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Hi! First off, I want to say that I like your take on the situations and your writing. Could I perhaps request something? It has to do with the end of Jumin's 10th day. When V comes and picks us up he says that we'll be safe at the apartment. Could you perhaps write how the RFA + V would feel if MC was kidnapped by Unknown after she got to the apartment? It's very angsty, but oh well. If you can't write it then that's fine. Thanks!

This is an interesting request! I don’t think I’ve really written much angst since I got to this blog… (well. Granted, it’s only been 2 weeks.) I’d like to write more angst—send in asks, guys, haha! Let me practise and get better for you all <3

By the way, I love how you refer to MC as “us”!! Anyway, I hope this meets your expectations ^~^”


Click Here for: [Part 2]

“Thanks for bringing me back, V!” you bid him goodbye, and walked off into the apartment. Your keys jingled as you unlocked the door, and you felt a wave of nostalgia wash over you. You hadn’t lived in this apartment very long, and you’d only been gone for a few days, but you already felt attached to this place.

The lights flickered on, and you smiled at the familiar sight of the living room. It was just as you had left i- huh?

The light switched off, and you freaked out a bit as it became pitch black.

Using your phone’s flashlight, you searched for the light switch, hoping it would work properly. Could the light bulb have gone out in the few days you’d been away?

To your relief, the lights turned back on, and you sighed. You would have had to change the light in the dark, otherwise.

But when you turned around, your relief was cut short.

A masked person with bleached hair stood in front of you, dressed in black, leather clothing. He had a tattoo on his arm, and teal eyes that stared right back at you.

“Wel – come home!” he greeted you mockingly in a creepy tone. “Too bad you’ll be leaving again. You must be tired, hm?”

No. No. V had said you would be safe.

“I need you to swear to me. Considering all the secrets you know, is MC safe?” Jumin demanded, a concerned undertone in his voice. It was clear that he was already close to giving in to V’s request, but he was still reluctant in letting you go.

“Swear…” V replied tiredly.

“I tend to believe numbers more than words, but if you are sincere, I’ll believe you.”

“Alright. I swear that MC will be absolutely safe on my life. Is that enough?” V had said.

V had promised you’d be safe. HE SWORE YOU’D BE SAFE. So why? Who was this man in your apartment? Why was he waiting for you? What did he want?

A blurry of thoughts passed through your mind. But none of these questions would be answered. You were knocked out, and soon met darkness. Betrayal was the last emotion you felt before everything faded to black.


  • V had lied. Again.
  • It was the second time he’d lost someone, and both times it was because V was careless.
  • You had gone missing, and even when Yoosung begged and begged Seven, you could not be found. Seven really did try to find you, but all traces of your disappearance had been skillfully erased
  • Yoosung snapped.
  • He screamed at V, pushing and shoving him to the wall.
  • Yoosung was a mess at this point, sobbing into his knees. He had his hands on his head, looking as betrayed as he felt.
  • His voice quieted down to a whimper, “You swore with your life, V. So why are you still here?” He laughed humourlessly, eyes glazed over coldly.
  • “You lied, V,” he choked on his tears, “You lied, again.”


  • He tried to stay optimistic, he really did.
  • “Seven, you can hack into anything, right? You’ve infiltrated countries, this should be a piece of cake, right?”
  • But he couldn’t hide the fact that he was only desperately holding on.
  • He’s an actor, so he should have been able to act like he was okay. He should’ve been able to act like this didn’t affect him. But it did.
  • You had always been so supportive of his acting career, despite hardly knowing him. He’d genuinely felt a connection with you. And he respected you for being able to tolerate Jumin Han, the man he despised. And now you had been kidnapped.
  • Your disappearance hit him so hard, he got drunk every night, and he was so hungover in the mornings, he couldn’t even go to rehearsals.
  • He went for long, LONG rides on his motorcycle. He couldn’t sleep.
  • He hadn’t even known you for that long, but it just hit him so hard.
  • Why did good people like you have to suffer bad experiences?
  • He just couldn’t understand.


  • God.
  • You know, she had been working under Jumin for so long, she had become unable to express herself and her own desires. Her first priority had always been her work, and she was generally emotionless and went along with her orders.
  • Until you had come along.
  • You had really talked to her. Not formal business talk, or careless small talk, but you had REALLY talked to her. You had listened to her.
  • Jaehee had always had to listen to Jumin, listen to her boss, listen to orders, listen to her colleagues making fun of her for being so busy, listen to Seven’s bullshit… It had always been her who listened to others. But not you.
  • YOU asked for her opinions, and you would agree with her at times. You really took an interest in her interests and hobbies, like her coffee and watching Zen’s plays. You… you had been her friend.
  • And she’d already lost you.
  • She still had to go to work, and she was just as efficient, but if someone really paid attention, one would find a tired Jaehee burying her face into her hands in stress every now and then. Aha. Not that anyone would pay attention now. You had been the only person who seemed to care, and you were already gone.

(I wasn’t sure how to write this, since I didn’t know if he should be aware of Mint Eye or not… I decided against it. It can be requested though..)

  • He blamed himself more than anyone else could.
  • You had trusted him and his words, and he had completely betrayed your trust.
  • He had never wanted you to be in danger. God, no. You were innocent in the entire situation. You had been dragged into this all because of him. All because he had agreed to let you join the RFA.
  • You could’ve been safe at Jumin’s apartment. So what if Jumin was a little possessive? Your safety would’ve been guaranteed. There were bodyguards to protect you there, and there would definitely be more evidence to work with.
  • V had been the last person to see you, as he had been the one to drop you off at the apartment. He should’ve walked inside with you. He should’ve checked the apartment before he left.
  • Instead, he’d pushed all responsibility to Seven, foolishly believing that Seven would be able to watch after her from the security cameras.
  • V hated himself for letting you down. For letting everyone down.


  • He had trusted V.
  • V had never, ever lied to him, and he was fully aware that V was a kind man, and had no bad intentions.
  • So when V had sworn that you would be safe at the apartment, Jumin let you go.
  • … He should’ve trusted his own instincts.
  • But he didn’t blame V.
  • All these years, V had remained by his side, through thick and thin. V had always been more considerate of others than himself, and Jumin felt that he was a good friend. His best friend, even.
  • On one hand, he knew that it wasn’t V’s fault. How could it have been predicted that you would be kidnapped? On the other hand, shouldn’t V have checked more carefully that it was safe for you to return to the apartment?
  • Jumin buried himself in work, silently taking on difficult tasks in a large quantity. He didn’t want to think about it. He didn’t want to doubt V. He didn’t want to worry about you. He just didn’t want to feel, and he didn’t want to think.
  • But every day he got home, he was reminded of you.
  • The clothes he had bought for you that you left behind… the laundry that you forgot to wash… the dishes you had used… the way you had played with Elizabeth the 3rd… the way you had laid down comfortably on the couch…
  • He kept your bedroom the way you had left it, locking it shut. When he’d seen a maid trying to open the door one morning, he ended up snapping at her, “DON’T TOUCH IT. Don’t even taint the doorknob with your filthy hands, goddammit! Get away from the door. GET OUT!”
  • Some nights, he gave into his emotions, drunkenly calling RFA members and begging them to return you to him. To stop hiding you. To stop pretending you were missing.
  • He wished it was pretend.
  • Even Zen felt tears brim in his eyes when he heard the broken tone and tears in Jumin’s voice.
  • He missed you.
  • They all missed you.


