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  • Robbie: Sportscandy tastes like shit.
  • Sportacus: Wéll, évéryöne ís éntítléd tó théír ópíníöns.
  • Robbie: Your muscles are fake, they're just full of air.
  • Sportacus: ðh Röbbíé, yöú ánd yöúr síllý ímágínátíöns.
  • Robbie: Aerobics is not a cool sport.
  • Sportacus: *Grabs him by the throat.* Thé fúck díd yöú sáý?!!

Okay so here are full reference sheets for GalaCree + Rose McCree!

Since the designs were kind of spontaneous, I haven’t the best idea how exactly I want the full body outfit to look.. I hope these sketches give an idea of what materials I envision some of his clothes to be made of, or how peacemaker might look! Truly though, the designs are rather flexible and you can see that GalaCree changed since the first edit I made for a blog header. If anyone has further questions, please feel free to ask! I hope these are informative enough?

WoAH there fellas EASY now
—  Bryan Fuller, an actual gay man, directing an episode of Hannibal

*poof* This is the only way I really take selfies…with a snapchat filter. I think that’s going to change. I’ll start showing my scars. Start showing the acne and hives and marks and blemishes. I’m so hard on myself and always looking for validation. All of the stressing doesn’t help. I keep myself from meeting new people because I can’t face the thought of them not liking me. I was always reduced to a joke and made fun of growing up in school. I had thick glasses since I’m almost legally blind. Pepperoni face…like the commercials you see for proactiv where they like to boast the most terrible cases can be cured… I’m unable to take accutane so watching everyone like me in school become clear and bloom into social butterflies made me want to kill myself all the time. I haven’t changed since then. I can’t accept myself. That has to change. I’m becoming violent. I’m acting out against myself. I want peace. I need love. And I can’t be worried about wanting people to like how I look. It is so hard.

I’m so delighted bc I’ve been seeing a lot of posts lately regarding Baze & Chirrut’s, ahem, physical relationship – like either they have really Wild Bangin’ Space Sex or they just forehead kiss and hold hands

honestly I’m digging it either way 👍

“The person left behind, has to live to the full. You’ll cry sometimes, but you’ll also laugh a lot… and live bravely. That’s the proper response to the love you were given.”
Belated Christmas scribble for @kokoro4kakashi​ , I haven’t forgotten!!! I know it’s 2017 now.  The quote is one of my favourites from TVN Goblin. 

”I’m sorry, I can’t see that you truly love me”

- Bulls In The Bronx, Pierce the Veil


Sil. XXX; clemente and the king of concordia.

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Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, and send it to 10 of your favorite followers (non-negotiable). SPREAD POSITIVITY!♡


  1. my hair
  2. i can speak/understand multiple languages
  3. i’m really pale and even though I don’t get tan at all and people make fun of me i learned to love it!
  4. i’m kinda creative, sometimes i draw things
  5. i like my music taste!!!
the human-shaped emptiness inside

excerpt: they have the coming out conversation over skype, four months in. phil says, i just wanna show you off, and dan says, you can. they talk about work experience, after, and kind of forget.

note: my coming out headcanon - or, to be more accurate, the lack thereof -  put into 1.5k words. there are a hundred versions of their potential coming out and none of them fits inside my head. there is a reason for this. 

also: please excuse the lowercase. i have a capitalized version sitting around waiting for someone to complain, but i have been informed this fits the style better. suspend belief. also read on ao3.


1. they have the coming out conversation over skype, four months in. phil says, i just wanna show you off, and dan says, you can. they talk about work experience, after, and kind of forget.

2. dan doesn’t tell his mum but does tell phil’s, standing barefoot in her kitchen making two cups of tea. she asks while rummaging through drawers and he tells her with shaking fingers against porcelain mugs, finds that it’s not that big of a deal. he doesn’t tell his own mum, but he thinks she already knows.

3. in the supermarket phil buys too much food for only one person and an elderly woman in aisle three asks. he says, my boyfriend’s visiting, and pretends it’s not for the first time.

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17.08; Happy Birthday, Jack~!

like i was checking i’d gotten yoongi’s birthday right ok and the first “People also ask” …..listen. i’m not saying…….but i’m just….saying

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just out of curiosity: why don't you like fluff?? lol

Because I’m a really jaded person who just doesn’t go in for that. It could be the most incredibly written work and I’d still roll my eyes when it gets overly sappy. Its such a fine line to write something like that and avoid it being really juvenile and ‘puppy-love’ esque. There are people who write it so incredibly well though, but I don’t get any satisfaction from writing it, so I try to stay away from it in my own writing. Just personal preference really. I like things that are a little macabre.