i can't wait for the next season!

«This seems like a good time for a drink
and a cold, calculated speech with sinister overtones.

A speech about politics…

About order…



But speeches are for campaigning.
Now is the time for Action.»

new info about s3 and izzy, and a bit of cast/on set stuff as well that i haven’t seen anyone talk about from emeraude’s live stream

  • the cast is currently shooting in downtown toronto
  • izzy is going to have an emotional scene with another character
  • shelby and esther visited set yesterday
  • izzy is going to have scenes with raphael
  • there will be multiple new characters on the show that we’re “gonna love”
  • “the fate for isabelle is gonna be good”
  • someone who plays a new character has their first day on set today
  • they are currently filming scene with izzy and clary
  • izzy “finally found who she is” and is a stronger, funnier, and more comfortable now than before
  • they will be cool scenes between izzy and magnus
  • the cast is doing something together for halloween again this year
  • there’s gonna be fight scenes in almost every episode including a “girl fight scene” in an upcoming episode

You know what my favorite part about the voltron paladin armors is? The HandleTM:





This is my prediction for Season 2: more people using the HandleTM in the future. And it is a wonderful thing

The Fandoms (2-15-17)
  • <p> <b>Outlander fandom:</b> "I can't believe season 3 isn't until September-"<p/><b>Stranger Things fandom:</b> "I can't believe we have to wait until Halloween for next season-"<p/><b>Orphan Black fandom:</b> "I can't believe the final season premieres in June-"<p/><b>Pretty Little Liars fandom:</b> "I can't believe the final season ends in June-"<p/><b>Grimm fandom:</b> "I can't believe we end in a month-"<p/><b>Game of Thrones fandom:</b> "I can't believe season 7 is later in the year and shorter-"<p/><b>Doctor Who fandom:</b> "I can't believe the 12th Doctor is leaving!"<p/><b>Sherlock fandom:</b> "I can't believe Johnlock didn't happen-"<p/><b>Star Wars fandom:</b> "I can't believe the trailer for "The Last Jedi" didnt drop yet!"<p/><b>Harry Potter fandom:</b> (coughs) "We cool"<p/></p>

Y’all, listen. Keith does not like the idea of becoming the next leader of Voltron just as much as you don’t. He’d rather stick with Red and have Shiro by his side than suddenly become an adult with unbereable responsabilities on his shoulders.

He’s been pushing aside the idea of losing Shiro again since always (Stop talking like that, you’re gonna make it” // “Why are we even talking about this? Nothing is gonna happen to you”), and I’m sure he doesn’t think he’s skilled enough to lead the group, either. 

When Lance said “Keith’s a hothead! He’s probably going to shoot first and ask questions later, except they won’t be able to answer his questions, because they’ll be dead!” it’s not that Keith denied it. Actually, he stood there quietly with an annoyed, guilty look on his face. He knows he’s right. 

This premise was just to tell you that Keith will probably be the first to say no to himself as the Black Paladin in S3. Fear, insecurity, Lance and Keith’s relationship reaching its lowest point until something happens and they come back stronger than ever; maybe he’ll mess up, too. But the others will eventually come to discover how great he actually is. They could get to co-lead, in a way; it’s not that Keith is supposed to do this alone. They are a good team and have each other’s back, always.

Keith’s not just a hothead – and there’s still so much we do not know about him –, or Shiro would have never suggested him as the new leader of Voltron. Twice.

Me watching the fourth season of Bojack Horseman
  • Episode 2: Oh shit already this dark? How can they top this?
  • Episode 6: Wow. I feel so shitty. They can't top this.
  • Episode 10: Please don't top this, it's too much-- oh wait, episode 11 is next. Crap.
  • Episode 11: *tear eyed* This is it, this is the worst this show has made me feel. Damn.
  • Episode 12: *incomprehensible ugly sobbing* I'M SO FUCKING HAPPY

Species swaps! Pony heads, demons, humans, and mewnans.