i can't wait to get it colored in!

is he okay 


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i can’t believe my team leader is a meme: the new series on mtv

what i’m getting from the justice league movie is that everyone is trying their best to be a terrible, rowdy child. victor is trying to snapchat pictures of the batcave and is offering a witty running commentary on bruce’s color choices, which are black, black, and silver. he inches closer to the batmobile every time bruce looks away. barry is poking bruce in the arm, asking several hundred questions a minute, and about half of them are, “can i try on the cape? can i put on the bat armor and arm wrestle with victor?” arthur is outside, having torn through his shirt, and is wandering in the lake, yelling with the fish, because everyone else here is an asshole, in his opinion. diana is supposed to be the second responsible adult, but she bought a razor scooter yesterday and is gleefully riding it down the stairs

alfred buys one of those ‘it’s been __ days since our last nonsense’ and the number never gets into the double digits 

Guess she’s not going to be letting go then.


I finally got around to making Ada to round out the Cousins Trevelyan. I’m not 100% happy with her hair color, so I may darken it closer to Rolfe’s shade, and her eyes look more blue than the grey I was trying for here. Otherwise, I tried to keep their jawline and cheekbones similar to get some sort of family resemblance going.

★. ITS INKTOBER 2K16. LETS DO IT!!!! .★  

|| DAY o7 - “luigi confirmed” || Request Friday || Personal Challenge none

[10/6/2016 2:19:02 AM] Nice meme!: ok so i just finished the game  100%
[10/6/2016 2:19:17 AM] Nice meme!: and heres what i can say
[10/6/2016 2:19:29 AM] Nice meme!: FUCK ROSHAMBO TEMPLE 8

Color Splash came out today and from what I hear from my friend who was one of the lucky ones and got it a week early, my queen Luigi is finally getting the spotlight he deserves……..I. can’t. wait. 

violetmoon123  asked:

Those are both beautiful colors... I prefer purple, but blue is a very close second!

“…there’s a show i l-like to watch sometimes…and…i like r-reading and…”

* His voice drops to a mumble and trails away.

ahhhh hi I hope this doesn’t seem weird but it occurred to me today that I look a bit like a short haired version Akihiko’s sister! I don’t have blue eyes though sorry :( but yeah I thought you might appreciate this! (at first I didn’t really like my hair color but now that I made that connection I really like it!)

You doooo! Wtf this is your natural hair color it’s so beautiful!! Also your eyes are really nice ˊ͈ ॢ꒳ ॢˋ͈

random post while at work to just say that in between working on fanfic and reading and working on dw campaign stuff and getting ready to edit, I really want to make random aesthetic boards for some random characters who wants to help by giving me some suggestions?

Yeah, that took too long. Especially since this is only the color study/brush test/preliminary for the much larger final digital illustration. I’m still rusty, and this is helping me get over that.

Besides, now I know which brushes yield the best results, and some ideas to speed up workflow for the final. One more of these to go, and then with luck I can get to the final illustrations!

Gray : Nah I just look cooler this way.

I’m trying to get my motive to draw perfectly again and do some full colors but meh wacom wire keeps getting so loose. Can’t wait for my Huion GT-190.