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Female? He told you he was female?”
“She,” Angua corrected. “This is Ank-Morpork, you know. We’ve got extra pronouns here.”
She could smell his bewilderment…
“Well, I would have though she’d have the decency to keep it to herself,” carrot said finally. “I don’t think it’s very clever, you know, to go around drawing attention to the fact.”
“Carrot, I think you might have something wrong with your head,” said Angua.
“I think you might have it stuck up your bum.
—  Terry Pratchett - Feet Of Clay

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'#I'll never get over just how obvious his crush was... while also being something people were able to miss??#henrik just nailed it PERFECTLY' yeah i always think about because i totally get why people were skeptical and thought even was a fuckboy because he had a gf!! but also looking back he was SO into isak from the jump and it's so funny how obvious it truly was

I myself can’t really see people how people thought he fucking with Isak, because he was so clearly framed as the love interest, but I kind of like that they did? I like when people are working hard to read a story and have a lot of questions (when it pays off, lol). But I can DEF see how people were entirely taken in and thought he was cool and mysterious and “wtf is this guy’s deal!!” “wtf pt 2: he has a gf?????” alongside Isak.

It’s great that you can take just the first two episodes (I like to think about it before we even get to even’s room in mekke øl!) and nothing else and go “okay, whatever is going on with him… dude has a crush” though:

he’s legit not paying attention and scanning the room until he sees isak, wow…

he’s so nervous, how did I not notice how nervous he was??

do you know how hard I worked for us to have accidental eye contact

p l e a s e, he’s so happy a chance to talk to his crush fell into his lap like this

and then this shyest, crushiest little birdface!! he was so… obvious

I just love that it’s not that specific hints were dropped but rather if you watch Even closely, you can see it from his perspective the whole time. Henrik deserves a lot of credit imho for how well he walked that line and the directing/editing for showing you just enough but not too much. Production makes a huge difference, sometimes it’s down to the lighting and post processing! Do you remember how when Passe på meg aired with “I saw you the first day of school”, there was suddenly a deluge of people lightening the first meeting at kosegruppa and ‘discovering’ Even’s face then?? I laugh now at how perfectly D A R K those shots were:

And how much that worked to obscure his expression:

Everything about Even’s perspective in those early eps was so well done and it adds so much to the show that you can go back and see through his eyes once you know him better.

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Do you believe that Zuko as the Blue Spirit and Katara as the Painted Lady were meant to be connected in someway? Like they both wore the others colors and I just can't help but think that this was there to foreshadow something between the two when the direction was to get them together at first.

Hmm, a connection, a connection …

Zuko: First I have to get it out of here.
Iroh: AND THEN WHAT?! You never think these things through! This is exactly what happened when you captured the Avatar at the North Pole! You had him, and then you had no where to go!

Sokka: You what?!
Katara: It was your idea!
Sokka: I was joking. I also said to use spirit magic and made funny noises. Did you even think this through? The army’s gonna blame the villagers. They’re headed there right now to get revenge.

Nope. Can’t find one at all. 

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help i need help!!! i'm on season 2 ep 5 rn, and i really want to like lance but i can't :(( i just find him annoying and obnoxious and i don't know how to like him. please help?

Don’t worry, but I am so sorry this is probably going to be long…

Lance has many qualities that I endear, he’s funny, intelligent, selfless, and quite frankly he is the heart of the team. “The blue lion is… it seems to be the lion that I most associate with like, holding the team together. There’s something about teamwork with the blue lion. Like […] about providing what’s needed at the time, and being flexible, which I think is kind of a little bit of the water element of the blue lion. It ties into being a leg, too, you know. Legs are all about support.” [x]

Lance is honestly one of my favorite characters ever…

Lance is incredibly selfless even in the littlest of ways. In S1EP4 He is able to figure out quite fast that Rover was not the actual Rover thus throwing himself and shielding Coran causing himself to be badly injured then later during the fight despite almost nearly dying, when his teammates are in trouble he emerges from his coma and is able to make an amazing shot at the enemy before passing back out. Another time this happens is in S1EP9, Lance out right believes the castle in haunted and is scared yet when a voice that sounds like Coran cries out for help, Lance immediately straightens up, forgetting all fear to rescue Coran and runs to the source of the voice. Another display of this is when He doesn’t want to worry the rest of his teammates (He excuses himself from the party so he doesn’t sour the mood because he was feeling homesick in S1EP4) which I think is why he rather be known as the person who can lighten the mood/class clown of the team, making it easier for him to bottle up his emotions and not cause unnecessary trouble to everyone.

Lance is actually humble. Lance wants to be seen as a hero, but in reality that’s not who he thinks he actually is. He may want the parades, glory, and to be seen as the best but when it comes down to it, does he think he actually is worthy of it? Not really and that shows in S2EP2 when he is captured by the mermaids and they call him their savior. You can see it in his face, the worry and question because woah why me? You think I’m your savior? I’m just Lance. Then when the mermaids say “We believe you can stop her”, his face shifts into an uneasy expression probably because he doesn’t believe he could actually stop her. “He’s kind of cool, but he’s kind of a goof,” continued Montgomery. “I like Lance because he feels the most human. He’s got those insecurities, but he tries so hard to cover them up. That’s what’s kind of fun about him. He wants to be the cool guy. He wants it so bad, but not exactly…” [x]
In S2EP10, He thinks so highly of all his teammates, complimenting each of them and bragging about them to a complete stranger, but when he gets to himself he pauses and thinks perhaps he’s not as great as how he sees the rest of his fellow paladins. But my gosh, Lance is much more than meets the eye. 

