i can't think of a good starter

ere’s  a  lame  excuse  for  a  starter  call  ––  very  premature  i  know,  but  feel  free  to  like  it  up  !  my  weirdo - daughter  needs  some  love. 

@endlxssmelody | starter call


“Wow, you’re real good at playin’ that, y’know?” He comments, and settles his hands on his narrow waist. “‘cept I think i’d appreciate it more if you weren’t sittin’ under my tree.” Don’t get him wrong, the music was pretty damn great, but…well.
The guy was under his tree ! 

I’m off. I’m tired. I’ll get to starters tomorrow or Wednesday, depending on when we get back from our game, if we have one. 

“hi! sorry to bother you, but turns out that my nut brain of a roommate and i are having a very intense sort of argument and we’ll need you to settle it. afterall, you look very educated on the matter! when you make pancakes - what do you like to put on them and in what order? strange question? yes. matter of national importance? absolutely.”

                   ★  —- @bexslynch LIKED for a starter.

❝  You were much too weak to keep a hold of your title the first time, not good enough to take it away from a child. What makes you think you can capture it from many other women? I do hope you don’t choke again. 

“So— Do ya like it?”

Josh stared down at his phone, frowning. Ever since he’d been abandoned on the mountain, it seems that one of his friends had been texting him every day- either as blind hope or an insane coping technique. The messages always made him very, very sad though, and today, without thinking, he clumsily typed back to his old, beloved friend
[text]: i hopw u havr a good day
Finally finding the send button, he sent his message, but almost immediately regretted it, especially since he’d been wanting to *avoid* his old friends in the hope they would go on believing in his death


I know this has been a stressful week -not that other weeks haven’t been just as bad, or worse- with the dance and the elections talk starting up and stuff, but I have a very good feeling about the next few days. I just wanted to let you guys know that if you’re feeling like you need to relax, you should stop by my room. I think I might be able to help you out.

PS: This is not a booty call.