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Can you do a reaction with rfa + v + saeran, with MC being attacked, but beating the crap out of her attacker? Like, she takes some hits and gets roughed up too, but the attacker is definitely worse off when its all done. And the rfa + v + saeran can see it all, but for some reason they can't get to her until it's pretty much over.

I always like writing about MC being a badass, and this request was no different! I tried not to make these too violent so hopefully they’re still okay! I hope that you enjoy!! ^^


  • Yoosung was almost finished with classes for the school year and he couldn’t have been happier
  • That unfortunately meant finals were coming up so he decided to stay after class one day to get some help from the professor
  • He was running later than he thought so you decided to wait outside of the classroom on a nearby bench
  • Yoosung saw you through the window and gave a little wave and a shy smile as he finished up talking with his strict professor
  • Just as you were about to wave back, one student who was obviously drunk came up to you and started harassing you
  • Yoosung’s eyes widened in horror as he saw the drunken student throw a punch at you for trying to move away from him
  • The professor was scolding him for not paying attention so Yoosung pushed passed the professor to get to you
  • Yoosung immediately felt tears start to form in his eyes when he saw your black eye and bleeding knuckles but felt a tiny amount of relief when he saw the student on he floor unconscious
  • He apologized over and over again for not helping you sooner, crying into your shoulder but you reassured Yoosung that it was okay
  • Yoosung immediately takes you to the hospital and signs up both himself and you for self-defense classes


  • Zen finally had some free time from his busy schedule to take you out on a date to a nice restaurant
  • The two of you were really looking forward to enjoying the night since you two haven’t had a proper date night in forever
  • That is until just before you got into the restaurant, Zen was mobbed by a small group of fan girls
  • You sighed and waited for Zen to finish with the fans, moving a bit away from them so you didn’t feel suffocated
  • Zen could barely see you at this point but he did see the figure next to you shoving you against the wall
  • Trying desperately to push his fangirls away, Zen could only watch in horror as the man started hitting you
  • But you weren’t easing up on him, giving his hits right back to him in full force
  • By the time Zen broke away from his fans, the attacker was a bloody pulp on the floor and while you did have some blood on you, you looked safe
  • Zen gave you a bone-crushing hug, profusely apologizing for leaving you alone even after you told him you were find, and from that day forward Zen became the most protective boyfriend on the planet


  • Jaehee decided that it was time for you and her to have some fun together so she took you to the mall
  • It was turning out to be a fun day, the two of you bought some much needed new clothing, had a nice lunch together, and even took some photos together in a photo booth
  • The two of you were at your last shop for the day and just as you both were about to exit, the security alarm went off because of Jaehee’s bag
  • Jaehee told you to wait outside until her and the store manager could sort things out to which you agreed to
  • You didn’t see anyone else around until some man came up to you, demanding you give him your money
  • Out of the corner of her eye, Jaehee gasped as she saw a man attacking you with you fiercely hitting him back
  • She pushed the store manager aside and ran over to you, almost on the verge of tears as she saw your bloody hands and bruise marks, but you told Jaehee that you were fine but the attacker may need to go to a hospital
  • Jaehee couldn’t stop telling you how sorry she was for leaving you alone and promised to teach you some judo moves so you would be safer even if she wasn’t around


  • Jumin was set to leave on a business trip the next day so you asked to go to work with him today so you could spend as much as together as possible
  • Of course Jumin agreed but you forgot how boring big offices like Jumin’s could be, especially since Jumin was busy that day but it was finally time to go home
  • Just as the two of you reached the large revolving doors, a couple of important businessmen stopped Jumin to discuss an upcoming meeting
  • You waited outside because those guys were boring, noticing some sketchy looking man eye up the building
  • As you went to approach the man to see what was up, he grabbed your wrists but you weren’t having it so the two of you ended up brawling
  • Jumin could see the entire fight happening as he pushed the businessmen away, calling security
  • By the time Jumin ran to you, the man was passed out but Jumin was more worried about your growing bruise marks that decorated your skin
  • You told Jumin that you were fine, happy to teach the creep a lesson, making Jumin concerned but also glad
  • Jumin promised to never leave your side again, apologizing for not getting there sooner, and that he’d cancel his business trip to spend more time with you


