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Victuri One Shot

Idea credit to @risitos-azules (this is probably really bad, it’s the first fanfic I’ve written in a long time) Hope you guys like it!

Topic: Playing truth or dare. Person one chooses dare. The dare is to call the person person one loves and confess their love. Person one picks up the phone and leaves the room. While the others are waiting, person two’s phone rings and that’s how they find out. Make a beautiful reunion.

Words: 1.1K

It was Yuuri’s 25th birthday and he was at a small party with Victor, Yurio, Otabek, Phichit, Chris and JJ (and Makkachin obviously). The time was about 11pm and everyone was just drunk enough to want to play truth or dare. They were about 10 rounds in and Victor was up.

“Victor, truth or dare” Phichit asked.

“Dare” Victor riskily responds. Phichit was known to give out some….intense dares.

“Hmmm…. I dare you to leave the room and call the person you love and confess to them” Phichit smirked. He had had suspicions that Victor had a thing for Yuuri for a few months, but never found the time to ask him about it.

Victor blushed and glanced over at Yuuri, and then back to Phichit. “Fine, okay, I’ll do it”. Victor said a little nervously. The mood of the room had changed as Victor was visibly nervous. He had thought about telling Yuuri how he felt but didn’t have the courage to do it. Maybe this would be good and things would work out.

As Victor walked out of the room, Yurio said snarkily “I swear to God if it’s Yuuri”. As it turns out everyone thought that Victor had a thing for Yuuri, and now Yuuri was sitting anxiously waiting for Victor to call him.

Wait - maybe it wasn’t him. Yuuri had idolized Victor since he was a little kid, and ever since he had shown up to be his coach Yuuri had slowly fallen in love with him. He never thought that Victor would like him back, though. He had tons of fans willing to drop dead for him, why would he choose Yuuri?

That’s when it happened. Yuuri’s phone rang. The room went silent. Yuuri nervously picked up his phone and saw that the call was in fact, from Victor.

“ANSWER IT!!!” Everyone in the room yelled at once.

“Alright Alright I know” Yuuri said as he got up and left the room. He wanted to do this in private.

“Hey, um Yuuri. It’s….uh…Victor. You knew that though cuz you have my number already…..haha sorry” Victor stuttered. Yuuri had never heard him this nervous before in his life. Victor was always confident and carefree, never this nervous.

“H..hey Victor. What’s up?” Yuuri answered. He knew what was up, but didn’t want to act like he knew anything because he was probably wrong still. Even though Victor had called Yuuri. There was no way *the* Victor Nikiforov could AcTuAlLy like Yuri Katsuki. It was still unbelievable.

“I..uh….well you know why I called you. I…uh….I like you” Victor rambled out. “Yuuri, when I saw your video online, I was amazed, impressed, and most of all inspired. I knew right then that I had to meet you in real life. As we trained together and became better and better friends, I….I started to fall in love with you. The way you laugh when we tease Yurio, the way you skate so beautifully and how you never give up, and most of all……most of all the way you look into my eyes. Sometimes I’ll look at you and just think ‘wow’. You’re stunning, Yuuri. You’re the most amazingly beautiful and talented person I’ve ever met. And Yuuri…. I love you” Victor said. He couldn’t believe he finally did it. He had teared up saying this and now waited for a response.

“Victor……” Yuuri started to respond. After what felt like an eternity to Victor, Yuuri finished “I love you too”.

Victor let out the breath he didn’t know he was holding. He couldn’t believe it, Yuuri actually liked him too. Just as he was about to say something, Yuuri said

“Victor, I’ve looked up to you for as long as I can remember. You have always been my idol and I’ll always look up to you. When Yuuko’s kids uploaded that video I was terrified and embarrassed, and I had hoped that you wouldn’t see it. When it went viral I knew that you would see it and I thought you’d laugh at me and think nothing of it. To know that that’s what brought us together makes me feel amazing. I had posters of you all over my bedroom walls and I watched all your competitions over and over again until I had them memorized. At dinner I would talk endlessly about how amazing you were and how one day I would compete on the same stage as you. When you showed up at my family’s place, I nearly died. I didn’t believe that you actually could have seen the video and had flown all the way to Japan just to talk to me. And when you said you were going to be my coach I nearly died inside. I had always dreamed of that moment, but I didn’t think it would happen how it did. As we got to be really good friends I started to fall in love with you too. And…ahhh… I’ll stop rambling now, I’m probably turning you off” Yuuri had started to cry too. He couldn’t believe this was actually happening.

