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美しい背骨 (Beautiful Spine) | Lyrics Translation
Lyrics by YORKE.
Composed by Katou Hajime

誰もが皆 傷つかないで
Don’t get hurt, everyone
Live a clever life and protect yourselves

The sun spreads its shine fairly on you
“It’s easy enough to regret afterwards, isn’t it?
You just don’t want to get hurt, right?
Is it really ok for us to just be like this?”
Please leave me alone

いつか僕にも 聞かせてよ
If we’ve got a chance, also let me know about
君の癒えない IDEAS of guilty
Those incurable guilty ideas of yours
Maybe someday I’ll understand
What you’ve been desiring all this long
On the horizon line
We watched indifferently
With this ambiguity hanging between us

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okay, so a quick rundown:

* shawn’s voice is insane.
* he has the prettiest smile to have ever smiled.
* his passion for guitar is palpable.
* in person, his look is very “boy next door” (a super hot one, but still…). tall and lean and adorable and definitely, definitely 18 lol
* his skin looked so fresh & pretty, like… it’s damn near translucent.
* his blush and his sweat saved my life.
* “bad reputation” live is a religious experience.


└ Starting with “Song for you” + “未完“ ends me.

Cr: Music Station 2-hour Special 13.10.2017

Owl City asks

Dreaming: What is your favorite Owl City album?

Stars: What is your favorite Owl City song and why?

Fireflies: Which song was the first for you? Where did you hear it?

Sky: Which music video is your favorite?

Saltwater: Which artist that has featured on Adam’s songs is your favorite?

Cherry: What song by another artist that Adam has featured on is your favorite?

Wish: Which song is your least favorite?

Wonder: Which cover/demo/unreleased song is your favorite?

Glow: Which song written for a movie is your favorite?

Introvert: What is a notable tweet from Adam that you like?

Paint: Which cover art is your favorite?

Umbrella: Which song would you want to be your theme song? Why?

Fuzzy: Which song would you want a music video for?

Heart: What album is your go-to when you need it?

Deer: What would you want the next title track to be called?

Sailing: Which of Adam’s other projects is your favorite?

Duet: Who would you want to feature on a song?

Wings: What are your favorite lyrics?

stereden  asked:

I discovered your work through a tumblr aesthetic of "Wicked Girls" and ended up buying the album when I hadn't bought an actual CD in three years. Then someone told me you actually wrote ace characters and I HAD to check that out (explicitly ace characters, yes please!). I got 'Every heart a Doorway' for xmas and it's beautiful! I adored it. I can't wait for the next one. Which of your other books would you recommend I start with in the meantime?

If you’re looking for explicitly ace characters, I’m afraid EHaD is currently it for me: April in the Toby books is either ace or demi (she hasn’t quite settled yet, and I’m willing to give her time), but since she’s never brought it up, it hasn’t been discussed on the page.  As far as I’m concerned, that’s the only way representation really “counts,” and so I don’t get to claim it.

If you’re just going “okay, I like how she uses words, and she seems to not be a total jerk, let’s test out more of her work,” there are so many paths open to you!  Rosemary and Rue was my first book.  This means that it is in some ways my clumsiest; there are choices I made in 2008, when it was being revised for publication, that I wouldn’t make today.  But the core is there, and it starts the series of my heart (the October Daye books), which I love and recommend and will continue until I can reach a satisfying ending.

Discount Armageddon is the start of my more recent urban fantasy series.  It hews a little closer to the romance end of the genre: since each narrator only gets one or two books, things move fast, although I try to keep them earned.  These are slightly sillier books, which is something I consider to be a recommendation: sometimes silliness is the best medicine.

Velveteen vs. The Junior Super Patriots is only available in physical hardcover right now, but I still love my wacky superhero world.

If you were thinking of going more SF, I am also Mira Grant: my first novel under that name, Feed, is a glorious rabbithole of feels.  Prior to EHaD, it was the book most likely to be described as “my favorite” by people I’d just met.

i like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it

aries: what a shame you’ve lost a brain that you never had // the ballad of me and my brain

taurus: i don’t want your body but i hate to think about you with somebody else // somebody else

gemini: this conversation’s not about reciprocation no more, but i’m gon’ wait until you finish so i can talk some more // UGH!

cancer: if i live past 72 i hope i’m half as cool as you // nana

leo: it’s not about reciprocation it’s just all about me, a syncophantic, prophetic, socratic junkie wannabe // the sound

virgo: i’m the greek economy of cashing intellectual cheques, and i’m tryna progress // loving someone

libra: your face has got a hold on me but your brain is proper weird, are you feeling the same? you just keep nodding at me looking vacant // she’s american

scorpio: i’ve got a god-shaped hole that’s infected and i’m petrified of being alone, it’s pathetic, i know // if i believe you

sagittarius: as the crowd cheered for an overdose, and i don’t suppose you know where this train goes? // paris

capricorn: you were coming across as clever then you lit the wrong end of your cigarette // change of heart

aquarius: we’ve just come to represent a decline in the standards of what we accept // love me

pisces: i personify the adolescent on a phone, speaking like i’m bigger than my body. i personify the lack of freedom in your life and i’m sure she’ll be gone in a second // this must be my dream

anonymous asked:

I feel like y'all judging way too early. Y'all giving Camila the benefit of the doubt, but you can't do the same for 5h. It's the first single off the album. Just like CITC is the first single. Can y'all at least wait until we hear more. All y'all sound like fake fans right now...

We got two songs for Camila - if only CITC had come out I would’ve been worried just the same, but I Have Questions eased that up for me. And I don’t think it makes me a fake fan to be honest and actually worried about what’s next for them, I think it’s the opposite - because I honestly thought we’d get to see another side of 5H right from the bat - and like I said I’m really hoping the whole album won’t be that way - I’m hoping they actually had a say in writing the songs and that it wasn’t just another staged bullshit to make us think that the girls are happy being in a manufactured girl band that is directed my a shitty label and a shitty management who are treating them like “fucking slaves”

anonymous asked:

I'm listening to your song In A Bitter Syrup right now so good can't wait for the next project x

thank you!! I had a dream last night that i decided to drop my album right now as is but i accidentally entitled it something really offensive so everybody hated it/me. the title of the album was “drop a chew”

anonymous asked:

I like that they didn't go for a standard format like song title - short speech - song clip for everything. Each song teaser has its own little mood which makes it more interesting. Can't wait for the next one!

ngl I loved that format for Niall’s intros to the MITAM track by track videos! he was so expressive and joyful in talking about the recording process. I remember watching it and thinking: this is a guy who NEEDS to keep making music. but I also love what he is doing now. it clearly shows how involved he was in all aspects of making the album. keep ‘em coming!