Lance is so smart. Lance in canon is good at reading people and the situation, he has an awareness of others and is able to make pretty good calls. We see a lot of it in the very first episode and more of it whenever Shiro is absent. Without most of us fully realizing, Lance is able to step up his leadership game and is able to give out orders to the rest of the team, and make calm, collected decisions. Lance is able to put one and two together and come up with plans quickly. In S1EP7, He stops Keith from being reckless and hurting the Balmera, coming up with a great alternative plan that is successful, not once, but twice during that episode. “But also, he does evolve. There’s aspects to his character that will start coming more into the forefront as the series goes on. You’ll see him take steps to real leadership material.” [x] And this is only the beginning of the show, we have to remember we only have two seasons released out of the planned six. We still have so much more to look forward to in regards of Lance’s growth.

I love Lance’s dynamic because yes he is a goof ball and he probably doesn’t pick the best times to crack a joke, but he’s exceedingly a talented marksman, and not only the heart of Team Voltron, but the heart of the show itself. I love Lance, not because he’s perfect but because he isn’t. Which is why I think many people project onto him. He’s so human. He is flawed but is constantly growing, adapting, and learning from his mistakes.

Acotar characters meets Friends Part 29
  • Feyre: Like you tell me everything?
  • Mor: What have I not told you?
  • Feyre: Oh I don't know. How about the fact that the underwear out on the telephone pole is yours from when you had sex with Azriel on the terrace!
  • Inner circle: *gasps* (Goes to look).
  • Mor: What?! Wait a minute! Who told you?
  • Cassian: ...
  • Mor (to Cassian): You are dead meat!
  • Cassian: I didn't know it was a big secret.
  • Mor: Oh it's not big. Not at all. Kind of the same as, say, having a third nipple!
  • Feyre: You have a third nipple?
  • Cassian (to Mor): You bitch!
  • Rhys: Whip it out! Whip it out!
  • Cassian: There's nothing to see! It's a tiny bump. It's totally useless.
  • Feyre: As opposed to your other multi-functional nipples?
  • Azriel: I can't believe you! You told me it was a nubbin.
  • Amren: Azriel, what did you think a nubbin was?
  • Azriel: I don't know. You see something, you hear a word, I thought that's what it was.
  • (To Cassian) Let me see it again!
  • Rhys: Yes, show us your nubbin!
  • Cassian: Azriel was in a porno movie!
  • Inner circle: *gasps*
  • Cassian: If I'm going down, I'm taking everybody with me!
Regrets [Jungkook x Reader]

Part of me is crying because of the ridiculousness in this chapter lol 

Chapter 5. 

Chapter 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Next Morning

After Jin kicked the other two out, you could hear him scolding them for their actions and you felt bad. You giggled a bit though. You were glad that you were all staying the same house, but at the same time you also had some worries. They were all men of course. It was kind of odd to see one female in an all males’ house. You brushed the thought aside for now. You got ready for work and packed your bag. Jin gave you a bento for lunch. You and Jimin were walking quietly to the car and you got in. Jimin drove you to work since Jin’s house was a bit farther than your’s and Jimin’s old apartments. He parked, got out and opened the door for you. You smiled and thanked him.

You began to walk upstairs into the building, you saw a slender girl at the entrance. She was pretty. She was slim, V-shaped face, long black hair, dewy skin. She looked at you. “Are YOU Y/N?” She pointed her thin finger at you. You looked at her. She had the look of a killer. How did she know who you were? Jimin subtly walked in front of you. .

“And who are you?” Jimin had a dark look in his eyes.

“I’m Ji Yun.”

“That girl”, she pointed to you. “Needs to stay away from my boyfriend and stick to her own man”

Jimin spoke up, “Uh. She is with her man.”

Ji Yun raised an eyebrow. “Whatever, but you need to stay away from my boyfriend” and with that she walked towards you and started to pull your hair and attempted to push you down the stairs while Jimin was in the middle of you two trying to keep you safe but, you lost your balance and felt yourself falling backwards. You closed your eyes scared to face the consequences. You landed in a pair of strong arms. You slowly opened your eyes and it was Jungkook. Your eyes widened. And you didn’t know what to feel. You were scared and thankful at the same time. You weren’t sure to say something. He carried you up the stairs and let you down. You scurried back to Jimin. He turned to Ji Yun.

“Oppa, you’re here! I finally found you.”


She stepped closer to him

He didn’t bat an eye. “Stay away from her. Before I call the cops.”

Her innocent eyes turned to dangerous ones. “Oppa, you know you’ll regret saying that. If she gets hurt, it’s your fault.”

“Well, she was already hurt before, now leave. I won’t hesitate to call my father to send you abroad.” Her eyes started to shift. She quickly turned and left the building. Jungkook turned as well and left towards his office. You and Jimin looked at each other with confusion. Jimin quickly turned to you and cupped your face and started to feel your arms and squeezed your hands tightly “Y/N, are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere? If you are just tell me. I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you.”

“No, it’s okay Jimin. At least she didn’t get past you. You never know what could ever happen if you weren’t here. And Jungkook too. I don’t want to admit this, but if he wasn’t here I would’ve possible fell to my death.” Your eyes a bit watery.

