i can't wait for him to introduce her as his best friend

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Could you do a Jeff Atkins imagine of being Clay's twin sister and a good player on the girls soccer team and like Monty and Bryce keep harassing you because you're good looking but you can't stand them because they're jerks and Jeff comes to you're rescue when they get aggressive because he considers Clay and you friends and most of all he likes you (and you obviously like him back)??

title: i am lying in wait

word count: 1143

note: it took me writing this fic to realize how much i actually love jeff atkins he’s a cinnamon roll can i just like……. save him……….

Most of the time, attention had never bothered you. In fact, you were used to having all eyes on you. Being one of the best players on the Liberty High girls’ soccer team had proven time and time again that having people notice you all the time just came with the skill. You could, however, discern which attention was unwanted.

High school boys, for the most part, were really fucking stupid. You’d come to this conclusion on your third day of freshman year when Bryce Walker and Justin Foley had come into school smelling of weed and obviously very high. You made a mental note to never get involved with a boy until you were out of high school and into the world of college; you changed your mind when your twin brother, Clay, introduced you to Jeff Atkins, a boy in your grade whom Clay had met in his World History class.

Three years of flirting with one another had led nowhere. It was obvious that you liked Jeff and he liked you back, but it never happened. You were too shy to say anything to him about it and he wasn’t sure if he could bring it up on his own, so there you were, stuck in an endless flirtationship.

Soccer practice was always during the same time basketball practice was, but the basketball players were always done and out before the soccer kids were. You were running defense drills when the boys showed up to sit in the bleachers that lined the field; Bryce and Montgomery were there, as usual, with those shit-eating grins ever ingrained on to their face.

“Looking good, [Name],” Bryce shouted after you.

“Hell yeah, babe! Those shorts are extra short today,” Monty added.

If your face hadn’t already been burning from the effort you were putting into today’s practice, you’d be flushed from embarrassment. Thankfully, your coach came to your rescue the first time, yelling at them to not distract her players. It kept them from making remarks for a while until she left to get some more soccer balls from the gym to practice passing.

As the remarks went on, they grew more and more aggressive. It was obvious these guys were creeps, they always had been, but it made you feel like shit when they objectified you like that. You had to focus extra hard on passing to your partner to block out the comments. Nevertheless, they persisted.

Jeff was just leaving the library, his backpack slung carelessly over his shoulder as he made his way to the soccer field. He always stayed for your practices so he could drive you home and talk with you. Tutoring with Clay was getting done just as the coach was clearing the field, telling the girls to rest up for the game that weekend. He could have sworn he’d be able to hear those sickening catcalls from two of the biggest jerks on campus from three miles away.

As the bleachers came into view, he could see you seated on the very edge of the bottom row, your head down and your eyes focused on switching into a more comfortable pair of shoes instead of your cleats. Bryce and Monty had moved to sit in the two seats above you, and it was clear you were as uncomfortable as could be. With no signs of the two stopping, Jeff approached.

“Come on, [Name], we just think you’re really sexy,” Bryce was throwing down endless nicknames that made you feel worse by the second.

“Hey, Jensen!” Jeff called, smiling brightly in your direction; he could clearly see how relieved you were when he showed up. He grew closer and you stood up, focusing your attention on him instead of the two assholes behind you in the bleachers. The baseball player wrapped a protective arm around your shoulder as he glared up at them. “These guys giving you trouble?”

“Just a little,” you said, shrinking against his side.

“Aw, come on, babe. We were just complimenting you,” Monty supplied, a sickening smirk on his face, one that mirrored the one on Bryce.

You wanted to fold in on yourself, melt into a puddle right there on the sidelines, do anything that would get you away from the two basketball players who made your life a living hell when they were around. What they said was gross, something that really shouldn’t ever be said, yet here they were, clearly making you uncomfortable.

“Listen, de la Cruz. She’s not your babe. I suggest you stop treating her like she’s some piece of meat you can have. She’s clearly uncomfortable with what you’re saying to her and it needs to stop. Learn how to treat a girl and maybe you’ll finally get one,” Jeff retorted quickly, his free hand clenching into a fist.

He didn’t even wait for them to respond; they looked dumbfounded. As they stared, Jeff grabbed your duffel bag, slung it over his other shoulder and coaxed you to his car, a sympathetic look on his face.

“Sorry if what I said back there seemed possessive or something like that,” he apologized as he tossed your bag in the back seat and opened the passenger door for you. “I just know that they’ve been harassing you for a while now and I was getting really mad about it.”

“Thanks. I didn’t have the courage to tell them to stop and even if I did, I don’t think they would have taken no for an answer.”

“It’s no problem.”

The car was silent as Jeff pulled out of the student parking lot. You turned to look at him and rested your hand on his shoulder, squeezing gently.

“Seriously. That was really nice of you to do for me.”

He didn’t turn to look at you, but you could see the smile that pulled at the corners of his lips as you spoke your second thanks. When your hand pulled away from his shoulder and you looked back to the road in front of you, his right hand reached overs to grab yours.

“It’s not right that he was calling you babe and all that. Those are reserved for, like, boyfriends.”

You raised an eyebrow and glanced at him out of the corner of your eye. “Really? Are you trying to tell me something, Jeff?”

The blush creeped adorably fast onto his cheeks and you giggled quietly, intertwining your fingers with his.

“Am I?”

“You know, if you wanna call me nicknames like that, I’m okay with it.”

The roses bloomed an even deeper shade of red, adorning his cheeks with an adorable flush that made him look heavenly in the golden sunshine.





“You think if we go to Rosie’s right now, we could consider it a first date?”

“Gonna ask me out, Atkins?”



Spacedogs Rec Mega Post

OK, Spacedogs is my favorite AU pairing in the world - I JUST HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS ABOUT THEM, OK? SO. In celebration of @hannibalficwriters Spacedogs Fic Rec event, I’m going to just post my top Spacedogs fics of all time. There are so many, y’all (I’m sure I’m missing scads), but these are the ones you MUST READ. 


Bottle of Gin by @llewcie and @thymogenic
Who hasn’t dreamed of a world where Nigel is your personal genie? Just me? Ok then… ANYWAY, Adam finds a genie in a bottle and must decide if he will rub him the right way. This is the perfect fic and concept and just…I wait eagerly for updates.

Those Who Wander by  Arabellah and @victorineb
Do you love Fallout? Do you love Spacedogs? YOU NEED TO READ THIS FIC. Nigel is wandering the waste until he comes across an especially brilliant little android. Can the two survive the harsh climate? Updates are always a treat with this fic.  

Through the Water by @hannabellegraham
Nigel is experiencing weird mood fluctuations. Can his odd little neighbor be the key to helping him. This took me by surprise and I’m totally engrossed. Join me as I eagerly await updates! 


Midnighters by drinkbloodlikewine, whiskeyandspite
This is the OG Spacedogs as far as many people are concerned. And if you haven’t read it, you really need to. This was the first fic that ever introduced me to the pairing and it is absolutely beautiful. 

Craigslist by @llewcie
Llewcie has been low-key one of the best writers in this fandom forever. And if you don’t know that as fact, it’s because you’re not reading Llew’s stuff. This was the fic that convinced me that Nigel and Adam were the best AU pairing in the Fannibal ‘verse. Adam is looking for a helper on Craigslist, Nigel thinks Adam is looking for a hitman - sexy hilarious hijinks ensue. What makes this special is the heart and soul in it and no one should miss out on this classic fic. 

Strange Diamonds by sku7314977
One of my favorite fics, and one I re-read A LOT. The setup is basically this: Charlie Countryman tricks Adam into being the drop man when he and Gabi decide to double cross Nigel. Adam is too cute to kill, so Nigel is stuck with an adorable man and plans for revenge. It’s hilarious and heartfelt. 

Welcome to California by @desperatelyseekingcannibals
If you’re an ABO person, this is the fic for you. The characterization is beautiful, the story is sweet, and it’s got all of Tiger Prawn’s classic brilliance. Also? It’s got some kickass art to go along with it. Check it out. 

Silly Stickers by @samui-sakura88
This is one of those tooth rotting fluff stories that makes any bad day seem better. It’s a high school AU and the whole series is amazing. Samui is great at bringing out the giant teddybear in Nigel and the adorable frankness of Adam.

The Wedding Date by @slashyrogue
Adam needs a date to Beth’s wedding. Nigel volunteers. Adam doesn’t realize Nigel might like to date him in real life. Will he figure it out. One of the thousands of brilliant AUs by Slashy. This one just always makes me grin like a goof. 

Rise and Shine by @wrathofthestag
Short and sweet this is the perfect Spacedogs drabble. Just everything you could want in their relationship, in like under 500 words. Go and check it out!

Beth Finds Out by @victorineb
A continuation of her GENIUS Alana Finds Out Series, in this fic, Beth discovers that her new boyfriend Nigel and her friend Adam might be a little too friendly. It’s hilarious and heartfelt and just everything you could want in a fic.

Odd Stars by @starkaryen
Nigel interrupts Adam’s dinner by rudely bleeding out right in front of his apartment. SOME PEOPLE! Thankfully, these two are meant to be and some truly lovely getting together occurs. 

The Speed of Light by @magicaldestiny
Have you ever wondered what Nigel would be like as Han Solo? WONDER NO MORE! This genius Star Wars cross over is tender, beautifully plotted, and just everything you could want from an AU of an AU. Seriously, space nerds, check this shit out.

Rebel’s Cum by @thymogenic
OK, real talk: If you don’t want to read this fic based SOLELY on that genius fucking title, I don’t think we can be friends. Just…look at that, it’s the greatest title in AO3 History and you all know it. ANYWHO, this fic is beautiful smut from a great writer - Adam and Nigel + Star Wars role play, that’s all you need to know. 

Swimming in the Moonlight by @eveninginwithyourgirlfriend /  honorablementioned
This is an adorable meet-cute where Adam has to decide between two new neighbors: Beth and Nigel. GUESS WHICH ONE IS THE BETTER FIT. This fic features Tender!Nigel which is my all time fave, so you know, it has my heart. 

