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Inuvember: Week 1: Relationships/Friendships
Nov 3 → SessRin (◡‿◡✿) 


cute bare faced jiyongie all bundled up (๑>◡<๑)

god i just want to know how long sana has been crushing on yousef like how long has he been friends with her brother? did her crush develop slowly over time or was it there from the beginning?

the balloon squad has been like everywhere since the season started which makes it feel like they are a daily part of sana’s life, like they’re always over at the bakkoush’s, both of the youtube videos have been filmed there and it really makes me wonder about all the small private moments sana and yousef must of had together (running into each other getting a drink from the kitchen or stumbling into each other in the hallway) to get to the point where they smirk at each other and get a little fluster when they realize the other is in the room


Look at me diving in head first into this mess with no regrets

a 2 hour drive leads to the vaguest sketch in the world aka a noodle and a bunch of circles

add 3 hours to that later that night and another 20 minutes this morning and you’ve got a better lookin’ noodle and a sleeping friend

I left.

I came back.

There’s no turning back now.

I give up.

I’ve been consumed yet again by the brightly colored small horses and a draconeq-whatever-the-fuck he is. A giant chaotic noodle.

  • Alfred and Drummond looking at each other: (✿ ♥‿♥)
  • me: aaaaaw ^^
  • Alfred and Drummond hugging: (つ・▽・)つ⊂(・▽・⊂)
  • me: d'aAWWW
  • Alfred and Drummond dancing: (*ノ・ω・)ノ♫♩ヽ(・ω・ヽ*)♬
  • me: D'AAAAAAWWW ^^
  • Alfred and Drummond finally kissing: (ʃƪ ˘ ³˘)♥(˘ ε˘ʃƪ)

anonymous asked:

Hiya hey hey! Just wanted to say your work is amazing and I adore your writings so much! Okay, so I was wondering if you could write something cute with the RFA + Saeran + V + Vanderwood (if you can) taking showers together? Like nothing nsfw, of course, but just real fluffy and fun where they shape their hair with soap or help wash each other and they're all chaste touches and everything~ It's no problem if you can't write it, but thank you for everything else, anways >3<

Hope you don’t mind, but we felt more comfortable making it a bath instead of a shower. Hope you enjoy it all the same!


  • Sometimes you two like to take baths to relax
  • Zen doesn’t like getting his hair soapy at first, so he’ll tie it up in a bun
  • He also has those headband things with the animal ears on them
  • You two sit next to each other in either a peaceful silence or soft conversation
  • You usually lay your head against his shoulder and make little swirls in the bubbles
  • Meanwhile, he likes holding your hand under the water
  • Sometimes he’ll run a finger up and down your arm
  • At some point, he’ll definitely lean over to kiss you
  • While you two are in the middle of a little kissing session, he’ll try to rest a hand on your knee and pray he doesn’t miss
  • He really enjoys these softer, intimate moments with you


  • He had a really stressful day at school/work
  • So when he got home, he decided to take a bath
  • You came home late and you see him inside the bath, covered in bubbles with a single rubber duck floating around
  • First thing you do is wake him up and gently scold him because it wasn’t safe
  • He asks if you want to join, but you refuse
  • Seeing how sleepy he is, you start washing his hair instead
  • He’s loving it since it’s sort of like a head massage, and you can feel him go lax in your hands
  • When he wakes up a little, he gets playful and tries to get some soap suds on you
  • You start fighting back a little
  • In the end, you have to take a shower once he’s done to get the soap off
  • You find him knocked out in his pajamas when you get out


  • It was just another girls’ night, so you two put on masks and got into a hot bath
  • You two sat across from each other
  • Jaehee gets a little skittish if your foot will brush her leg or foot
  • You both have your own glass of wine, and there’s music running in the background
  • For some reason, you two just find everything funny
  • At one point, you two are cry-laughing because you’re blowing bubbles into the air and it lands on your heads in a funny way
  • It’s all fun until the questions comes up
  • Who’s getting up first?


  • He has one of those nice jacuzzi tubs
  • Of course, baths are a normal thing for you two
  • Jumin puts a lot of thought into your bath nights
  • He’ll have candles lit, essential oil aromatherapy things, the softest towels
  • There will be glasses of your favorite wine ready to go
  • Sometimes there’s even petals daintily spread over the counters
  • Of course the jazzy music to set the mood
  • You put a bath bomb in and it’s one of those midnight blue and gold ones
  • You two sit together but with some space between you
  • Mostly because he likes to massage your shoulders or your palms
  • You love it when his bangs get wet because they curl ever so slightly
  • It’s really all romantic, so he leans in for a kiss
  • That’s when you see Elizabeth got in and was perched on one of the cabinets and creeping closer
  • “Uh, Jumin…I don’t think she’s gonna make it.”
  • “She’s fine,” he dismisses, just wanting to steal that kiss.
  • That’s when there’s a loud splash and an unhappy cat


  • You told him you were getting in the bath, and you told him you would leave the door open if he wanted to join, even though he said he wasn’t
  • You’re in the warm water, but before you can do anything he runs by the open door and shoots this ball in the water
  • You’re freaked out at all the fizz until you see it’s a galaxy bath bomb
  • You start relaxing into the water, so you don’t hear him sneak back into the room
  • He comes behind you and threads his fingers through your hair before pecking the top of your head
  • He’s just not a bath person, but eventually you coax him into the water by doing the thing where you take his glasses off and he starts melting
  • When he does get in the water, he doesn’t like being half dry and half wet so he dunks his whole head in the water
  • You’re laughing because now there’s sparkles sticking to different parts of his face, his hair gets ten times curlier when it’s wet, and the combination of both was hilarious
  • He’s actually really shy in the bath, so you have to inch towards him because he retreats to one side
  • If you try to touch him, he gets super fidgety and he doesn’t really know what to do with his body
  • He just feels super vulnerable in that moment
  • He starts getting more comfortable when you start splashing the water playfully
  • After that, he starts to soak in the moment and take in how beautiful you are
  • The whole atmosphere gets intimate all of a sudden


  • You were relaxing in the bathtub
  • The water was warm and soothing
  • You had left the door slightly open just in case of an emergency, so it wasn’t surprise when Saeran walked in
  • He had only come in for a band-aid, but he keeps lingering around and finding different things to fix
  • Until finally, you just told him to stay and sit
  • He sat on the outside of the tub, resting his chin on the edge
  • You two just make small conversation while he just gently puts swirls ontop of the water
  • Occasionally, he’ll gently wipe away the bubbles that get on your face or shoulders
  • It was really just an excuse to touch you, if he was being honest
  • He thought you looked soft surrounded with fluff like that
  • “So…Saeran, do you want to join me?”
  • “And bathe in your dead, floating skin cells? I don’t think so.”


  • He sees you looked tired after a long day
  • Wordlessly, he’ll draw you a nice bath with a candle and nice smelling soap
  • You’re so thankful, especially when you first get into that hot water
  • You ask if he could join you…because you’d really enjoy the extra warmth and company
  • So he does
  • He’ll lather your shoulders and back with soap and give them a little massage or scrub them with a sponge
  • Lots of soft forehead kisses or sometimes soapy kisses on the cheek
  • You’ll tease him a little with his hair
  • Because you’ll split it in certain ways to make him look funny
  • There’s not too much talking…just comfortable silence

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