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So crawl on my belly ‘til the sun goes down
I’ll never wear your broken crown
I can take the road and I can fuck it all away 
But in this twilight, our choices seal our fate

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Timmy Olyphant on Conan [4.27.16]

bonus: for reasons

Except for the whole out of character thing about Ziva hiding pregnancy, not knowing Tony at all and stuff, “Family First” is proof all the way that she is alive, come on guys the bag full of things, the photo, the scarf and everything ugh don’t get me started.

bonus: Paris, the flashbacks, the “I loved her Tim”, she was my family and ABA! *sobbing*

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I can't believe they're limiting sultans with just a few(2 usually) women. It's like they want to show us how much they love that one girl and they don't want anyone else. It's bullshit, we all know they had like 50 concubines, ofc some were sultanas and they liked some more than other. I feel like the closest we had to reality was with Ahmed and Kosem, when he said "there will be more women in my life, but never in my heart". And I like how Kosem handled it perfectly, unlike Farya...

ikr?? i would have loved to see murad’s different concubines and maybe farya arriving last? i’ve been told farya is actually based on semsisah, who was a georgian princess…. so that would have been interesting                                  plus, more ladies. more ladies is always good lmao

the problem is we actually didn’t see kosem “handling it perfectly” because there was a huge timejump lmao. we’re told that gulbahar was sent to the old palace till she found out she was pregnant, so i don’t think kosem handled it perfectly lol, she was still pretty jealous. but yeah, i appreciate them for trying at least. 

idk i loved farya’s reaction, it’s very in character and farah SLAYED the entire time– she’s the best actress we’ve had in mc, hands down.

Anonymous said: Also with kids. They all had like 20 kids cause they had way more women. I know it’s hard to cast so many young actors and they wouldn’t be important to storyline as most of them died at young age but still it would be more realistic

exactly. i think murad had 36? or 32? but most of them died pretty young, unfortunately. still, since most of them died as babies, it would have been very easy for them to portray it

also, we would have better understood the situation; the dynasty is in a precarious position, especially after murad executed kasim and bayezid

Anonymous said: How would you know for sure that she wasn’t? She might have been, see Bu mülkün kadın sultanları: Vâlide sultanlar, hâtunlar, hasekiler, kadınefendiler, sultanefendiler by Necdet Sakaoğlu. Certainly much more realistic than a foreign Christian princess ;)

she wasn’t because she was never awarded the title of haseki sultan. she stayed a hatun till murad’s death. plus she arrived way too early to be the second haseki, who appeared just at the end of murad’s reign

Anonymous said: Why did Ibrahim end up humiliating Ayse, Fatma and Kaya? He basically made them servants for Humasah lol

i don’t know, but he was out of control at this point

i hope they won’t make humasah haughty and mean because she was such a cupcake and so young, i’m pretty sure she just went along with it because she was afraid of arguing with ibrahim

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When pickle opened up her comissions I knew, I KNEW, I had to request some JayTims and something with a chili dog. PICKLE I am in LOVE. This is SO much better than what I had imagined; it’s perfect and they’re so freakin cute. Thank you so much my love I will treasure it always <333


“Oh Madam Sexytary seems a little jealous!” - Tim Daly (x)