Victor had walked out of the Kitchen and to the door of the room where Yuuri was. He had told the others to keep talking so Yuuri wouldn’t get suspicious.

“Victor….” Yuuri said, but was cut off when the door opened and there he was, also crying.

“Yuuri, I love you” He said again. That was when Yuuri did something Victor had never imagined Yuuri doing in his whole life, and especially not tonight. He kissed him. And in that moment, everything stopped. The room went silent.  But without even thinking, Victor was kissing him back. Everything felt right, the way Yuuri’s soft lips kissed him with such a passion and a lust, and how Victor kissed him back like he needed it to survive. It was perfect.

“Ewww, get a room you two” Yurio yelled, and they broke apart. The way that Victor and Yuuri looked into each other’s eyes then was new. It was a look of true love, not like the way you looked at someone you had a crush on, but the way you looked at someone you were head over heels in love with.

“I knew it” Phichit whispered, but loud enough that everyone could hear.

“Alright, you two. Stop making out and come back to the party” Chris said.

“Fine, but we’ll continue later” Victor said, glancing at Yuuri before kissing him on the cheek and then walking back to the party.

“Sounds….sounds good to me” Yuuri stumbled back. He was still in shock that it had actually, finally, really happened.

“Alright, whose next” Phichit said with satisfied look on his face. He had finally gotten them together.

Ahhh okay so that was it! Tell me if you liked it cuz I am lacking confidence and am pretty sure this is really bad so tell me what you think. Thanks!

Seeing the hearts in her pupils

                    Genuinely smile without any sort of evil plan behind it

                                                          Lana Parrilla

Do you see that man?


Now picture him seeing Regina again…

Equanimity - Take Two

It’s heeeere! Featuring skipped news, bad news, and a somewhat less than happy reunion.

Pick your poison! 

Ao3 link here, ff link here!

Honestly, much as this story is hard to write at times, I’m really glad I decided to start it. I’ve actually got a real soft spot for the 02 kids - but they’re only just getting into their arc in HF and although Trinacriform is basically an alternate second half of the 02 season, Metanoia and Renascent have so far focused on the parts of the series in which they don’t appear. You can absolutely look forward to them featuring a lot in this story though (and in the final arc/s of the other two)!

These two doujinshi’s finally arrived from China and I can’t wait to scanlate them after my finals! 
I haven’t looked too closely at them yet, but here’s the general gist :

NO.seven: 7 years later, Shion and Nezumi finally reunite. Shion has a hard time introducing Nezumi to his “son” (the baby he rescued during the Holy Day cleaning operation) and then there’s some reunion love making. ;)

Mermaid Smile: a simple, short, sweet story about merman (merchild?) Haru saving Rin from drowning.


My babies gosh ;-; The reunion … The stripping habits … Mashima T^T THANK YOU SO MUCH ! New question “Where is Gray’s necklace ?”

On one hand I want Stefan and Caroline to have a sweet/angsty/romantic reunion and on the other I want them to somehow end up in a room with Damon and Bonnie so I can sit back and watch Bonnie and Caroline destroy Stefan and Damon for being the biggest asshats of this season (behind Alaric and Matt)

I saw the spoilers and now I’m crying and smiling at the same time
I don’t know what hurts the most:
-Ayato facing the killer of his mother in a battle he absolutely can’t win
-Kaneki and Hinami’s reunion
-Kaneki’s smile that says “I’ve been through hell and I don’t know if I’m back yet”
-Hinami’s honest to God surprise because I bet she already thought everybody had forgotten about her
-Hide’s expression in V14