i can't think about other quote

I will always wait for the day we find each other again.

My mind is like a see-saw. Some days I want you more than anything, and other days I just want to cut you completely out of my life.

-My head knows better, but my heart always overpower


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sometimes when i think about them being the sun and the moon i remember that one of them i can't remember who reblogged a quote about lovers being the sun and moon and to always chase each other and to never meet and be together and my heart hurts

i know what post you’re talking about, i always get the vibe ‘’i want you but i can’t have you’’ from them and when someone came here saying they felt that same vibe in one of their concerts in brazil it confirmed what i felt

here’s the video of the concert, please tell me i’m not the only one who feel this. it’s so sad, it’s like you can feel the love but you can feel the pain or maybe it’s just me

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So - in the Attitude article, Liam talked about how he always loved Sofa since school, even when he was with other people. Now, he's saying it was actually Chernobyl he's been in love with. So, he's just an idiot who can't survive without loving a woman? This article was full of such over-the-top ridiculous quotes, I actually had to throw up a little. I have no words I'm so disgusted by this article and how the Chiam stans are going to eat it up.

Hi anon

Yesss. Cami and I were just saying so.

It’s literally a redo of it all. I mean I think and believe the article will probably have more to it. More solo liam stuff and talk I hope but yep keeping that loved up liam chatter going.

No mention of the baby and I do still wonder exactly what this album will be like and what’s to come reunions etc wise.

Oh and Wootton getting the exclusive 🤔🙃

Delirious and Cartoonz’ relationship is going to be the death of me. They’re so so supportive of each other 100% of the time, it doesn’t even matter what they’re doing, they always have each other’s backs and it’s so sweet??

Like in those chivalry videos when they’re coaching each other and rooting for each other to win, or in Gang Beasts when they try to help each other out in what’s supposed to be a free for all brawl, or how they compliment each other when they do good in a game even though they’re on opposite teams like in that Rocket League video Delirious just uploaded

They love and care for each other so much and it’s so cute and it kills me <3

  • Kevin, to Joaquin: You know, like, when we were - Maybe a couple years ago when we were still getting to know each other... It takes a little while before, like, you realize what someone's, like, boundaries lie. In terms of what you can say and what you can't say. And we were talking about hanging out and I was, like, I wanna say, like, "I'm so fucking pumped up! I can't wait!" but I was like, "It's too early I don't know if... Like, He'd be like..." You know? Whatever. I was just like, "I'm excited to see you man!" and I think you responded with, "Dude, I cannot wait to get inside your asshole."

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I have the most boring things. Unicorn hair, maple wood, vole patronus. For Frick's sakes, noone likes hufflepuffs. People think they're boring. I want to be proud of these things but I can't see anything. Any advice?

unicorn hair: fuckin awesome mate unicorn blood gives people eternal life do you think their hair is gonna be some boring ass shit NO WAY

maple wood: that shit means you’re an explorer and also extremely ambitious and successful. and I quote ‘Possession of a maple wand has long been a mark of status, because of its reputation as the wand of high achievers’ you can use your wand to social climb can other people’s wands do that hmmmmmm

vole: voles are super social and live in colonies of about 300 which means you’re super friendly. they’re also really fast and 90% of them die a week after they’re born so the fact that you’re still here shows you’re a fighter. also this is irrelevant but they’re super good swimmers and can dIVE who knew ??

hufflepuff: fantastic beasts has just come out and this is hufflepuffs time to shine. puffs are loyal, hard working, ethical, fair, honest, and p much the best house let’s be honest 

So I’m not saying JB and Youngjae’s most recent self-composed songs are somehow about each other, but…

I still can’t believe it
That when I open my eyes, you aren’t there

- 1:31am by Def Soul and Ars

- Im Jaebum [160106]/Choi Youngjae [140228]

“Youngjae has left my room.”

- Im Jaebum [160130]

“It’s a song that shows a lot of sorrow personally felt by Jaebum-hyung and me.” 

- Choi Youngjae about 1:31am


You have to stay well, don’t even get sick
The way you smile, don’t ever lose that
If it ever gets hard, you can come back to me
I am here like always for you
I will never leave
Waiting for you.