Jimin comforted you, “let’s go into the office, yeah?”

You nodded and followed his lead. You both went to your respective places and worked for a couple of hours. It was then you had a phone call from Jin. You walked outside to take it.


“Y/N-ah, go eat lunch, it’s already 1. I’m pretty sure you were working the whole time. And jimin’s probably doing the same and forgot to remind you.”

“Ah- thanks Oppa. That means a lot. Also… I have to tell you something when I get home.”

He heard the strain in your voice trying to keep yourself together. “I’ll come by and pick you up from work early. I’ll be there around 2 and we can chat about it. Your boss will be okay with it if I talk to her. Jimin will stay and work, okay? I need his share of the rent anyways so I’m sure he’ll be fine on his own.”

“I’ll see you in a bit Oppa. I’m hanging up now.”

“I’ll be there soon. Bye”

You hung up and walked to the restroom. You kept thinking about who that Ji Yun girl was and you were terrified of how she acted to someone she’s never met before and why you were being the one that’s targeted. What did she mean “Stay away from her boyfriend?” You talked to yourself while walking through the hallway. You thought about it. Jimin wasn’t her boyfriend? What did she mean? And even if that was the case, you and Jimin weren’t technically official either, so you didn’t really have a say in that.

While you were outside, Jimin and Jungkook were actually talking.

Jimin started the conversation. “Uh, hey kid, thanks for saving Y/N earlier.”

“No problem. You would save anyone who was pushed down the stairs right?”

“I guess. But who was that girl?”

“Someone dangerous. Jimin-Hyung, I know you don’t like me and probably know of Y/N’s past with me, but I’m telling you this because I care and I want to protect Y/N. Ji Yun is dangerous. Keep her with you at all times.”

He looked at the kid. He was being serious about it and he wanted Y/N safe. He wasn’t sure if this was a ruse to lure you out or not. But he went along with it for now.

Right before Jimin was going to ask more questions you walked back into the office and you sat at your desk, looked at Jimin  and rolled over to his cubicle.

“Chim, share lunch with me, Oppa packed way too much for me.” He looked at you, “Haha sure. It’s time for a lunch break anyways.”

You turned to Jungkook, “Jungkook, do you want to join us for lunch?”

Jungkook didn’t know what to feel right now. Just yesterday you were scared to even look at him in the eye and now you made full eye contact with him without even a blink. He felt himself getting flustered. He felt heat rise up throughout his body. The fact that he felt like this just a by a question from you, had him questioning his actions from five years ago. How did he let such a sweet person go so far away?

“U-uh y-yeah. I’ll join you” he looked down at his feet.

You smiled, “Great! Hold on, let me get the food. I’ll be back.” You left to go get the bento out of the fridge. You walked into your workroom and you saw other co-workers there and you waved and said hi to those that you knew. You found your bento and chatted with some other peers there. It was nice to know that not everyone in the world was evil.


Jimin turned to Jungkook. “You know you don’t have to act so flustered around her.”

“Hyung, she makes me nervous.”

“Oh really, but you were an ass to her”

“Honest, I didn’t do those things on purpose. OKAY. I did, BUT… it was out of vain and I later realized when it was too late and she left. I finally found her again. I was stupid. TOO STUPID” He face-palmed himself and let his head hit his desk.

Jimin looked at him. If he didn’t know Jungkook, Jimin felt like he and Jungkook would be able to get along just fine. He looks like an adorable kid with bunny teeth and he was seeing a different attitude than what you said. If you were okay to talk to him then he should be able to talk to this brat without any trouble.

“Do you like Y/N?” Jimin was curious and he had to know.

“I..do…” Jungkook felt his face turn beet red. He was so embarrassed. He confessed his feelings to his hyung after a day of knowing him. This was ridiculous.

“You should just be her friend. I already claimed her.” 

Jungkook understood. He nodded and said, “It’s up to Y/N who she finds happiness with.” Jimin looked at the brat. Maybe he isn’t so bad after all.

You came back and you saw the two boys looking at each other and on speaking terms. It was a sight you were relieved to see. Jimin was more humble about these things. If it were Jin, Jungkook would have died the second he stepped into the building and that girl.. She kept plaguing your mind. Why did she want to hurt you?

You sat down at Jimin and Jungkook’s cubicle. “OKAY, LET’S SEE.” You opened the bento and you were right, Jin packed as if there were seven people were working at a sitting job. This made you feel tired. “Waaaah, Oppa packed way too much for me! Does he want to make me fat or something?”

Jimin snickered, “You’re squishy from what Yoongi Hyung said”

You pointed your chopsticks at him, “ Yah, Park Jimin, I’ll leave you for Yoongi Oppa.”

“Wait wait what, You’ll leave me for that marshmallow? What the heck Y/N?” He gave you the puppy eyes. Jungkook couldn’t believe what he was seeing or even hearing. You didn’t have one, but multiple men that were chasing after you? Why did he let you go in the first place? This was getting too mushy. He needed to find a way to be with you again. Even if you guys were friends again. As long as you saw him as someone of worth.

“Hyung, you should be happy she works with you right?”

You and Jimin turned to Jungkook forgetting he was there. You looked at Jungkook, “ Hey Jungkook..” He looked at you with anticipation. You were talking to him again. More than once today.

