i can't wait for her to find that he's her dark prince

explaining star wars to non-fans
  • me: so i'll start from the beginning just to make things more easy for you too understand. well...ok let's start with episode I or previous...imagine: obi wan is just a boy that nobody wants as padawan you know an "I'm still here situation" but then qui gon takes him as apprentice like you know a little "you'll be in my heart". they are master and padawan and they have to rescue the queen of naboo, doing that, they find a little kid named Anakin all "i just can't wait to be king" a sassy little boy. qui gon decides to take him as apprentice but unfortunately he dies leaving obi wan in despair and with the burden of training the boy. yoda is all "he lives in you" to obi wan and the ginger decides to train the boy on his master's will. obi wan is kind and "we are one" with the boy but the more anakin grows the more he is impertinent. anakin and the queen of naboo (padme) meet again and there's this moment of "two worlds" between them, anakin feels things he has never felt and obi wan is hella scared because "can you feel the love tonight?" and jedis cannot have relationships. anakin begins to be tormented by his feelings and visions of his mother dying and senator palpatine a "poor unfortunate souls" old bitch tries to bring anakin to the dark side. the young jedi has long days of tormented thoughts you know like "reflection" and then he starts to throw hate at obi wan. in the end anakin decides to "let it go" and becomes a sith, guess who? darth vader. padme gives birth to luke and leia and this time is obi wan who's all "you'll be in my heart".
  • luke becomes an adult and he finds obi wan who's old and all "son of a man" to luke and decides to train him as a jedi. meanwhile the badass leia a girl all "i'm almost there" is kidnapped by vader. luke meets han solo and chewbacca that are all "one jump ahed" and the adventure starts after a wonderful tavern scene like "i've got a dream" . they save leia but obi wan dies and becomes one with the force. then after some years they are on hoth a bloody cold planet, R2 and C3PO are all "love is an open door" and the empire attacks. luke flies away on daghobah where old yoda trains him in a "one last hope" style. leia and han find shelter at cloud city but then they discover that lando, han's friend, has betrayed them and there's a fantastic scene where vader sits at the table all like "be our guest" and then we'll kill you. han and leia have fallen in love in a "whole new world way" but han is frozen in carbonite and leia can't do anything to stop it. luke comes to save the day and starts fighting with vader who says to be his father in a creepy "mother knows best" way. luke escapes thanks to leia and chewbacca who rescue him. jabba's palace, leia is made slave, "prince ali" style everyone and then lando and luke try to save their friends from the sarlacc. the empire is building a new death star and leia finds the ewoks in a "happy working song" kind of way. luke fights with vader and vader gives up showing his last hint of love for his son, yes now it's vader to be all "you'll be in my heart". the rebels win, the empire is destroyed. han and leia are happy together and everyone is relieved and free.
  • many years later nobody knows where luke is, the resistance is searching for him and a sassy pilot named poe loses his droid with the long wanted map and is captured by the bad guys. meanwhile there is this girl rey who lives on a crappy sandy planet but it's all "touch the sky" and finds the droid with the map. poe is helped to escape by finn, a stormtrooper who wants to be good all "go the distance" and stuff. the bad guys are angry, general phasma, a woman pretty much "make a man out of you" is disappointed by general hux a ginger space nazi who blames kylo ren, aka ben solo, the son of leia and han who is all "i wannabe like you" for grandpa vader, he's a sith trained by supreme leader snoke a "be prepared" bitch. many things are done, finn and rey find han solo who brings them to a wise orange alien "circle of life" style who runs a tavern where rey finds luke's lightsaber and feels the force roaring "colors of the wind". rey is captured by kylo ren, the ginger nazi and the menacing phasma. thank to the force rey escapes and reunites with her new paternal figure han and her friend finn, they try to escape the base-planet-deathstar of the bad guys but kylo ren stops them. he kills his father and fights rey but the girl wins and goes away with the rebels. in the end rey finds luke who's also all "circle of life" face and the movie ends and we don't know anything more so far.
  • person: did you just explained me star wars through disney songs?
  • me: vanishes into the force.