- 1:31am

Top: Youngjae performing 1:31am alone due to Jaebum’s back injury
Bottom: Jaebum performing 1:31am alone due to Youngjae’s hospitalization

And also…

My day to day, I didn’t know that a moment without you would ever happen to me

- My Day by Ars

I mean… I’m just saying that someone needs to explain some things to me because…

I am drowned in thoughts of you
I get exhausted, but I look for traces of you again

- 1:31am 

Like a habit, I think of you, I never forgot about you not even a moment
Like it always has been my day stops on you My day to day…

- My Day

I’m noticing a pattern here… where 2jae’s recent songs somehow end up being about each other…


You can’t rebuild a friendship by ignoring what has destroyed it.

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ok I have Feelings about Burr and Hamilton being bitter exes like what if they started dating around the time they joined the army but then valley forge happened and they started having to compete for positions and they just?? broke up??? lbr it was probably mutual shittiness with Ham being all "I have a lot of shit to do" and Burr being all "I want to be a general wtf"

you have no idea how much I like the Bitter Exes trope okay.

they probably started dating when they first met, and everything was good for a while bc they were just kids and Hamilton was still in college and they were just really excited about the whole revolution thing and life in general bc they were still Young And Pure™

and then they joined the army. Burr went off to Quebec, but they still wrote letters and they were still in love and everything was still okay. Burr started making a name for himself in quebec, and Hamilton did the same in new york. then one day, Hamilton gets called into Washington’s tent and he’s just like !!!! this is my chance!!!!

he goes in, and Burr’s there. and after the meeting, hamilton literally could not be more psyched, okay. Washington noticed him!! Burr’s back!! this is going to be great!!! so ofc he goes and welcomes burr back and then launches into every detail about his meeting with Washington. when he tells Burr about putting in a good word for laurens and Lafayette and mulligan, Burr finally goes “you didn’t mention me?”

aaand that’s the beginning of the end. it only gets worse when Hamilton marries eliza. like, obviously they can’t be together publicly, burr knows that, but it still hurts (even though he’s been seeing Theodosia, burr you hypocrite). Hamilton tries to fix things before Burr leaves again, but burr just says he’ll see him when he gets back (story of tonight reprise). but when he does get back, hamilton’s a general and Burr’s not, and they’re both married now, with kids on the way. The both know it’s over, and they both know it’s completely the other person’s fault it ended the way it did. Hamilton thinks if Burr had been more reaonable, tried harder to make it work. Burr thinks hamilton should have been less selfish, tried to understand his point of view.

and don’t even get me started on the second act when the true Bitterness™ begins

(nobody asked for this rambling i’m so sorry why am i like this) but y’all should come talk me more on my other hamilton sideblog @you-rewrote-the-game

  • Lucy: You know...how about to get rid of all your anger to each other, you just freely and fully insult each other till you can't say anything anymore?
  • Wendy: Do you think that will be a good id-
  • Gray: Pink cactus head, flame eating, burned cell brains, obnoxious laughing, boob grabbing, sulfur smelling, daddy issued, motion sickness having little dumb fuck!
  • Natsu: Bed head looking, frozen ass, cold moist breath having, stripping complex, stalker loving, demonic possessed, massive tsundere being shit head!
  • Natsu and Gray: WHAT THE HELL YOU SAY?!
  • Lucy: I was wrong...
The wealth of the North

@gabsarc asked:

Hi! I’m wondering, why are the Starks so frugal? I mean even House Martell, which has a lesser income, is more ostentatious. Is it just because the northerners are so frugal, or are they (and everyone else) so aware of their status that they don’t deem it necessary to flaunt it like the other great houses? 

Hi! A lot of this apparent difference has to do with the culture of the North, which is primarily due to their climate. The northerners tend to be frugal because their focus during the warm seasons is to prepare for winter, which will kill people who aren’t ready for it. (It will also kill people who are ready for it, such as the old men who’ve “lived too long”, who announce to their families that they’re “going hunting” and set off into the snows and never return, just so that other people can have more food to survive.) And even the warm seasons aren’t that warm compared to the south – summer snows are not unusual, for example. Where the south has winters (even years-long, though note snow is infrequent south of King’s Landing), the North has deathly mini-Ice Ages, where 10-foot blizzards and winds that freeze your nose and ears off are not uncommon.

And so, “Winter is coming”, say the Stark words. Also, “the north is hard and cold, and has no mercy,” as Ned told Catelyn when she first came to Winterfell, a soft southerner dealing with the culture shock of the austere north. And so the usual northern clothing is made of wool, and leather, with heavy wool or fur cloaks. And all the more so, the crown of the Kings of Winter: “of gold and silver and gemstones, it had none; bronze and iron were the metals of winter, dark and strong to fight against the cold.”