“Thanks for earlier..I would have probably died if you weren’t there to catch me.” Jungkook felt his ears heat up. “Ah-n-no problem Y/N! I mean, I was lucky to be there right? Hahah…” He put his hand behind his head scratching it. He felt so nervous.

“Yeah, lucky haha. You should eat Jungkook! You barely brought anything for your lunch. Jin Oppa made a mountain of food, so take as much as you want!!”

He was shy and he felt nervous around you again. How were you so nice? He spaced out then realized that you had a spoon with food in front of him. “Jungkookie! Eat up!” He moved forward and ate the food from the spoon. Jimin felt a pang of jealousy. Jungkookie? What was that. Feeding him? What is this? 

He looked at you. “Y/N-ah, you call him Jungkookie?”

You were dumbfounded and honestly dense. “Yeah? I add the -ie to everyone’s name? Like Jinnie Oppa? Jiminie Oppa? Joonie Oppa? Taehyungie?”

He exhaled slowly and he was relieved. He thought you were trying to flirt with him or something. He felt jealousy burn seeing that. “Y/N-ahh wanna hang out after work?”

You forgot to tell him, “I can’t Jinnie-Oppa said he was picking me up early to talk.”

“Oh really?”

“Yeah, he called me to remind me to eat with you and that he’s coming by at 2.”

“Wait, does that mean I’m going home too?”

“He said you would have to stay”

“What the fu-”

“Park Jimin, we’re working don’t curse!” He blushed, “I’ll call Hyung”. After a couple of rings, Jin picked up. “Jimin?”

“Hyung, you’re coming by to pick up Y/N?”

“Yeah, about that, I’m caught up at my restaurant so Yoongi is coming by to pick her up.”

Jimin felt worried for a second. He loves his Hyung and all but, Yoongi had feelings for Y/N as well. And that was a risk.”


All of a sudden you heard Yoongi’s voice, “Yah- Pabo, If you insult me one more time, I’ll full on make-out with Y/N-ah right in front of you. You’re not taller than me either so I don’t know who the hell you’re calling small.”

You felt your face burn up, Jungkook felt heat rising to his face imagining another man’s lips on yours and full of lust coming out of both of you. He shook his head. dirty dirty dirty. 

“Hyung. You do realize Y/N heard that right?” Jimin deadpanned…-____-

“Good, she’ll knows that she’ll be in for a surprise when I pick her up, Y/N I love youuuuuuuuuuuuu. Saranghaeyooooooooo”

“I swear this crazy Hyung is drunk or something.” You giggled.

Jimin sighed. “Jin Hyung, what about me?

“You can stay at work and pay me your part of the rent, I still don’t have it.”

He shook his head, he totally forgot about it. “Ah-Hyung, I have to tell you something when I get home.”

Y/N said the same thing. Did something happen?”

“A couple of things, but luckily Jungkook was there.”

“Jungkook?” Jin looked at Yoongi when he heard this. They both got heated really fast and they felt anger rise. 

“Did he do something?”

Jimin looked at you, “Well, he did something positive?”

Jungkook sat in fear since hearing the other hyungs made him insecure with his current relationship with Y/N.

“Fine, as long as Y/N wasn’t hurt. Yoongi’s coming by right now.”

“Okay, bye Hyung” The phone clicked and the three of you looked down to see that there wasn’t even a dent made in your lunch. Jimin started to pack up the lunch while leaving you and Jungkook to talk. He witnessed the beautiful person that you are.


Jungkook turned to you, “ Yeah, Y/n?”

“Who was that girl?”

“Someone dangerous…” He guiltily looked away.

“It’s okay if you’re not ready to talk about it” You pat his back and smiled. “She probably brought back bad memories.”

Jungkook wanted to hold you. To embrace your beautiful self. He wanted to take it all in. He appreciated you now. How come he was so selfish? Why was he an idiot?

Jimin felt sorry for the kid. Honestly, at first he wanted to kill him, but seeing how you were so empathetic with him made him melt inside. You were so sweet and understanding. Why couldn’t he be like that? Why couldn’t he man up and forgive people that easily? You were hit and abused by this kid. Once he put the food away, he turned back and all of a sudden his face made contact with the ground.

You and Jungkook turned towards the sound where the crash came from. You saw Yoongi on top of Jimin? “Yah- you brat, call me a gnome one more time! I’ll destroy you with my bare hands and do what I told you what I was going to do with Y/N in front of you!!!”

You started laughing.

Jungkook stared and listened to your sweet laugh. You were so mesmerising.

“Oppa, don’t kill Jimin. He’s my best friend! I need him for cuddles, hugs and kisses!”

Jimin’s eyes widened when he heard kisses and he knew he was going to die. “What the hell do you mean kisses? YOU ALREADY KISSED Y/N? YOU SNEAKY BRAT”

Jimin felt the weight shift on his back and Yoongi was pinning him down. Jungkook was surprised by how strong this Yoongi guy was and stayed still. He was shook.

“Y/N-ah, if you want kisses, just ask Oppa, I’ll come right over and lick your lips right away”

You giggled at this, “This is how Yoongi Oppa is. Always a jokester ..a perverted one..but I appreciate and love you Oppa!”

Honestly, Yoongi played around and said things, but never did any of it. He respected you and what you wanted. He didn’t push and he knew you liked Jimin. He just liked messing with Jimin and beating him up. Plus, you were his first real crush, and so it wouldn’t be smart if he just left you two be. He had to fight Jimin for liking you. He was like that one older brother that fought everyone for you. If Jin was like your older brother that took care and fed you, he was the one that dealt with these rascals for liking his precious Y/N.

