i can't wait i need this game

Saw the Halloween ask on the arcana blog about what costumes they would wear and I needed to draw them and Faust 🎃

i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again: what i loved about kh1 was the little details

  • climbing ladders, trees and ledges, and swinging from vines… it just added a lot to the game when you got to explore that way instead of just the normal walking around with some occasional jumping
  • the room/area transitions!! just seeing sora going through doors, entering the tent in deep jungle, moving the rock in front of ariel’s grotto and all that was a lovely detail. sure, it wasn’t needed at all, but they added it anyway and i loved it
  • and having worlds divided into smaller areas, sometimes with a room in it, made it feel more real instead of vast and empty
  • all the little things that you had to work for, like collecting post cards, finding the lost puppies, learning different types of magic and skills to unlock mysteries
  • trinities!!! seeing sora, donald and goofy actually working together!! 
Conversation that I have on a weekly basis.
  • Me: I don't get it? Why would JonxDaenerys make sense? I just... don't get why people want this? Why they think it could work? Jon and Daenerys are two entirely different people.
  • Jonerys shipper: Well, they have parallels.
  • Me: But... parallels don't mean romance? I personally think they're actually foils.
  • Jonerys shipper: But, blue rose from wall of ice!
  • Me: that's just an R+L=J hint.
  • Jonerys shipper: They're the song of ice and fire!!!
  • Me: sorry, but no. Jon is half Stark, half Targaryen, he does not need Daenerys. There's no point in R+L=J if Jon ends up representing ice alone.
  • Jonerys shipper: they're the two main characters!
  • Me: GRRM himself said Jon and Dany cover 10% of the story, in fact, he said the Starks are the heart of A Song of Ice and Fire. That means Jon, Sansa, Arya and Bran. Not Daenerys.
  • Jonerys shipper: they're the main heroes of the story!
  • Me: you tell that to all the cities Daenerys destroyed. A villain is a hero from the other side. GRRM compared her conquering Mereen to the US invasion of Iraq.
  • Jonerys shipper: Jon and Dany are the last Targaryens.
  • Me: and GRRM himself said incest is what destroyed the Targaryens, why end the story with some more?
  • Jonerys shipper: Jon likes power women who don't wait around in a tower but do stuff!
  • Me: true, but he doesn't like self-entitlement, ignorance and arrogance... plus, Daenerys does a lot of waiting in towers, as her dragons conquer for her and the men in her life solve the mess she made.
  • Jonerys shipper: but it makes political sense. They could unite the south and the north.
  • Me: Jon marrying Dany doesn't help him a fig politically in the North, and he doesn't care about the south. Again, he doesn't need Dany.
  • Jonerys shipper: anything can happen in ASOIAF even cliches.
  • Me: haha no.
  • Jumin: Asshole Admits To Being Asshole In Supreme Asshole Move
  • Yoosung: All Kidding Aside, Area Man Really Needs Counseling
  • Jaehee: Woman Can't Wait To Get Home And Take Off Uncomfortable Persona
  • 707: Laughter Now Exclusively Used To Mask Feelings
  • ZEN: Narcissist Mentally Undresses Self
  • Rika: I Shouldn't Be Alive But I Am
  • V: Beautiful Cinnamon Roll Too Good For This World, Too Pure
  • Unknown: Man Too Exhausted To Repress Both Anger And Sadness
  • Vanderwood: This Shit Again
  • MC: Somebody Should Do Something About All The Problems
YOI Art Telephone Game

The Art Telephone Game is similar to the children’s game where one child whispers something into their friend’s ear and then the friend repeats the whispered phrase to the person next to them and so on. At the end the last person says the phrase out loud and the first person laughs because it has inevitably changed throughout the course of the game.  

One at a time you will each draw a picture based on the art you are given.  You will only see the previous artist’s work and then you must redraw it in your own personal style.  It doesn’t have to be line for line, you are drawing the image in your style and your interpretation, how you see it. At the end, I put them all together and see what you all came up with ^^


1. Your picture must be colored.

2. For simplicity sake, transparent BG, there … no one needs to fret about the BG lol

3. Keep it PG guys, let’s make it so that everyone can enjoy your art ( ^.~ tho I do love the nsfw stuff, don’t get me wrong!)

4. Feel free to alter the image if you need to in order to match your personal style.  Everyone’s individual interpretation is what makes this so interesting.

5. You are forbidden to post your picture or discuss it with anyone else but me ^^

6. I am your keeper, when you have finished your art, send the file to me please!  I will message you each my email address or you can send me a Google drive link privately, but I want the high resolution versions for the final compilation please!  I will then send the picture to the next artist in line.