  • He couldn’t even be bothered to continue his cheery, annoying act after you disappeared.
  • He turned away all of Vanderwood’s missions, ignoring it completely.
  • Instead, Seven spent hours upon hours, days upon days locked up in his room, searching every tenth of a millisecond of the security camera’s feed. He kept trying to find clues of your kidnapping. He hacked into the city’s cameras to find the car you were in, but to no avail, there was nothing.
  • Seven lost his appetite for even Honey Buddha Chips, throwing it up when he tried to force them in his mouth. He was living on purely Dr. Pepper now, and god knows when he’ll get tired of that, too.
  • Seven was simply devastated.
  • He felt responsible for your disappearance. He should’ve been more careful.
  • He could’ve attached a GPS to your body, not just your phone. He could’ve installed more security cameras, even if it invaded your privacy. Security > privacy. He could’ve gone to your apartment to protect you, instead of cowardly hiding behind the screens.
  • Could’ve.
  • But didn’t.
  • It was too late.
  • He could never protect anyone. Not his mother, not his twin brother, not you.
  • He was useless. Absolutely useless.
Ch. 55 (probably)
  • *Shinoa and Mitsuba screaming in the bathroom*
  • *Yuu, worried that they're being attacked by someone, dashes into the room, followed by Mika who's worried about Yuu*
  • Yuu*totally ignoring that the both girls are only in their underwear* : "What happend?"
  • *Mitsuba covers her bra with her hands and screeches*
  • Shinoa*unashamed*: "Nothing~ Mitsu and I just had some fun~"
  • Mitsuba*angry* : "Fun, my ass!!!"
  • Shinoa: "Hi hi hi."
  • Mtsuba*even more angered*: "You!!!"
  • *Mitsuba takes Tenjiryuu, wanting to attack Shinoa, but Shinoa hides behind Mika, hoping he would dodge the attack*
  • *Mika's not able to react fast enough and gets the upper part of his uniform torn to pieces*
  • Yuu*staring at Mika's bare chest*: "O//O"
  • *Shinoa smiles mischievously behind Mika*
  • Mitsuba*shocked and blushing before bowing in apology*: I-I'm sorry. I-I didn't mean to...I'm so sorry"
  • Mika*angry*: "Damn humans! Come on, Yuu-Chan, apparently they don't need any help, so let's go."
  • Yuu*still staring at hs bare chest*: "O//O"
  • Mika*irritated*: "Yuu-Chan?"
  • Yuu: "O//O"
  • Mika*placing both of his hands on Yuu's shoulders*: "Hey, Yuu-Chan, what's wrong?"
  • Yuu: "O//O"
  • Shinoa*popping up right beside Yuu, whispering: "Yuu-san, your gay side is showing."
  • Yuu*being pulled out of his trance, still blushing*: "W-what?! NO! I just- I mean- Shinoa!"
  • Shinoa*grinning*: "Fufufufu. There's no denying it, Yuu-san. Here are two really beautiful girls in this room only in their underwear and you have only eyes for Mika-san, or rather his bo-"
  • Yuu*cutting her off*: "Shinoa!!!"
  • Shinoa*unfazed by his angry expression and takes out Shikima-Doji*: "Oh, but don't worry. You're not the only one who gets his fun~"
  • Yuu: "Huh?! What do you-"
  • *Yuu also gets the upper part of his uniform torn into pieces*
  • Mitsuba and Mika: "O//O"
  • Yuu*angry and embarrassed*: "Shinoa!!! That's it, Mika, let's go."
  • Mika: "O//O"
  • Yuu: "Mika!"
  • Mika: "O//O"
  • Shinoa: "Fufufufufu~"
  • Yuu*totally angry, taking out Asuramaru*: "Just you wait, you little midget! You'll suffer for that!"
  • *Shinoa runs away while Yuu chases her through the bathroom, making loud noises, while Mika and Mitsuba still stand there blushing*
  • *The others dash into the room, worried about the loud noises*
  • Kimizuki*Kiseki-O in his hands, ready to attack*: "What's wrong?!"
  • Yoichi*right behind him with Gekkoin* : "Is everyone alright?"
  • *Narumi and Crowley slently standing behind the two, also with drawn weapons*
  • *Shinoa and Yuu stop running, startled by the sound of the opened door,looking at their friends*
  • *Kimizuki sees all of them have ripped clothes*: "What happend?"
  • Yuu*pointing at Shinoa*: "She started it all!"
  • Shinoa*giggling* "Oh, come on, Yuu-san. I just wanted you to have fun with your boyfr-"
  • Yuu: "Shinoa!!!"
  • Kimizuki*understanding that they had ripped off their clothes themselves*: "Are you fucking kidding me?!"
  • *Yoichi averts his gaze, blushing*
  • Narumi*exciting the room*: "Okay, that's it. I'm out. I can't believe I'm the only adult here!"
  • Crowley: "It's strange how much teenagers have changed over the past 800 years..."
UT! Charisk with US! Charisk

Hey Damiiz! I have seen your artwork and its really awesome!! Your style is very cute and great as well as how you portray Chara and Frisk. I ship Charisk and let me tell you that you make a great and excellent artwork of those two! I really enjoy looking at your blog since you do funny stuff and sweet stuff as well. I decided to write this little story based on your UT! Frisk, UT! Chara and US! Frisk and US! Chara (since they are pretty cute). I hope you like it!

Watching and reading your work fills me with DETERMINATION!

Stay DETERMINATED as well!

To avoid confusion on the story:

Normal letters: Undertale Frisk and Undertale Chara

Bold letters: Underswap Frisk

Italic letters: Underswap Chara

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Hello😊 I was going to sent you drabble request but that was before I read all lines. Now I can't choose. There's too much good ones😩 So I'm not sure if you're okay with this but I thought that maybe you could write something with Sehun to whatever line you like? And about genre... Could it be angst with happy ending? Sorry if it's burden to you. And I know it's very general so I'll understand if you won't write this. Have a nice day😊

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Sehun

Prompt: “I had a bad dream again.”

Rating: PG

Word Count: 656

Sehun is the worst. He’s the worst, he’s the worst, he’s the worst. Closing your eyes, you pull the covers up to your chin. You’re not sure how tonight turned into this. The fight started off small - but soon it wasn’t. Soon, it was an endless snowball you didn’t know how to stop.

It was just a comment. Something Sehun said that rubbed you the wrong way. An offhand remark about your boss and the long hours you’ve been working. To which you responded the long hours weren’t by choice. There were certain things you needed to get done in certain amounts of time. The hours fell around that.

Of course, then Sehun got defensive. Implying you cared more about your job than the people around you. That’s when you began throwing things back at him. Bringing up times you were kept waiting, various miscommunication and that period he was in graduate school where you supported him.

Now in your bed, you wince. You should never have brought that up. Pretty soon you weren’t just fighting about one thing, but a whole pack of them. Everything was laid on the table – all your fears, worries, frustrations. All so raw and open that neither of you could take a step back long enough to fix things.

That was when you stormed into your bedroom, slamming the door and saying that Sehun could sleep on the couch for all you cared.

That’s where he is now – the couch. A flicker of regret moves through your chest. One you quickly squash. Sehun needs to suffer a little bit. Some of the things he said to you were just plain wrong. Although… so were some of the things you said to him.

Sighing deeply, you roll over. There’s nothing to do about it now but sleep.

Several hours later, you awake. Chest heaving as you bolt upright. Raising a hand to brush away your sweat-dampened forehead, you realize you’re shivering. It was a dream. Just a dream. You know this, and yet the fear still lingers. Bile, on the tip of your tongue. Ever since you were little, you’ve been plagued by nightmares. A consequence of your past – but since you started sleeping with Sehun, the nightmares have become surprisingly less.

Before you can think twice about it, you’ve thrown off your covers. The door creaks as you open it, giving you pause. There are no other sounds, so you end up tiptoeing down the hall.

Sehun’s form is on the couch. Sleeping splayed out on his back, his chest rising and falling with each breath. His hair falls across his forehead, one hand thrown over his face. He looks so peaceful, calm. So unlike the frustrated version of himself he was earlier this evening.

It’s while you’re standing there, gathering the courage to walk in that he opens his eyes. His gaze is soft, half-tinged with sleep as you stare back at him. “Babe?” The word is a mumble.

Looking down, you cross your arms over your chest. Trying to hide how badly you want to go to him. “I – I had a bad dream again.

He surveys you. A long moment passes before slowly, Sehun pulls back his blanket. “Come here.” His voice is soft, barely a whisper.

You have to hold yourself back from running. Forcing your steps to slow as you climb onto the sofa. Sehun’s strong arms wrap quickly around your waist, pulling you against him. His lips touch your hair. “It’s okay. It’s okay, now.”

“Is it?” Turning to face him, you press your face to his chest. His heart beats steadily beneath your cheek. Calming you from the earlier fright.

“Yes.” Sehun kisses the top of your head . He lets out a long exhale. “I’m sorry, babe.”

Closing your eyes, you hold him tighter. “I’m sorry, too.”

[2,000 Followers Drabble Game]

At the end of the day

Blindspot fanfic.

Loosely based on my prognostications and the promotional stills for the finale. A little angsty optimism, which kind of sums up my mood at the lack of a season three renewal announcement. 

Here’s hoping tonight’s episode and the season finale don’t kill us. 

“Come in, Jane.” Weller waved her into a chair in front of his desk.

She entered his office and perched awkwardly on the edge of the seat. Such formality seemed so foreign after all they been through today. After the passionate kiss they’d shared when they thought they’d lost, when they believed there was nothing left to save them from Shepherd’s wrath. Nothing but…

“There’s no sign of Roman,” Weller said quietly. “He’s gone.”

She nodded. She already knew that. She’d known the minute he saved them that she’d already lost him. The look in his eye had told her that. He’d barely glanced at her, just stared at Weller for a minute, raised his chin for a minute in a slight nod, and then took off.

“We’ll keep looking.”

She sighed. “It won’t do any good. He knows how not to be found.” And he didn’t want to be found, not by the FBI and definitely not by her.

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How do you think Hide survived? Was he took to hospital?

You see, anon, the truth is, Kaneki didn’t eat part of Hide. Kaneki just banged him so hard he lost his voice.

OK! OK! All jokes aside, this was something I thought about regularly since maybe April or May or this year and made up a whole bunch of scenarios for it. Some of it veers to fan fiction headcanons, so I’ll start with the ones I find to be most likely to have happened.