(Now, not only does Dorne almost never get snow, but in general they have a mediterranean or desert climate – so they grow dates and peppers and grapes and citrus fruit, and wear layers of silks and other light clothing. Their buildings are open, with courtyards and fountains. And that’s all because their focus is to survive the sun’s heat, but it appears ostentatious in comparison.)

But truly, the Starks aren’t that frugal? For example, the harvest feast:

Dancer was draped in bardings of snowy white wool emblazoned with the grey direwolf of House Stark, while Bran wore grey breeches and white doublet, his sleeves and collar trimmed with vair. Over his heart was his wolf’s-head brooch of silver and polished jet. […] Beyond the wide oak-and-iron doors, eight long rows of trestle tables filled Winterfell’s Great Hall, four on each side of the center aisle. Men crowded shoulder to shoulder on the benches. “Stark!” they called as Bran trotted past, rising to their feet. “Winterfell! Winterfell!”
He was old enough to know that it was not truly him they shouted for—it was the harvest they cheered, it was Robb and his victories, it was his lord father and his grandfather and all the Starks going back eight thousand years. Still, it made him swell with pride. […] He bid them welcome in the name of his brother, the King in the North, and asked them to thank the gods old and new for Robb’s victories and the bounty of the harvest. “May there be a hundred more,” he finished, raising his father’s silver goblet.
“A hundred more!”  Pewter tankards, clay cups, and iron-banded drinking horns clashed together. Bran’s wine was sweetened with honey and fragrant with cinnamon and cloves, but stronger than he was used to. He could feel its hot snaky fingers wriggling through his chest as he swallowed. By the time he set down the goblet, his head was swimming.
“You did well, Bran,” Ser Rodrik told him. “Lord Eddard would have been most proud.” Down the table, Maester Luwin nodded his agreement as the servers began to carry in the food.
Such food Bran had never seen; course after course after course, so much that he could not manage more than a bite or two of each dish. There were great joints of aurochs roasted with leeks, venison pies chunky with carrots, bacon, and mushrooms, mutton chops sauced in honey and cloves, savory duck, peppered boar, goose, skewers of pigeon and capon, beef-and-barley stew, cold fruit soup. Lord Wyman had brought twenty casks of fish from White Harbor packed in salt and seaweed; whitefish and winkles, crabs and mussels, clams, herring, cod, salmon, lobster and lampreys. There was black bread and honeycakes and oaten biscuits; there were turnips and pease and beets, beans and squash and huge red onions; there were baked apples and berry tarts and pears poached in strongwine. Wheels of white cheese were set at every table, above and below the salt, and flagons of hot spice wine and chilled autumn ale were passed up and down the tables.
[…] Much later, after all the sweets had been served and washed down with gallons of summerwine, the food was cleared and the tables shoved back against the walls to make room for the dancing. The music grew wilder, the drummers joined in, and Hother Umber brought forth a huge curved warhorn banded in silver. When the singer reached the part in “The Night That Ended” where the Night’s Watch rode forth to meet the Others in the Battle for the Dawn, he blew a blast that set all the dogs to barking.


At this feast (which would have been the first of several in a years-long autumn, if not for the war), the Starks are “flaunting it”. Bran is dressed unusually extravagantly, and there’s food (so much food) and wine, music and dancing. But this ostentatiousness and luxury, this performance of generosity, it’s all done for a purpose. It’s not a careless, casual waste of food and wealth (compare Joffrey’s wedding) – it’s to share the Starks’ resources with that of their bannermen, to build morale, to conflate the Stark legacy with the bounty of the harvest. The wealth of the north is not in art and gold and gems and silk and shiny things – it’s in food, and the gifts of the land, furs and fish and oak and iron, friendship and camaraderie and loyalty, everything needed for survival.

And there’s the richness of Winterfell itself – ok, so it’s not ostentatiously decorated and filled with knickknacks – but it does have hot springs, and thick stone walls heated by the hot springs, to stay warm even in the depth of the coldest winter. It has the glass gardens, greenhouses that grow food and flowers that could normally never survive in the cold climate of the north, and can grow food in the middle of winter. And outside the castle is the winter town, which is 4/5 empty during the other seasons, but in winter takes in hundreds, thousands of northmen from all over, even clansmen from the mountains. That too is not frugality, it’s pure generosity… but again, saved for the winter when it’s really needed.