  • Seven was feeling sick that day so you told him that you’d go buy some medicine for him
  • He protested, saying that it was late and not safe but he stopped after you gave him the death glare along with him having a coughing fit
  • Although he did trust you, Seven kept an eye on you through the street cameras, smiling as he saw you bought the medicine as well as some Honey Buddha Chips
  • But Seven’s smile instantly vanished when he saw some man following you, eyeing you up and down
  • Just as Seven was about to reach his phone, the man started attacking you, making Seven scramble out of the house to save you
  • He kept watch on the video feed on his phone as he hoped into his car and sped his way towards you, noticing that you were fighting back and kicking some serious butt
  • By the time Seven got there, he couldn’t even recognize the attackers face, also noting your bloody knuckles and bruising
  • He felt instant relief seeing that you were okay, although Seven did get scolded by you for leaving the house when he was sick
  • And Seven really ruined the moment by asking “So are the Honey Buddha Chips safe?” And getting a swift smack on the shoulder from you


  • You and V were just coming back from a nature photo shoot
  • V’s eye sight was starting to falter so he was constantly asking you to go along with him on his photo shoots to help set up and such
  • The two of you were happily chatting until some random man sneered at V, calling his photos trash and that he should quit being a photographer
  • V just calmly nodded and tried to pass the man but the man was quicker and pushed V to the ground, effectively twisting V’s ankle
  • The man then turned to you to take V’s equipment to smash but when you refused, the man started to become violent
  • V tried to get up to help you, but the pain in his ankle was too much plus he could barely see he two of you
  • He then heard the man let out a strangled groan followed by a thud
  • V felt your arms wrap around him, asking him if he was okay
  • But V was crying, he could make out the blood that covered your clothing and the small trickle of blood coming from the corner of your mouth
  • Even after your reassurance that you were okay, V only hugged you, crying into your shoulder as he promised to get the eye surgery


  • You and Saeran had just recently started your relationship but things were going smoothly
  • Saeran still had his anxiety issues so he was still going to his therapist
  • After the two of you started dating, Saeran was getting more nervous about going to his therapist, thinking that she would contort his mind and end of hurting you
  • So both of you made the consecutive decision to have you go along with Saeran to his therapist, greatly relieving the stressed boy
  • One day, Saeran went into a new therapy room where there was a window and he saw you sitting outside waiting for him on a nearby park bench
  • Knowing that you were near made Saeran feel at ease, that was until some stranger started getting close to you, demanding you hand over your bag
  • Saeran thought that he was just imagining things until he saw the man physically attack you, making Saeran rage
  • He pushed passed his confused therapist and ran outside to find the attacker unconscious and extremely bloody and you bruised but alright
  • Saeran pulled you into the tightest embrace that he could muster, telling you how sorry he was and how he would never leave your side again to make sure he would always protect you

ok so…i know there’s been a lot of rumour and speculation after val moved into patsy’s room about patsy not coming back this series or At All but…has anyone thought that she might just end up buying her own house/flat + living there? if her dad dies, she’ll probably have a considerable amount of money left to her in his will…all she needs to do is wait for delia to finish her training and then they can move in together again? (and hopefully neither of them gets hit by a bloody car this time!)

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I honestly can't wait for the week to end, I'm so excited for the last chapter. YOU ARE AN AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL HUMAN BEING.

Aw thank you! I stayed up till 2am last night (and got back up at 6.30 because lmao what is a normal sleep schedule) and managed to finish up to about 25,000 words of what is looking to probably be about a 30,000 word chapter written. The quality is absolutely horrendous and it’ll have to go through some serious rewrites before I can even think about showing it to the public but now that I’ve got part of the groundwork done hopefully I will be able to meet the Sunday deadline if my irl deadlines don’t kill me first


Coffee Luck Part 03 of ? (start here) - MakoHaru Barista!Makoto AU

The dorks finally met! After 500 years of not updating I finally got into making the third part and it’s a bit longer compared to the previous two parts hopefully that would make up for the long wait. OTL Pfft Makoto is so embarrassed he ended up sounding like a nerd. It’s okay, love. Until the next update! Also if anyone is up I’m open for commissions! :D


        « A Beautiful Collision »
                          ↳ Lang Leav

Happiest of Birthdays to my darling, @ashtoncer *hug* Sorry this is over a week late, but hopefully this will help you get through exams! Much love!