Tumblr Ficlets by @hotsauce418
This is, admittedly a bit of a cheat, HOWEVER, Hotty writes some fucking amazing Spacedogs ficlets. So I’m going to make you read all of them. Seriously, all of them. I’m not choosing. They’re all that good. 

I Have Lied My Way to the Stars by DarkmoonSigel
Nigel is recovering from the whole “bullet to the head” thing, Adam might just be the perfect person to help him. Porn and sweetness follow. 

Don’t You Forget About Me by @taeaelin
A fantastic Breakfast Club AU, that is unfortunately unfinished. Still, the story there is wonderful and a great reminder that Tae can craft a Spacedogs yarn like no other. 

Merrie by @llewcie
This is the Robin Hood AU you never knew you needed. For real. Adam invents black powder and must team up with an extremely sexy warrior to save his brother and the kingdom from his invention and those who want to misuse it. Seriously, this whole fic is a goddamn delight. 

Daybreakers by drinkbloodlikewine, whiskeyandspite
Another great fic from these two. This one is notable because it features something the fandom needs more of - bottom Nigel. Let Mads bottom, y’all, I promise it works out fine. This is a great bodyguard AU and has a cameo from a certain pop artist that may have killed Mads in a video…

Noses Full of Shit and Fists Full of Roses by  StagsInSilence
Sweet and angsty, this is a fic that is a riff on the Midnighters ‘verse. Really well done. 

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Being Lily Evans' younger sister? I absolutely adore your work and can't wait for more imagines xxx

A/N: This is ridiculously long, I don’t know what happened. I’m going with Lily’s sister is two years younger. So when the reader starts at Hogwarts, Lily will be in her third year.

  • You’ve gotta have a flower name: Daisy, Rose, Jasmine, Iris, etc. Take your pick

If you’re a Muggle:

  • When Lily shows you her magical abilities, you try hopelessly to copy her
  • She comforts you when you realise you can’t do the same things she can, and promises she’ll always be there to do magic for you
  • Like Petunia, you’re jealous of her magic
  • Unlike Petunia, your love is greater than your envy and you don’t let it ruin your relationship with your sister 
  • Lily’s friendship with Snape creeps you out, and you hate when he hangs around. Either he looks through you like you don’t even exist, or he ridicules you for not having magic
  • You write letters to each other every week. You worry yours are a little dull in comparison to hers, but she never complains.
  • The house seems so quiet when Lily’s away at school
  • You can’t wait for her to come home during the holidays. It’s like she brings the sun back with her
  • Lily tells you about some arrogant sod called James Potter. Not even two years later, and she’s introducing him to you as her boyfriend. It’s confusing and makes it glaringly obvious how much of your sister’s life you’re missing when she’s away
  • You try and keep the peace between your sisters, but it’s not easy
  • You’re the maid of honour at her wedding, and do your best to make up for Petunia not being there. You barely know anyone else there, but they all do their best to make you comfortable. It’s still a little awkward and overwhelming, and you’re happy when it’s over
  • Lily never tells you about the danger she’s in, and you only find out after her death
  • You go to the funeral alone; your parents are already dead and Petunia wouldn’t attend. You don’t talk to anyone and go home to cry alone
  • Dumbledore leaves Harry with you. You’re hopelessly unprepared to raise a child, being less than 21 years old and completely inexperienced. The only reason you agree instead of trying to find someone who could raise Harry the way he needs to be raised is because of the blood protection spell. There’s no way in hell you’d let Petunia raise him, knowing how she, her awful husband and spoilt child would treat him
    • Well, that’s the main reason. The other is his eyes, it’s just like looking into Lily’s. They remind you that he’s all that’s left of your sister and knowing that she sacrificed herself to keep him safe, you’ll do everything in your power to protect him too
  • Things are hard at first, but Harry is a fundamentally good kid and you adore him. He grows up strong and happy, knowing he’s loved. 
  • Maybe you get married to a Muggle, maybe you get married to a wizard/witch. Maybe you don’t get married at all. The one thing that never changes is that Harry is 100% your priority, 100% of the time, and he’s always going to be the most important person in your life
  • You cry when he first goes to Hogwarts, and spend the next 7 years constantly worried about him. He sure gives you enough reasons to be
  • Making sure Harry always knows how proud his mother would be of him

If you’re a witch: 

  • Lily’s so excited when you show her that you can do the same things she does 
  • Petunia’s jealousy is even worse. You try not to, but sometimes you and Lily end up accidentally excluding her. 
  • When Lily first goes to Hogwarts, you start counting down the days until you get to go too
  • It’s the greatest day when you finally get to board the train as well. Lily’s incredibly excited to show you around the castle and to introduce you to all the people she’s being telling you about 
  • She’s so proud watching you be sorted, she doesn’t care what house you’re in
  • Lily is the only thing that makes your homesickness better. You miss your parents and old friends. You even miss Petunia, even though she’s horrid to you most of the time
  • All of the Professors know you are ‘Miss Evans’ sister’ at first. It’s a little intimidating because they expect so much of you. Slughorn, in particular, is interested to see if you’re anything like your sister. 
  • You do manage to make your own reputation and step out of Lily’s shadow soon enough.
    • Even if James and Sirius insist on calling you ‘Baby-Evans’, ‘Evans Jr.’ or the like
  • Lily’s always there to help you if you’re struggling with a spell, a potion, or anything at all
  • You always make time for each other, and the two of you are closer than you’ve been in years now that you’re both going to Hogwarts
  • Snape creeps you out. He just barely tolerates you when Lily is around, ignores you when she’s not. He says nothing when his friends call you a Mudblood. You hate him for it.
    • You hate him even more after he calls Lily a Mudblood, and though you’d never tell her, you’re happy that it’s the end of their friendship
  • You maybe have a little crush on one of the Marauders. 
    • You do agree with your sister that sometimes they go too far, but they are actually quite funny and you’d kill for a friendship like theirs.
  • Watching her fall in love with James is honestly the most entertaining thing. Teasing her about it is so easy and you almost feel bad for taking advantage of the obvious target. Almost. 
    • Watching her introduce James to Petunia and Vernon is like watching a train wreck in slow motion. You never bring it up again and pretend it never happened at all
  • You’re the maid of honour at her wedding. The whole day is filled with so much love and magic, and you have the greatest time.
    • You tease both James and Lily, cementing your future role as annoying little sister to the both of them.
    • Sirius teases you, cementing his future role as the annoying big brother you never asked for. He does let you graduate from ‘Evans Jr.’ to just plain ‘Evans’ though
  • It’s the oddest feeling getting on the Hogwarts Express the year after Lily graduates, knowing she isn’t somewhere nearby on the train
  • You still have all your friends at Hogwarts, but it’s lonely being the only Evans in the castle
  • Whenever something interesting happens you make a mental note to tell Lily about it at dinner, forgetting she won’t be there
  • You’re so happy to see her during the holidays that you practically launch yourself at her
  • You’re really worried when she tells you she’s joined the Order
    • Obviously, you agree with the goals of the Order, but you really don’t want Lily to get hurt
    • James talks to you privately and assures you he’d never let anything happen to Lily. Then Remus does the same thing. And so does Sirius. You’ve kind of gotten the point by the time Peter talks to you. 
    • You still worry, but you trust the Marauders will do anything they can to keep her (and each other) safe.
  • You’re one of the first people she tells about the pregnancy
  • Lily goes into hiding during your last year at Hogwarts. 
  • You join the Order as soon as you graduate to try and protect her, James and your unborn nephew 
    • It’s Lily’s turn to worry about you. The worst thing is that she can never come with you on missions, she has to trust Sirius, Remus and Peter to look after you. The three try their best, but you still come back injured more often than Lily can stand
  • Meeting baby Harry for the first time is incredibly emotional and you love him the second you hold him
  • You and Sirius are the only guests at Harry’s christening. In your opinion, Sirius is the perfect choice to be his godfather. If there’s anything the last few years have shown you it’s that there’s nothing Sirius won’t do for James and Lily
  • It makes perfect sense to you that Peter actually becomes the Secret Keeper, while you and Sirius, the more obvious choices, act as red herrings. 
  • A week later, Lily and James are dead and you’ve never regretted anything more
  • When you arrive at Godric’s Hollow you find Sirius and Hagrid arguing about Harry
    • “Give Harry to me, Hagrid, I’m his godfather, I’ll look after him.’
    • “Dumbledore said I’m ter take Harry to his aunt.”
    • “Well, it’s a good thing that she’s already here then.”
  • You persuade Hagrid to give Harry to you, instead of taking him to Petunia’s as Dumbledore requested. Dumbledore has no right to decide what’s best for your nephew
  • You stop Sirius going after Peter alone, convincing him you’ll need his and Remus’ help with Harry.
  • The four of you go to Lily and James’ funeral together. It’s still a horrible, horrible day, but it’s easier having each other to lean on for comfort
  • (I’ll save raising Harry with Sirius and Remus for another involve; this is already too long)
  • You are constantly worried about Harry. If he ever needs anything, you’re only an owl away
  • You die during the Battle of Hogwarts (as a parental figure of Harry, it is your duty)
  • Before you even have time to process your death your sister is crushing you in a hug, thanking you for everything you’ve done for Harry
  • Even thought it’s been 16 years since you last talked to her, you fall back into the role of little sister like you no time has passed at all

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Involves Masterlist: (x)


Libraries and Piragua (Lin-Manuel x Reader)

Summary: You were sexiled by your roommate on a day that you’d kill just to collapse into bed. You end up passing time with someone that makes your day end on a high note.

Word Count: 1,340

Warnings: Aimless plot, mentions of sex (nothing graphic), cussing, mentions of death (but character death like Abuela Claudia’s death in ITH mentioned is what I’m saying)

A/N: College AUs are my weakness, this is a demonstration of my knack for tying In The Heights into literally anything (and making my Classical Tradition professor proud with my Sophocles reference). Also, I am obsessed with the way Lin’s eyes are so expressive and was forced to take out approximately 1,000 references to them from this fic during proofreading.

