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Things to be happy about today

-Somewhere in the world, it has just gotten warm enough to have a pleasant afternoon walk. A girl calls for her dog and grabs the leash. Little puppy nails scramble against the tile, and the dog almost careens into the table, barely able to control the inertia of his own excitement.

-Somewhere in the world, a young man nudges his wife. “It’s time to wake up,” he murmurs. She mumbles something that may or may not be words and pulls the covers over her head. The boy can’t help the smile that softly spreads across his face. He nestles back into the covers and wraps his arm around her, deciding that, perhaps just this one time, they can spare a few more minutes in bed. The girl peeks out from her blanket cocoon, and the boy takes the chance to swoop in for a kiss on her nose. She squeaks and bats him away. “Don’t do that!” But she’s laughing. They both are. The boy takes a moment to wonder how he got so lucky. He loves her so, so much.

-Somewhere in the world, a person idly doodles in their notebook during class. When they examine their handiwork, they realize that the drawing is actually pretty good. They wear a small, goofy smile for the rest of the day.

-Somewhere in the world, an old woman slowly slips on her gardening gloves and hobbles outside to check on her plants. As she bends to grab the watering can, she sees that one of her tulips has bloomed, a brilliant red nestled in a sea of green. She claps her hands, once, and calls inside for her grandson to come look. 

-Somewhere in the world, two shy people are in love. They sit by a bonfire, watching the crackling of the flames and thinking about how they are going to tell their families. One of them tenses and relaxes their hand a few times, wondering what their mother will think, what their friends will think, what they will do if no one approves. Their anxiety builds until they feel a soft hand catch theirs. They look up, into the warm, inviting eyes of the person they adore, and their shoulders relax. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. They will make it through together, and it will be worth it. It will all be okay.

-Somewhere in the world, a young immigrant holds a letter from her dream college in her hands. Her whole body shakes as she runs her nail along the envelope, tearing it open. Her parents hover over her shoulder, filled with a mix of anxiety and excitement. They don’t understand much English, but they recognize the word that appears at the top of the page when it is unfolded: congratulations! Everyone starts cheering at once. This is the first time the girl has ever seen her father cry. They all throw themselves in a messy group hug, bouncing up and down in a rhythm that is not synced, but somehow still seems like a perfect harmony.

-Somewhere in the world, you woke up. It may be the easiest thing you had to do today, or the hardest thing you have to do every day. Either way, your eyes fluttered open and you took a deep breath, letting the sensation of consciousness wash over you. It may be a nice feeling. It may be a burden. But you have done it. You have risen to the challenge of a new day. You may accomplish one of your life’s dreams today. You may only accomplish the act of allowing your heart to beat. Both of these things are worth celebrating. 

-Somewhere in the world, a young woman with a very tiny ponytail types at a keyboard. She is tired, barely able to keep her eyes open, but she is grateful to be alive for another day. She knows that her words may reach no one, but that there’s a chance someone’s heart may be a little lighter if she sends her thoughts out into the world, and it’s a chance she’s willing to take. She settles on the last thing she wants to say before closing her laptop and dozing off for an afternoon nap:

The mistakes you made yesterday don’t matter anymore. Today is the perfect day to try again.


“But then the joke is gone. Our lips touch, and it’s not funny anymore.” ~ The Heart Rate of a Mouse Volume I: Over the Tracks 

They finally came (’: ♡♡♡

  • Snk Fandom: It's wrong to expect 12 years olds to be mature and responsible. You are not humane if you think that.
  • Also Snk Fandom: the 12 year olds are capable of leading SC, honestly Erwin was so overrated
  • Also Snk fandom: let's pair these 12 year olds to 30+ dudes who beat them to pulp because it's so romantic
  • Also snk fandom: Erwin Smith is an abusive piece of shit for saving Levi from underground and giving him a reason to live. Good riddance LOL
  • Also Snk fandom: Eruri is so gross necrophiliacs wtf get some therapy (disregarding 99% Eruri fandom is AU)
  • Also snk fandom: er/eri is so good I live for this, any of ya bitches that tell me otherwise can stfu and gtfo you should ship them too. In fact here have er/eri post you're clearly uncomfortable with in your Eruri tag and I will tag it Erwin x Levi x Eren just to be safe even though there is no Erwin or Eruri in it.
  • Also snk fandom: stop being a crybaby I am so mad at people who are upset about Erwin's death in HIS tag, honestly stop being such an attention whore. It's not like Erwin was popular or anything
  • Also snk fandom: what did Eren do to deserve a prison this is too harsh just let him rest, people are so mean to him because they are salty and can't read the manga properly
  • ....
  • ....
  • ....
  • Me: One ticket to Mars please. I don't think I understand the language of this planet anymore.
  • Note:
  • I know this is offensive but I am not trying to pick any fights or pick on anyone in particular but just highlighting a lot of hypocrisy going on in our fandom. If you don't like this post simply ignore it. Not everyone is like this in snk, but plenty are to make surfing tags difficult. I respect all tags and never cross tag my stuff or tell people how they are supposed to feel about things or who/what they should like. I used 12yo instead of the actual age of characters 15 yrs because I am honestly amused how many people call them 12 year old for sake of defending their argument even when it's clearly mentioned in wiki what their age is. This is not even factually correct anymore. I am also not opposed to any ships and used above text only to highlight how bipolar some people act. By snk fandom I don't mean every single person but I am just astonished by all the stuff I see every time I visit snk tag.

