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So cons of yesterday, I had a dysphoria-induced meltdown at work which was a first– but on the plus side I got the fuck through it so like hey go me


AERIAL ETHEREAL CHALLENGE » Day 6: favorite relationship (romantic)

Thoralai (aka the devil and his demon)

“But I’ve found the truest form of love,” he tells me. “It’s two loves that can live in harmony.” He looks down at me.

I stare up at him. My heart on an ascent.

“The circus and you,” he whispers, “amour amour.” 

Two loves. Two passions. At perfect balance. 

I finally feel it too.

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Bonus Timo x John <3


Cygnus Black as the Egyptian god Osiris

Osiris is predominately known in Egyptian mythology as the god of death and the afterlife. Considered a judge of the death, and ruler of the underworld, he was widely worshipped by all. 

i’m not picture perfect

Summary: Adrien and Marinette have more in common than they think. 

Day #4 of Adrinette April, and the topic for the day is stuck in an elevator/cupboard! (You can check out the full calendar on @krazy-ky-sta-hatter‘s post here!)

AO3 link here!

Tikki had told her that the reason she was a ladybug-themed heroine with the power of creation was that ladybugs were supposed to be lucky, like how Chat Noir, the black cat-themed hero with the power of destruction, was supposed to be unlucky.

Well, the girl behind Ladybug’s mask knew for a fact that there was no way the boy behind Chat Noir’s mask was unluckier than her in that moment.

To: Alya

From: Alya
> And Adrien will be there to save you.

The situation didn’t get any better once Adrien had heard the poorly contained scream that Marinette gave.

“Don’t worry, Marinette.” the blond model said, placing a hand on her shoulder in an act of comfort. “We’ll get out of here safely, I promise.”

Considering Marinette didn’t die of a heart attack, Adrien was right.

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I ended up doodling Yona today. Because YONA~<3


This sketchbook page is FINALLY finished when i found an old book on pastries on the free shelf at school and just cut out some sweets from that empty corner on the left page. This page has a lot of layering and stickers and Cherry Glazerr lyrics and it was a work in progress for like 3 weeks since i kept adding and taking out things from it.

I’ve finally started The Bane Chronicles after reading the first 3 TMI books and honestly my love for Magnus Bane just keeps growing more and more passionate every damn day. Just when I thought I couldn’t love that man more he goes and gets himself so shit-faced drunk that he told Catarina and Ragnor to leave him in the desert because he plans to start a new life as a cactus. He then proceeded to conjure up tiny needles before throwing them at Catarina and Ragnor with pinpoint accuracy. 

And then he starts flirting with a plate.

I just have a lot of feelings for Magnus Bane. How can one not love him?