“Please [Y/N]? You owe me from that time you broke the coffee machine, [Y/N].” you muttered, mocking your roommate’s pleas as you trudged across campus to the library. You planned on mocking your own stupidity for agreeing to her request once you were done being annoyed with her. She had to pick the one day you ended up having a terrible, rushing-everywhere, everything-goes-wrong kind of day to seal the deal with the guy she’s been pining over for months. 

You yanked open the door to the library with an unnecessary amount of force before you stalked inside. You made it upstairs, appreciative of the near empty scene. There was only a few people scattered among the tables or computers along the wall. At least you knew you’d be left alone with your bitterness. 

You pulled out a chair to toss your bag onto before shedding your jacket. Once you got settled in, you pulled out your headphones and laptop. You popped in one headphone and scanned your library looking for a song that might ease your exasperation. Once you had it playing you pulled out your textbook and leafed through it, debating whether you wanted to be productive or not. You settled on not and shoved it away before pulling your laptop closer. With your one free ear you heard a chuckle and you internally sighed before turning to find its source. The table to your right had a boy who was looking at you amused. You wondered if the dark circles under his eyes meant he was as exhausted as you were.

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Three Years Later- John Laurens X Reader

warnings: cheating, toxic people, i kinda poured my heart out here, oops

request from anon: laurens x reader with these prompts-38(“Don’t say that. Not now.”), 71(“I am not losing you again!”), 76(“I can’t… I can’t lose you.”)

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Thank you for answering my request earlier. If it's okay, I'd like to make another one. I got this idea from the hc you just wrote about the dark letters. I would like to request letters to MC from the RFA + V and Saeran describing how they get jealous of the other members because of their relationship with MC. If you can't do Jumin, Zen and Yoosung again, that's fine, and if you can't do V (since he is an adorable, angelic cinnamon roll) that is also fine. Thanks!


You are with Seven

And Jumin is like:

Originally posted by evilbjork

The first thing he does is cut any type of personal contact with you.

You can just talk to him on schedule dates and only talk about work or RFA.

And is not because he hates you…Is more like to forget you.

But he can´t.

He even considered transferring into a company on another country.

It hurts to see you with somebody else but It hurts more that he doesn´t know why…

He will try to drown in work out the only thing he can think is one you.

He considers having another cat.

Every time Seven makes a joke jumin says “So stupid” “You act like a child” “Is not funny” but it doesn´t matter what he says, you are still laughing.

One day Jumin and his dad were planning something of the company in Jumin´s office

-“Yeah…I think I it will be more sufficient if we-“

-“Jumin!” you open the door “Sorry I don´t have an appointment but is urgent that  you – ohh sorry you are in a meeting”

-“Don´t go! I will sign them fast”

-“Ohh thank you!” you have him the papers

-“Do you have a pen?”

-“Ahhh…Yes I think so” you search in your bag and find a teddy bear pen, you give it to Jumin “Take”

-Jumin smirk when he sees it

-“Sorry I just entered put I didn´t saw Jaehee…”

-“She is on here break”

-“ohh ok…”Since you were waiting you saw the old man next to Jumin “Oh! Hi..”

-“Hello,My name is-“ the dad of Jumin was introducing himself to you

-But Jumin cut him off “There are the papers.You can you know”


-When you go Jumin´s dad says “You love her”


-“oh my! Even a blind guy can see that you love that woman.So why are you courting her?”


- “ahh! There´s another man?”


-“I really can´t see the problem.”

-“The problem is that she is in love with somebody else”


-“And I can´t-“

-“You are a “HAN”  I´m sure if you put effort, She will fall for you like this”

Originally posted by ungifable


You are with Jumin

So fucking angry

Unlike Jumin, Zen will be your best friend.

(zen you like te pain our what?)

He wouldn’t show his jealousy so much

He will treat Jumin worse

Get out of the room if you two are kissing

Always threats Jumin by saying “If I see Mc just a little bit sad because of you I WILL BREAK your arms  and BREAK that sweet Elizabeth’s neck” (he will do nothing to Elly.Don´t worry)

You know the normal…

And obviously in your wedding with Jumin.He will get drunk as fuck.

And when Seven and Jumin are lifting Zen fro preventing him from falling

-Zen will punch Jumin out of the blue

-“WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?” Jumin yells at Zen

-“Your existence” and Zen punches Jumin again

-They get into a fight and Seven is like “Should I film this or make them stop?”

-Since Zen is AF drunk is pretty essay to win him.

-Jumin get´s over Zen and grabs his hands so he can´t move “I ask you, what´s your problem!”

- “My problem?” “My problem is that You have the person That I love!”


-“I´m talking about MC! You big idiot trust fund kid!” Zen with tears in his eyes says “Look! Jumin, I don´t know Why or how Mc fall in love with you but she did.I´m begging you to promise me that you will make Mc more happy that I could ever can! PROMISE ME! PROMISE ME!”

-“I promise…”Jumin said without noticing that Zen had blackout.


You can be with anyone on this one.

So,Yoosung kinda saw it come.

He thinks it will be a surprise if somebody like you could be with him.

So he is very happy that you made the correct desition

He is the most mature of everyone.

Well…He was on “vacation” with her mom (but In reality, he was at the house of his mother crying and cleaning for like a month)

-“I´m so happy for your relationship with Mc”


You are with Saeran

He is happy for you two.

Super depress

Sometimes HE “Jokes” about having a threesome

Long cat is te only one that can know about his love for you.

HBC and Dr.Pepper  as antidepressives


You are with Zen

This boy as 0% fucks about what Zen think

He doesn´t like hugs but will hug you all the time just to fuck with Zen.

Basically, Saeran will cling to you.

Totally get you in trouble with Zen.

But even he know limits and don´t do nothing more.


You are with Rika

Ok..no…wait no that I´m thinking about it nahhh or yes?


You’re with Yoosung.

He is loud and laughs a lot.

He will say thinks like “I´m ok! Just that Yoosung´s Joke was very funny”

Always hug Yoosung and giving him strong handshakes

Sooo nice to you two

-“And Like a wedding gift, I bought you a House”

-“that´s too much, V”

-“It´s okay”

(V! is not okay)

Special Agent 606, Out.If you want to request here are the rules: HERE/Masterlist: Here

askthemaidandknight  asked:

aaa can I request a modern John Laurens X reader where it's their wedding day and they're both experiencing full on jitters and it's cute and stuff? no smut just fluff <3

hey hey I hope you enjoy this sickening fluff

john is my baby ok I love him so very much

Jitters (Laurens/Reader)

Howdy! This is John Laurens’ cell. Uh, if you hear this message, I probably can’t get to the phone, or my battery has run out. Leave a message after the beep.”


“Uh, hiya, hon. I just- I just needed to hear your voice, but, uh, I guess the guys have taken you off on some wild adventure. Um,” You tap your fingers to your lips as you furrow your brow. “I guess, uh, have a good party. No strippers! I’ll see you tomorrow,” You pause, thinking of something suitably cheesy to say. “I’ll be the one in white. I love you.” You say, and hang up, smiling.

“So?” Your friend Angelica asks, coming up behind you and resting a hand on your shoulder.

“Voicemail. I guess he must be having a wild night tonight…”

Angelica giggles. “It’s Alexander, Lafeyette and Hercules. Of course they’ll make his bachelor party something to remember. Besides, this is your bachelorette party, too, and we’re going to have fun, fun, fun!”

“Yeah…” You say wistfully.

Angelica catches your eye. “Uh oh. I know that look. You don’t want to stay at this party.” She grins knowingly at you.

You sigh. She’s right, you’d do anything to just be spending tonight, this last night before your wedding day, curled up on your rickety old sofa with John as you watch corny cowboy movies and feed each other Doritos and popcorn as though in the sickening honeymoon phase. 

Hey, what can you say? You’re in love, after all.

“You’re right, Angie. I don’t, but…” You’re cut off by the distinct beeping of your cell phone. You glance down at it.

John❤️, reads the screen. 

“Ah.” Angelica smirks. “I’ll leave you to it!” She squeezes your shoulder and walks off to join her sisters, standing a few yards away to give privacy.

You bite your lip to suppress a smile and swipe the screen, holding the phone up to your ear.


“Hi, babe. Sorry I missed your call, I didn’t hear my phone go off.“ The warmth in your fiancée’s tone soothes you. You can already imagine the wide grin on his face.

“It’s okay.” Your eyes crinkle as a slow, steady smile spreads across your face involuntarily. “What have the boys got you doing? No strip clubs, I hope.”

“Nah. Nah, just a night around town. We’re at a bar. Alex bet Herc that he can out drink him.”

“Poor Al.” You shake your head. “Tell him not to drink too much, yeah? We need him sober for his best man speech tomorrow. He can’t tell funny anecdotes with a hangover.”

“Ugh.” John groans, and you laugh. “Why did I make Al my best man again?”

“Because you went by the logic that you’ve known him the least time, therefore he would have less embarrassing stories. Of course, you failed to realise that since he’s your best friend, he would have the most embarrassing stories.”

“I’m an idiot." John sighs.

"You’re my idiot.” You say fondly. A sweet silence follows.

“…Can I tell you something?”


“…I’m…I’m really, really j-jittery and nervous." John admits. Your breath hitches. Him too?

”…So am I.“ You whisper softly. You can hear John heave a sigh on the other side of the phone.

"I don’t wanna screw this up." 

"Me, neither.”

“And I don’t just mean the wedding. I mean…us. I love you, (Name), and I don’t want to lose you, not for anything.”

“You won’t. Not for anything. I love you too, John. And it’ll be a lot clearer tomorrow when I see you at the end of the aisle, waiting for me.”

You can hear the smile in his voice at his next words. “You’re going to be stunning. I love you. Bye, now.”


The wedding preparations pass by in a blur, between people doing your hair, makeup, and helping you into your dress.

Oh, your dress.