He would be lying if he said he didn’t have a crush on you either. 

Both Yoongi and Jimin got up, “Y/N pack your things, I’m taking you home to Hyung. And Jimin, stay for the rest of the day. You still have food that Hyung made so you won’t starve.”

You quietly got up and got your things. You pat Jungkook’s head and bid him goodbye and gave a big bearhug to Jimin. “Y/–N-ah, I’ll see you at home..why are you bearhugging me???”

“Because Yoongi Oppa hurt you!!” You giggled and took Yoongi’s hand and left. “Bye Oppa, Love you!”

After you were out of sight, Jimin stared up into the ceiling. “She said love you oh my…”

Jungkook waved his hand over Jimin’s face. “Hyung. I need to talk to you.”

Jimin sat up.

“Ji Yun is trying to kill Y/N.”

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Greetings from Ontario! Lol it's so sad how non-Canadians see us like I can't count the number of times someone's asked me about something 'Canadian'. I love your art and it breaks my heart to see Rahkeid go! Seriously Mashima! Anyway hope you keep drawing the way you do ;) P.S. Tangled + Zervis = ❤❤❤

Oh!! Greetings from Québec! :p I actually found it really funny how other people think we are x) Some of the clichés are truth tho…

And I’m glad you like my art!! <3

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The face Mamoru did when Milo told him that he can't open the fridge and get is ice cream is so funny ahahha I imagine him think something like: NO WAY MY LOVE WILL BE OUT OF ICE CREAM, I'M GOING TO FUCKING BUY IT, NO BETTER... I WILL FUCKIN FABRICATE IT. I WILL DESTROY THE DAMN TITANIC'S ICEBERG IF IT WOULD MAKE ICE CREAM. AND MY LOVE WILL BE HAPPY AND SAFE"

that’s exactly what was going on in his head in that moment 

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oh god sorry but that's a clusterfuck of promo video, we have a new jenny klein in the writers team reducing dean to a gross frat boy, and as a dean fan i'm seeing red, if the whole episode is like that they're making a disservice to dean's character, can't they go for intelligent humor instead of dumbing down characters for comic relief?

I think… that’s actually the point of this episode though? The entire conceit of it is that THERE IS CLEARLY SOMETHING WRONG WITH DEAN HERE.

He’s under a curse? That is making him act this way? And that is literally the point?

And I really, really, REALLY don’t think the point of it is for “comic relief.” This is gonna hurt like hell.

Dean is losing himself, his memories, and it’s not “funny” at all.

I was talking with *spends five minutes trying to remember who I talked about this with and of course it’s lizbob…* So anyway we were saying that it seems like this is the first time Sam’s seen Dean since the previous night (we saw in one of the other promos that he gets blasted with a weird light in the woods, and then wakes up curled around a bunny… still in the woods). Sam finds him in a diner where he’s gorging himself on TWO huge plates of waffles with syrup and whipped cream and chocolate and berries and… wow that’s weird even for DEAN.

And Dean seems REALLY out of it. Really kind of… uncaring. Forgetful. And Sam’s first thought is that Dean went on a bender, got drunk, and passed out ~somewhere~ and that he might STILL be drunk…

Because that’s Sam’s read of “performing Dean.” Not that he’d actually been snoozing in the woods curled up with a bunny rabbit after being CURSED BY A WITCH OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT.

THIS IS SAM’S FIRST ASSUMPTION of what’s “wrong” with Dean.

Especially since they seem to be working a case involving ~weird circumstances~ like this. And when Dean normally realizes his phone is broken, his first thing he usually does is find another means to contact Sam… NOT TO GO TO SOME DINER AND GORGE HIMSELF ON SUGARY PILES OF WAFFLES.

(have I mentioned that waffles have a similar standing to El Sol beer in the visual language of the show, in that they are sort of a PG rated version of DECEPTION? Whenever you see waffles on spn, LOOK FOR THE LIES! Just like when you see El Sol).

no really I have a list of every waffle ever on this damn show:




Sam has always, as much as Dean could manage, received a Sanitized for Sammy version of the truth. Think 9.07 and “the story became the story.” Sam sees Dean’s swagger and his performing mask and STILL believes that it’s at least a LITTLE bit true to Dean’s personality.

Heck he’s so wrong.

But Dean has worked his entire life to maintain that mask for Sam, like a PARENT would hold that mask up for a child, because that’s what parents DO for their kids. They protect them from the harsh realities of the world. They tell them placating lies. They try to let their kids just be kids… (and no, I’m not saying this is a healthy thing to do, but the shit that Dean had to keep from Sam when they were kids– often on John’s orders, such as don’t tell Sammy about the hunting– when DEAN WAS ALSO JUST A CHILD HIMSELF… I mean there are miles of essays written about this stuff… )

And I watched that promo and thought, WTF SAMMY HOW CAN YOU NOT SEE SOMETHING IS SERIOUSLY NOT RIGHT WITH DEAN? And Sam just sat there befuddled and assumed Dean was “still drunk.”

I think this is going to be an excellent way to shine a little bit more light through the cracks in the codependency. Not only is Sam going to be confronted with the horrific truth of Dean’s situation (that he’s not drunk and fucking off on the job, but LITERALLY A VICTIM OF THE MotW), but his own long-held misperceptions of who Dean truly is as a person, and how hard he works to keep that mask in place.