anonymous asked:

so i was just wondering if you could point me in the direction of a few Bellarke modern au fics? I once found a list of a few but i can't seem to find it anymore so.. yea thought I ask... Thank you! :)

Check out the blog’s modern au tag for a variety of fics!

Here is a fic rec specifically for modern aus, and here are some fic recs that have some modern aus included: [x] [x] [x] [x]

Anonymous said: ‘do you happen to know any smut fics of after the 2x05 hug? like its the same day? thank you!’

Anonymous said: ‘Hey, there was a fanfic, I think it was modern setting, Bellamy had left town or something and Clarke was pregnant from him? I haven’t read it yet but I want and now I can’t find it! Can you help me?’

It might be All Is Love.

Anonymous said: ‘I’m looking for a fic where Clarke and Bellamy are stuck in a timeloop together and they fall in love with each other during that? I’ve been looking everywhere and can’t find it.’

It could be one of the these:

There is also this fic rec to check.

Anonymous said: ‘Hey! Do you know any fanfiction where Bellamy is jealous? 😘 ‘

The blog has a general jealousy tag, as well as a jealous!bellamy tag.

Anonymous said: ‘Know of any Sense8 AU’s darling? Thanks bunches’

I didn’t think it was necessary for me to explain any of this, but apparently we have a few brats in this fandom

Also, I’m posting this to make people realize why this whole attitude is WRONG and DISRESPECTFUL and IMMATURE. If you think this is an okay thing to do, then the bastard is you, I am afraid.

OK, so me and my friend @thosedarndursleys have had this idea for a project which we thought you guys might be interested in following. Since modern AUs are so popular - especially ones where they meet on Tumblr (if I may redirect you to LadyFaceElena’s excellent fic on AO3), we thought we’d set up a project based on this. This is essentially a modern AU roleplay - I play Remus, and Nancy ( @thosedarndursleys ) plays Sirius. Remus’ url is @welsh-writer and Sirius’ is @somesiriusmatters. So, what we plan to do is to tell a story through our blogs - that is, the story of how these two losers met. I won’t give anything away, but you’ll essentially be able to see the beginning of their friendship (and if this is popular, perhaps a texting fic to go with it). On top of that, you’ll also be able to interact with (our intepretations of) your favourite characters. That is, to strike up a conversation with Remus about his favourite book, ask Sirius to tell you more about his friends, that kind of thing.

Anyway, we’d be really grateful if any of you would be willing to check out our blogs. Just to reiterate - Sirius is @somesiriusmatters and Remus is @welsh-writer. Let us know what you guys think, reblog this so that more people can take part, and we’ll start telling the story when enough people are interested!

thekeyofrassilon  asked:

I'm gonna draw all of the skinny characters fat with light skin and all the fat characters skinny with dark skin and Steven Universe with purple skin and 9 arms because like hell I'm gonna let someone over the internet tell me what I can and can't draw.

I think what people need to realise is that, fanart is fanart.

It has no effect on the actual show.

Just because some random person on the internet who you don’t even know and will probably never meet drew Rose slightly skinnier than she is doesn’t mean she’s going to look any different in the show. 

I’ve seen artists being horribly bullied because of their art, it’s the reason I don’t go on the Steven Universe tag anymore. 

The SU fandom has done some seriously stupid shit and I always try to stay out of it and have no part in it whatsoever but I heard what happened to that poor girl and I think it’s disgusting.

So the last thing I’m going to say on the matter is:

Just watch the fucking show

Stop fucking bullying people and try to be decent human beings

Life is too fucking short to spend it being mad over how fictional cartoon characters are meant to look

Recommend the fucking show to friends and family because it’s awesome

Buy the fucking merchandise and help support the show