i can't w this anymore


I love how these two have inadvertently adopted eachother. 

yESS Anon!!
But i am lowkey waiting for peter to go all Matilda on tony and pull out the adoption papers that hes been keeping on standby

“What if i adopt you and marry your aunt?”
“Dont be gross mr stark”

god i’m really not over how the first time bernie + serena meet it’s literally like a scene straight out of a fanfic…..like bernie just swaggering over to serena with a cigarette in her mouth, the classic ‘the alternator might be cactus’ line, bernie immediately sharing the whole cigarette-as-a-symbol-of-my-freedom-thing with this woman she met exactly 30 seconds ago, the iconic™ way bernie was about to text marcus telling him that her shift was shit but then after speaking to serena for like 1 minute she texts him saying it’s going great….like it was all so gay + now they’re in love can u BELIEVE IT

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I just saw a post saying that if you like Matt more than you like Lance you’re automatically racist and just

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(this is kind of old, i know, i know.. but shh—)

i just wanted to point out how important it is to me that Kaneki told her how much he loved that shop, a shop she’s been building up for the past 4 years and worked so hard to get… because of him, for him. To me, it’s extremely relevant that he told her that minutes before the shop was destroyed, because I don’t really think Touka cares about that anymore when Kaneki told her that he did like it, that all the work she’s spent into it was worth it, because he liked her shop.. even when he didn’t even know who she was, what that place was, and still he doesn’t exactly know he’s the main reason for the existence of :re. It’s like Touka’s mission is complete now at some point, :re did what it had to do—to bring him back and make him feel like home, I just can’t even imagine the way Touka must feel at knowing that all her hard work and hopes were not in vain, that in the end that shop wasn’t just a regular shop for him, that he liked it, it was special for him too *bursts into tears*

every single time i think yoi has reached the absolute maximum level of Extra™ something new comes up and proves me wrong lmao this show is a gift


raise your hand if you have spider-powers, a history of erratic behavior and a deeply disturbing backstory involving trust issues. also: a knife.

  • sarah shahi as jessica drew in the spider woman movie of my dreams that marvel is too trash to ever make

♡ 170726 | After School Raina’s Single Album Tracklist Revealed
  The single will have three tracks with Aron featuring on the title track 밥 영화 카페 (rice movie cafe) with English title Loop. The single will drop on the 31st, with Aron and Raina both making an appearance on Lee Gukjoo’s Youngstreet Radio. 


matty: “..[laughs] ross is happy”
ross: “[yeah I’m just] happy being me [smiles]”

The 1975 @ the Ayala Malls ATC Meet and Greet
3.27.2014, #the1975mnl [©]


Art Masterpost for An Even Trade (on AO3)
Author: the amazing @paperannxo / PaperAnn
Artist: me! / GlitchedWings
Written & drawn for the 2017 @spncanonbigbang

Check out the masterpost!