1) Marude must have been persuaded to help him on what must have essentially looked like a suicide mission.

Hide was with Marude when the CCG raided Anteiku, and Marude - along with Amon and Akira among others - know that Kaneki is his best friend. Granted I don’t think Marude would let a guy barely into his twenties just navigate through the sewers until he hopefully found his best friend. Hide had to have a plan, or possibly worthwhile information to persuade Marude with to allow him to enter the sewers.

It’s quite possible that Hide could have snuck off, because Marude wouldn’t have been able to spare resources to locate him in the middle of an all out massacre, but we know for a fact that they’re working together, and that didn’t happen by chance.

I’m also inclined to believe that Hide had some sort of contingency plan in place for when he did encounter Kaneki, as he was fully aware of the possibility of being mauled by Kaneki. And though he must have known the probability of him dying was high, I bet Hide still would’ve thought of a way to ensure his survival anyway.

What most likely could have gotten Marude to at least consider Hide’s proposal to meet with Kaneki, must have been around the same time Hide told him about the Washuus being Ghouls.

Tokyo Ghoul :re - Chapter 83

Despite using different kanji for his last name, Marude still credited Nagachika as the person who disclosed this information. And if Hide mentioned this either in his will of face-to-face during the time of the raid, especially if he gave evidence that a part-timer should not know by all means, Marude would have had no reason to doubt him. And with a revelation like that, he’d have all the more reason to help him.

2) Hide made a deal with Arima and Eto

There’s already been heavy speculation about Hide being the witch’s servant, the witch who is associated with Eto, who co-conspired with Arima. Arima knew to guard V14, and knew that his target who he needed to capture was Ken Kaneki.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Arima knew who he was looking for in V14. And Ken Kaneki proved his worth. It wouldn’t have been a stretch for either Arima or Eto to set up a retrieval point for him, or at least order someone to get him.

Eto could have had someone she trusted, like Noro, retrieve him, if they truly worked together and if she cared enough to do so. But then there was a big possibility of him ending up in Kanou’s hands. Since all we really have to go on is that he was searching for Kanou during the Auction, that possibility is slim. On the other hand, he did locate Kanou’s base and successfully rescued Amon from him, so there is a possibility that he could have played a role in saving Hide’s life (maybe to use him as leverage against Kaneki if he knew of their emotional attachment to each other).

Alternatively, if Hide is truly from the Sunlit Garden, it wouldn’t be a stretch that Arima could have sent someone from his squad to protect (or save) Hide from Kaneki when they met in the sewers.

This possibility actually ties directly into the third one.


3) Yoshitoki and and CCG could have taken custody of him

If Hide is from the Sunlit Garden, then he is a Washuu by blood, and there is a relation between him and Yoshitoki (as father and son or otherwise). Yoshitoki seemed to also have been aware that Kaneki would be appearing. However, he didn’t seem to have exact knowledge. He could very well have known Kaneki beyond his alias as Eyepatch due to Hide disclosing this information earlier on, beyond that, he didn’t know where he would appear from, if the person who appeared was indeed Kaneki, or where he would go, even expressing that Kaneki going underground was not in accordance with his planning.

He’s put in opposition to both Hide and Arima in this case, as Hide knew exactly where to locate Kaneki, and Arima knew how to identify someone he never met.

I do believe it possible that - upon learning where Kaneki might have been - Yoshitoki could have figured out how to find Hide, and he could have had one of the investigators retrieve him. Seeing that Hide gave Marude the information and the motive to execute Yoshitoki, it wouldn’t be farfetched to say that Hide holds some grudge against him, that is a huge possibility.

Regardless, whether Arima retrieved him or Yoshitoki retrieved him, he could have ended up in the CCG’s hands for some time.

4) Furuta & the Clowns

Furuta wasn’t exactly shown to be anywhere near the Anteiku Raid when it was occurring, but the Clowns did know of Kaneki’s downfall, which makes me feel that someone could have been observing in the distance, enjoying the tragedy, or at least wanting to see the outcome firsthand. 

I remember seeing a bizarre looking old woman in the middle of that raid, and I thought it was so strange the first time. 

Tokyo Ghoul - Chapter 130

Then I remembered the scene where Itori was introduced and she screamed, “I’m an old lady!” and scared Kaneki.

Tokyo Ghoul - Chapter 33

The old woman… didn’t look right to me. Like her eyes were missing, like how she was standing there so out of place in this raid, like how the CCG investigators were commenting about how the human residents should have been evacuated already.

I personally feel that this might have been Ishida’s way of letting us know that the Clowns were present as observers at the raid.

What in the world would lead me to believe that Furuta of all people could have helped Hide? Two reasons. 

One: his appearance at Kamii University. Why was he there? He might have been a student there, true, just like Nishiki, but I strongly feel that he might have been there for a reason that day. Ishida purposely likened him to Kaneki, as Touka reached out of him because she thought he resembled him from behind. And while this could very well have been set up this way to contrast his and Kaneki’s positions, I don’t believe this is the only reason. I believe that he had been looking for Hide that day.

Two: Furuta – whether intentionally or not – could have helped Hide when he killed Tsuneyoshi.

There has to be a reason he chose to do this. Bizarrely enough, we really don’t know much about Furuta’s angle except that he wants “Super Peace”.

5) Kimi helped him out and they started working together

I don’t believe Kimi was near the site of the raid, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she and Hide were working together. Especially since her reasons for cooperating with Kanou are still unknown. And since she did found the Great Wheel Act to show that there were humans who willingly supported Ghouls. 

Before, Kimi expressly said that she was fine with Nishiki, so long as no one she loved got hurt. It’s not quite a stretch that she would act to support Ghouls - though her stance would not have been well-received and would be flat out dangerous for her with the CCG’s aim to eradicate Ghoul-kind and punish humans thought to be hiding them. And I have a strong feeling that she and Hide would be working together on this as their respective loved ones had suffered greatly for something they honestly couldn’t help.

Kimi is also a medical student who sought to study under Kanou, so I wouldn’t be surprised that she would know how to help Hide and ensure his survival.

That’s my two cents on this, anon. I know it was quite long, but I hope the response was satisfactory. Let me know if you have any more questions!

Have a great one!

anonymous asked:

Hello! You know seeing the actors makes me happy! :D but the return of AoS lets me stone cold, I feel nothing... that's where I can see how season 4 damaged me, I just can't get into it. It's just weird! They will need a lot of Fitzsimmons from the start to keep me there. lol Kisses and Love for you!!! :)

Honestly, Anon, I would have had a much different answer to this three hours ago but given the news that FS will be separated at the start of the season I’m just…. really tired. 

Perhaps it was my own fault for buying into the hype but man, I really went into season 4 excited. All of the stuff coming out of comic con and interviews was like “oh this season is the best so far” “This season is a reward for those who have been watching from the start” and given that this was the first full season that had FS as a couple, I was so ready to see them being awesome together. 

And then, it just didn’t happen, at least for the FS fans. Season 4 saw the least amount of screen time for FS yet, which is impressive given season 2, and even when they were together, half the time they were fighting or half the time it was with other people. We got so few interactions there were personal and only two short kisses. This was NOT the reward I was waiting for but then the Framework happened and I got hopeful again. 

This was it! The time when we were going to see Jemma save Fitz! We were going to see her fighting tooth and nail to get her back and AIDA better be quaking in her boots because hell hath no fury like Jemma Simmons trying to get to Fitz. But of course, none of that happened. 

I know a lot of people, after the fact, were like “honestly what did you expect? This isn’t Disney. Love isn’t enough.” But it was more than just us having hope. 

The story was pushing us to that conclusion. All this season we had heard, from other people, how they were meant to be together, how much of an awesome team they were when they were together. We got a marriage tease. We got “You were meant to be together” “You’re more than your programing” “If anyone can get through to him it’s you” and even AIDA was terrified of letting Fitz even see a picture of Jemma. 

Apparently, all of this was just a lie. There was no pay off for any of it. When they finally meet in the Framework, it’s horrible. A literal nightmare. I still to this day have only watched it once because it makes me sick. And then Jemma never gets any sort of win because Radcliff is the one to shove him home (don’t get me started on how angry that makes me). So what is the lesson there? Love isn’t enough? You are a product of your programing? I don’t know about you, but those lessons are not only bleak and terribly sad, but they also don’t pay off any of the narrative that they had been setting up legit since episode 1. 

Yes, we got the scene where Fitz said he could only ever love Jemma but then they never talked about it. Don’t get me wrong, I loved their hug but I needed more. I needed to know that they were going to talk about it that they were going to heal together and I didn’t get any of that. 

Instead, they just talk about AIDA for legit the reason of the season and then Daisy is the one to talk Fitz down from turning himself in. 

I came out of season 4 kind of heart broken tbh. 

