i can't wait i need this game

Okay, but like, how excited are we for Malec dancing? 
Is freaking out and having dreams of it normal? 
Am I too obsessed or should I step up my game? 

Sherlock AU 

Percival is Sherlock // Newt is John // Grindelwald is Moriarty

Come on guys! We all know the plot! Basically the same than the original serie, but Moriarty is still alive and they play a dangerous game in the London’s streets.

(sorry with all my shitty aesthetics but after the Doctor Who AU, I needed this in my life (and tbh I wasn’t sure about who can be Sherlock so yeah, Percy))

Doctor Who AU

Supernatural AU


Yeah, I know. There’s enough gifs of this moment already. But I just needed a way to get back on the Antisepticeye hype train >:D

I rewatched the game’s end dialogue and I wanted to add them because it kinda relates to the concept of him in a way…

This one right here especially ^^

I always thought when you see Anti it’s like he’s “started over” in a new body and he’s finally free from Jack. And it all lead up to him gone and taken over completely in the “SAY GOODBYE” video.

And at that point he’s no longer the Jack we all know, he’s a stranger to us.

Then this here follows up.. the way he said these lines gave me a shiver down my fucking spine.

Of course, one does not simply  f̷̶̪̜̤̺̘̜͔͟ơ̺̜͖̟̫̲̳̖r̴̨͚̫̥̣̯̦g̸̴͉̫̣͎̻ȩ͔͙͞t͈̪̲̥̜̣ͅ Anti so easily…

We just gotta see what happens next. ;)

I forgot I entered a sweepstakes for free dice, so when Asgard Gear emailed me saying that I won, I was ecstatic! The dice came in today, and they are super sweet! You guys should definitely check out Asgard Gear for your gaming accessories and needs!


For @sodomymcscurvylegs Reasons why he’s problematic and needs to delete (long post btw)  

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Seriously guys I can’t stop looking at the behind the scenes photos of Kit and Emilia like it is just too damn satisfying. Like I’ve waited so long for these two beautiful babies to meet and now it’s finally happening?. I honestly think that I’m gonna lose my shit when the season premieres. Everytime I see all the pictures of them two I end up having this stupid grin on my face and get all giddy with excitement. Can season 7 just come already? My heart can’t take it!.

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@ Other Artists

Do you like, sketch something and your mind is set on that sketch. But then you think of another wonderful drawing idea and you’re like “hey..Let’s not let that idea go to waste!” And immediately start drawing the idea….Forgetting the first drawing you were working on….

I was set on practicing more eye drawings and I wanted to draw Harley Quinns eyes and then my sister was playing Breath of the wild and had Link in his Gerudo outfit and I wanted to draw him all like being suave and such with some silk SO I DREW IT ON THE SAME PAGE AND I’M A MESS LMAO

When he was still a lonely child in the depths of Casterly Rock, he oft rode dragons through the nights, pretending he was some lost Targaryen princeling, or a Valyrian dragonlord soaring high o'er fields and mountains. Once, when his uncles asked him what gift he wanted for his nameday, he begged them for a dragon. “It wouldn’t need to be a big one. It could be little, like I am.” His uncle Gerion thought that was the funniest thing he had ever heard, but his uncle Tygett said, “The last dragon died a century ago, lad.” That had seemed so monstrously unfair that the boy had cried himself to sleep that night.
—  Tyrion II, A Dance with Dragons

And like its also telling that these sorts of questions are never asked of f/f couples in Zelda fandom. Despite there being so many great female characters to ship!


because most to all of them are written in the games without full agency or any kind of active role, only rarely displaying anything resembling aggression or assertiveness. Even powerful or tough characters, warriors, are often waiting around for Link to do things, rarely comment ‘I want,’ “I need,” or are rarely seen with active goals beyond ‘protect the princess’ or ‘be here for Link to talk to’ etc.

Even Zelda herself is often seen giving up all activity to be Zelda on multiple occasions, and becoming passive. Even ‘villainous’ women like Hilda are passive about getting what they want and are they themselves framed as taking up very little space somehow. Because this is what is comfortable to Nintendo and what Nintendo thinks female characters are, and what male characters are, and the appropriate roles for each.

it’s all about how people perceive men’s threat to women and how men are framed as active and women are framed as passive. Few women do anything ‘bad’ in these games, so of course their dynamics are never going to be framed as ‘abusive’ or ‘unhealthy’– because few women do anything at all despite there being so MANY of them! They’re all waiting for Link, travelling with Link, depending on Link, revolving around Link. They mostly cease to exist when Link isn’t around.

the traits that characters in these games are given are tools to tell us about who they are and why they deserve to be in the story, and women are often just. not given any kind of traits that could ever be anything but passive or flattering or a novelty to men. meanwhile, men are given traits that make them either threatening or helpful to other men, or undeserving or deserving of social approval. And implicitly of women’s presence. When Gerudo women are tough, it’s funny because its a joke and a novelty. When a Gerudo man is tough, he has a threatening masculinity. When a man (or: a trans woman) wears Gerudo women’s clothing, they wrap right around to being a joke, so long as they are not aggressive or threatening.

its like femininity isn’t taken seriously and therefore women aren’t given any ‘threatening’ traits unless they are intended to be grotesque.

  • Game of Thrones: *shows Jon Snow's lifeless body on the cold, hard ground*
  • Me: Okay so when is he gonna get up?
  • GOT: He dead.
  • Me: Sure he is. So when is getting back up?
  • GOT: You're not listening. He's totally dead.
  • Me: Okay. Whatever you say.
  • GOT:
  • Me:
  • GOT:
  • Me: So when is he getting back up?