You had to hand it to Hercules, he was an amazing tailor.

The dress was long, pure white and silky, and it clung to your upper body like you had walked though a delicate spider web. From your waist down, however, it flowed, almost like running water pooling around your feet. The train wasn’t that long. There was a light lilac sash tied just under your bosom with a delicate gold trim, and you had a sweetheart neckline with sheer, off-the-shoulder sleeves. It was beautiful.

You were beautiful.

Your makeup was mostly a natural look, but your lipstick had a slight purple tint and your eyeshadow was also muted purple. Your hair was tied in an elegant French braid, with a lily tucked just behind your ear. You held a bouquet of violets, lilies and lilac.

You can't stop staring at yourself in the mirror.

“(Name)?” Eliza calls from behind the partition that hid you. 

“Y-yes?” You mumble.

“Come on out! We want to see you!” Peggy says encouragingly.

You take a deep breath, close your eyes and reveal yourself. The Schuyler sisters gasp and clamour in praise.

“You look beautiful!” Angelica cooes.

“You…you think?” You ask, mouth dry and palms sweating.

“Of course!” Eliza assures you. 

Peggy frowns as she notices your hands trembling. “You’re nervous.” She states.

“Yeah. I’m all jittery.” You say, voice shaking.

“It’s all going to be okay. You won’t make a fool of yourself.” Eliza says calmly, squeezing your shoulder. You smile weakly at her as the wedding march begins. The sisters get into line in front of you, and you are vaguely aware of a large, male hand wrapping around yours and guiding it to a bicep, in preparation to walk you to your groom.

Your cue plays, and you step into the room, catching a quick glimpse at the guests before your eyes are full of John.

It takes all of your willpower to not rip your hand free and sprint down the aisle into his arms.

The walk takes an eternity, but you don’t even care, because he is right there and he is so breathtakingly, mindnumbingly beautiful that you can feel your heart breaking into pieces in your chest but you still don’t care. You could watch him forever.

You love him.

His eyes are alight with so much wonder and love, and his smile is wide, happy and bright. His unruly curls are pulled back into a low ponytail, and he is wearing an immaculate black suit with a lilac tie, the exact shade of your sash.

As you get closer, though, you can notice the faint sheen on his freckled forehead and the slight tremor in his hands as they reach out and encompass yours. His hands are damp with nerves, but that’s okay, because so are yours, your fingers threaded though his as he gives your palm a light squeeze. 

Just being near him calms you. Your jitters subside, and you can see that he visibly calms as well. 

Your eyes lock and your cheeks immediately redden at the emotion and devotion prominent in his gaze. 

“Dearly beloved.” The minister begins. “We are gathered here today…”

You don’t hear any of it, until he motions towards you to say your vows.

“(Name) (Last Name), I have loved you since the moment I first saw you.” John begins. “I remember walking into my English class in my sophomore year, and all I could see was this girl with a (hair colour) head of hair sitting in my usual spot. I was ticked off, until you shifted slightly and your hair fell differently, showing me your face, and all I could see was this gorgeous girl. In my seat.” The crowd titters and he grins before continuing. “I was always too shy to approach you, to which Alexander, Hercules and Lafeyette would tease me to no end, even after introducing us when I would even talk to you rarely. When the teacher assigned us to be partners in our project, I was sick with nerves and convinced I would quit. Until you gave me that beautiful smile of yours and I felt calmer instantly. In that moment I knew that one day, I was going to marry you. I promise to always love you and to forever stay true to you." 

You don’t realise that you are crying until John reaches up to brush your tears away with his thumb.

You take a deep breath before smiling and beginning your own vows. "John Laurens, the second I met you I dreamed of marrying you. When Alexander introduced us, I remember getting so nervous that I had to leave early. On the day you finally asked me to Homecoming, full of nerves and holding a bouquet of lilies, I felt so happy I could burst, and I started crying. We’ve been inseparable ever since. I want to grow old with you. I want to share everything with you. The two children with the fat cocker spaniel and a house with a porch - I don’t need those things, as long as you’re by my side for the rest of my life. You are my everything. I love you so much, and I always will.”

There isn’t a dry eye in the room as you finish. John lets out a quiet, shaky breath as tears brim and slip down his grinning face.

“John Laurens, do you take (Name) (Last Name) to be your lawfully wedded wife?”

“I do.”

“(Name) (Last Name), do you take John Laurens to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

“I do!”

“By the power invested in me,” The minister declares. “I declare you man and wife. You may kiss the bride.”

The last thing you see as your eyes slip shut is your husband's beaming, tearful face as you feel the weight of his lips pressed against yours.

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I am so in love with your "Colored You In" story and I can't wait to see what comes next! You absolutely grip me with your writing! I really love all of the other relationships you develop for Caroline in that story as well, particularly the brotp with Kol! So as an idea for a drabble, would you be open to writing about an adventure or two that they go on?

 I wasn’t sure if you meant in the CYI vers but I’m trying to play in a canon-ish sandbox a bit. So this is post the TVD finale and while it doesn’t *really* mention the magical baby menagerie they do exist.

Nothing But Blue Skies

She’s talking – okay fine, flirting - with Klaus when the call had come in. Her phone’s resting on the café table between them. It’s a cute little French inspired place that served killer pastries, and she and Klaus end up here a couple times a week. Glancing at the number she recognizes the area New Orleans area code but it’s not a number she has programmed into her cell.

Klaus, however, recognizes it instantly.

“Why is Kol calling you?” he asks, curiosity and maybe a tinge of suspicion evident. She’s not offended, has gleaned enough info on the Mikaelson family dynamics to realize that suspicion is Klaus’ default setting where Kol’s involved. And that Kol usually deserves it.

Caroline shrugs in response, clueless. She hasn’t had more than half a dozen conversations with Kol since she’d moved to New Orleans and they mostly involved a battle of wills. He leers and tosses pervy innuendos about things she could do to help with Klaus’ temper. She tries her very hardest to resist the urge to test the strength of her fist against his face. “I honestly have no idea. Should I answer it?”

Klaus appears weary but resigned, “Probably not.”

She does it anyway.

“Caroline,” Kol whines, immediately after she says hello. “I’m stuck.”

Well, that was a weird opener. “Uh, I really have no idea how that concerns me.”

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hi i'm just curious! what flaws do you think kojuro has? i'm doing his ms noww but as far as i can tell his only flaw is being bad at cleaning ): but he's so attractive lmaooo i can't decide whether i like him or not

Hi there, anon! Glad you are doing his Main Story, even though I’m certainly biased, Kojuro’s is one of my favorite and one of the reason why I fell for him! Anyway, it is quite a tough question, isn’t it? I mean, he is seen as a flawless person much by players but also by in-game characters, so, does Kojuro have any flaw? Yes, of course he does, and I’m not just talking about his bad cleaning behavior either. I played all Kojuro’s events so far so I think I do know enough about the man but maybe I’ll miss some informations and I know there are new stuff that got introduced in KoiRan. I’ll try to explain everything the best I can, it’s certainly a bit longer than I intended to write first but I thought that context is always an important part on how I see things. I might have forgotten some informations and apologize in advance if so but I think it should show pretty much that Kojuro has flaws, like anyone else.

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I can't help but think about this. What if something like "Face the Music" happened? But the song is about Tom instead? That's how Marco finds out about Tom's crush on him :p

Ahh oh my gosh!!! This was so much fun to write! I really liked how this one turned out! It takes a bit of a turn but let me know if you like it or not! I didn’t even know if this was a fic request but I just HAD to write it! Enjoy!


“Oh Tom, I’m so happy you finally came to your senses to meet us here.” The clarity spoke. Tom rolled his eyes and she ushered him forward. “Come, come, bring your friend.” She told him. Marco smiled and followed Tom.

“Try to lighten up.” Marco urged. He nudged the demon, Tom blushed a bit and tried to maintain his annoyed look.

“How can I? These ceremonies are the stupidest thing ever.” Tom grumbled. “All they do is evaluate you in front of everyone to brag about how I’ll be the perfect prince.” Tom sighed. “And we all know that’s not true.” He added. “They’re just going to tell everything stupid about me, like that I like to smile and stuff.” He huffed.

“Tom, I’m sure that’s not true.” Marco assured. “They said they wanted to introduce the real you to the kingdom, and that’s gonna be great!” He promised. Tom smiled a bit and they went up on the balcony. There were crowds of demons below them yelling over each other. Once they saw the clarity exit with the prince and Marco they all became quiet, eager to hear what they had to say. Marco noticed Tom seemed nervous, so he touched his arm and gave him a warm smile. “Hey, it’ll be okay.” He promised, causing the demon to melt.

The clarity spoke up. “My people!” She called. “We summon you here to teach you of the underworld’s next ruler!” She declared. “Prince Tom will inherit the throne once he chooses a bride, he is strong and brave and perfectly poised.” She started.

Tom rolled his eyes and looked over at Marco. “I told you it was all going to be bullshit.” Tom muttered. Marco bit his lip and offered Tom a little smile as the clarity continued to talk Tom up and speak lies about how perfect he was. Tom made a face. “I just wish these things would capture the real me… I have flaws, all this does is put pressure on me to be perfect. But I’m not.” Tom whispered to Marco. Marco touched his hand.

“Nobody is.” He assured. The boys listened to the clarity continue her story, but she took a turn rather unexpectedly.

“But do not be fooled by his wonder, as our prince has flaws that cut him deep.” She added. Tom looked up in shock. He assumed she would talk about his anger issues, or all the problems he had with his father. But she didn’t. “As brave as Prince Tom is, he can not summon the courage to speak what his heart wishes him to.” She announced.

“What’s she going on about?” Marco asked. Tom gasped and pulled his hood over his face.

“Oh no… please no…” He begged quietly. But to his horror the clarity continued.

“For prince Tom knows who he wishes to be his bride, which may be his greatest flaw. A human has won the heart of our prince. And despite his efforts, prince Tom is unable to speak the truth to his best friend.” She continued.

