i can't wait for this movie okay


“As diligently as Tony labored over the next few days, his thoughts kept returning to Pepper as she held up the first model of the chest plate.

There was no way to explain to her what was really going through his head. That every time he looked at it, it brought back memories of Yinsen that were becoming increasingly painful. He couldn’t look back. He had to focus entirely on moving forward because the past was too difficult for him to cope with.

Since when is that anything new? Tony asked himself with morbid amusement…”
[-Iron Man Novelization]

  • 2017: Hey Guys!
  • People: *sigh* hey 2017
  • 2017: How's it goin?!
  • People: It's going okay. Honestly just tired of our government. Last year didn't go so well.
  • 2017: Aww I'm sorry. Let me try to make you feel better.
  • People: Yea I don't think anything is going to make me-
  • 2017: Remember that show Prison Break?
  • People: Yea? It was a pretty awesome show. Sad Michael had to die
  • 2017: Well.... it is coming back this year!
  • People: What????
  • 2017: And you are getting your Michael back!!
  • 2017: By the way.... Have you ever heard of Twin Peaks?
  • People: Yes. It was canceled after only being on the air for a year. It sucks cause it was pretty awesome-
  • 2017: Well that is coming back too
  • People: SERIOUSLY???!!!!! That is so awesome!!
  • 2017: Since we are on the topic.. remember Will and Grace?
  • People: YES THAT WAS ONE OF THE BEST COMEDIES...Wait... are you...???
  • 2017: YUP!
  • People: *Squealing*
  • 2017: Also, I heard that you have been waiting for a release date for Kingdom Hearts 3 since 2005
  • People: YYEEAAAA???
  • 2017: Well right now I can't get you a complete date
  • People: ... oh
  • 2017: But I can give you a year
  • People: Seriously???? For me????
  • 2017: Yup! 2018
  • People: Awww 2017 you are so sweet! You don't have to give anymore-
  • 2017: You sure?
  • People: Yea you've done enough
  • 2017: So... you don't want an awesome Wonder Woman movie??
  • People: What??!!!! A what??!!!
  • 2017: okay guess I will take that back
  • 2017: Well if that made you excited. I can't imagine what my next news would do.
  • People: What is it?
  • 2017: Wellllll I think you are a huge fan of Doctor Who correct?
  • People: Yea?
  • 2017: ....
  • People: oh my god
  • 2017: 😏😏😏😏
  • People: Your not-
  • 2017: 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏
  • People: Are you really
  • 2017: The Doctor
  • People: no
  • 2017: Is now
  • People: NO
  • 2017: A Woman
  • People: 😱😍😱😍👏🏽😱👏🏽😍👏🏽😱😍👏🏽😱😍

Me: Morby is so great. I love those boyfriends!
Them: But it’s not can-


“You have to forget every song you’ve ever heard. This city is not about dreams coming true, okay? It’s about hanging on when they won’t even let you audition for profit-share jobs because you can’t get an agent and you’re dumpster diving outside Taco Bell.”

Dance Academy (2017)