7. If you decide you can’t or don’t want to participate, let me know ASAP.

8. You have one week to complete your piece once you receive the previous artist’s work.  If you need more time or something comes up please let me know!  That way I can shuffle you back, give you an extension, or replace you if need be.

9. The goal is to have all the art done one week before Yuuri’s bday (Nov 29th) so I can compile the art and post it ^.~

10. HAVE FUN ^_^

Here is the randomly selected order for the game:

@crimson-chains COMPLETED

@maroalpaca COMPLETED

@somethingyoirelated  COMPLETED

@rosereleasestheart  COMPLETED

@cookiecreation  COMPLETED

@paluumin  COMPLETED

@staary-eyes  COMPLETED

@minatu  COMPLETED

@luluhastea  COMPLETED

@phyxalia  COMPLETED

@twiglightdragon  COMPLETED


Remember, no talking to each other you cheater pants!

Oh my gosh you wonderful artists!  I am too excited about this ^^  Thank you so much for agreeing to participate!  Together lets make a super unique present for our favorite cinnamon roll ^.~

Update Again: 

All 12 spots are set now for this game!  

If the 12 artists end up finishing their art pieces before my Nov 22 cutoff, maybe we can squeeze in a few more. I just don’t want to rush them. I want each of them to have the time they need. Thank you for all the interest in this lil event 😁🙏 stay tuned for more updates


why i need to stop watching game of thrones #4281972
  • Arya: holy shit Jon is king in the north, alright, breathe Arya, easy
  • Arya: wait
  • Arya: u know what
  • Arya: i'm freaking going north
  • Arya: i'm going to Winterfell so i can see my bloody brother Jon Snow who i don't see since fucking season one or some shit
  • Arya: after losing my parents and my other brother and almost dying 57 times this can't go wrong
  • Jon:
  • Jon: u know what, this is a beautiful day to leave Winterfell !
Owl City asks

Dreaming: What is your favorite Owl City album?

Stars: What is your favorite Owl City song and why?

Fireflies: Which song was the first for you? Where did you hear it?

Sky: Which music video is your favorite?

Saltwater: Which artist that has featured on Adam’s songs is your favorite?

Cherry: What song by another artist that Adam has featured on is your favorite?

Wish: Which song is your least favorite?

Wonder: Which cover/demo/unreleased song is your favorite?

Glow: Which song written for a movie is your favorite?

Introvert: What is a notable tweet from Adam that you like?

Paint: Which cover art is your favorite?

Umbrella: Which song would you want to be your theme song? Why?

Fuzzy: Which song would you want a music video for?

Heart: What album is your go-to when you need it?

Deer: What would you want the next title track to be called?

Sailing: Which of Adam’s other projects is your favorite?

Duet: Who would you want to feature on a song?

Wings: What are your favorite lyrics?

Evolution of Jon and Dany
  • game of thrones: Here is a bastard and a slave girl. They are not important. (wink, wink) Look over there.
  • fans: Oh, look! It's Ned Stark! Will he find out the truth?!
  • game of thrones: That bastard joins the Night's watch and that girl is now pregnant. BUT LOOK OVER THERE!
  • fans: Oh, NOOOO! All my favorite people are now DEAD! Are you sure those two are not important. They look like "Ice and Fire" to us.
  • game of thrones: I don't know what you're talking about (whistling nervously) Look! A guy got his dick chopped of, your favorite character is on trial, your new favorite character got his head squashed, and there are 3 new houses you need to learn the names of...
  • game of thrones: Oh, I don't know. The only similarities between them are that they have both been chosen as rulers by their people, they have both magically avoided real death, they are both proud but with kind hearts and tragic upbringings and their real goal is to protect the people...
  • fans: Are you saying what we think you're saying?!
  • fans: Too late bro, we don't care. We want Jon and Sansa now.
  • game of thrones: WHAT?! But... but... I've been building this from day one...
  • fans: JK. We've just changed the name of the ship. We DIED when they met.

awkward--simmer  asked:

Congrats on winning the giveaway!! I'm so happy for you!! <3

thank you so much!!!!!!! i made a new save just so i could check if everything was fine w/ my game and still can’t believe it kfmsdklf T_T 

look @ this angel T__T 

Sherlock AU 

Percival is Sherlock // Newt is John // Grindelwald is Moriarty

Come on guys! We all know the plot! Basically the same than the original serie, but Moriarty is still alive and they play a dangerous game in the London’s streets.

(sorry with all my shitty aesthetics but after the Doctor Who AU, I needed this in my life (and tbh I wasn’t sure about who can be Sherlock so yeah, Percy))

Doctor Who AU

Supernatural AU