“Wait, what?” Marco asked. “Tom, what is she talking about? You’re in love with a human?” Marco asked. Tom blushed violently and shook his head.

“N-no! It’s n-not true!” He looked at the clarity anxiously. “I didn’t think she was going to talk about this!” He groaned.

“Talk about what?” Marco asked.

“I told her I wanted her not to lie to the peopl! Tell them I had flaws, but I didn’t think she would say this!” Tom groaned and covered his face with his hands.

“Tom! Who is she talking about?” Marco demanded. But his question was answered at once when the clarity stepped aside so everyone could see Tom and Marco standing side-by-side.

“Prince Tom is in love with his human best friend, Marco Diaz.” She finished. The clarity began clapping, but the reaction from the citizens was much different. It was dead silent for a minute and then yelling and chaos erupted.



“Our queen will not be a mere MORTAL!”

Demons began screaming and yelling at Tom and the clarity. But Tom wasn’t paying attention to their negative reaction. As the clarity stepped forward and tried to calm them Tom looked over at Marco with a nervous look. He seemed like he was suffering, dreading the conversation that was about to happen.

“Tom?” Marco asked. Tom flinched at his voice. “Uh… did the clarity say you were in love with me?” Marco asked, but he knew she did. Tom swallowed hand and tugged on his horns. “Tom? Is that true?” Marco inquired. Tom jumped.

“I-I uh… I-I… i-i-it’s um….” Tom couldn’t get one coherent word out. Marco felt a little smile cross his lips and he took a step closer.

“Oh my gosh, it is, isn’t it?” Marco asked. He was now grinning very big but Tom was too flustered to notice anything.

“M-m-maybe?” Tom tried, shrugging a bit. He couched and twitched when Marco reached out to hold his hand. “M-M-Marco…?” Tom started nervously. Marco held Tom;s hand close and moved so he was right next to him.

“I never thought you’d feel the same way.” Marco whispered. “I-I was always too nervous to say anything.” Marco admitted, now it was his turn to blush. Tom was at a loss for words and Marco moved closer. “Why didn’t you ever tell me?” He asked.

“Same reason you never told me.” Tom admitted, finally being able to speak connectedly. Marco smiled and held his hand tighter. The two stood there looking at each other for a long while. They kept moving closer and closer. Marco let his eyes falls shut and Tom tilted his head a bit. Everything in that moment seemed perfect and magical, until they were yanked harshly back into the real world.

“Please! Citizens! Calm yourselves! It doesn’t matter who Prince Tom HAS feelings for, he is not permitted to be with a human!” The clarity called over the people. Tom and Marco jumped and looked over at her. “Despite his being in love, it carried no real weight in this matter. He will have to chose from a selection of three demon brides his father selects for him, and they are who he will marry on his nineteenth birthday.” She assured. The demons below them calmed down and began clapped, joyful for this law.

Marco looked over at Tom with wide eyes. “What?” He asked in horror. Tom was looking at the clarity, shocked and appalled as well.

“I-I didn’t know…” Tom admitted. He rn to the clarity. “I have no choice in who I get to spend the rest of my life with?” Tom asked. She patted his head.

“Of course you do Tom!” She assured. “You get to choose any one of the three brides your father chooses.” She told him. Tom spun to look at Marco, and then back at the clarity. He ran to Marco and pulled the human away from the scene.

“Tom, we can’t do this.” Marco told him, pulling away. “You have to marry somebody else in three years. And you’re forbidden to see a human!” Marco reminded. “It’s the law of the kingdom.” He added. Tom spun around to face Marco and took his hands, pulling him close to him.

“I don’t care what the kingdom has to say. I’m not going to let them decide for me.” Tom declared. “I’m not going to spend my life miserable and unhappy because it’s what expected of me.” He added. “Marco… I love you, I want to be with you. I don’t care if we need to hide it and I don’t care if I get in trouble for it.” Tom pressed his forehead against Marco’s. “I love you… please let me love you.” Tom begged. Marco wrapped his arms around the demon and pulled him down into a kiss.

“You’re mine now.” Marco whispered. “And I’d like to see this kingdom try and take you.”

In An Instant: Part 7

Summary: A romantic comedy about what happens when love literally falls through your window.

Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Ash (aka me), Steve Rogers, Others I can’t remember right now

Warnings: Language, general gross cuteness, some angst, bad writing, bad storylines, possible cheating, but mostly major fluff and feels

A/N: Again, per usual, sorry this took so long. Un-betad. Let me know what ya think, ya crazies. 


Originally posted by dailyteamcap

You were awoken from your pity sleep by a not so friendly looking Ash.

“You…I…texted you…Steve says you…no answer… I can't…” Ash was very rarely speechless, you knew she was a new level of upset. “What THE FUCK happened last night?”

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In Your Footsteps: Part 3

You’d never dreamed that something like this could ever happen to you. You had everything…your dream job, a loving boyfriend and the perfect life. But, all that would change with one note and your life would become a living nightmare.

Part 1 (x), Part 2 (x)

Things start to pick up (for the worse) in this part. Although, on the bright side, Roxy makes an appearance. I hope you enjoy it!

Weeks had passed since your reunion with Luke. It felt like barely any time had passed before he announced he had to leave again for a case in New York. The only consolation had been his sincere promise that he’d bring your favourite pastries back.

You’d told him to make the most of the opportunity and visit his family while he was home. He’d been pleased at your suggestions, kissing you tenderly on your forehead as he told you that next time he went home he hoped that he would be introducing you to his parents. The thought had made you blush. It wasn’t often that you fell so quickly in a relationship, but Luke was special. His confession had only strengthened your commitment to him.

So, here you were bidding him farewell – at least for a couple of days. You laughed softly as he pulled you into yet another kiss, his arms wrapping around your waist.

“You have to get going Luke.” You mumbled against his lips, smiling at his low groan of protest. As always, he was reluctant to leave you.

Before he could open his mouth to voice his opposition to the idea, your phone rang out loudly. You rolled your eyes in annoyance as you bent down the examine your mobile screen.

“Who is it?” Luke asked curiously, intrigued by the frown that crossed your face.

“No one.” You sighed softly. “I keep getting these stupid cold calls from unknown numbers. I must have given my number out on a survey or something.”

Luke grinned at your exasperation, pulling your body against his as he pressed another kiss to your lips. “Just block them then. Or, I can get Garcia to hack them?” He offered teasingly, rubbing his hands down your arms soothingly.

“I though she still disliked you, Newbie.” You playfully poked at Luke’s chest, anticipating his reaction to your use of his unsavoury nickname.

“Hey, a little bit of support from my own girlfriend wouldn’t go amiss.” He protested, squeezing your waist to ensure you were paying attention to his words.

“I’m sorry.” You laughed softly, pressing a light kiss to his lips in apology. “Now, get yourself into work before the FBI fires you.”

You hummed happily as you pulled on the flattering cocktail dress. It was a Friday night, you were off work and you were getting ready for a romantic date with your boyfriend. Everything was set for a perfect start to the weekend.

I’ll see you soon x

You grinned down at the text you’d just received from Luke. He’d only just got back from New York, but he was still making the effort to take you out tonight. He really was one of the most considerate partners you’d ever had. Just the thought of seeing his face later tonight made you smile uncontrollably.

Your cheery thoughts were rudely interrupted by a loud knock on the door. You frowned in confusion as you glanced at the time, it seemed a little bit late for a house call. Shaking off your bewilderment, you wandered through the hall and swung open the door.

“Ms Y/L/N?”

You nodded at the delivery man, giving him a small smile in confirmation.

“These are for you.” He told you, handing over a beautiful bunch of orchid flowers.

You beamed at the sight of your favourite flowers. Luke really had made an effort for tonight. “Thank you.” You waved to the delivery man as he bid you goodbye, shutting the door behind you as you strolled into the kitchen to organise the bouquet.

Your smile widened as your eyes fell on the greeting card attached to the flowers. ‘To match your beauty.’

You rolled your eyes at the cheesy statement, Luke must have allowed the florists to write the card for him. Of course, he loved you and he could be very passionate at times. But, usually you both just laughed at overly romantic gestures and soppy messages.

You glanced up at the clock, jumping in shock at the realisation of the time. You were running late. You hurried off to your bedroom to collect your bag, before dashing out of the door.

The orchids were left sat on your kitchen counter, temporarily forgotten about.

Luke greeted you with an enthusiastic kiss, grinning against your lips. You smirked as he eventually pulled away, politely drawing out your chair for you. You flashed him a grateful smile, he’d always been so sweet – especially on dates.

The two of you had decided to meet at your favourite restaurant. It served the best Italian food in the city.

Although, Luke claimed that his colleague David Rossi had argued that his homemade carbonara would beat any competitors.
Luke had been trying to organise for you to join him for a dinner party at Rossi’s mansion for a couple weeks now. Not only would it be nice to unwind with amazing homecooked dishes, but it would be a great chance to introduce you to his team. After all, they were quickly becoming important figures in his life and it would be nice for you to get to know them properly. Unfortunately, work just kept getting in the way of his plans.

After the two of you had eaten, and you’d consumed more than enough red wine (desperate to take advantage of the fact that both of you had the night and the following day off), you sat in comfortable silence just gazing at each other. The peaceful nature of the romantic setting was a welcome change from the chaos of your everyday lives.  

You grazed your bare leg against Luke’s trousers, smirking at the way his eyes darkened. Glancing over the table at you grinning boyfriend reminded you that you had to thank him for his thoughtful gift earlier. You reached forward to grasp his hand, gently squeezing it to ensure you had his full attention.

“Thanks for the flowers by the way. It was a really sweet gesture.”

“What flowers?”

“The orchids you sent to my house earlier.”

“I didn’t send you any flowers Y/N.”

You immediately froze, shocked by the evident confusion in Luke’s expression. His genuine bewilderment told you that he wasn’t joking. But, if he hadn’t sent you the orchids (your favourite flowers) with the romantic note, who had? And how would they have known your address?