And all this is why “the north remembers”, why the Manderlys “know about the promise” made after “the wolves took us in and nourished us and protected us against our enemies”. It’s why the “faith of Greywater” is pledged, “hearth and heart and harvest”. It’s why, even though they don’t appear to be as wealthy or ostentatious as other great houses, everyone wants to be a Stark.


I must be brave, like Robb.

Stark siblings thinking (and talking) about each other - Robb and Sansa


buffyverse meme: [2/10] characters | Anya Jenkins

“I guess I just realized how amazingly screwed up [humans] all are. I mean, really, really screwed up, in a monumental fashion. And they have no purpose that unites them so they just drift around, blundering through life until they die… which they… they know is coming, yet every single one of them is surprised when it happens to them. They’re incapable of thinking about what they want beyond the moment. They kill each other, which is clearly insane. And yet, here’s the thing – when it’s something that really matters, they fight. I mean, they’re lame morons for fighting, but they do. They never… never quit. So I guess I will keep fighting too.”

In Defence of Tsukuyo

Okay, reading all this Tsukuyo discussion on my dash and trying to make sense of it. When it comes to Tsukuyo, I sometimes think we are all watching/reading different versions of Gintama. And I know there are plenty of people I like/respect in fandom who have fairly negative views of Tsukuyo and GinTsu.

But I’ll go to bat for Red Spider Arc. 

I am not sure why Tsukuyo’s genuine love for Gintoki is seen in fandom as a minus to her character arc. She was told by Jiraiya that she couldn’t *love and be loved*, not just that she couldn’t please men. Any self worth she had was focused in how she lived for other people, with no acceptance or space for her own feelings. Her devotion to Hinowa and the other Yoshiwara women is exemplary, but making that the sum total of her character is exactly what Jiraiya wanted. He wanted her to live only as a weapon, to drain her of self-care and self-love. 

I also don’t buy the argument that the ending undermines the themes of the arc, that it’s just a bit of GinTsu ship tease (though it is that). A huge part of the ending, for example, is Gintoki pushing away the sexual advances that she feels compelled to offer, and affirming her worth as a friend.

A friend whom he knows has these feelings for him, but he confirms that doesn’t make her any less of a friend. And then Shinpachi, Kagura, and Hinowa double that recognition of Tsukuyo as a person, leading to the end of the arc where Gintoki delivers the one-liner that slays Jiraiya’s teachings

walk tall. your face isn’t ugly. it’s a pretty face carrying a clean soul.

or translated slightly differently by other translators

As long as your soul is unscarred, your face will remain pretty.

I could say a LOT more, but in general, I think fandom tends to fill in way too many blanks with Tsukuyo.

Maybe it’s because Tsukuyo’s character arc is about romantic love and what that means to a person’s identity and relationships. A lot of people don’t like that, but it’s a legitimate theme that Sorachi is exploring, and doesn’t diminish Tsukuyo’s worth. 

Being disappointed in what Sorachi actually does with the character instead of what you wanted for the character is of course understandable.

I’d also like to point out that the parallels and tropes he uses over and over aren’t just there by accident. Time and again, we get stories about people using each other, particularly mentors using their students, and Red Spider Arc is one stop along the way to the plot we’re seeing unfold now. 

Do we really need Sorachi to have added in a point where Gintoki or Zenzou gave a lecture on how actually Jiraiya was totally wrong about his lessons? I think we should give Sorachi a bit of credit for subtlety. 

  • Theo: The reason we can't say those three words to each other... Isn't because they aren't true.
  • Pansy: Then why?
  • Theo: I think we both know that the moment we do,it won't be the start of something-it'll be the end. Think about it. Theo and Pansy going to dinner... Theo and Pansy holding hands...
  • Pansy: We don't have to do those things, we can do...
  • Theo: This is what we like...
  • Pansy: The Game... The chase...
  • Theo: Besides.. we're not those sappy people anyways..
  • Pansy: ... Maybe you're right...
  • Theo: I know I am... [kisses her]

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I'm trying to find your quote about how Batman, unlike other nihilists, knows for a fact that true love is real, and it sounds like a man's soul escaping through his mouth etc I can't remember the entire quote which I SHOULD because it's AWESOME but I want to show someone and I'm not sure where to look.

I believe you’re thinking of a part from Chapter 2 of Christmas in Kansas, aka That Flashback My Husband Still Hasn’t Forgiven Me For