It felt like they did everything they could to tear them apart and now this confirmation that they will be separated at the start of season 5 is just too much. Honestly, I have no idea how either of them will not have an all out mental breakdown when they figure out the other is gone. Not only have they not healed from all of the intense trauma that they suffered last year but now you expect me to believe they will both be okay with not being with the other?

Maybe the writers will prove me wrong, maybe season 5 will be okay. But from what we know now… I’m not holding my breath. I love FS and I love shield but good god, I just want them to be happy and together and healing for once in a goddamn lifetime. And that healing cannot happen offscreen. That is always been the way they do it with FS and it’s never good. It makes it seem like they never talk about their issues and it cheapens their dynamic. 

The “theirs is a forever love” quote came out last year and to this day and it keeps making me angry. I know they are end game, I’ve known that for years, but if the road to get there is marked with nothing but suffering and separation, it’s so hard to watch as a fan. Season 4 was not a reward for me as a fan and I doubt season 5 will be either. And given that this is probably the last season…. idk how they are going to make them okay by the end especially now knowing what we know. 

Split Screen (Kim Seokjin Ft. Mark Tuan)

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“How was spending time with Got7?”

“Really good actually! They’re clearer than you guys~”

Word Count: 1.4k

Request: Ahh I can’t believe you didn’t get it! But yes, I requested a jin chapter fanfic. Involving angst/fluff/smut. Where “y/n” has been in a long distance relationship with jin for 6 months and things get tough since communication is limited since bighit has rules on dating. And it’s also tough since Bts has been on tour and other busy schedule. And got7 is good friends with “y/n” and mark has been getting close. Idk some jealousy and protectiveness aspects involved? Something like this… hahaha 💕


I don’t do smut so this scenario will contain none of that, sorry, but thank you for requesting! I hope you like this, sorry I didn’t get it the first time. Because of my schedule, I don’t know when the next chapter will be coming out so I am very, very sorry if there is a long wait. I’m sorry if the chapters don’t come quickly but I as a human vampire have my limits as well. But yes, there will be more chapters and I know the name doesn’t make sense now but bby I promise it will later. Sorry for the long ass caption! Thank you, and enjoy! <3

“Jin there isn’t anything between us I swear!”
“Sure, sure Y/N.”

“I’m not lying!”
“I’m done with this, goodbye, I love you.”

You hung up the phone, angrily tapping against the “end call” button a few times before setting the phone down.

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and what about rhajat's relationship with her father? i really love rhajat as well so i can't stop asking questions about her lmao ;-;

It’s okay! I love Rhajat and I like Hayato a lot too c:

I find Hayato and Rhajat’s relationship pretty interesting, not only because their supports explore the insecurities and the flaws of their respective character, but also because they are in a unique situation compared to the other parents and children.

Let’s see…

Rhajat’s introvert nature VS Hayato’s social conformism

I’m not teaching you anything by saying Rhajat is a big introvert. What you might have not noticed is Hayato is kinda one himself, to a much lesser degree. While Rhajat doesn’t feel the need (or at least that’s what she pretends at first) to bond with other people, Hayato implies that it’s not really his cup of tea either but, hey, it’s an army and bonding with one’s comrades is the key to success and surviving. Also he is a father, he just doesn’t want people to say his daughter is creepy and always alone and that she’s a weirdo. He tries to address the problem with her because he genuinely cares about her.

This is what they talk about in their C-support:

Hayato: The villagers have been gossiping. They say you’re acting standoffish and you never talk to anybody. What’s going on?

Rhajat: Nothing. I’m behaving as I always do. I’m not causing any problems or hurting anybody. What’s the issue?


Hayato: Why can’t you cooperate with others?

Rhajat: Because I’m not interested in people. Except for one special person…

Hayato: I’m not saying that you have to bend over backward to make friends. At the very least you must cooperate. There are social rules that must be followed. Rules that are just as important as fighting alongside your allies.

At first, Hayato is simply worried something happened to her, thinking it could be the reason why she doesn’t make friends. When Rhajat assures him that it’s her normal behavior, the object of his worry changes: nothing bad happened to her (phew!), but people are still going to gossip about her and badmouth her behind her back. You can say all you want about Hayato but I think he is acting very maturely here: he is aware one can not behave as they please because social rules must be followed.

Child VS Adult

Rhajat is older than Hayato. Like, she’s not just “taller” and “more mature”, no, she is actually really older than him. In their B-support, she reveals that, while time flows faster in the Deeprealms, time flows EVEN FASTER IN HER OWN DEEPREALM.

Hayato: […] you claimed that I was younger than you. Is that really… true? Have you… surpassed my age?

Rhajat: Yes. Yes, I have. What of it?

Hayato: […] I knew that time moved more quickly in the Deeprealms… I just never thought that enough would go by for you to surpass me in age.

Rhajat: It was only after I left my Deeprealm to voyage here… that I discovered how time flowed at an accelerated rate. A rate far faster than the other Deeprealms… If I had remained there, I’d be a white-haired old lady by now. That’s how I know I’m older than you. I may actually be older than Mother, too.

That’s why Rhajat’s situation is unique among the other children. She is a child who became older than her father and possibly her mother. Which is why Rhajat and Hayato constantly call each other “child” or “childish”: Hayato is rightfully her father and is trying to teach her a life lesson/to take care of her, while Rhajat resents him for leaving her to age so much in the Deeprealm and thus refuse to grant him the right to treat her like a child. 

End of their C-support:

Hayato: […] It’s time to give up your juvenile ways and behave like a grown-up! Rhajat! Are you even listening?!

Rhajat: Heh… Child.

Hayato: What?

Rhajat: How can you sit there lecturing me about being a child? You’re younger than I am! Just leave me alone!

Their B-support:

Rhajat: […] You may be my father… But I won’t be lectured to by someone even younger than I am.

Hayato: H-how dare you! I may be younger than you, but I am still your father!

In short: both Rhajat and Hayato’s main insecurity is their age. I mean, it’s understandable: the most basic caracteristic of a child and a parent is the parent is older than the child. If they don’t even have this, then they’re lost. They both feel abnormal, because that’s not how nature works. 

It’s not just Rhajat being a rebellious teenager or Hayato comically establishing his authority. 

It’s Rhajat resenting her father for “forgetting” her in the Deeprealm for so long that she became an error of nature (had Hayato left her longer there, she could have died of old age waiting for him to return!), and Hayato struggling against guilt and uneasiness to fulfill his responsabilities as a father.

Rhajat’s solitude

Now, we know Rhajat is no social butterfly, but we do know however that she doesn’t hate people: she suffers from social awkwardness. She wants to make friends but has no clue how (see her supports with Selkie, in which she thought of a whole stratagem to become her friend). I assume this is a result of the time she spent in her Deeprealm. She spent so much time alone she has no idea how to deal with people. In her paralogue, she says she enjoys her “sanctuary”. But in her A-support with Hayato, we learn that this is not quite true:

Hayato: I’ve done a great deal of research about the Deeprealms since last we spoke… I think you were right. Time flows considerably quicker there than most other places. That means no matter how short my visit, an enormous amount of time passed. Even the smallest interval must have been years… You must have been so very lonely, Rhajat. […]


Rhajat: *sniffle*

All these years, she wasn’t doing dark magic research because she felt a natural attraction to it. She did it to fight the creepling loneliness she felt (heck, that’s probably also why she worked so hard to summon Facelesses). And when her father finally realizes it, she doesn’t have the strength to pretend anymore and starts crying. 

Rhajat: Honestly, it doesn’t bother me all that much. Solitude has always agreed with me. It’s much easier to focus on my dark-magic research while I’m alone.

Hayato: Why are you staring at your feet? Won’t you look me in the eye?

She won’t because she is lying, and she knows he’ll see the lie in her eyes if she looks at him.

Hayato’s apologies

What do we know about Hayato? He is a magical prodigy. Even more than that, he is recognised as the most powerful Diviner in the whole Wind Tribe. Desperately seeking to live up to his title, he adopted a stiff, formal way of talking and hates appearing weak and failing to achieve success in what he does. So he’s a bit of a perfectionist (though not as much as Tsubaki, of course). And he a very proud individual.

Which is why he goes all “I am your father, you must obey me” on Rhajat at first. He only wants the best for her but, because of their age swap, he doesn’t know how to be a father, just like Rhajat feels like she can’t be a “daughter” because she is older than him. Between their B and A-support, he probably went through a phase of “She’s right. I have no right to claim to be her father.”, before having a regain of maturity and deciding to confront her about it.

The fact that he apologizes in their A-support is very meaningful:

Hayato: Rhajat! We must talk immediately.

Rhajat: What is it, Father?

Hayato: I came to apologize. […] You must have been so very lonely, Rhajat. I’m sorry. Truly sorry. […] Again just let me say… I’m sorry.