Before you had a chance to respond to the surprising turn of events, you phone began to ring shrilly. You glanced down at it in annoyance, shooting Luke an apologetic glance.

“I’m so sorry Luke, it’s work. I have to take it.”

Luke just smiled softly, squeezing your hand in understanding. “It’s fine. You’re a doctor Y/N, you don’t have to apologise for saving lives.”

Your heart fluttered at the encouragement in his soft brown eyes. The respect Luke had shown to both you and your commitment to your profession meant a lot. You pressed a tender kiss to his lips before strolling outside to answer your phone.

It turned out that it was just Grace asking about one of your patient’s medical history. You happily provided her with the information, glad that it wasn’t an emergency call. But, you could only roll your eyes at your friend’s prying into your love life as she began to interrogate you about how your date was going.

“It’s going fine Grace.”

“Just fine? Did he-”

“Bye Grace.” You told her, laughing softly as you hung up on your persistent friend. If she was still desperate for details on Monday, you’d give her the rundown in work. But, for now you wanted to spend time with the handsome FBI agent sat inside waiting for you.

Suddenly, an unexpected chill ran down your spine. You couldn’t explain the uneasy feeling sweeping over your body. Something just felt wrong.

You subconsciously glanced around the dark street as if trying to find the source of your discomfort. Your eyes strained as they fell upon the entrance of an alley opposite the restaurant. It was dark, but you could have sworn that you saw one of the shadows move.

The blood in your veins seemed to freeze as your heart thudded nervously against your rib cage. There was someone there, you were sure of it.


You jumped in shock, clutching at your chest.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.” Luke apologised, placing his hands in his pockets as he gazed at you curiously. “I just wanted to make sure you were okay. You’ve been gone a while.” His eyes glanced over at the alley, wondering what you had been so preoccupied with.

“Yeah, I- I’m fine.” You stammered before coughing loudly, trying to clear your throat. You mentally cursed how strained your voice sounded. “Are we ready to go?” You asked in an attempt to divert his attention to a different topic.

But, Luke was a profiler and, more importantly, he knew you well enough to know when something was troubling you.

“Are you sure you’re okay? You seem nervous.” He took a step forward, outstretching his arm to gently cup your cheek. His dark eyes seemed to pierce through your skin as you shifted uncomfortably.

In all honesty, you just felt silly. You didn’t want to burden him with your paranoia.

You just nodded, deciding that it was better to avoid unnecessarily worrying your already suspicious boyfriend. But, you did have a request to ask him.

“Can I stay at yours tonight please? I’m not in work tomorrow and I just don’t feel like staying at home alone.”

Luke nodded slowly, murmuring that you were always welcome to at his apartment. However, you could feel his curious eyes examining you closely as you linked your arm with his. He could definitely tell something was bothering you. You just moved closer to him as he pressed a tender kiss to the top of your head.

The strange occurrences had shaken you, but you were determined to make the most of the night you had left with your boyfriend.

You woke up to Luke gently nuzzling your neck, his stubble lightly scratching against your exposed skin.

“Morning.” You greeted him quietly, your voice still thick with sleep. His calming presence had soothed all your nerves and worries from the night before.

“Good morning.” He murmured, his warm breath tickling your skin. “I was going to surprise you with breakfast in bed to celebrate our day off, but I couldn’t bring myself to leave you all alone in bed.”

You smirked at the suggestive tone in his voice, reaching behind you to entangle your fingers in short dark curls.

“I’m more than content to spend the entire day in bed with you Luke…” You whispered, smiling as he pressed delicate kisses onto your neck, his lips trailing downwards. “But-” You interrupted his attentions by tugging on his hair. You pulled him closer to you as you turned around to face him.

His longing eyes darkened as you leaned forward to capture his lips with yours. He sighed heavily as you pulled away, placing a firm hand on his chest to halt his affections.

“I need breakfast first.” You giggled at the exasperated roll of his eyes, before he sat up fully.

“Bacon and eggs?” He questioned, knowing full well what your favourite breakfast food was. You nodded eagerly, biting your lip to contain your growing smile. Luke was such a great cook, but it wasn’t often that the two of you had the time to properly enjoy breakfast in bed together.

Luke cupped your face in his hands as he gave you another kiss. “Just so you know you have the best boyfriend ever. I only ever cook breakfast for you.”

You shot Luke a mischievous glare, hitting his arm playfully. “That’s not true! You cook for Roxy every morning.”

Luke grinned widely, shrugging his shoulders. “Let me rephrase that, I only ever cook for my two favourite girls.”

You couldn’t help but smile at his goofy grin, squealing as he leaned forward to tickle you. He could always take your mind off your troubles.

The former army ranger’s light-hearted and amusing personality had been a pleasant surprise to you at first. But, over the time you’d spent together you quickly realised that he was anything but a stone-faced FBI agent.

Whether it was tickling you or blowing raspberries onto your skin, Luke was always teasing you. He’d previously told you that he adored the sound of your laughter, so he’d made it his personal mission to make you laugh.

However, Luke’s playful assault was suddenly interrupted by his phone ringing. He immediately groaned, running his hands over his face in distress. He reluctantly picked up his phone.

“Alvez. Yeah…I’ll be right in.” He shut his eyes in frustration as he abruptly hung up. You ran your fingers through his hair soothingly, his disappointment at your ruined plans for the weekend was evident.

“I’m so sorry Y/N, I-”

You quietly shushed him, silencing him with a light kiss. “It’s okay Luke. What did you say last night? You don’t have to apologise for saving lives.”

Luke smiled softly at you before placing a tender kiss on you palm. “It’s not so much saving lives this time, rather finishing the endless paperwork the team’s fell behind on. But, you’re amazing anyway.”

“Obviously.” You smirked up at him as he stood up to begin getting ready, admiring his sculpted chest. He caught your gaze and raised a suggestive eyebrow.

“Are you checking me out Y/N Y/L/N?”

You just shot him a smug smile as you shrugged your shoulders, happily flopping back into the comfort of his pillows. Your vision was suddenly obscured as Luke playfully threw his shirt from last night at you.

“You can stay here today if you want. I find the thought of you waiting at home for me…in just my shirt, very sexy.” Luke winked at you mischievously, chuckling at your sarcastic eye roll. He stood up, pulling on his new clean shirt for the day, before he kissed you goodbye. “Roxy can keep you company.”

You shook you head in amusement as Roxy bounded around the field, enthusiastically chasing after her Frisbee.

After Luke’s departure, you’d decided to make the most of the sunny weather and take her a walk. It hadn’t taken long for the loveable pooch to adjust to your frequent presence in Luke’s home. By this point, she’d become accustomed to you and even excited by your visits, relishing in the affection you lavished on her.

Roxy had sauntered back up to you looking slightly guilty as you bent down to pat her on her head. Apparently, she’d managed to lose her toy. You just laughed as you stroked her soft fur, finding her canine antics amusing.

“I think you may have lost this.”

You turned around at the sound of the man’s voice, smiling as your eyes fell on the Frisbee he had clasped in his hand.

“Thank you.” You told him gratefully as he handed it back over to you. A soft growling noise caught both of your attention as Roxy moved to stand protectively in front of you.  

“Roxy!” You scolded, telling her off for her unusual display of aggression. In all the time you’d know her, she’d never been hostile to anyone. It was strange and unsettling to see her so on edge. “I’m sorry, she’s my boyfriend’s dog.” You glanced up, apologising to the kind stranger. “I don’t know what’s got into her.”

The man just shrugged, flashing you a smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes as he glared down at Roxy. He seemed almost irritated by her presence, rather than being understandably scared.

“No worries. Some dogs just don’t take well to strangers.” He explained, his eyes softening as they fell back on you.

You frowned in confusion as you examined the man stood in front of you. There was something about him that seemed extremely familiar. Was it his posture? His eyes? Before you could ask whether you’d met him before, he smiled politely at you and bid you farewell, claiming he had to get back home.

You nodded and waved goodbye to him, keeping a hand on Roxy’s collar with your other hand. She seemed to be very agitated by his presence. You made a mental note to ask Luke whether she had a fear of unfamiliar men. Perhaps she need to be familiarised to others through her owner in order to feel confident around them.

You shrugged off your concerns as Roxy relaxed once again, licking your hand affectionately. Your stomach rumbled loudly, seemingly annoyed at you for skipping breakfast. You laughed quietly to yourself as you bent down to reattach her lead. It seemed as if your day at the park was over.

You decided to dash into your favourite coffee shop in Luke’s neighbourhood on your way home to grab a cup of coffee and pastry. It wouldn’t be as satisfying as one of Luke’s homecooked breakfasts, but it would do.

You woke up hours later, curled up comfortably on Luke’s sofa as Roxy snored quietly beside you. The slight darkness outside informed you that it must be early evening. It had been an enjoyable day overall. You’d made the most of your time off to catch up on trivial television shows, ensuring that you’d recorded Impractical Jokers for Luke. He found the show absolutely hysterical and every single episode left him in stiches of laughter. You’d found it amusing in itself to watch him cry at the juvenile comedy show.

A low buzz caught your attention, you glanced down at your phone expecting it to be a message from Luke. It was a voicemail. You affectionately scratched Roxy behind her ears as the sleepy dog began to stir.

After you dialled the code to listen to the message, you frowned in confusion. All you could hear was complete silence…for a moment. Then, the eerie sound of heavy breathing echoed down the phone. It sounded similar to the call you’d received outside the bar the other week. But, why would a cold caller leave a voicemail?

You slammed your phone down as you hung up. It felt stupid but the strange calls were slightly unnerving you. You couldn’t explain why silence or heavy breathing was distressing you so much, but your instincts just told you that something was wrong.

Your panicked thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a loud crash outside the front door. You spun around in shock as Roxy leapt up, rushing towards the door. You stared in shock as she began to growl ferociously. Then you heard it, footsteps echoed down the corridor as someone sprinted away.  

