i can't wait to drink from it

St. Patrick’s Day in a university town is always surreal. My friend and I saw cops breaking up three different house parties at 11am while we were driving to a grad faculty event.

There are a lot of moments in s2 where it’s clear that Bellamy cares for Clarke, but my favorite is in episode 9, when gustus poisons the drink, right after it’s revealed the drink is poisonous, everyone is completely astonished, but Bellamy almost automatically knocks clarke’s cup from her hand. In that instance, amidst all the chaos, Bellamy looks right at Clarke with such concern; in that instance, all he thinks about is keeping Clarke from drinking the poison

Frozen Szarlotka (Apple Pie) from the Poland Booth available during the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival.

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age: 19
biggest fear: being alone forever ??? also the dark
current time: 6:22
drink you last had: water lol
every day starts with: my cat jumping onto my bed and drinking the glass of water from my nightstand
favorite song: paralyzed - fleurie
ghosts. are they real?: fkdsljaf;l idk but the supernatural terrifies me
hometown: a small water hole in maine
in love with: someone new every third week fdsjak;l i need to stop catching feelings 
jealous of: people who don’t have crushes and are perfectly content being alone. Teach me ur Ways
killed someone: heck no
last time you cried: this morning oops
middle name: elizabeth
number of siblings: 6 !!
one wish: for my current Mood of loneliness n dread to Go Away
person i last called/texted: my pal jo 
question you’re always asked: “you’re a commuting student?”
reason to smile: one of my sisters made an “i <3 u rachel” message w my kneaded eraser this morning
time you woke up: like 8 ??? it’s saturday
underwear color: pale pink
vacation destination: probably the kennebunkport inn? which is like half an hour away but i need an escape and im not into a ton of traveling 
worst habit: stress eating, impulse purchases, staying up late to do homework at the last minute
x-rays you’ve had: one for a stomach test it was Weird
your favorite food: i found this stuff at trader joe’s called brownie crisps which is like dried brownies but in a chip form n it’s so good ????
zodiac: aquarius

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Barista!Ashton who worked behind the register at your local Starbucks, his long curly hair tied up neatly and hidden beneath his uniform cap, the small bun sticking out of the back. He greeted you every morning on your routine coffee run, dimples flashing beside his bright smile as he asked if you wanted your usual. You’d nod and wait as he made your drink, calling your name after a couple of minutes and handing you your drink. You’d take it from his hands with a grateful smile and walk away, only to find he’d spelled your name wrong. Again. Somehow Ashton managed to come up with a completely new spelling of your name for the past two weeks of coffee orders, no matter how easy you thought your name was to spell. What you didn’t know was that Ashton knew exactly how to spell your name. But he’d been hoping since the day you walked into his shop - with your hair up in a messy ponytail, wearing an old T-shirt and sweatpants, seemingly in a rush to get somewhere, and gasping out your order - that you’d stick around longer to talk to him. So one day when you finally came back to tell him the correct way to spell your name he only shrugged and said “I know.” You looked at him confused and he giggled a bit nervously. “Got you to stay and chat, didn’t I?” You’d feel your cheeks instantly blush and you couldn’t help the cheeky grin that stretched across your lips when he asked if he could text you sometime. Without hesitation you grabbed a small square napkin and the eyeliner from your bag and scribbled down your number, sliding it towards the cute and smiley barista behind the counter. “Don’t expect awesome spelling,” he winked. 

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but can you imagine spending autumn with luke and you guys would make cozy drinks to warm you up in big mugs and wrap in some blankets and go on walks in different parks and observe the beautiful shades of red and yellow that blossom from trees and maybe you guys hear about a local fair that’s close to town and you visit it and just hold hands and admire all the sparkling lights and happy people and spending the night with each other in bed and softly murmuring small thoughts to each other about the future and how everything will be in a couple of years and just imagine him running his fingers up and down your spine in a soothing manner while you guys cuddle and watch tim burton movies for hours and he’ll leave little kisses to your forehead and whisper sweet words into your ear making you blush and your heart burst with emotion because luke is just the sweetest and he loves his girl and the way her eyes twinkle when the weather gets chilly and fall creeps in