With his apologies come his acceptance of the wrongs he did. Alright, he left his daughter in the Deeprealm for too long and now she’s older than him (and probably his wife). Alright, alright. Well, now, it’s time to be a father worthy of the name and to act like one.

He admits he messed up:

Hayato: […] My focus was always on war. I didn’t even see my daughter suffering…


Rhajat: For a child, you’re awfully full of yourself.

Hayato: You’re right. I am a child. […] I’m just a selfish child.

Rhajat: Huh… I just realized. I’m almost like your big sister now.

Hayato: Now that you’re older than me, I suppose that’s true.

He reassures her, saying that, no matter her age, she is his daughter, and he will always be her father. Fuck nature. Fuck age.

Hayato: I understand why you want to put on a brave face. But you are my daughter. I know you. […] Regardless of age, you’re still my daughter. Even if you become an old woman, that won’t change.

If you compare their A and C-support, he stopped treating her like a disobedient child. She is his daughter, but he acknowledges that she went through hardships that turned her into a grown-up:

Hayato: […] You’ve become a wonderful person with a very strong heart. I’m so proud to have a woman like you… as a daughter.

And, most of all:

Hayato: […] And I love you. I always have, and I always will.

Rhajat: Thank you, Father. Even when I lived in the Deeprealms, I knew that you loved me.

More about Rhajat HERE, HERE and HERE.

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It's probably not enough, but anything with Zen /// your MM stuff is so cute!!! Plus, whenever he talks about his inner beast, I can't help but think of him as a goddamn tickle monster u//u thank you for your hard work!!!

A/N: Thanks for the prompt, omg I ended up writing this very bad Zen-tickle drabble but omg. I’ll just post it u/////u<33 

Word Count: 898

‘Are you suuure you won’t come to me?’ you typed, smirking a little. You were in Zen’s house, sleeping in the spare room, because Zen wanted to be such a gentleman and not devour you on your first night at his place. 

Not that you would have minded… But no, Zen was more like ‘I won’t be able to control myself! We have to save it for a special time!’ – something like that. Still, this wasn’t like Zen at all, more what he wanted to believe himself to be, which is why you ended up teasing him through messages.

‘No my dear, I will be a good boy and keep my hands off you,’ was Zen’s gentleman-reply. 

‘What if I wanted your hands on me? ;)’ You clicked your tongue and waited for his answer. Maybe that was a bit too straightforward? You added a heart emoji, and Zen was now typing his response.

‘…. Watch it honey,’ he said, and you chuckled.

‘Why?’ Maybe you just wanted to provoke him. You didn’t want gentleman-Zen, you wanted naughty Zen, the sexy man who would always tease you through messages and phone calls, but end up crawling in a corner once you were actually with him.

You’re waking up my inner beast ;)’ Zen replied, and your heart fluttered a little. 

I would love to meet him ;)’ It remained quiet on the other side now. Then you heard the loud thumping of Zen’s bare feet nearing your room, and before you could prepare for what was coming, the door swung open and a roaring Zen came speeding in.

“Eeekk!” You threw your phone away and pulled the blankets over your head, but Zen jumped on your bed and playfully snatched them away.

“You said so yourself! Meet my inner beast!” Zen growled, and your eyes widened when he grasped both your sides and squeezed. Wait, what?

“Zehehhen what are you – !” Giggles poured out of you and you tried to swat at his hands. After climbing higher on top of you so he was sitting right on your tummy, Zen’s fingers started to dig in the upper area of your tummy, right above where he was sitting. Yikes!

“Ohgohohod that tickles! Zeeenn!” you whined, throwing your head back and your arms batting helplessly at your attacker. Zen grabbed both your arms, pinned them beside your head and leaned in until your noses were touching.

“You said you wanted to meet my inner beast, without knowing what it is like,” he said in a warning tone with a smug smirk, and you blushed. Leaning to the side and tickling your ear with whispers, he then told you:

“My inner beast loves to tickle.” Well fuck. 

Zen’s hands moved back down and scribbled their fingers up, pushing your shirt up towards your chest like you had hoped he would have done to you earlier this night for different purposes.

“Wahahait Zen! You know I’m tihihicklish!” you complained, laughing wildly when he continued to tickle you without mercy. 

“Very ticklish, and I love it,” Zen said in a sexy voice, tickling your bare sides and ribs until he had you thrash around like a banshee. 

Chuckling at your reactions, Zen moved up even higher on top of you until he was sitting right below your chest, and you panicked a little when you realized how this position left you completely immobile.

“Gotcha nowww,” Zen said, wiggling his fingers, and you were already being tickled without him actually toucing you. Just the way he talked to you and his movements were enough, and you tried to lift your head off the pillow and screamed.

“Noooo pleheeaase!” Zen tickled right through your drama-act and wriggled his fingers under your arms, tickling your armpits and scribbling his fingers over your neck, cheeks, ears and shoulders every now and then. 

“Heehehe no wahahait!” you whined when Zen freed one of your arms and took it out from under his weight, but instead made it worse for you by pinning it above your head while his other hand ravaged your underarm. 

“How about it? Do you like my inner beast?” Zen was so mocking you. This was your well-deserved reward for desiring to get intimate with your sexy lover Zen on your first night at his place. Or well, probably for tempting him to.

“Merceehehe! Mercy!” you cried out when he kept tickling your armpit with energy you had never seen in him before.

“Will you be good and sleep here?” Zen teased, and you nodded your head hysterically.

“Yehehes!” Zen smirked and tickled you more.

“Will you continue to tease me?” he asked, and you shook your head, laughing wildly and thrashing.

“NOohoh!” Finally his tickling ceased and came to an end. Zen smiled at you, kissed you fondly and leaned in to whisper:

“Just tell me when you want to meet my inner beast again.” He then climbed off you and left you alone in the room to catch your breath and suffer from the after tingles. Oh well, it wasn’t such a bad idea to save ‘it’ for a special time.. Right?

You curled up under the blankets and squirmed a little, still feeling Zen’s fingers all over your body. Gosh was he ruthless, but you caught yourself thinking you’d actually pretty much would love to meet Zen’s inner beast again…

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That's why I've always said that it's not that Harry's team doesn't want to help Louis, it's that they can't. They know the effect ending bg would have had on Harry's career, or how Louis having a good team would make us feel slightly better. They knew this and have seen it and have yet to end it. If Harry's team didn't care about Louis, (they do), they definitely care about Harry's career and would have done anything to end Louis stunts so people would support harry.

Yeah, it’s very possible that Harry’s team can’t do anything to solve the problem with Louis. They know this is affecting a lot but for some reason they can’t help. The thing that makes no sense is that Sony is involved in Harry’s project since Columbia is the label he is working with, so it’s quite stupid they let the bullshits attached to Louis damage the fandom and the support fans can give to Harry, instead of making sure everything is perfect and fans are happy in order to get a lot of money from as many fans as possible. There is certainly some reasons why they are not ending the bullshits, maybe they are waiting, maybe there is something more they want, i don’t know, but i hope they are looking at the results of their sick games and understand the reality of this situation. Also because Harry doesn’t deserve his projects to be damaged by stupid bullshits, a neither does Louis’ image and career (ESPECIALLY louis who i think suffered enough the past year and a half). Again, we have to wait and see what happens next. If something happens. Hopefully. 

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: In The World Was Wide Enough, Burr is super depressed at the end, but it's not just because he killed Hamilton. Instead of saying "the world was wide enough", he says "I should've known the world was wide enough". This is because he had basically lost control of his actions. The point of Wait For It is that Burr is understanding that nothing in life can be controlled...except yourself ("I am the one thing in life I can control"). All of a sudden, Burr realizes that has no control of his life AT ALL. Sure, killing your best friend over a petty feud is pretty traumatic, but imagine living by the philosophy that you can always at least have a little bit of say in your life then finding out that you can't do anything to make your life better, and you have nothing to do except wait for the sweet release of death. To make matters worse, Burr lived to be 80, which was super old for that time, so Burr had to suffer with this way longer than others would've had to.

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Dude, I have so many. So here's a bunch for Killervibe :) Location (Freelance Whales), I Can't Help Falling In Love With You (Elvis), Hold My Heart (Sara Bareilles), Issues (Julia Michaels), I Dream and Ocean (Charlene Kaye)

I went with Location. The song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JqIz5_qbxrA

Also, kudos to @mosylufanfic for giving me someone to bounce ideas off of for this one

I Am Sensing Your Location

The first time it happened, Cisco was right in the middle of a fight. He was taking down a couple of rough customers with Cindy, and needless to say, it was a very inconvenient time to be rendered incapacitated on the ground by a headache.

When he came to, even the scumbags Cindy had cuffed were concerned. Cindy brought him to Julian, much to Cisco’s annoyance (“You realize you just swapped out one migraine for another one, right?”). Julian diagnosed Cisco with a serious case of off-his-meds and referred him to someone who would write him a prescription of dubious legality.

