i can't wait i need this game

  • Jumin: Asshole Admits To Being Asshole In Supreme Asshole Move
  • Yoosung: All Kidding Aside, Area Man Really Needs Counseling
  • Jaehee: Woman Can't Wait To Get Home And Take Off Uncomfortable Persona
  • 707: Laughter Now Exclusively Used To Mask Feelings
  • ZEN: Narcissist Mentally Undresses Self
  • Rika: I Shouldn't Be Alive But I Am
  • V: Beautiful Cinnamon Roll Too Good For This World, Too Pure
  • Unknown: Man Too Exhausted To Repress Both Anger And Sadness
  • Vanderwood: This Shit Again
  • MC: Somebody Should Do Something About All The Problems
Conversation that I have on a weekly basis.
  • Me: I don't get it? Why would JonxDaenerys make sense? I just... don't get why people want this? Why they think it could work? Jon and Daenerys are two entirely different people.
  • Jonerys shipper: Well, they have parallels.
  • Me: But... parallels don't mean romance? I personally think they're actually foils.
  • Jonerys shipper: But, blue rose from wall of ice!
  • Me: that's just an R+L=J hint.
  • Jonerys shipper: They're the song of ice and fire!!!
  • Me: sorry, but no. Jon is half Stark, half Targaryen, he does not need Daenerys. There's no point in R+L=J if Jon ends up representing ice alone.
  • Jonerys shipper: they're the two main characters!
  • Me: GRRM himself said Jon and Dany cover 10% of the story, in fact, he said the Starks are the heart of A Song of Ice and Fire. That means Jon, Sansa, Arya and Bran. Not Daenerys.
  • Jonerys shipper: they're the main heroes of the story!
  • Me: you tell that to all the cities Daenerys destroyed. A villain is a hero from the other side. GRRM compared her conquering Mereen to the US invasion of Iraq.
  • Jonerys shipper: Jon and Dany are the last Targaryens.
  • Me: and GRRM himself said incest is what destroyed the Targaryens, why end the story with some more?
  • Jonerys shipper: Jon likes power women who don't wait around in a tower but do stuff!
  • Me: true, but he doesn't like self-entitlement, ignorance and arrogance... plus, Daenerys does a lot of waiting in towers, as her dragons conquer for her and the men in her life solve the mess she made.
  • Jonerys shipper: but it makes political sense. They could unite the south and the north.
  • Me: Jon marrying Dany doesn't help him a fig politically in the North, and he doesn't care about the south. Again, he doesn't need Dany.
  • Jonerys shipper: anything can happen in ASOIAF even cliches.
  • Me: haha no.

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I was looking at your banner and noticed something, has Mark got a Bonnie mask/mascot head on his head?? It took me a while because I couldn't figure out his face BUT THEN I SAW IT!! (เน‘•ฬ€ใ…•ฬเน‘)โœง Also I can't wait to support you guys and the game!!

..I should change mah banner. but that means i need to redraw the same kind of picture…ouhly shiet nope.

Well,that’s the very old mark’s design but yea’! it is ! the first mark was rly//too// inspired by bonnie/FNAF (ノ^∇^)

Sherlock AU 

Percival is Sherlock // Newt is John // Grindelwald is Moriarty

Come on guys! We all know the plot! Basically the same than the original serie, but Moriarty is still alive and they play a dangerous game in the London’s streets.

(sorry with all my shitty aesthetics but after the Doctor Who AU, I needed this in my life (and tbh I wasn’t sure about who can be Sherlock so yeah, Percy))

Doctor Who AU

Supernatural AU

For Royai Week 2017 (Day 1 - Chess.) 

Roy could end this game in three moves. Breda waited, smug, having just moved his remaining knight, and Roy know what needed to be done. This didn’t keep his mind from drifting to where his eyes wouldn’t, and he couldn’t brace himself before spiraling down that hole, that would train of thought that carried him away fast. It wouldn’t stop to give him time to breathe. When he wanted to step down, it was too late.

I’m going insane.

A few steps away, Riza sat with Hayate on her lap. Between whispers and sips of tea, Roy could hear soft laughter and kind words. He hadn’t gotten the chance to see who she was chatting with, and it took more restraint than usual not to turn around to see. If he were to lie eyes on her, they would surely stay there.

Pull yourself together. It’s nothing new.

Riza had cut her hair short again. She’d said it was because she’d lost her hair clip. She’d ran her hand through her hair after this confession, golden threads easily falling into place. Roy’s smile had broadened. Riza wouldn’t miss taking precious minutes of her morning routine to brush and unknot her long mane, only to tie it up and keep it from getting in the way most of the time.

Without her long hair, not even her uniform could hide the scar on her neck. It was barely there; strangers wouldn’t even notice it above her turtleneck, but Roy’s eyes often drifted to that faint white line on their own. His heart took the hit every single time. He would’ve wanted to say it was the change of look that stunned him. What baffled him was her ability to go on as if she hadn’t faced certain death a few weeks earlier. He wanted to say it was her laugh, easier than it had been in months, but it was the ghost of her weight in his arms. Every day, and every night, without rest or mercy.

Breda coughed and raised his eyebrows. Roy shook his head. There he was. Roy Mustang, unable to tell apart his delusions from reality, past from present. He breathed deep, letting his steady hand and a trembling heart move his queen three steps forward.

“Well played, boss,” was all Breda said, a grin breaking his usual frown. “Didn’t think you’d go for it. It’s not like you to sacrifice your queen.”


the problem of having a baby-faced inquisitor

- age gaps as far as the eye can see

if ur gonna fall, fall spectacularly *picks Solas*

Me: I seriously can not wait for TWDG: ANF episode 5 I need to know what happens NOW

Also me: This is the last episode of the season and I don’t want to see my faves die or run off somewhere never to be seen again I can wait

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Omg. I really can't wait for KH3 so I can request Riku love. When I saw the commercials for KH on Disney before it came out it was love at first sight. Still in love/Riku hell(over half my life?) and now I enjoy his personality/him as a person. Ugh it hit harder over the years, looks aside. He was older and got me through middle school and the start of H.S. My parents are just like, Riku? Oh, okay and I could probably do anything as long as it's him. Anyone/thing else and they'd question me. ๐Ÿ˜”

I think KH got my bff @foreverythingisnotlost and I through the first year of college. I was idly crushing on Riku but Sephiroth in the coliseum stood out more to me because he is Original Bae.

(Above was the most thirsty yet terrified moment of my undergrad gaming life)

*thinks about it*

Holy crap I started college in 2002.



I was tagged by my love @lovelykth to do this !!!!!!! (I deadass sat down and organized my memes just for this ajwhwwtad)

I’m gunna tag @boomchimpow @chenderellastrash @slutlingar @delta-cubes @sherlockedwhovian09 @doitforsuga !!!!!!!!!

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Only thing I need in life is a ten minute video of revali just rambling,,,, but for real, your voice is so satisfying????? I keep trying to explain it to my friends but I just sound insane and end up being called a furry lmao. Your work is truly amazing and I can't wait to get the game so I can hear it for myself

I mean being called a furry isn’t even an insult if you think about it; at least you don’t have to spend $25/month to subscribe to a website before you can find literally 20 GB of adult content for your easy access.

That’s just economic thinking right there.