i can't wait for therapy to start

Um. So, I started another fic. I’ll have it finished and posted before tomorrow’s episode, but probably not until around 2pm, Eastern. Little distraction during the wait for TFP, maybe? It’s a companion story to Where My Demons Hide, Ella POV. It’s her therapy sessions with Sherlock. It’s at 4,200 words and I have one more scene to write but I have to work early and therefore need to go to bed! 

Stop using “neurotypical” as an insult. Stop acting like having an emotional/psychological disorder/issue is a little club you look out the window of and sneer at people through. I have both, alright, I’m not going to go into my extensive therapy history so I don’t get called ableist or unqualified or some bullshit, but suffice to say I’m not inexperienced. As much as I understand what it’s like to go through where you can’t even begin to explain when things are hard for you and what it’s like to have people scoff at you when you admit you deal with these problems, I’m sick to death of the people that sling “neurotypical” as some kind of dismissal that someone is automatically an asshole and incapable of ever having their own issues or being sympathetic of people with these problems. You guys that do this are making it harder for us to get past this “it’s just a bunch of dumb kids trying to act like they’re special” crap, and I’m embarrassed as hell by the condescending behavior it paints us with. I know it sucks seeing people who don’t go through volatile miserable waves complaining about minor things, or to feel like you’re being judged as lazy or dramatic for things you can’t help, but /stop/. Please. If “neurotypical” people around you are terrible when you discuss your situation (even after you try to explain things, especially), it’s not because they’re neurotypical. It’s because they’re an asshole, and you should avoid them whenever it’s first possible. The goal is to get healthier, which looks different and takes varying time and paths for everyone, not roll around in your problems like some trophy–- Discussing your struggles and experiences when battling these things is a powerful tool. Don’t turn it into a flawed mechanism.