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At this point I am so disappointed with the voltron fandom

Guys, we’re so lucky you don’t have an idea
There’s other fandoms that are on hiatus for YEARS
We just get an entire season in one day and some of us are still whining because of shipping. Like ARE YOU SERIOUS?

-The galra!Keith theory was confirmed
-Shiro is missing
-Voltron was built by Alfor AND Zarcon as an alliance
-There’s a prince Lotor, who we don’t know is less or more dangerous than Zarcon
-Haggar is Altean or part Altean
-Matt is alive

That’s the stuff we should be talking about

okay so this is really hard for me to put into words, I’m afraid I might say something in the wrong way since english isn’t my native language but: 

it’s just sad that taylor only uses her feminism when it’s (most of the time) beneficial for her.  i love taylor!!! y’all know i do, but when these huge marches like today happen, and a lot of female feminists show up and speak to the big audience, whatever, and taylor doesn’t even acknowledge it, it just makes me sad. like I KNOW she doesn’t talk about politics and it’s fine, i accepted it (so please don’t message me about that because i know, i’ve been a fan for a long time) But this is also just a social thing, not only political , and it’s not only in the US but in the whole world. and her audience is mainly female, and it would be so great if taylor would talk about it a bit more!! because i find this so important!! like sometimes it’s also a nice thing to speak up

okay i don’t know where im going with this but i just wanted to say it!

Okay, so I wanted to talk more about the context of this piece I did but I didn’t want to do it in that post because I didn’t want it to get too long and I swear to god it’s gonna be like me rambling about Shou’s tattoo for half of it because apparently I’ve decided it’s a thing. I guess I really like this train of thought because it’s interesting to see where they are going, where they will end up. This is just where I think their trajectory could end up in another 3 years or so.

First up I would like to thank everyone who actually did give me suggestions for Shou’s tattoo, they were great and I tried to work them in as best as I could. And I promised I would actually show what the actual drawing looked like. There are 3 hamsters in balls, a skeleton dragon, 3 twisted spoons, rubble, flowers and everything is on fire.

It ended up being very Shou I think. Which made me think about the context of it a lot as well. It made me want to draw me more actually. I might have to do that.

Anyway, the most random headcanons for 3 years in the future under the cut starting with that bloody tattoo.

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