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Saitou Ami (Yachi) wrote three blog posts as Engeki Haikyuu finished touring.  

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The first, posted the evening of the final show, was a short and simple thank you that she couldn’t help but write before going to bed.

In the second, she reminisces about the 4 months spent working on this production, and how strange it feels to have it be over.  This show exposed her to a lot of new experiences and challenged her in many ways.  She doesn’t have a very high opinion about her athletic ability, or her singing or her dancing, or her math skills, but she really tried her best with this show.  It was a wonderful time for her, and she’s so grateful to all the cast and staff and the audience who came to see the shows.  She is honored and proud to be a part of Engeki Haikyuu family.

Her third blog post was dedicated to Yachi (with brief thank you’s for specifically Momo and Shizune as well).  Ami has been a fan of Haikyuu for a long time, she reads the manga, watched the anime, plays the card game… these photos were taken at J-World 3 years ago.  And ever since Yachi’s entrance, she has been a huge fan.  She was told she would get to play Yachi around the same time as her college graduation, and she writes that she cried more for her casting announcement than for her own graduation.  She was thrilled to be able to play her beloved character, but it was precisely because she loves Yachi so much that she worried about how best to bring her to life.  She couldn’t just go at it like a fangirl, she needed to put in a lot more work.  And now that she’s spent this time really getting close to her character, she loves her even more.  It was a bright and fun summer, and she thanks Yachi for opening up this brand new world for her with wonderful new people and amazing memories.  

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Hey, Fran! Have u ever consider headcanon abt Baku and Kiri met before they entered Yuuei? I mean, just think about it: Baku is a huge bully while Kiri stand up for them who get bullied. Like?? What if they got into fight?? How would they react when they meet again in Yuuei?? WHAT IF KIRI HATED HIM BEFORE

Aw anon, I’m so not gonna give you the answer you hoped you’d get to this haha I’ve talked briefly about something on these lines on my main blog not too long ago, but in general the way I feel about this is, there’s no way Kirishima could ever hate Bakugou. I’m positive their relationship would have been a friendship whatever moment in time they were to meet, tbh!

And this is in part about how Kirishima just doesn’t seem to know how to hate, like, anything so why would he hate Bakugou of all people, but it’s also about how I don’t feel like Bakugou changed all that much between middle school and the first day of high school? Kirishima didn’t meet a perfect version of Bakugou, he met a Bakugou that lauched himself at Deku and had to be restrained by Aizawa, a Bakugou that blew up half a building to beat Deku, a Bakugou that was more yelling and explosions than anything else - and Kirishima looked at him and saw him anyway, you know? He looked at Bakugou fighting against Deku and thought “he looks desperate”. He looked at Bakugou and didn’t stop at his yelling and violence, not even in the very beginning. This would have happened before their UA days too, in my opinion - Kirishima and Bakugou, they have personalities made to fit together. You don’t need to chip anything away for them to like each other, they see worth in each other, they understand each other. When they first became friends Bakugou wasn’t any less shouty and angry and Kirishima wasn’t any less righteous and earnest than how they were back in middle school, all in all!

Well, what you were talking about was a one-time meeting anyway, right? Considering Bakugou’s always been cocky and shouty but has never engaged in uncalled-for fights, and how all his bully-like behaviours have always been restricted only to interacting with Deku, I doubt he would have actually fought Kirishima. At best he could have told him to mind his own business before angrily stomping away, tbh. A meeting like that would have hardly left an impression on either of them, let’s be real haha

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There is a sacred bond between those who watch volleyball together…

Look at what has arrived today!!!!!!! @fantakoi ‘s fanbook closer is here now!!!! I’d like to thank you for bearing with me and my questions about everything (it’s the first time I buy something like this, so I was a bit worried. So yep, soorry ‘bout that). I just wanted to say that the story is sooo CUTE!!! It’s so well drawn and the contents are amazing!!! I think kagehina is my favourite ship from HQ!! (maybe Daisuga is too, one of them, but what can I say, I’ve been in volleyball hell since minute one XD) and the way the story represents the cuteness of the ship is just fantastic!! So, to sum up, I really really liked the book, and i would recommend it to every kagehina shipper out there. 

So I’m just going to add some details that I just loved from the fanbook

That ninja Daisuga moment

Hinata’s Toilet Adventures Returns

Proud ParentsTM

Their cuteness is just KILLING ME OMFG!!!!!!

P:D: If you’re going to make another one, i can assure you I’ll buy it!!!! Can’t wait for it!!!!!!!!

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Ohhh wow. I can't get enough of your Youkai AU. Every little detail, all of the relationships-- especially the unexpected ones, like Kenma and Kunimi, or Oikawa and Konoha. And the stories are so good, so so good. I'd read a whole novel on this, a whole series! But for now I'll watch your tumblr and excitedly reread what there already is while I wait for what might come next. You did such a stunning job on this AU, I can't believe the storytelling. Lots of kudos to you <333

I AM EMOTIONAL!!! Thank you very much for this ^^

I am really fond of the unexpected relationships, too, tbh hahaha.

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I've just discovered your Youkai AU and Dear LORD OMG IT IS AMAZING LIKE OMGGG I LOVE THE WAY YOU WRITE DOWN SCENARIOS FOR THEM AND THEIR RELATIONSHIPS WITH ONE ANOTHER AND huhuhu 'm crying cause all the precious babies and the wonderful tale you've created for them. I'm so in love with the idea of Akaashi being a Youkai Master and his Kitsune children, and their misadventures with the other clans. Amazing work! I can't wait to see more from you <3 <3 <3

ahhhhhh I’m so happy!! Thank you~♥

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Steph omfg. Your cockles Photo op!!!!! What the story, how did it go? Ughh i need details!!! pleaseeee

Priscilla I was dying because not only did I had a photo op with them, but I just barely survived the cockles I experience earlier that day. But long story short this is the picture I asked them to reacreate.

Initially the plan was to have Misha and me look like a couple while Jensen ended up being the third wheel. Well apparently they did not have that in mind and sorta took the gross level to 100%. When I showed them the picture Misha started laughing and whisper something to Jensen that made him laugh and I was too busy sorta having a little heart attack but this beautiful misconception ended in this grossest photo op I’ll ever posses and I am one happy trashy girl.

I hope I made my fellow cockles shippers proud !

Ushiwaka to Oikawa:

“They wear mint green, I wear purple,

They’re weak players and I’m Japan’s strongest,

Waiting for the day when you wake up and find

That what you’re looking for has been at Shiratorizawa the whole time,

Oh can’t you see that I’m the one who you should toss to,

Been here all along so why can’t you see-ee-ee,

You should join my te-e-eam, you should join my team”