You cautiously approached the door, your fingers stroking Roxy’s soft fur in an effort to both soothe her and calm your own nerves. You took a deep breath before opening the door, almost dreading what could be on the other side. It was far too early for Luke to be home. He’d still be catching up on paperwork in Quantico.

Glass littered the floor outside as you looked down in surprise at the mess. Your eyes fell upon the outside light that had been smashed. Who on earth could have broken it? Perhaps Luke had some reckless neighbours or some bored children had been left to roam the halls?

You glanced down the corridor to see if anyone was present, but no one was there. You shuddered slightly, before you slammed the door shut.

Roxy glanced up at you innocently, before wrapping herself around your legs protectively. Apparently, she could sense your uneasiness. You allowed her to lick your hand with her warm tongue as you bent down to comfort her.

You glanced hopefully at the clock, noticing that Luke should be home within the next hour or so and, in all honesty, you couldn’t wait to be reunited with him again.

However, little did you know that this was just the beginning of your ordeal.







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Hi Ridia! Apologies if this scenario has been asked for before. What if Misaki's deadbeat dad suddenly contacts him out of nowhere and asks to meet up. Misaki takes Saruhiko along with him for emotional support!

So imagine Yata gets like a phone call from his bio dad wanting to meet up and at first he isn’t sure how to feel, part of him wants to just tell the old man to fuck off for disappearing for years and only now calling him. But on the other hand part of him is just so excited, like he’s never quite felt part of his family but here’s a missing piece – he tries to think of his stepdad as his father but part of Yata’s always whispering that of course his stepdad isn’t his real dad, he’s Minoru and Megumi’s dad and it’s different, Yata’s different. So the idea that his biological dad wants to see him and maybe have a relationship makes Yata feel like finally he’s got this family connection he was always lacking, like he’s wanted in a way he didn’t quite feel before. I’m imagining that all the initial contact was Yata’s dad not really asking for anything, just wanting to connect with his son and then slowly working up to ‘hey we should meet.’ Yata doesn’t tell his mom about all this because even though he knows his parents split on bad terms his dad’s been upfront about that and about how he’s changed and wants a relationship with his son now. Yata feels like he needs some support if he’s going to meet his dad face to face though so he asks Fushimi to come along. I think initially Fushimi would be wary of the whole idea because obviously he is not a big believer in fathers in general, but Yata’s insistent in at least hearing his dad out and he’d feel better if he had Saruhiko along. Fushimi’s chest feels tight every time he hears Yata talking about the possibility of reconnecting with his dad but even so Fushimi agrees to accompany him, figuring that if it goes bad at least Fushimi’s there as backup.

From there we have two scenarios, the happy one and the angst one. Happy scenario, Yata’s dad really has changed, is super thrilled to see his son, they talk, they cry, Yata introduces his dad to his boy best friend and even suspicious Fushimi relaxes a little and tries to not be a total asshole to Yata’s dad. Angst scenario, Yata’s dad immediately tries to ask Yata for money and poor Yata is crushed that his dad never really wanted to connect with him in the first place. Imagine maybe Yata’s dad even works for some rival gang and tried to turn Yata in as the vanguard of Homra, like there’s a bunch of guys waiting for Yata and Fushimi when they arrive and Yata’s dad is all like ‘man I got lucky that my son had such a big bounty on his head.’ Poor Yata is both pissed and devastated and of course Yata’s devastation makes Fushimi that much more pissed, like part of him is thinking that of course it turned out this way because fuck fathers but part of him is also really upset because this lowlife hurt Misaki and Fushimi is not down with that. Yata starts beating up the bad guys and maybe his dad tries to make a run for it, Fushimi stops him and pins him to the wall with knives. Fushimi’s about to take Yata’s dad down when Yata tells him to stop, Yata will handle this. Yata walks over to his dad, glowing red and fists clenched and asks what the fuck his dad thinks he was doing. Yata’s dad panics and tries to say that wait this is all a misunderstanding they forced him and he’s so proud of his boy really but it’s so clearly fake. Yata just gives this angry yell and throws a punch, hitting the wall behind his dad and making a dent. He only burns his dad a bit though, I think he’d decided scum like this isn’t even worth no blood no bone no ash and he strides away with Fushimi after him. Later Yata’s like guess you were right Saruhiko and I’m an idiot, Fushimi sighs and sits next to him, grudgingly admitting that Yata’s not that much of an idiot and anyway this is his dad’s loss, right. Yata’s like that was super unconvincing but thanks for trying Saruhiko (and then later he goes back home to see his mom and just gives her this big hug because this reminded him how much his family really does love him.)

james and lily never died au headcanons
  • When harry writes home in second year about draco calling hermione a mudblood, lily sends an owl to mcgonagall to set up a time to have tea with hermione. Later that week she floos to hogwarts one afternoon and she and hermione have tea in mcgonagalls office. They talk about how hard it can be to be muggleborn. How unfair it is to be discriminated against. How difficult it is when your parents will never really understand. Lily shares her experiences: how she was teased too, how she let it motivate her to out perform all the purebloods, how she’s succeeded in her career and how she knows hermione will too because harry always talks about how smart she is. Lily ends the tea by telling hermione to send her an owl if she ever wants to talk and hermione is so grateful that from then on she idolizes lily potter and they talk like once a week 

  • Harry expected his first flying lesson to be boring. After all he’s been flying for years, taught by his dad and sirius. But then malfoy steals nevilles rememberall and harry isn’t just going to sit there and let it happen. The school’s broom is slower than what he’s used to but he still catches the remembrall and lands safely on the grass. When he sees mcgonagall crossing the lawn he knows he’s going to be in trouble and when she says she’s going to owl his parents he’s like oh shit. Then she introduces him to oliver wood and offers him the seeker position on the gryffindor quidditch team he’s confused but pretty excited. When james and lily arrive in mcgonagalls office later that evening, harry’s still worried he might get in trouble and as mcgonagall tells the story he can see his mom starting to get ready to lecture him about listening to teachers. But then james is just grinning like “you made that catch on a cleansweep four??? I have the coolest kid ever. Wait til i tell sirius.” And when mcgonagall asks if they’re alright with harry being gryffindor’s new seeker james is like a five year old on christmas. And harry finally realizes he’s not getting in trouble and gets really excited and lily’s grinning at the two of them and even mcgonagall is smiling

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Aaaa I love your concubine mamas!! I can't wait for Elise's !! But do you have any headcanons for Arete's relationship with them, or with each other?

Wow, thank you!! I didn’t realize people would be so excited for Elise’s mom. You’ll have to wait a bit for her picture, but she’ll be introduced, don’t worry. >v<

Here’s links to Ione, Camilla’s mom and Theodora, Leo’s mom for reference. (Un?)fortunately, Elise’s mom wasn’t too involved in the concubine wars, so the others don’t know her very much at all.

Headcanons and Concubine War stuff under the cut.

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Prompt: showing off Amy in Texas (Mary or Missy)

“Oh Amy, you’re just going to love my church group” Mary beamed as she climbed out of the car and made her way into the building.

Sheldon rolled his eyes. He loved his mother but sometimes she could be a bit much. As soon as he told her that Amy would be coming for thanksgiving, she had invited the whole family around as well as several strangers.

Somehow over all these years, he had still managed to fall victim to the infernal ‘attend church once a year’ rule. At least this time he would have Amy next to him.

However, that did not come as much comfort when he was sat on a hard wooden pew for hours in a swelteringly hot church whilst middle-aged ladies swooned around him. The service had ended but he had been trapped by his mother’s friends.

“Oh Mary is this your son?”
“Little Sheldon! You’ve gotten so tall! I remember when you were only yay high”
“I hear you’re a rocket scientist now”

After battling off the sea of women, Sheldon made a bee line for Amy who had been laughing at him. Lucky for her, no one knew her here so she was safe from their nattering.

“Come on, we’re getting out of here” he took Amy’s hand and attempted to drag her through the crowd.

This was a mistake.

“Sheldon, who is this fine young lady?”
“Who’d have thought little Shelly would have a girlfriend?”
“My, my, my, who do we have here?”

Suddenly, they were encapsulated yet again. There was no escape.
Sheldon watched as Amy smiled broadly and introduced herself to everyone. She shook their hands and smiled and talked about herself and her job and her relationship with Sheldon who also joined in on some of the conversations. In a word, Amy was a delight.

Eventually, Mary, Sheldon and Amy piled back into the car to get home.
Sheldon had no idea how Amy could stand such torment. It was hardly a surprise though. Amy was wonderfully charming and intelligent. She had plenty of worthy accomplishments and was a renowned scientist.

For a while there he had actually enjoyed talking to his mom’s friends. They admired Amy almost as much as he did which was the first thing anyone in this town had ever been right about. Once the topic of conversation had moved to his girlfriend, Sheldon had barely been able to stop talking.

Amy pulled into the driveway of his childhood home. The rest of the family had managed to escape church and had been busy cooking ready for thanksgiving dinner.

Missy stood at the table placing down plates and plates of delicious food.

“Amy, this pie looks delicious”

“Thank you Missy” Amy replied earnestly.

“You should try her spinach dip. To this day I think it is the best thing I’ve ever tasted” Sheldon beamed at his girlfriend, radiating pride.

Missy smiled at the private eye contact she saw the couple make.

“Let me help you with that” Amy walked over to help Missy who was struggling with several plates and glasses. Amy staggered under the weight of the crockery until Sheldon came to her rescue.

“I’ll take these” he smiled and walked through to the kitchen.

“You never would usually catch Shelly helping with the dishes. You bring out something good in him. Poor soul never stops talking about you” Missy giggled at how smitten her brother was with his girlfriend.

When thanksgiving dinner was finally ready, the whole family gathered around the table. Mary’s usual seat next to Sheldon was taken by Amy and Mary now sat the other side of her. She grasped Amy’s hand tight and closed her eyes ready for prayer.

“Sheldon? Would you lead today’s prayer?”

Sheldon rolled his eyes but held out his hand for Amy to take and reached for his sister’s with the other. He cleared his throat.

