i can't wait to get it colored in!

CBS: Hey let’s make a new Star Trek show and put women of color in the lead roles!

Star Trek fans: Oh! That sounds really cool!

Also CBS: Let’s put it on our overpriced streaming service so the fewest amount of people possible watch it

Star Trek fans:

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is he okay 


i can’t believe my team leader is a meme: the new series on mtv

@thearcanagame has consumed my days. This lovely lady is my MC for the game and my character Maisynira, or “Mai” from my Arcana fic “Snake Charmer”.

@warie-lym awesomely accepted my spontaneous commission, they were so kind and amazing and look! They made my small sassy little fortune teller (in training) so gorgeous I could cry. With that look, someone either is getting a kiss or is about to find a bunch of frogs in their bed. Or she stole Asra’s tarot deck. Again.

Anyway check out Warie-lym’s art. Everything is so amazing and I love how they use colors, the style alone is fantastic. Their Arcana art is a balm to my soul between chapters in the game.

Tomitake: the weather is so good~ ☀ I’m off to the shooting

I finally managed to produce some kind of A R T AHHH.

Okay so I absolutely ADORE the AU Watercast written by @fishwrites
Like I absolutely love merman Lance and Avian Keith, their interactions are great and I was grinning and laughing while reading the whole thing and wowwies I am so excited to see the next chapter hopefully! ;o;

PROBABLY going to line and color this sketch but for now I am happy to at least get A SKETCH out, omfg it’s been weeks.

Reblogs always welcome, they really help! || Please do NOT repost my artwork!


A Finished Over The Garden Wall FanArt Collaboration with @may-doodle! YEEEEEEE!!!

Yo, you have no idea how much fun I had collabing with you! (This is probably the most productive I could get over the summer…heheh!)

Their youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCs-fkSNs2ZAHrS0OAwEqhfQ (Their content is amazing and so are their thumbnails!!!)

(Edit: I forgot to mention that while I did the line art of the first artwork, I only colored the second one. The line art on the second photo is done by the collaborator!)

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It's busy season for tanning salons with teenagers getting ready for proms and everyone wanting to get some color before summer, so sometimes it's really hard to get in a bed. A regular customer, who has been coming for the three years I've worked here (and isn't very friendly), had the nerve to yell, "This is bullshit!!!!" at me when I said it would be a 45min wait. I can't help that you don't make appointments!! I can't pull an extra tanning bed out of my ass!!

Guess she’s not going to be letting go then.


I doodled this in my sketchbook while I was away on a trip and since I forgot my mouse, I had to wait till I got home to color it.

Aside from the “Scary Godmother” specials, “Monster House” is right next to it as being one of my favorite Halloween specials to watch. As much as I love it now, this movie scared the living heck out of me when I first saw this as a kid and it left me terrified of houses for a period of time. I still get goosebumps after recently re-watching it hahaa

also the design and the way this house is animated. good stuff. <3

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Hi!! Can I request a hc for Eren, Mikasa, and Armin for a blind s/o? They can be either in the military or not, but i can just picture them coming back home and their s/o feels their presence and instantly goes to hug them and cry because they missed them so much?? Thank you so much!! i have a half blind friend and she likes me reading a couple of stuff to her like this. (one eye can't see and the other one is slowly loosing it's sight :c)

Aw, what a lovely friend you are. I hope this does justice and that you and your friend like it! <3


  • He is at the front of the line, desperate to get back in the walls to see his s/o because he needs to know they’re okay just as much as they need to know he is okay. 
  • His eyes are everywhere, scanning the crowd waiting to greet them, looking for that familiar color of hair and sweet face he knows all too well.
  • As soon as his gaze settles on their form he instantly feels his body relax and a smile grow on his lips. 
  • He’s not expecting them to even know which set of feet are his but as soon as he’s within earshot his s/o is turning to face him, tears brimming in their eyes and a smile tugging their lips upward.
  • They’re throwing their arms around his body before he even has a change to say hello, but he welcomes it eagerly, burying his face in their hair as they do the same to his neck.
  • “I missed you,” he’d whisper against the shell of their ear, feeling so grateful to be alive for one more day, one more opportunity to do exactly this.


  • Mikasa is pretty eager to see her s/o, but she’s not letting it be seen as outwardly as Eren would. She is as nonchalant as ever as she enters the walls, but her eyes are definitely sifting across the various faces as she seeks the one she knows so well.
  • When she finds them, she doesn’t plan on an elaborate surprise. She’s near-silent and rather unenthused as she approaches them, figuring that she’s going to accidentally scare them with how quiet she’s being.
  • That’s not the case, though. As soon as she’s standing behind them she watches their body tense, every muscle freezing as they begin to realize the presence of the person they love most.
  • “So you made it back safe,” they would whisper, and Mikasa wouldn’t miss the sound of tears about to be shed. 
  • Mikasa would only give way to a simple affirming hum, slowly unwrapping her scarf from around her neck only to drape it casually around her s/o’s shoulders.
  • “You looked cold,” Mikasa would explain, before slowly sliding her hand down to take her s/o’s, pleased by the smile she’s elicited and glad to be back home.


  • His s/o is practically all Armin can talk about on the ride back to the inner wall, sharing story after story with his teammates who are all too eager to hear about his s/o who has always been nothing but kind and sweet. He grins like an idiot as he thinks of them, as he speaks of them, practically bouncing on his seat like an excited child.
  • He manages to control himself as the wall grows nearer, but as soon as they’re inside he loses it again, jumping off his horse to begin running through the crowd in a desperate attempt to find them.
  • He’s short and it’s way more difficult than he thought but just when he’s about to give up a hand shoots out and grabs his arm, tugging him toward an abandoned alley. He’s about to freak out until his s/o is wrapping themselves around him, burying their face in his chest.
  • “I knew it was you,” they’d whisper, taking Armin’s hand in their own. “I could just tell.”
  • Armin doesn’t know how they’ve gained the extra sense, but he’s grateful nonetheless as he wraps his arms around them and inhales their familiar scent, realizing just how much he truly missed them.
  • “It’s nice to be home,” Armin speaks quietly, tightening his hold for just a minute, scared that if he lets go, the moment will end.
Les Mis Characters as Texts I've Gotten:
  • Valjean: Dude they have free bread this is rad
  • Javert: That's 100% illegal, you moron
  • Fantine: My sweet baby child, whom I would die for
  • Cosette: I actually have a great father, so I can't relate to you
  • Eponine: Lmao what's childhood anyway?
  • Thenardier: Just zero redeeming qualities. None.
  • Enjolras: *heart emoji* VIVE LA REPUBLIQUE!! *heart emoji*
  • Grantaire: My love life is basically just an angsty fanfic
  • Courfeyrac: As the glue of this relationship I'm here to keep your ass in line
  • Combeferre: It reeks of mothballs I can't handle this
  • Bahorel: Don't forget about me again, I'm salty!
  • Feuilly: This is some Bolognese propaganda. Fuck autocorrect I mean bourgeoise*
  • Bousset: Wait what?
  • Joly: This is actually causing me physical pain
  • Marius: What color pants did Washington's army wear??? please answer this is urgent
  • Gavroche: I may be 4'9 but you're still beneath me
  • The Priest: Thank me when you get it together