It wasn’t getting better. On the contrary, it was getting exponentially worse, but Cisco hid it from the others as best he could. They had enough to deal with.

At first, he thought it was just the vibing circuits of his brain throwing a fit because of some electrical anomaly, and he didn’t think there was any sort of significance to the vibes. After all, it had been a long while since he’d had random vibes of any importance. Thanks to Cindy, his skills were becoming honed enough that he could see things at will when he needed to. When he had the migraines, it was usually the visual equivalent of static- flashes of light and color, occasionally punctuated by a shape or a blurry image if his brain was feeling generous, but they were disjointed and never made sense. 

Until he had the fourth migraine, and he saw Caitlin. 

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Interview with Transfac Magazine [Translated]

This is such a great interview, and I’m so happy I found it! It’s from Transfac Magazine, a French publication for university students, from February 1997. This is the most I have ever seen Guy-Man talk– like seriously, he talks way more than Thomas does. They talk about their own experiences with school, the star system, and making music to get girls.

Are you going to university?
Thomas: I got a DEUG [a 2-year degree, similar to but not the same as an AA degree in the US] in sociology and linguistics at Nanterre [Paris Quest University Nanterre La Defense, one of the best universities in France], then I was going for a license [like a Bachelor’s degree in the US] in Ethnomusicology, but I stopped there.
Guy-Manuel: Actually, I did a bac [short for baccalaureat, a college entrance exam taken at the end of high school in France] in art and I spent some time at university in St-Denis, not anymore! It bored me because in the end their teaching method was the same as it was in collège [like middle school or junior high]. I was bored shitless until the bac because nothing interested me. I didn’t want to slip back into the same system. I don’t think I would’ve been able to stay because I was motivated, while the overall atmosphere was too amateurish. Clearly, people who were there had chosen this path to screw around, but not me. I wanted to do design and make that my life…

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Hi! First of all, I'm really sorry this will be a stupid question, but I'd be really glad if you respond. So one of my favorite chapters in AFFC is Queenmaker, but I actually can't see the purpose of this plot. Ok let's say somehow Arianne succeeded at queenmaking. What then? How does the Lannisters respond? Does it really bring civil war? I like the plot, I'd like to hear what you think would've happened.

Hi anon! That’s not a stupid question at all. “The Queenmaker” is a favorite of mine as well, although I’d actually rank it third among the four Feast chapters set in Dorne. “The Captain of Guards” and especially “The Princess in the Tower” are even better, IMO. God, I love A Feast for Crows so much…

The queenmaking plot is knotty and complex, as it deftly intertwines political and personal elements. One thing to remember is that this scheme is first invoked in Feast not by Arianne, but by Tyene.

Prince Doran sighed. “Obara cries to me for war. Nym will be content with murder. And you?”

“War,” said Tyene, “though not my sister’s war. Dornishmen fight best at home, so I say let us hone our spears and wait. When the Lannisters and the Tyrells come down on us, we shall bleed them in the passes and bury them beneath the blowing sands, as we have a hundred times before.”

If they should come down on us.”

“Oh, but they must, or see the realm riven once more, as it was before we wed the dragons. Father told me so. He said we had the Imp to thank, for sending us Princess Myrcella. She is so pretty, don’t you think? I wish that I had curls like hers. She was made to be a queen, just like her mother.” Dimples bloomed in Tyene’s cheeks. “I would be honored to arrange the wedding, and to see to the making of the crowns as well. Trystane and Myrcella are so innocent, I thought perhaps white gold … with emeralds, to match Myrcella’s eyes. Oh, diamonds and pearls would serve as well, so long as the children are wed and crowned. Then we need only hail Myrcella as the First of Her Name, Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar, and the First Men, and lawful heir to the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, and wait for the lions to come.”

“The lawful heir?” The prince snorted.

“She is older than her brother,” explained Tyene, as if he were some fool. “By law the Iron Throne should pass to her.”

“By Dornish law.”

“When good King Daeron wed Princess Myriah and brought us into his kingdom, it was agreed that Dornish law would always rule in Dorne. And Myrcella is in Dorne, as it happens.”

Arianne and Tyene are BFFs as well as cousins, so it’s fair to assume they came up with this idea together, but they have very different motivations in doing so. As she says, Tyene wants to crown Myrcella in order to provoke a war with the Iron Throne, because she believes that the proper reaction to her father’s death is to get thousands of other people killed, and she is hideously eager to make that happen; there’s no hint of genuine grief in her, just pure bloodlust. (Sorry, Sand Snake stans, but Tyene is a terrible person. So are Obara and Lady Nym: the former callously exploits Oberyn’s death to advocate for her pre-existing, blatantly unrelated desire to massacre the residents of Oldtown, and the latter is positively gleeful at the prospect of butchering innocent children. I had to laugh at the galling hypocrisy of their condemnation of Cersei for plotting to murder Trystane. This trio is not a cool comic-book squad of underdog badasses. They are villains, full stop. Vengeance isn’t always a moral gray area, as it is with Arya’s list, which at least is motivated by her fierce devotion to justice. Sometimes vengeance is just evil, just an excuse for violent people to inflict misery on others.)

Arianne, by contrast, is driven by her understandable resentment of her father. As revealed in “The Soiled Knight,” she is under the impression that Doran plans to disinherit her in favor of Quentyn. Of course, she is wrong about that; Doran intended Quent to become the next Prince of Dorne because he had arranged for Arianne to become King Viserys III’s Queen. But that misconception is Doran’s fault, not Arianne’s. Given the distant, dismissive way he has treated her of late, it was perfectly reasonable for Arianne to conclude from Doran’s letter to Quent that the former was going to kick her out of the corridors of power altogether. She had no way of knowing about the Targaryen restoration plan, because Doran did not trust or respect Arianne enough to tell her, and he just assumed she would meekly accept (what appeared for all the world like) the loss of her birthright. This is on Doran; to his credit, by the time we get to “The Princess in the Tower,” he knows it. Sadly, he’s yet to realize that he did even worse by Quent…but he will by the end of The Winds of Winter.

Anywho, while Arianne is well aware that kidnapping and crowning Myrcella will bring the Lannisters and Tyrells down on Dorne, sparking a war is secondary to and in support of her primary motivation. Arianne wants to use the authority and gendered symbolism of a Queen Myrcella to pre-empt what she thinks is Doran and Quentyn’s plan to shove her aside. Myrcella clearly idolizes Arianne; the former would happily confirm the latter as Princess of Dorne once Arianne “retires” Doran to the Water Gardens:  

It is time he put his burdens down, but I will suffer no slights to his honor or his person. She would return him to his Water Gardens, to live out what years remained him surrounded by laughing children and the smell of limes and oranges. Yes, and Quentyn can keep him company. Once I crown Myrcella and free the Sand Snakes, all Dorne will rally to my banners.

Indeed, the very fact of a Queen Myrcella would make Arianne’s own power play easier; as Tyene points out, crowning Myrcella would cement the gender-neutral nature of Dornish inheritance law, and the resulting war would bind Dornish lords to their new leader out of nationalist solidarity, an extremely powerful cultural/political force in Dorne.

So that’s where the queenmaking plot comes from. Would it work? Well, it would unquestionably provoke a war. Cersei would react out of rage at the insult to her own authority as Queen Regent; moreover, the Tyrells will not accept the delegimitization of Tommen because that would in turn delegitimize Margaery as Queen, and they’d be aghast at the notion of a Martell King Consort. So Tyene would get her oceans of blood.

Doran is right, however, that even from a defensive position, Dorne would ultimately lose this conflict. Arianne would end up in chains or on the executioner’s block; we might even see Dorne once again put under Tyrell occupation. As such, the queenmaking was a terrible idea. But Arianne was in a desperate position, seemingly abandoned by her beloved father and on the verge of losing her inheritance, and so was primed to be led into disaster by Tyene. Maybe it’s just because I find Arianne’s POV so compelling and well-written, yet I cannot help but sympathize with what she was trying to accomplish; unlike her cousins, there really isn’t a vindictive bone in her body. Indeed, it speaks to Arianne’s moral core that she doesn’t shy away from responsibility for what happened to Arys and Myrcella, while retaining the perspective and courage to demand that Doran own up to his part in all this. She’s dangerously naïve, but also resilient and intelligent, and her heart is ultimately in the right place. I love her dearly.

While we’re on this subject…who was it that betrayed Arianne’s confidences to Doran? To a certain extent, it doesn’t matter; GRRM is making the existential point that Arianne is was too trusting to make this kind of gambit work, regardless of who it was that sold her out.

Arianne raised a tear-streaked face. “How could he know?” she asked the captain. “I was so careful. How could he know?”

“Someone told.” Hotah shrugged. “Someone always tells.”

Still, I don’t think it was Garin, Drey, or Spotted Sylva. Maybe I’m missing something (let me know!) but I don’t see a hint that any of them has anything but love for and loyalty to Arianne. Indeed, they’re such thinly drawn characters (the three-headed weak spot of “The Queenmaker,” IMO) that there really wouldn’t be any oomph to the reveal.