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Jay and Evie and their first kiss and first I love you.

Thank you for the prompt. I have several theories about their first kiss/first ‘I love you’ and this is one of them. Also, I wanted to tell you that I LOVE your writing about them and I feel honored that you sent me this :)

I hope you’ll like it!

Evie couldn’t say she saw it coming. Truthfully, she didn’t. Sure, Jay and her were close, closer than most people would consider appropriate but so far it hadn’t bothered any of them. It was just the way they were around each other, nothing more, nothing less. Or so she thought.

That was why she agreed to go on a date with Doug. After all, she wasn’t dating anyone and he was sweet and could see that she was more than ‘just beautiful’. But then again, so did her friends. She should have known something was wrong when Jay stormed off of hers and Mal’s dorm once she told them the news. However, Mal had simply shrugged at Evie’s confused look and Carlos had looked down sheepishly. None of them dared to say anything and that was when Evie understood that something was really off. She took off for the tourney field then, knowing that she would find him there.

And, indeed, there he was, sitting on the bleachers and staring off at something she couldn’t see. She approached him but made sure he didn’t see her before she was too close for him to run off again.

“Hey!”, Evie said, catching him by surprise and sitting down next to him. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” His reply was quick and curt, which only made Evie frown. He hadn’t even made eye contact with her since she joined him. Besides, Jay usually never talked to her that way: actually, she was pretty sure he always used his softest tone when he was speaking to her. She tried her best not to look hurt and kept going.

“Obviously something is since you won’t even look at me.”, she couldn’t help her reproachful tone. But once again, Jay ignored her and she was starting to get annoyed at his childish behaviour. She was looking ahead of her now, as he was. “You know Jay, I thought we were friends and so that if something was bothering you, you would tell me.” She saw him flinch from the corner of her eye and she knew she was getting close.

“You never told me anything. And you were the first one to say that I was smarter than my looks.”, she chuckled humorlessly as her heart clenched. She really hated when he wasn’t talking to her and especially when she didn’t know how to make him acknowledge her again. She looked up at him then, in hope that he was having some reaction to everything she was saying. His leg was moving restless, a nervous habit that only worried Evie more. What wasn’t he telling her? And at that moment, as if he heard her last thought, he finally spoke.

“I can’t, Evie. I can’t tell you.” His voice was low and it almost broke when he said her name. Tears welled up in her eyes at his tone, even though she didn’t even know why (well, she suspected she may know why but she wasn’t sure yet. It couldn’t be, could it?). Her hand reached out to clasp his and, at last, he looked at her in the eye. “I’m no prince, E. I’m not even a good person. Hell, the only thing I could think of when you told us you were going on a date with Doug was how I wanted to punch him.” He smiled sadly. “He didn’t even do anything to me. It’s just that…” He looked at her intensely with his dark eyes, trying to convey his feelings without having to express them with words.

Evie was studying his face, his eyes especially and her grip tightened on his hand. “You’re good, Jay. We both know that.”

When he shook his head, she used her other hand to stroke his cheek tenderly. “You are. You have to believe me. We are not our parents and…” She took a deep breath before speaking again. “I don’t even blame you for thinking that, actually.” She offered him a small, coy smile. “If anything, it only proves that you care about me…” She trailed off and got lost in his eyes again, waiting for his next words.

Jay sighs and shook his head, although he was smiling now. “I don’t know how you manage to not realize how much I love you.”

And sure, Evie had started to have some doubts about Jay’s feelings towards her a few weeks ago but she had no idea that love, real love, was involved. Therefore, she was speechless at his confession. Jay seemed to have held his breath and was obviously waiting for her to say something but at the moment, her mind was blank.

Finally, she was able to speak again. “You love me?” And it was only then that she realized how silly the whole thing was. It sounded so evident now that she, herself, couldn’t believe it took her so long that this was it. The longing when they were apart, the heartache when he didn’t talk to her, the pang in her chest when he flirted with Audrey. It all made sense now and it was as if she could finally see for the first time.