Not to mention the fact that with Dean’s memory loss and seeming childishness here, SAM is going to be forced into the role of “parent” or “caretaker” in ways that even Dean’s PHYSICAL regression to 14 or so in 10.12 didn’t even come CLOSE to touching on. Because this isn’t a physical regression. This is gonna HURT.

Also, remember that we don’t actually have any context for this scene yet, aside from trying to piece it together with little hits from other promos, interviews, and our own meta theories.


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It makes me so inexplicably sad, but I feel that Gillian's heart is not in it. She wouldn't be doing more X-Files if it wasn't her highest paying gig. And still they aren't paying her as much as she deserves, judging by her recent post, and I can't help but think it's a source of tension between her and DD. I'm just sad that something that brings the fans so much joy is a burden for her. Please tell me I'm worrying about nothing?

You’re worrying about nothing. 

Seriously, why is this still a prevalent thought? Gillian shared that playlist because it was funny (and maybe also because she’s been a rather vocal supporter of the “Let Mulder and Scully Fuck” campaign). I mean come on, she’s been going to cons for years and disclosed several times that while it may be hard, she enjoys meeting the fans. And hell, sometimes I can’t even say that for myself.

Also, she spoke many times about how great it was to be back during the revival. Here’s one:

“It was great to be working again with David and some of the same crew, same writers that we had.” - Gillian Anderson, 2015

I mean, I get that you could argue that it’s all for PR; but really, why? She certainly doesn’t need The X-Files- it’s widely known that Gillian doesn’t choose projects purely for money. And hey, let’s face it:

Gillian isn’t going to do something she doesn’t want to do.

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A funny scenario i thought of: Guy and thomaf going through old boxes, thomas opens old box that was in an attic or something, finding one of the old avocado shirts. "Guy, look! Its one of my favorite old shirts! Im gonna start wearing this again!" Guy looks over, thinking 'damn i thought i burned them all years ago shit'

Spring-cleaning definitely wasn’t on Guy-Man’s list of things he’d ever want to do. The same could be said about Thomas, which was how they’d managed to reach July without doing it. However, as spring left them and summer took its place, both of them had to agree it was at least time for a small decluttering. Not very fun, true, but there were worse things that could happen.

Much, much worse.

They were maybe halfway done, looking through old boxes to see what to throw away, what to give away, and what to keep, when Thomas suddenly emitted a clipped laugh. Looking up from his box of old books, Guy-Man just about choked on his own breath as he saw Thomas pull out a piece of cloth from a trunk, the green shade horrifyingly familiar.

“One of my old favorite shirts!” Thomas said as he hung the garment over his arm to dust it off. “I thought I’d lost all of them…”

Guy-Man hummed softly, his blank (excepting a curiously raised eyebrow) expression belying the chaos of panicked emotions he was really feeling. No, no, no! He thought he burned all of those wretched things years ago, before burying the ashes in an unfindable hole! How could this happen?!

“Oh, this takes me back. Do you remember how much I used to love these?” Thomas asked with a fond smile.


“I still really like this color…” he continued, lovingly adjusting the collar of it.


“Hey, do you think it still fits m-”


Guy-Man clapped his hand over his mouth. Thomas, flinching due to the sudden exclamation, stared at him, taken aback. Guy-Man cleared his throat as casually as he could.

“No, I don’t think it still fits.”

Thomas frowned. “You sure?” He held the shirt in front of himself. “I haven’t changed that much, have I…?”

“Well, that’s not so important right now anyway,” Guy-Man said. “We still have lots of things to clear out. Like those old kitchen appliances, and all the movies we found beneath the winter coats.”


Thomas thoughtfully put the shirt back down before leaving the room, talking about what a shame it would be to throw away the films, though they probably should do it (“We don’t even have a VCR anymore!”). Guy-Man followed suit, sending the shirt a poisonous glare on his way out. Soon, that thing would join the others – he’d make sure of that.



You were right, anon - this was pretty fun, thanks :D

What about tall girls?

I always see and hear girls complaining about being short. What people don’t understand it that it is so much more difficult being a tall girl. I’m about 6′ tall and none of my friends will ever understand what I go through everyday. Sure there’s the never having enough leg space, or having your feet hang off the bed, hitting your head frequently. And there’s the frequent, yet tasteful, tall jokes. You know what I’m talking about “Lolz, How’s the weather up there? You know, cause you’re like a whole six inches taller than me and I can clearly see we exist in the same atmospherical level.” And then there’s the “You should totally be a model, because you’re like tall… and stuff.” Well shoot, if that’s all they were looking for I’d be there. When you’re taking a group picture, you’re filed to the back, which doesn’t necessarily bother me. It’s the fact that you can barely see my face in most group pictures. Another thing is that I’m usually around the same height as most of the guys I know, if not taller. However any guys that are taller, would never look at me in a romantic way. Short guys like short girls. Tall guys like short girls. Then there’s situations when you’re standing in a group, talking, and I just find it so uncomfortable looking down at everyone. I almost feel like a third wheel, watching the conversation from a third person perspective. It’s even worse if you’re in a group at a dance, or where everyone’s dancing. Every inch of movement feels so incredibly awkward and I can’t help but think I’d look like a stick bug having a seizure if I moved at all. Having social anxiety makes all of these problems a thousand times worse. It causes me to feel awkward all the time. I hate hearing my friends complain about being short, because it’s something I could never be, and they’re treating it like a disease. I try to not care what people think, and just own the awkwardness with comedy. Yet while I might be the funny friend, it’ll never make any of these things go away, and there’s absolutely nothing I can do about it.