a masterlist of prompts and sentence starters
  • ☂: our muses get caught in the rain outside without an umbrella
  • ★: our muses stargaze together
  • ✈: your muse is going away for a time and says goodbye to my muse or vice versa
  • ❤: one of our muses says the first "i love you" to the other
  • ✿: your muse asks my muse to dance with them or vice versa
  • ☤: my muse visits your muse at the hospital
  • ☢: your muse tells my muse that they need to break up
  • ☯: our muses have their first kiss
  • ❅: our muses have a snowball fight
  • ☠: my muse visits your muse's grave
  • ▲: how our muses first met
  • ➳: how one of our muses asked the other on a first date
  • ✌: our muses' wedding
  • ⌚: my muse proposes to your muse or vice versa
  • "Please don't leave me."
  • "I don't want to lose you, okay?"
  • "Because I love you!"
  • "And I thought I could trust you."
  • "I can't believe you forgot."
  • "What did you do this time?"
  • "We're going to get caught!"
  • "Kiss me."
  • "I'm sorry, I screwed up."
  • "I might be drunk."
  • "You look beautiful."
  • "That smirk is annoyingly hard to ignore."
  • "Stop staring at me!"
  • "Please go away, you can't see me like this."
  • "Come on, dance with me."
  • "I need you. I need us."
  • "You can't just lead me on like that!"
  • "I can't do this anymore."
  • "Oh, I'm nothing special."
  • "Just don't forget me, okay?"
  • "You have to let me go."
  • "We'll get through this together."
  • "You're not alone, you know."
  • "Shut up! I hate you!"
  • "I wish this could last forever."
  • "Maybe I was right in thinking that I should never have even fallen in love with you."
  • "What would the world be like without you?"
  • "Why do you like me so much?"
  • "Are you okay?"
  • "Shit, what did I do?"
  • [text]: Fuck you.
  • [text]: Where are you?
  • [text]: I'm sick.
  • [text]: I love you.
  • [text]: I wish I could be with you right now.
  • [text]: I'm at your door.
  • [text]: Is that all you care about?
  • [text]: Please stop talking about her/him.
  • [text]: Just come over, watch a movie, and cuddle with me.
  • [text]: Don't even start.
  • [text]: Is that all I am to you?
  • [text]: Help me.
  • [text]: Wait, what happened?
  • [text]: I can't go to sleep because you're on my mind.
  • [text]: I miss you.
  • [text]: Good night.
  • [text]: Stop leaving me voicemails, I'm not going to forgive you.
  • [text]: Tell me you didn't forget.
  • [text]: I've had such a bad day.
  • [text]: Don't talk to me ever again.
  • [text]: I have nothing if I don't have you.
  • [text]: After all we've been through, you can't leave me... please.
  • [text]: Breaking up over a text? You've stooped that low?
  • [text]: Can you stop ignoring me for a second?
  • [text]: Sometimes I worry that you won't know how much I love you.

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Please don't make out in the movie theater lobby in broad daylight. Please. I get it, okay? I've got straight friends and heterosexual love is great. But can't you wait until you get into your theater where it's dark? And for the love of god, please keep your shoes on in public places.



im like actually kinda lowkey worried about how serious marvel is about pushing nat and bruce ???

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You're watching my favorite movie! I can't wait to hear what you think!

(In reference to this post.)

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Lol okay so disclaimer, it’s been literal years since I watched the original series, the stars just aligned in the right way for me to watch Rebellion last night. It’s also packed with symbolism that can’t fully be digested after just one viewing. Buuuuut okay, my thoughts!

WARNING: Spoilers. They’re everywhere.

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i hope some fans aren't pressurising others too much to vote for BTS on Soribada because unfortunately the app requires REALLY good internet connection and some countries, our connection just suck balls. i've been trying my very best to vote but to load the freaking app sometimes takes me 10 min, then after pressing the award banner, to load the award voting page takes another 10 min. it's really testing patience. my point is, fans who can't vote due to this issue, don't feel bad okay.

the app doesn’t require that good of a connection. i have a really bad internet connection too (our internet speed is among the top 3 lowest in the region) but i just keep waiting until it finishes loading, no matter how long it takes. you can do other things while waiting for it to load like studying, working or watching a movie. the connection’s condition cannot be used as an excuse for not voting.

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Hey caddy! I hope Cerys is doing ok! can't wait to see what's in store for the film videos :) I love how analytical you are about the films you review. Did you do film studies in college or uni? I did film and media at a level and I feel like I can appreciate films loads more than I already did, and I love to analyse individual shots, edits and the writing in films too.

Thanks, she’s okay! Also yes I did - I’ve always been very analytical and logical from like 14 upwards but Media Studies gave me endless more ways to express myself and dissect things about movies/books (even though I don’t read much) and even games. Extremely beneficial for me. Plus it kickstarted my video editing so that was kinda important.

Reyl0s love saying us ReySkys are reaching.

Things I’ve legit seen reyl0s claim:

