and their skin was dark because of their practice every day. You felt guilty about your previous thoughts. These men risked their lives for Egypt, defending the borders and fighting against the enemies while the priests and nobles were enjoying their lavish lives under peacock sunshades. Although you were raised up in a distinguished family and your mother was a foreign princess of royal blood, you would no longer allow yourself to consider these soldiers as tools, like most of the nobles did. You turned to look at your generals, couldn’t help smiling with complex feelings. Visiting the army is the best decision I made today.

The sunshine cast golden shades on your face, your peerless beauty, and brilliant smile moved them to call you the Shining Isis. Since Dui made a pair with you, they called him the Sunlight Horus. Both of you had a good time there. Beers had been flowing all the afternoon and you called for music from the court. The men stared excitedly at the group of enchanting dancers, but their eyes also lingered on you. At dusk, a herald from the palace arrived and he was brought to you by Zyglavis.

“Your Majesty,” He bowed politely, “Lady Helena is waiting for you. ”

It’s time to go back, to the place with political intrigues and maneuverings. A place where I belong. You signed deeply. The edges of your dress were fluttering in the night breeze. 

“__, shall we go back? The feast is about to begin.” Dui asked, his eyes seemed to shine in the purplish twilight.

“We’re not going to the feasts tonight.” Your smile widened.

You could imagine how the priests and your family felt when you chose not to attend the feasts.  Helena rubbed the soles of your feet with some oil pressed from the fruit of balanites aegyptiaca. You frowned a little at the swelling pain of your feet.

“Your Highness, antagonizing too many people is dangerous, even if you want to protect Dui,” She was worried about your attitude toward the royal family and the priests, "They are strong and powerful. What if they go against you altogether?”

“A rebellion? They dare not,” You said dismissively, “Too risky, and little benefits. For pretenders to my throne, the easiest, and probably the only way to achieve their ambition, is to kill Dui and marry me.”

She inhaled, the color drained from her face, “That is horrible! And…..what if someone does?”

“I trust in Krioff. He’ll protect us,” You pressed your lips, “I can depend on Zyglavis and Scorpio as well.”

“I didn’t mean to offend, but,” She frowned deeply, “You Highness, have you ever thought there might be a chance that one of them will force you to marry him?”

“It’s possible,” You admitted, narrowed your eyes, “But better than to be forced by a wilted old man. Much, much better." She collapsed laughing at your wry humor.

You fell asleep the moment your head touched the feather pillow. In your deep sleep, you felt someone was wiping your lips, and suddenly there was a sharp pain in your cheeks. "Ah! It hurts!” You moaned in your dreams.

“Finally awake, filthy woman?”

You opened your eyes, only to find an exasperated Scorpio was on top of you. “Wh-Wh-What are you doing here?” You stuttered, heart pounding like crazy that you thought it would explode.

“You can’t run away from me,” He snorted with an evil grin, “It is high time I squared up with you.“


① In ancient Egypt, a lot of women adopted a robe which could be draped in various ways. Two rectangular pieces of cloth, each about four feet by five feet and sewn together along the narrow end, leaving a space for the neck. 

② In SCM, the icon colors of Krioff, Scorpio and Zyglavis were orange, red and black, respectively. But colors did have different meanings in ancient Egypt: Green was the color of new life and vegetation, and it was related to Osiris; Red was the color of life and of victory, which related to Seth; Yellow (sienna) was the color of sun and gold, so it was considered as color of eternal and indestructible; Blue (navy, turquoise and etc.) was symbolic of the sky and water; Black meant death and of the night. 

③ Pharaoh was the first level of the social pyramid. The second level included viziers, Amun’s High Priests (sometimes he could also be the vizier), chief treasurers and army generals. However, Pharaoh was a demi-god living, amongst mortals in ancient Egypt. At the moment of coronation, Pharaoh acquired divinity and death would transform him/her into a full god. 

④ Means ‘cat’ in ancient Egyptian. 

⑤ Pharaoh’s consort could be his/her spouse (e.g. Chief Wife) or his/her child (e.g. A son or a daughter).  It was more or less like a ‘co-regent’.