Gurren Lagann (warning spoilers)
  • Me: What's Gurren Lagann? Sounds good and I see a lot about it online. I should watch this!
  • Me: *beginning of episode 1* WOOHOO I LIKE THAT KAMINA GUY!
  • Me: *rest of episode 1* hmmm, I think I'm going to ship that Yoko girl with Kamina, they'd be cute.
  • Friend (next day): So what's Gurren Lagann about?
  • Me: Drills and giant gunman which are robots.
  • Me: *episode 8* CANONNNNNNNNN!!!!
  • Me: *Kamina gets hurt* Wut m8? *Kamina all bloody and dying* Haha HAHAHAHAH THATS FUNNY... You can't die you're a main protagonist.
  • *Kamina disappears from screen* Fuck no... *has something in eye* You can't die man, I know you'll come back, you're a one of the main characters!
  • *Kamina gets back up to fight* FUCK YES THATS MY FAV GUY!
  • *Kamina telling Simon to believe* What are you doing... Stop that...
  • *Kamina dies* *crying* *screams* KAMINAAAAAAAAAAA!!!
  • Me: *cries while watching next episode*
  • Friend (next day): So what's Gurren Lagann like?
  • Me: *war flashbacks* Pain and feels and drills... Pain and feels and drills... Pain and feels and drills... Pain and feels and drills...*mumbles off*
  • Friend: Um, are you okay?
  • Me: Kamina was okay before *falls out of chair* *lies on floor* *curls into ball* *mumbling* Kamina why
Two-Line Creepy Pasta
  • <p> <b>Aries:</b> Don't answer. I don't think that's really your mom..<p/><b>Taurus:</b> What do you mean you're running late? I just told you to wait in the kitchen.<p/><b>Gemini:</b> The lights keep flickering. Why are you whispering; I can't hear you.<p/><b>Cancer:</b> This isn't funny any more! Open the door!<p/><b>Leo:</b> You're not acting like yourself. I want to go home..<p/><b>Virgo:</b> There's something under your bed. It keeps looking at me.<p/><b>Libra:</b> I didn't see that doll when we first walked in. Did you?<p/><b>Scorpio:</b> It's 3 AM. Why are you in my bedroom?<p/><b>Sagittarius:</b> I was just talking to her. Where could she have gone?<p/><b>Capricorn:</b> There's nobody living there? Well, I just knocked on the door, and somebody knocked back.<p/><b>Aquarius:</b> Have your teeth always been that sharp? Why are you looking at me like that?<p/><b>Pisces:</b> What happened to you!? What are those scratches on your arm?<p/></p>
  • Rose Quartz: *can't find Greg*
  • Greg, from his van: HEY! She's not perfect, but that's just mean to say!
  • Rose: Oh, there he is.
  • Pearl poking her head out from her room: ROSE IS AMAZING! I WILL FIGHT WHOEVER SAID THAT!
  • Rose: Oh, uh... hi Pearl.
  • Jasper, coming to Earth in a ship: Rose is a worthy adversary! I would fight her if I could!
  • Rose: Oh, um, this is getting out of hand now.
  • Steven, from upstairs: Wait, Mom!? What's going on?
  • Rose: The fuck

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Okay but how would Reaper, Soldier 76, Genji, and McCree react to their s/o getting such a bad sunburn that they can't even lay down without feeling pain. And to add onto this note, if you don't mind, how do you think the boys would help their s/o out if they even would help?

Interesting. This turned out to be really funny, actually! I only did 3 of the characters, as per my rules, but I hope you like it!


- Would mostly offer quiet comfort, going everywhere they went in case they needed something

- Those gun holsters in his coat? Filled with bottles of aloe gel

- Curses the sun to make them feel better

- Researches all the science regarding sunburn treatment

- Also kind of teases them for being so pale in the first place

- “Not helping, Gabe”

- Oops

- When in doubt, aloe

- “Gabe I don’t need any more”

- “Gabe”

- “GABE”

Soldier: 76:

- Fucking wrecks the sun

- Not really, just stares angrily at it as if it were the sun’s fault in the first place

- Does his normal duties but goes to visit them EVERY chance he gets

- Brings ice packs all the time

- Uses lotion first because he totally forgets that aloe is a thing

- When his S/O wonders why it isn’t working, he tells them he bought store brand lotion

- “Jack, why”

- Immediately rushes to the store and buys the plant instead

- “Now what are you going to do with that”

- He rubs the un-peeled plant on them

- “Jack, no”

-  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


- Cannot figure out how to skin the aloe plant

- “Just go get the gel”

- “No, God dammit! I’ll figure it out…”

- Meanwhile his S/O is writhing in pain

- He finally figures it out but totally regrets taking so long when his S/O’s skin is all peely

- Gives them a lil massage because he feels bad

- Closes the blinds to prevent any more sunburn

- Teases them all the time about how tan he can get

- Also lets them lay on him all the time, just this once

- Not really

- He loves it when they lay on him

- It’s the only way they can get to sleep with that burn

  • Tony Awards: ho ho ho! Tony nominations! Something Rotten, ten for you. Fun Home? TWELVE for you, Fun Home! You go, Fun Home. And uh... "Jiggy". Do we have a "Jiggy" here?
  • Gigi: It's Gigi.
  • Tony Awards: Oh Gigi, here you go, one for you... And none for Finding Neverland, bye.