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Aaah I'd love to see another update on kiss w a fist ur so talented !!! I hope u continue it bb <3 if not that's ok 2

Hi!! thank you i’m glad you like it!! i literally just finished my last exam today so i’m finally free to write again!! i’m sorry it’s been so long but i’ve been busy studying and finishing my final assignments

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 Lucy groaned weakly, her pounding head soothed by the cold linoleum tile beside her toilet. Her left arm twitched as it clung to the base of the porcelain throne as if it were a stuffed animal comforting her.

Swallowing, she shuddered as she tasted the acidic residue of her most recent purge. Licking her lips, her brown eyes trailed up the smooth side of her new best friend.

She honestly didn’t think she had the strength to lift herself up should another urge arise.

Hours could have passed for all she knew. The sun hadn’t risen when she first awoke in a cold sweat, clumsily staggering to the bathroom and staring at the drain as if it had all the secrets to tell.

After a few…several, several goes with the flushing, Lucy just didn’t have the energy to stand and walk herself back to the bed. She could have if she really tried. However, trying wasn’t something in her thoughts today.

Her sunny blonde hair fell out of the messy bun, and the true struggle was keeping it out of her face as she retched and cried. Dozing off seemed like a possibility because she didn’t remember the sun entering the bathroom window so quickly.

Unfortunately, sleeping would have allowed hours to pass. She had a whole new batch of nothing to pour into the commode.

The blonde wanted to cry, and cry herself dry. She wanted to lay somewhere other than her bed and here. She preferred under her desk or maybe sandwiched between her fridge and counters.Laying somewhere uncomfortable seemed like it would numb her pain.

Her right hand shifted to touch the tiny bump in her stomach.

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He has landed!

My Akagidoll Ban. Well, his head.

I grabbed the only green pair of eyes I have, as the character in mind has green eyes, but these are 14mm. He might be better with 16mm (note the blob of white tack on his right eye - to the left of the image).

But, as soon as I unwrapped him, I said this is the character I have in mind. For the first time, I have a doll that matches the character, rather than a character to match the doll! Hopefully, the Impldoll Martin will be the same, when he arrives (despite not having the right colour eyes for him, yet…).


mobile isn’t letting me order these into grids so um. press j to skip!

I finished this secret santa wayyy way back like 2 weeks ago as a challenge to both a) encompass as many of the prompts that @blackberryblossoms gave and b) to finish a complete comic! like full color and everything. If anyone followed my twitter during the beginning of december i was Pretty Bad at the secret part.

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1. won't you give us a clue about what you're writing? Omg I just can't wait! 2. Do you have oc's and stories about them? I'd really like to read something created 100% by you. (I mean, not based in comic characters) 💕

I have loads of original stories and characters but they’re all sad and lonely people with dreary lives. maybe one day I’ll let y'all see. as for the other thing, well, what the heck why not. here’s a snippet of some eruri I’ve been working on and will hopefully be finished in the next month or so? we’ll see. anyway:

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(Makoto/Gou) Going Home

Lemon? (Yes it is)

“That could’ve gone better.” Gou groaned, leaning back in her seat.

“Well we can be glad that it’s all over now.” Makoto smiled, “I don’t think I can take another day alone with Rin.”

Gou gave him a smile, knowing how difficult her brother could be when he wanted, and the fact that Makoto was alone with him for five days without her, or her mom there to stop Rin from going overboard. This told her so much about the patience her fiancé held within him.

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“I’m not the protagonist of a novel or anything…I’m a college student who likes to read, like you could find anywhere. But… if, for argument’s sake, you were to write a story with me in the lead role, it would certainly be… a tragedy.”

–Kaneki Ken

i really like bats and i wanted to make another bi pride design, this time for something that will be a charm

so i present to u…. bailey the bisexual bat!! 

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hey victoria! i just finished glass sword and it was amazing! can't wait for the next one ♥ *cough cough* is it wrong that i had high hopes about a certain prince turning out to be good after all? haha anyways, will we get a map of norta and lakeland etc on the following books? it's such an amazing universe but i had a hard time trying to imagine the directions and locations... i really really admire your work!

Hi! Hopefully maps are included in the next book, but that’s not really my call. The map DOES exist though - you can find a more high-res one on Epic Reads!


I tagged you in this challenge, friend!!


‘aight challenge accepted, buddy! :D