Jay was still looking at her, he looked as if he knew that she had come to the same conclusion as him. “I love you too”, she smiled at him in confirmation. “But you knew that already, didn’t you?”

He laughed then and Evie was overwhelmed with the urge to kiss him, right here, right now. So she did. His lips tasted like fudge and she couldn’t help the shiver running down her spine when he cupped her face to deepen their kiss. She clasped her hands behind his neck so she could get closer to him and he let out a sigh of contentment. She grinned against his mouth.

So that’s what love felt like.

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Elsa having a secret love affair with a girl, and Anna walking in or otherwise finding out and being super supportive and getting hot headed at the kingdom because her sister can't get married, and Elsa is all like "i've only known her a couple weeks" but Anna is on a mission

Elsa pulled her new personal servant girl Helena in to her bed room by the hands giggling. They had been doing this for about two weeks now. Sneaking around and making out after pulling each other in to to empty rooms through out the palace. Anna had been suspicious of Elsa’s bubbly good mood since as well after she had started laughing to herself and going in to a smiling daze at dinner for no reason. Anna had promised her that she would figure out what she was hiding but Elsa insisted it was nothing.

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The Words

Set minutes after Emma leaves Killian after returning his heart. I took inspiration from Christina Perri’s song for the title, as it seemed to fit the story as well.

Killan’s energy was seeping from his body as he leaned heavily against the inside of his door. The adrenalin that had been coursing through his veins the past few hours was now gone and the weight of all that has occurred was taking its place. The heart Emma had forcefully returned to his chest just minutes ago was aching now that she was gone. Lifting his hand to his chest, he pressed his fingers over his heart and tried to force away the images that were burning behind his eyes. All he could see were the terrified faces of the fairies as they were pulled into the swirling vortex of the sorcerer’s hat at his hand. Blue’s pleading eyes were the worst, as she truly looked at him like the monster he knew he was.

Sinking to the floor, Killian’s found himself in the same position as he was just a day ago, when he was hiding behind the counter at Granny’s. While he knew that he had no choice but to do Gold’s bidding, that gave him no solace. If he had never blackmailed the imp in the first place, he wouldn’t have found himself in the position of being Gold’s puppet to begin with. Despite all of his attempts to fit in with Emma and her band of heroes, it felt in this moment that he was always destined to fall into the category of villain. His love for Emma, as all-encompassing as it is, wasn’t enough to stop him from falling back to the selfish pirate that had taken a hold of his soul. And now that Emma was finally opening her heart to him, he was at a loss as to what to do and how to not end up hurting her. Reaching up to claw at his chest, Killian wished he could rip his damn heart back out. He missed not feeling all of this fully. It all felt like too damn much.

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This is the first things I’ve been able to finish since the season 3b final. I think that sums up how I feel about it. Hoping now my block has been broken I can write more. 

I know it’s OQ week, so this might get buried, but I’m posting it anyway. 

Robin has not been able to stop thinking about her and it’s making him drown in guilt. 


These days Robin couldn’t remember what it was like to walk around without a heavy burden of guilt everywhere he went. It was unrelenting and tiresome… but there it was.

Because he knew in his heart of hearts how he was supposed to feel.

His wife, the woman he loved, cherished and downright adored had returned to him. She was- in nearly every sense of the term- back from the dead.

He was supposed to be happy. His heart so bursting with joy that he could barely contain it. He was supposed to be so overcome by his re-freshened love for her that he never wanted her to leave his sight.

He was, for Roland, thrilled that his son now had an opportunity to know his mother, beyond tales he would share.

But aside from that, all he felt was his heavy guilt.

Because at night when it was his wife by his side, it was Regina on his mind. In the day when they would stroll leisurely through town, it was Regina he was keeping an eye out for- hoping for a glimpse of her dark hair and petite stature. When it was his wife kissing him on the cheek, it was Regina lips he was picturing- and not just on his cheek- but on his lips- full and soft and full of passion.

The woman had not left his mind once and with that came the unrelenting guilt.


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