So I think it was Tyene. We never learn why Doran released the three eldest Sand Snakes from their brief imprisonment; in fact, Areo Hotah (who is far more intelligent and insightful than his “camera that rides” reputation would suggest) hangs a lampshade on this mystery:

Doran Martell was the wisest of princes, and it was not the place of his captain of guards to question his decisions, but Areo Hotah did wonder why he had chosen to release the ladies Obara, Nymeria, and Tyene from their lonely cells in the Spear Tower.

It’s certainly not because the trio has abandoned their thirst for vengeful violence:

The prince left it to Ricasso, his blind seneschal, to rise and propose the toast. “Lords and ladies, let us all now drink to Tommen, the First of His Name, King of the Andals, the Rhoynar, and the First Men, and Lord of the Seven Kingdoms.” … Tyene declined Ricasso’s toast with a murmur and Lady Nym with a flick of a hand. Obara let them fill her cup to the brim, then upended it to spill the red wine on the floor.

“It ends in blood, as it began,” said Lady Nym. “It ends when Casterly Rock is cracked open, so the sun can shine on the maggots and the worms within. It ends with the utter ruin of Tywin Lannister and all his works.”

As such, my take is that Tyene betrayed Arianne in order to win her freedom and that of her sisters. Arianne never even considers this possibility when ruminating on which of her companions revealed the conspiracy to her father, as if GRRM is setting her up to be blindsided. When Arianne learns the truth about her best friend, the last residue of her naivete will vanish…just as the news of Quent’s tragic, horrific death will fully unleash the grief and hatred and self-loathing at his father’s core.  

Brighton Bound (Phan) - Chapter Three

Summary: After aseries of frequent Skype calls, Zoe and Alfie invite Dan and Phil to stay withthem in Brighton, as collabs are long overdue, but Zoe and Alfie have anulterior motive.

Genre: Fluff/Getting Together

Warnings: Will be stated at the beginning of the chapter if applicable

Read on ao3 here

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anonymous asked:

I request a sick!HIccup fic, if you don't mind! I can't never get enough of these.

A/N: Hello there, Anon! Thank you for this request- it was super fun, actually. It got a little lengthy, but I’m not complaining much. I kind of wrote all of this on my phone while laying in bed because I was too lazy to sit at my desk, so please pardon any errors! I’m incapable of coming up with a title, so…

Sick!Hiccup: The Fic. Fantastic name, I know.

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agust d sentence starters

02. agust d

“they call me new thang.”
“you could be my new thang.”
“damn, only the strong could mess with me.”
“fuck you, i’m a pain in your ass.”
“my seat is business, you’re in economy always behind me and  kissing my ass.”
“i rap and you get turned on by my tongue technology.”
“i haunt down those who copy the copiers.”
“i carve the history on this ground.”
“rappers so beat i always get to fat dick them.”
“i don’t give a fuck when you fuck around.”
“you simply dig a hole to bury yourself alive.”
“you can’t take me.”
“i’m busy 24/7, don’t need no break.”
“go have some fun.”
“you scream yet you don’t know shit.”
“i’m sorry. i mean it, i am.”
“it’s me who took your shit, sorry.”
“i’m sorry, watch the anger.”
“good health is all you got now.”
“mom’s gonna be upset when you lose it.”
“the way you fuck things up, got some class there.”

03. give it to me

“i’m a public enemy.”
“what do you know about me?”
“you can’t control my shit.”
“i slept less than you.”
“give it to me.”
“i was born from a tiger.”
“i just do what i do.”
“fuck off.”
“you fuckers.”
“you’re all idiots.”
“i don’t even have interest in your dick.”
“don’t bother me, don’t even touch me.”

“one for the money and two for the show.”

05. 치리사일사팔 (724148)

“i tried to do well.”
“i’d better try to be number one.”
“this moron is suffering from bullshit disease again.“
“dickhead, you look well.”  
“so I ended up going out in that festival.”
“if we wanted to make it to the finals we had to pass the preliminaries.”
“we’ll do it like this.”
“if you were me, would you do it like this?”
“that was the sight of my success.”
“that evening i paid coolly for everyone.”
“i knew what it was like to live with from from enough.”
“my monthly living expenses was just on alcohol.”
“you say you don’t have any money.”
“shut the fuck up asshole.”
“shut your fucking mouth.”
“was i needy for success? no, just needy for money.”
“i dragged that tired body to school, i just slept.”
“i was jealous, but the world isn’t fair.”
“okay, okay, okay. you just watch.”
“i’ll be that savior.”

06. 140503 새벽에 (140503 at dawn)

“i hate consuming but my point of view is 19 years.“
“my social connections are zero.” 
“i’m always preparing.”
“i hide the self that’s behind my defensive posture.”
“i hide myself completely like i’ve become a criminal.”
“i can’t even take one step outside.”
“it’s like a prison.”
“i go out being pushed.”
“they don’t stay.”
“my arrows are still astray from the target called human connection.”
“i pretend i’m not lonely.”
“i pretend i’m not suffering.”
“i pretend i’m okay for no reason.”
“i pretend to be strong.”
“don’t come over the wall i’ve put up in front of myself.”
“don’t throw me off this island.”

07.   마지막 (the last)

“it’s a little dangerous.”
“i fall sometimes again into depression and compulsion.”
“hell no.”
“anyway, i don’t even know if that’s the real me.”
“the conflict i’ve mentioned, it hurts your head.”
“it was around (age) when my social phobia began.”
“(name) is dead. i killed (him/her.)
“i don’t even know my own self, so who can know me?”
“i said unhesitantly that i’ve been like that before.”
“i don’t give a shit.”
“i don’t give a fuck.”
“those words are all words i used to hide my weak self.”
“i was afraid of people.”
“i hid in the bathroom and stared at myself.”
“i thought i could compensate for success.”
“as time passes by, i feel like i’m becoming a monster.”
“the greed that was my weapon, it devours me and sometimes collars me.”
“these things turn on my mouth.”
“i don’t want it.”
“shit shit, i get it. please stop.”
“the cause of all these issues is me.”
“i’ll quit in return.”
“if my misfortune is your happiness, then i will be unhappy.”
“if the target of your loathing is me then I’ll go up on the guillotine.”
“the only things i imagined are becoming reality.”
“my childhood dream is in front of my eyes.”
“try saying i’m living roughly.”
“don’t worry, i’m really okay now.”
“the things that corrupted my essences are numerous.”
“i won’t be corrupted.”
“the agony that dug at my mental state, it’s the end of wandering.”
“my self-esteem that said I’d betrayed myself is now my own pride.”
“it’s not that you guys who betrayed us didn’t do it, it’s that you couldn’t, shit.”
“this world sprinkled with my creations, i’ve tasted sweetness and bitterness and even shit.”
“now it’s a memory to me, it’s become a memory.”
“you just pretend like you’ve suffered.”

08. tony montana

“wait a minute.”
“you’re waiting for me to fail, aren’t you?”
“sorry, i have no problem. shit.”
“mo money mo problem, shit.”
“i know, i feel like, ha, tony montana!”
“my weakness is wanting more success”
“money wants to chase me.”
“i hope i won’t become a monster who chases after money.”
“i decide not to hope for the failure of others.”
“okay, let’s earn money.”
“my lofty ambition is kind of high.”
“the world is yours.”
“now the whole word is in my god damn hands.”
“it looks easy.”
“one, two, three. ain’t no rock, paper, scissors.”
“if you rush, you gotta bleed by my feet.”
“invest into me.”
“put the morphine here.”
“oh, take it out.”
“like a butterfly, get high.”
“it’s passing right by you, asshole.”
“fuck it.”
“look at me once.”
“your complaints, blah blah.”
“fuck the system.”
“yeah, fuck your belief.”
“bam, bam, bam, bam!”
“i’m crushing from the bottom.”

10. so far away

“saying I don’t want to do anything really sucks.” 
“i know it’s pitiful not to even have an ordinary dream.”
“i know it all.”
“if i just do what i’m told to do…it’s all okay.”
“i can’t die, i’m living.”
“give me some liquor.”
“i want to get drunk today so please don’t stop me.”
“drinking is a luxury but i cannot stand being drunk.”
“everything is changing.”
“why am i the only one here?”
“we’ll be together at the end of her life and creation.”
“we’ll be warm no matter where her place is.”
“we’ll be in full bloom at the end of these hardships.”
“rather than humble, at the end we’ll be prosperous.”
“that’s right, fuck.”
“i don’t have anything i want to do.”
“i’m suffering more than anything.”
“i’m lonely.”
“around me, everyone is just telling me to pull myself together.”
“i am my only companion.”
“i’m afraid of opening my eyes, of breathing.”
“as time passes, they become more impatient.”
“my aloneness now, i wish it would disappear.”
“like a mirage, i wish it would disappear.”
“i wish that the damned me would disappear.”
“i’m becoming further from heaven.”
“i’m falling.”

anonymous asked:

So you think we'll get a verbal confirmation, but like other characters calling them out on their feelings or between each other? I can't see bellamy confessing his feelings, he's not good at words, well... tbf he's learning (You left me, I was so angry at you for leaving, I believe you) but yet, I can't see that scene. I can imagine Clarke though. She has always verbalized how she feels about him and we know Bellamy is gonna risk his life at some point so maybe creates a reaction from her.

