i can't wait for this!!

74 days and our badass warriors are back!

👏🏼74 days👏🏼 until Shadowhunters season 2b! Less than 3 months 👏🏼🤜🏼

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happy selfie night! this has been the longest week of my life and it’s only wednesday :)))) but i still found time to look cute so i guess that makes it worth it

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Harrie Things Challenge

I was tagged by the lovely @cheshirepuddin and @harryfeatgaga !! Thank you so much, guys. I’m so excited to do this! 

I’m going to tag, @pocharryfics, @hestylesno, @roseonhissleeve, @two-swallows-above-a-butterfly,  @stylesunchained, @permanentcross@yetanotherharry, @hughaz, @kasiwrites, @aboutalighthouse, @imagine-that-one-thing, @wdmsusie, and @chrissy22787! (Only if y’all want to, though. x) 

Favorite Look: It was hard to chose just one, so I did one casual and one fancy!

Favorite Tweet: He’s a cheeky, iconic man.

Favorite Interview: I haven’t seen them all yet, but off the top of my head I would say the sugarscape interview ft robot sunshine Harry, or the London Session one. Also- what he had to say in This Is Us lol. 

Favorite Stage Moment: Anytime he’s obscene with his water spitting and his not so subtle adjusting, and anytime he’s dancing and being the goofy goober he truly is. 

Favorite Hair Style: I am complete and utter trash for anything 2013 Harry. Although he is the only man I will ever accept long hair for, I have to go with: 

Bonus: the mini bun era

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