⑥ The official language of Mitanni.

⑦ The official language of Assyria.

⑧ Unit of length, about 1.875 cm.

Switching Places Chapter 5: Part 3 Bed time, kid

Title: Switching Places Chapter 5 Part 1
Fandom: Kiss By The Baddest Bidder & Metro PD: Close To You
Rated: Drama, Thriller, Smut

KBTBB’s MC: Mia SAKATA (reference)
Characters: Mamoru, Eisuke, Soryu, Baba, Ota

Summary: MAMORU’S SMUT!!! (What more do you need to know!)

Background: Mika’s heated moment got interrupted again and lashed out with alcohol until Mamoru came to rescue and brought her to paradise.

Notes: It’s long but it’s worth it. Mamoru you sex god!!!
Chapter 1: Part 1 Waking Up
Chapter 1: Part 2 Welcome Home
Chapter 1: Part 3A Hell Hole (Option 1) SMUT
Chapter 1: Part 3B What A View (Option 2) ROMANTIC
Chapter 2: Hello Stranger (SMUT)
Chapter 3: Part 1A Someone
Chapter 3: Part 1B What Am I? (Soryu’s Romance)
Chapter 4: Heated Night (Soryu’s SMUT)
Chapter 5: Part 1 Bad Timing (Kirisawa’s smut)
Chapter 5: Part 2 Show time (Luke’s smut)

Chapter 5: Part 3 Bed time, kid (Mamoru’s smut)

Remain still? Is he for real? Fuck that, you are not lying on an empty bed and wait! His lost!! You storm out of the hot British lad’s room and end up at the hotel’s lounge, pouring one drink after another to cool off your anger and erotic needs.

“Isn’t it pass your bed time, kid?” Turning around to the familiar voice, “Oh helllloo detective.” You wobbly lean forward to greet him, staring at his messy dark grey hair and captivating brown eyes. Hmm the lazy detective is actually very good looking. 

Raises his brows and teases, “Done checkin’ me out yet?” Biting your lips with a lustful grin and answer him playfully. “Nope, hehe it must be the goatee. *hiccup* It makes you look sooooo handsome and manly.” Clearing his throat with his blushing face and gently helps you up. “Okay that’s it kid, time for bed." 

The cold night breeze touches your cheek and soon spreads an icy chill through your entire shivering body. "Kid shudnt’ dress like an adult.” Mamoru huffs but covers you with his grey suit jacket. “I’m not a kid!!!!” You pout as he pushes you in a taxi, “Shaddup, you’re such a pain, kid.” You two quarrel throughout the ride, well at least it’s a short ride. 

Getting out of the car and find yourself in front of an old apartment. “Oh bringing me back to your place, detective. You perv.” Giggling your way up the stairs as his firm hands supporting your waist, “Shaddup and watch where ya goin!” As soon as the door opens and you’re surprised by his filthy home. “Who’s the kid who live here?” The lazy detective yell another shaddup and flops down on his futon, letting out a yawn after he orders you to shower. 

You tiptoe and quietly get into the futon which makes him jump. “What the fuck kid?” His jaw drops wide open and yells, “what.. why are you… I can see…what the fuck man?!” You can’t help but laugh at the blushing detective, (as you’re) in his oversize tee with your harden nipples beneath the thin fabric. “So now you see me as a woman?” Closing the distance as you lean forward, trapping him to the wall behind him. 

He gulps nervously and stumbles over his words. “You’re acting … like a kid, I… I’m a grown man. So ..back away, kid… or..” Biting the corner of your lips and whisper to his ear, “Or what?!” Nibbling his earlobe before he’d react, anxiously move your lips to his neck, licking and sucking it hard as he moans, slowly surrenders to your hot sexy seduction. 

He watches as you kiss your way down his body, a soft smile spreads across his face as he gently cups your cheek and places his lips on yours. Your body quiver as his right hand moves to your clit, manipulating it with his thumb and two fingers. You gasp and moan, “Fuck me now!" 

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