  • that hearts were deliberately placed in scenes with Rey and Kylo
  • that Kylo’s eyes were deliberately lit so they would have hearts in them during the torture scene,
  • that stars that can be seen in Kylo’s eyes on TLJ teaser poster (only when you majorly ZOOM in) were put there purposefully to communicate that Kylo is ‘starry eyed’ in TLJ (I’ve yet to see an explanation for all the stars in Luke’s beard on TLJ teaser poster however)
  • that Rey’s v-neck shirt is because she’s having a sexual awakening in TLJ
  • that JJ deliberately paralleled the 1995 animated Disney Beauty and the Beast
  • that JJ deliberately paralleled the 1946 La Belle et la Bête 
  • that Kylo looks at Rey like Mr. Darcy looks at Elizabeth in the 1995 version of Pride and Prejudice
  • that Kylo looks at Rey like Romeo looks at Juliet in the 1996 version of Romeo and Juliet
  • that Rey and Kylo look at each other like Rose and Jack in Titanic
  • that the logo for TLJ production being a panda is about reyl0
  • that Daisy Ridley and Josh Gad getting Dame Judy Dench to say ‘what’s the deal with Reyl0?’ was part of a Disney approved marketing plan to get the general audience more on board with reyl0
  • that the ‘what’s the deal with Reyl0?’ clip was cut out of the montage of Daisy and Josh’s videos at celebration because it would be too spoilery to have shown at celebration
  • that Kelly Marie Tran walking out at celebration to ‘Across the Stars’ means that FinnRose is totally happening and LF isn’t being in any way subtle about it

And that’s just what I could think of off the top of my head.  And yet us ReySkys are the ones who are reaching?  Okay then.

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I really think that Dazai had a triple dosage of extra af. (I couldn’t believe he had that as his profile picture on Kunikida’s phone). 

Okay, was I only one that screamed in excitement when Chuuya showed up? (I know I love my boy Kunikida but it was still awesome). 

Finally, here’s a little Kunikida love (him jumping a turnstyle):

Also, if you haven’t seen BSD: Hitori Ayumu, go now. Watch it now. I laughed. I cried. Had a mini heart attack. Then, I cried over the beauty of it all. 

LadyNoir July Day 31: Daybreak
  • *Monday morning, first day of the school year
  • Alya: You can't be serious!! You've been after this guy for two years how can you be over him?!
  • Marinette, not really having an answer: I'll explain after I tell him.
  • Adrien, appearing from nowhere: Tell who?
  • Marinette: OH! Um, you, actually...
  • Adrien: Good. I needed to talk to you too.
  • Alya, watching her friend walk away with the boy she is giving up: Wait...no, he couldn't be...the timing is too perfect, even for the movies...OMG he is totally gonna...
  • Adrien, in a quiet corner: You go first.
  • Marinette: (Okay, I can do this.) I-I've had a c-c-crush on you since we met bu-but I found someone else and we are very happy together but if Alya finds out w-who it is I'm ruined and I don't know what I'm going to tell her!
  • Adrien, processing: ...Okay...It sounds like we have similar problems. I'm also kinda secretly dating someone and- wait, why would Alya finding out be bad?
  • Marinette: Uuuuuuuuumm. It's 'cause... It's someone... famous?
  • Adrien, suspicious: ...We have VERY similar problems, it seems. I can't let it get to the press that I'm dating Ladyb-
  • Adrien: *Slaps his hand over his mouth, panicking
  • Marinette: *Shocked, relieved, overjoyed, emotionally exhausted, all in that order. Doubles over laughing, wracked with intense giggles, snorting as she tries to breath
  • Adrien, knowing that laugh: My Lady?
  • Marinette, laughs harder at her nickname: This is too much! My god, Kitty, how did it take this long to find each other?
  • Adrien, finding the laughter contagious: I guess love makes us blind. Even those of us with night vision.
  • Alya and Nino: You guys doing alright over here.
  • Marinette: Yep, just having the most anticlimactic confession ever made. Come on Adrien, I need to brainstorm some nicknames for you. Everything I have for you would be... inappropriate in present company.
  • Adrien, taking the hint: And again, we have similar problems that can be solved together. Will you join me in the library before class starts of come up with new ones?
  • Marinette, taking his hand: With pleasure...My Prince?
  • Adrien, leading them away: Oh, good one.
  • Nino: Did you see this coming? Because I sure didn't.
  • Alya: First Ladybug and now Marinette! I'm so proud of my girls!
  • Nino: What did Ladybug do? Wait... Half of Paris saw Chat walking with a buzzed Ladybug on Saturday. Was that a date?
  • Alya: It sure was. And I have their first kiss on video, ready to be unleashed upon the world!
  • jon: I died and came back to life
  • sansa: ok....fucked up.....but ok.........
  • bran: I'm an all knowing being
  • sansa: fucking hell does everyone except me have superpowers now? okay fine whatever at least it can't get any weirder
  • arya: [riding through the woods] I can't wait to go home and tell my sister I'm a shapeshifter now