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Harry was not smoking weed he was eating something. Do your research. One thing I hate about being a larrie is that most of you go out your way to bring Harry down to Louis level. You even lie on him.

if you think that Harry doesn’t smoke weed, you’re a dumbass.

every time this comes up, i get some anon-in-denial in my inbox and it’s not even funny anymore, it’s honestly just sad. you’re sad. wake up, honey.

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Random crack idea but: supposing the New republic has something like Strictly come dancing (where celebrities are asked to do a dance competition) how do you think the Double O-Nakin!Skywalkers would react to being invited? (Personally I like to imagine Han beside himself with laughter when he learns they've been asked for participation, just because he can't picture anything like that happening. Luke is most likely to go. No one knows if they want Anakin to say yes or no.)

Oh my God.

Truly you are blessed with a gift for crack because this is amazing.

Okay but the really funny thing is that I can see both Leia and Luke potentially accepting the invite, given the right incentive. Like, say, a charity for Alderaanian refugees.

And Leia, at least, can dance quite well. (Part of a princess’s required education.) Luke can’t, yet, but I think he’d pick it up pretty fast with a good teacher. And then there’s Anakin, who never learned how to do any Core world dances, and who plays his skills with traditional Tatooine dances pretty close to the chest. (And who is, after twenty years with sub-standard healthcare and outdated cybernetics, not nearly as limber as he used to be.)

So here’s how it goes:

Han’s the one who breaks the news to them, in between bouts of near-uncontrollable laughter. He just keeps snickering to himself every time he looks at their faces, because Luke looks really nonplussed and Anakin looks first flabbergasted and then caught halfway between deeply annoyed and morbidly curious, and Leia…

Leia says, “I think we should do it.”

Han starts cracking up all over again, and completely fails to notice the mischievous smile on her face, until she says, “That means you too, Han.”

Then Han sobers up pretty fast. “Oh no,” he says. “Not me, Princess. I’m not going on any dancing show. I’m not - ”

“Whyever not, Captain Solo?” Anakin asks casually. “Can’t you dance?”

“Now you listen here, Rustbucket!” Han bristles. “There’s no better dancer in the galaxy! I could dance rings around those clowns! I could - ”

“Good, that’s settled,” says Leia brusquely. “We’ll do it.”

And that’s the story of how three Skywalkers and Han Solo ended up on a dancing show.

(IDK what Strictly Come Dancing is actually like, but I’m gonna say this GFFA dancing show is one of those where they pair celebrities with professional dancers and then teach them a dance routine for the competition.)

Luke gets paired with a dancer from Naboo and, to everyone’s amusement, they decide to do a formal Naboo waltz. (Padme, as Anakin has told his kids, always hated the waltz.) Luke just grins and shrugs it off with a, “Sorry Mom.” And his instructor turns out to be a pretty cool lady who’s more than happy to share all sorts of things about Naboo culture with him, so Luke gets the chance to learn about his mom’s people and counts the whole thing a win.

Han, who is in fact a terrible dancer, gets paired with a Coruscanti dance instructor who decides that they’re going to do a really sultry take on a Corellian tango. His face on learning this is one of absolute terror. Leia catches his eye across the room and just smirks.

Leia’s already an expert at several different Alderaanian dances, and she gets paired with a fellow Alderaanian, so they do a lot of bonding and catharsis through dance and it’s actually…it really helps. She decided to do this for the charity, and she never really expected that it would affect her too, but now she’s really glad she’s doing this.

Anakin goes through like five different instructors. The first three quit in terror when he turns out to be absolutely terrible at all the dances they attempt and apparently incapable of or just unwilling to learn. And they’re far too terrified to challenge him in any way or even criticize him. He won’t admit to enjoying this, but Luke and Leia know better.

Anakin’s fourth instructor is considerably less awed by the ex-Darth Vader, but pronounces him impossible to teach and storms off in a huff.

His fifth instructor is Kitster Banai.

Kitster knew what he was getting into, but Anakin is completely blindsided at seeing his old friend and brother. An epic reunion is had. Luke and Leia get to meet their uncle. Anakin and Kitster’s relationship may or may not descend almost immediately into a prank war. (Hint: It does.)

Finally the actual competition happens.

Luke dances beautifully. (Later, Anakin tells him, “Your mother may have hated that dance, but I think she would have been impressed with your performance.”)

Han does surprisingly well, though his routine is almost ruined by the look of sheer terror he wears through the whole thing.

Leia’s dance is slow and almost mournful, full of emotion and loss and pain, but hope too. Quite a few people in the audience have tears in their eyes, as do Luke, Han, and Anakin.

And Anakin and Kitster decided to toss the approved dance list out the window and bust out one of the old Tatooine dances. It’s…very energetic. There are a lot of jumps and flips and kicks. They duck under and leap over each other. Luke and Leia look at each other and they’re both thinking the same thing. “We learned that move in lightsaber training last week.”

In the end, Leia wins the competition, but Han is totally stuck on Anakin’s dance. “Wow, Rustbucket,” he says. “Who knew you had moves?”