Between each other is my guess. We’ve already had 2 people call out Bellamy for caring about Clarke more than the rest, and 2 people call out Clarke (Lexa, Abby), so having more people call attention to it won’t change anything. It may happen sure, but what I’m anticipating is a confirmation from either Clarke or Bellamy, hopefully to the other.

I also don’t picture Bellamy confessing his feelings–it would have to be really strenuous circumstances and probably not even then, because he’d want to avoid it and spare her pain.  I wouldn’t say he’s ‘learning’ exactly, because I feel like he’s a very skilled communicator. It’s more a question of how comfortable does he feel?  He was always open with Octavia, from season 1, so I feel like Bellamy in his ‘normal’ state would be comfortable talking about his feelings to a loved one. But nothing has been normal for him since landing. 

All through season 1 he came to trust Clarke as a colleague and partner, but they didn’t get into their personal lives until they were both intoxicated and traumatized. After that, it was all business again…and I think Bellamy didn’t even know he could have a personal relationship with Clarke until she hugged him in 205. We saw right then that he had to evaluate their friendship in seconds, and accept it. Which he did. They only had a couple days together in s2—during which horrific things happened–and then they got separated again. Nothing in that time makes sharing one’s feelings easy.  So when 305 happened, it was like a dam breaking for Bellamy (all the words kept unspoken by circumstance are now free, showing his hurt and anger), and like a pulling back of the curtain for Clarke (showing her weakness and regret.)  After that, they expressed their feelings a few times in season 3… in 3x11, 3x12, 3x13, and a dash in 3x15 and 3x16.

I think two things have finally lined up: Bellamy and Clarke initmate enough that he can express his emotions if he thinks it’s appropriate, and they finally are having enough screen time to allow for it.  So I think they’re going to be talking about their general emotions a lot in season 4: fears, hopes, trust, reliance. Clarke and Bellamy are both very introspective and self-reflective people, prone to angsting about their life choices.  Be that as it may, I don’t think Bellamy has any romantic expectation for Clarke, and I don’t think he’s gonna be the first person to broach it. Not only is he suffering his own grief, but I think he doesn’t know if Clarke has romantic feelings for him. He knows she loves and trusts him (HELLO, OKAY, SHE GAVE HERSELF UP TO DIE SO HE’D BE SPARED, RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM), but he may not think she sees him in a romantic way.

Which, after aaaaaaaaallllll that talking, brings me around to Clarke. CLARKE GRIFFIN, WHO IS ALWAYS SHOUTING TO PEOPLE ABOUT BELLAMY BLAKE. There are a lot of things that I hope we see Clarke go through in season 4, starting with how with her last two loves, she put off true emotional intimacy and connection until their relationships were essentially over.  With Finn, she was hurt so she was busy pushing him away until he got himself killed. With Lexa, Clarke had to work through her anger/hurt and choose to trust Lexa, and by the time that was happening, Arkadia needed her more. So Clarke decided to leave, and only let herself indulge in a romantic/sexual encounter after she’d already chosen an end-point. Even that was mostly nonverbal; Clarke could barely talk about what she wanted until Lexa was dying–again, tragically almost too late for Clarke to make that emotional declaration.

But 3x16 was a whopper, and we saw incredible character development from Clarke.  Yes, she again said “I love you” at the last possible moment, but her relationship with Lexa was already a step more outgoing/trusting than her relationship with Finn had been, and in this Clarke lets herself say goodbye to her love. She’s able to get some resolution. Right after that, Clarke faces Becca/ALIE, and she chooses to live. Clarke choosing to live is so freaking important okay, like so so important, because for a long time all Clarke has done until now has been survive. Season 3 showed her that she needs to live, and I hope s4 she will put that into practice. I’m not the first person to say this, but I really do hope that most of the lessons the cast learned for the first 3 seasons will be finally put to use this season: living, choosing an ethical path, being open to love, unifying people. Essentially… making connections, on a personal and societal level. By connecting with others, we survive.

All that is going to compound in Clarke when it comes to Bellamy.  We’ve already seen Clarke tell many, many people that Bellamy matters, that Bellamy is important, that Bellamy has to be protected, that she needs Bellamy. Frankly, she talks about him so much that her mother, ALIE, and even psycho mountain vampire Emerson knew that Bellamy is the lever on which to turn Clarke.  
So if Bellamy is seriously endangered, then yes–that could be the thing that provokes her to tell him how strongly she feels about him. But I hope that it’s something else, because I don’t want Clarke to repeat the same pattern of waiting till the last minute.  I think that the moment will be dramatic, but not necessarily because he could die. Maybe instead, it’s when the world itself is going wrong? Or when a different kind of drama arises. Maybe just when she sees him after witnessing something terrible. Maybe if they reunite after a brief absence. There’s so much potential.  But I think Clarke is going to say something major about how she feels before the season ends, and Bellamy will hear/see it, setting them up for an escalating romance in s5.  And yep, I think a kiss is also possible in late 4B.

 …and now I’ve talked way too much about this.  Thanks for sticking with this whole thing, lol.

wingedlioness  asked:

Grats!! I can't decide between 19 and 23... maybe a deleted scene? And I'll enjoy any "rating" you wish to write <3

19. “Belgium” by Bowling for Soup
23. “Sabotage” by The Beastie Boys

I’m not sure that we can call this a deleted scene since I’m taking some liberties here about Emma and Killian’s pre-“Going Home” relationship, namely that they’d spent a night on his ship. But I liked the concept so we’ll call it somewhere between a deleted scene and a canon divergence, depending on what you believe happened off-camera.  Hope you like it!

(p.s. the “Sabotage” version was turning into a long-ass deleted scene where Killian was obsessed with 2009 Star Trek, but I realized that one would probably only be fun if you actually liked Star Trek.)

 (p.p.s. #charminglionessforever)

Words: 2,400ish

Rating: It’s fluffy but there are a few swear words interspersed.

Lately I feel so small
Maybe it’s just that my bed has grown
I never noticed it before
But you were there so how was I to know
That this single bed was always meant for two?
And not just anyone.
It was meant for me and you.

[The Jolly Roger, just after Blackbeard walked the plank]
Isn’t it funny how what we do to avoid thinking about things that will break us somehow always lead to breaking us sooner?

Killian had learned this more times in his multiple centuries than he cared to admit, but somehow this time stung the worst. Something about a lack of upside, probably. He was used to suffering for a love he, at the very least, knew was reciprocated. But in this case he was holding on to very little hope that she actually felt anything significant in return for him.

Sure, she felt gratitude. He’d helped to save her son and he saved her father and he’d been there for her in some of her darkest times.  And she felt at least some level of comfort toward him. She didn’t open herself up much, even in her most vulnerable moments, but that night on his ship – it had been enough to give him hope that her feelings might not end at just appreciation.


Anyone could see that she was heartbroken. After everything she’d endured, all the pain and loss she’d suffered, the sleepless nights in Neverland and the uncomfortable moments on the Jolly as they sailed flew home – she deserved even the smallest reprieve. But when Henry immediately asked to stay with Regina their first night back in Storybrooke – her almost home, Killian saw how it broke her, how it worried her to her very core.

So he wasn’t all that surprised when she showed up at his home later that night. The Jolly was moored in the harbor, his former crew (blissfully) as of yet unaware of his return. Alone as he was on the ship – and as calm as the waters were outside – he could hear her footfalls, her grumbling, her pacing well before she intended to make herself known. But he patiently waited, unwilling to push her away or scare her off.

So he sat perched at his desk, a book older than himself propped against his hook as his fingers flipped the pages. Aye, he was mostly trying to keep himself busy (and keep himself from laughing at his wonderful, stubborn Swan), but he played the perfect pleasantly surprised when Emma finally descended the stairs to the Captain’s quarters.

“Hook!” she shouted, breathlessly. “You need a doorbell.”

“Ah, never for you, love. You’re welcome in my humble abode any time you so desire.” He kept his eyes locked on words he wasn’t reading, avoiding her gaze (and trying desperately to keep his hopes at a minimum).

Emma shuffled around the cabin, her thin fingers running across the spines of books – and collecting dust, which she wiped unceremoniously on the curtain of his only window.

“Is there a particular reason you’ve come to see me, Swan? Or were you just missing the view?” He finally looked up at her, quirking his eyebrow and smirking (shameless flirting was his favorite avoidance tactic, after all).

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