“Dear Lord, your existence is-”

“Sheldon!” Mary’s voice gave him a warning.

Amy squeezed her boyfriends hand in support. Sheldon sighed and gave in.

“Dear Lord, we thank you for this meal we are about to receive”

He let go of everyone’s palms, believing he was finished.

“More” Mary instructed, still with her eyes closed.

Another sigh and Sheldon continued, “We thank you for our health. We thank you for…”
Sheldon stuttered, running out of things to be thankful for.

Amy’s whispered overtook and finished for him, “We thank you for family and friends and the love we share with them”

“Amen” everyone chorused.

Mary opened her eyes, “Amy that was lovely”

Suddenly, Sheldon interrupted, “Wait!”
He grasped for his neighbours hands again and closed his eyes. Everyone copied in confusion, unsure as to what he was doing.

When all was quiet, Sheldon began with a soft whisper.

“Lord, we would like to also put special thanks for Amy Farrah Fowler”
He felt Amy’s hand tense in his but continued regardless and help her tighter.

“Thank you for carving the most perfect human being, thank you for her incredible patience, her understanding, her wonderful intelligence and capacity to care more than anyone else I know. Thank you Amy for bringing love to my life”

Sheldon finished to a silent room. Slowly, everyone of opened their eyes and looked over to Sheldon and Amy. Amy’s cheeks were a deep red but her eyes were full of love as she held tightly to Sheldon’s hand.

Mary picked up her glass and held it in the air. Everyone copied and clinked glasses.


i missed you the most (luke hemmings one shot)

somehow you find the other half of your soul in your cheesy, weird best friend luke


it’s been a year and your best friend luke is back home and you’re kind of in love with him

“There’s a twig in your hair.”

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Please may you write a 4/4 where you can't say I love you and get really uncomfortable when they say they love you or something along those lines


“I love you” he said.

I never thought I’d be in this position. Just a few months ago I stumbled upon Luke at school. Literally.

My ex- boyfriend had dumped me and as I was running away from him I ran straight into Luke knocking him over. You see, I didn’t have the best reputation, i was one of those girls who had a wild side and was kind of always getting into trouble whereas Luke was the complete opposite. He was also a good person, helpful, adorable, geeky and innocent.

But since the day I met him I became a bad influence. We became friends somehow and spent nearly everyday together even if I just watched him do his homework or if he just watched me cause trouble.

But now in this moment he ruined everything.

I don’t love. I’ll never love.

It was silent as Luke looked at me expectantly.

“Well?…” He whispered “say something” he urged “please”

“Luke, you’re a great guy, it’s just I love you too … As a friend” I explained. He shot up from where he was sitting mumbling about how he had to quickly leave.

“Luke” I called after him “Luke”

He wouldn’t listen.

“Luke please, don’t go” I said sadly

“I have to, I can’t stand being around you anymore. I’ve ruined it, nothing will ever be the same” he he sniffed before turning around and leaving.

After that he never talked to me again. He turned completely back into his old self, having no social life, doing his homework the second he got it and wearing his glasses all the time.

It was all my fault because I didn’t love him.


“For fuck sake! We can’t keep doing this Michael! What do you want from me?” I cried

“You, I just want you. I don’t want you to leave at night, I don’t want you to be with other people.” He sighed defeatedly.

“Michael..” I whimpered as he took my face into his large hands.

“Please say you love me back” he whispered his breath fanning over my face.

“Michael… I c-can’t” I whispered back.

“You can. Please. I know you love me. Just say it. I need to hear it” he said his eyes watery.

“I-I d-don’t love you” I croaked

“THATS BULLSHIT AND YOU KNOW IT” he screamed in anger pinching the wall splitting his knuckles open as he was now openly crying.

I pulled him into the bathroom pushing him down onto the edge of the bath searching for the first aid kit.

Once I found it, I wiped up the blood on his hand. As I went to put it away, he grabbed my hand.

“Please say you need me as much as I need you” he said brokenly

“Michael… I care about you… A lot” I said starting to get uncomfortable. I could love him if I let myself, but I didn’t want to get hurt

“Stop guarding yourself and let yourself fall in love, I’ll keep you safe I promise” he reassured.

“I’ll stay” I said. Although it wasn’t quite the three words he wanted to hear, he still smiled widely at me as he knew that I was going to try.


He was always so horrible to me. Every time I went to see the other boys he was always there. I was Luke’s best friend and as soon as he introduced me to the other 5SOS boys ashton took a serious disliking to me.

“Those shorts make you look like a. common slut” Ashton said as soon as I walked in.

“Thanks” I sighed hurt. He looked at me confused as I didn’t say anything back.

“Hey Luke” I smiled as I saw him.

Ashton scoffed from beside me but I ignored him.

“Where are you going?” Ashton asked as I walked to the bathroom.

“To wash my hands” I said bluntly.

“Oh” he said quietly following me.

“Why are you following me?” I asked curiously.

“No reason.” He stated as he followed me all the way into the bathroom.

“This is weird” I said awkwardly.

He looked deep in thought.

I looked at him catching his eye as he stared at me.

“I-I..” He started but stopped himself shaking his head.

“What were you going to say?”

“I love you.” He blurted out

“Is this a joke?” I laughed

He looked hurt. And then I realised it wasn’t.

“Oh god, you’re being serious aren’t you?”

He nodded. “Ashton…” I started off.

What was I meant to say to someone who told me they loved me but had been horrible to me ever since I met him.

It was awkward and uncomfortable as I decided to leave the bathroom to find the others.

Ever since that moment ashton has never said a rude comment to me and has acted civilly towards me making me fall in love with him just a little. But I would never tell him that.


It was a beautiful sunny day. Wait cut that crap. It was a sunny day.

Anyway, I was on my way to my best friend Calum’s as he woke me up at 6am this morning much to my dismay. He was upset and said he needed to talk to me badly.

So here I was 7am knocking on his apartment door.

He opened it and revealed his face. He had tear streaks down his face and his eyes were red and puffy there as no doubt that he was about to cry again.

“Oh gosh, cal” I said running to hug him “what happened?” I asked

“She broke up with me” he sniffed


“S-she said that she thought I was cheating on her” he sobbed

“What why would she think that?” I asked confused. Calum would never do that he’s way to nice.

“Because she saw the way I look at you. She told me that she wished I looked at her that way with as much love and admiration that I look at you with.” He said quietly

“What?” I said shocked

“She accused me of being in love with you”

“Are you?” I asked curiously

It went silent. And he slowly nodded.

“Calum, I-I don’t know what to say” I said awkwardly.

“It’s fine. You don’t have to say anything just promise you’ll still be my best friend”

I nodded “of course I will, I just need some time to think” I said before giving him a small hug and leaving.

Request: Can you do a fic where the reader is practically the Winchesters little sis. And she has a crush on a on one of her guy friends and she gets all frustrated that the boy she has a crush on is pretty clueless about her feelings for him and Cas appears because she is frustrated and he can't figure out why and she has to tell him it's a crush then she has to explain what a crush is. Just really funny and stuff thanks :)

“You wanna hang out this weekend?” You asked Kyle, your best friend and crush. 

“Sure!” He exclaimed, and you smiled widely. “Is the whole gang invited?” He asked after a moment, referring to your other friends. 

“Uh, yeah!” You said, lying. You’d really just wanted to hang out with him, alone, but you panicked. The most frustrating thing about the whole situation was how clueless Kyle was. All your friends knew you had a crush on him, and they found out before you even told them! You laughed at all of Kyle’s jokes, even the ones that weren’t funny, and you were always around each other. All your friends thought he liked you too, but he never asked you out, so you weren’t sure. 

You were about to suggest hanging out alone, but then you saw Castiel, and knew your time was up. “My uncle’s here. I’ll text you.” You said to Kyle and waved goodbye. “Hey, Cas.” You greeted the angel.

“Hello, Y/N.” He said. “How was school?”

“Fine.” You answered, but you were still thinking over the whole Kyle situation. Maybe you could pretend that all your friends said they couldn’t go, then it would just be the two of you. 

“You seem distracted.” Castiel commented.

“Okay.” You replied, not really hearing what he was saying. 

“Why-” Castiel started, but stopped once you felt a buzz. You pulled your phone out and saw that Kyle had texted you. 

I just asked Alex, he can hang out whenever.

You groaned and put the phone away. You’d answer him later. “Are you okay?” Castiel asked.

“Fine.” You answered, your voice a little harder than it needed to be.

“You’re lying. Why are you lying?”

“Cas, I’m fine. I’m just a little frustrated, is all.” You explained.


“Because you keep asking me questions!” You exclaimed. Castiel tilted his head at you, and you instantly felt bad. He didn’t really understand this stuff. “I’m sorry. It’s just… I have a huge crush on one of my friends, and he’s completely oblivious." 

"Crush?” Castiel asked, tilting his head.

You couldn’t help but laugh slightly. “It’s just a term. It means that I really, really, really like him, and he has no idea." 

"I don’t understand.” Cas stated, shaking his head slightly.

You sighed and thought about a better way to explain it. “Do you love anybody?”



“You, Sam, Dean-” Cas started.

“No. See, we know you love us. And we love you too. If you have a crush on someone, they have no idea that you love them.” You explained. 

“Oh. I don’t like anybody like that.” Cas stated.

“Then you’re lucky. It sucks.”

“Then why do you-” Cas started, but you stopped him.

“You can’t pick when you have a crush. It just sorta happens.” You shrugged.

“You should tell him you like him.” Castiel suggested.

“That’s the worst idea I’ve ever heard.” You muttered.


“Because what if he doesn’t like me back?” You answered before he could finish his question. “It would just make everything awkward, and he’s like my best friend." 

"I could… I could read his thoughts, if you want.” Cas offered, and you stopped in your tracks.

“Wait, really?”

“Of course.” He said.

“Cas, that’d be great!” You attacked him in a huge hug. “Pick me up from school tomorrow and I’ll introduce you to him.” You said, and Cas nodded. You couldn’t wait for school tomorrow.

(I hope you like it!)