i can't tell you how much of a crush i have on him in this

I Can’t Quit You

An Alpha!Bucky Song Fic

Character Pairing: Alpha!Bucky Barnes x Female Omega!Reader

Word Count: 1,216 

Warnings: NSFW 18+ Smut (not too graphic!)! A/B/O dynamics, fingering, sexual penetration, a NSFW gif, mention of bonding, dirty talk and language.

A/N: This is my submission for @persephone-is-here-omg ‘s Marye’s 1 Year Anniversary Writing Challenge! This is one of my favorite songs ever! I love the sensual/bluesy feel to it and I thought it would fit perfect with Alpha!Bucky! I highly suggest you listen to it before or while reading this! It really adds to the story! 

Song: I Can’t Quit You Baby by Led Zeppelin

Ohhh, I can’t quit you, baby.

So I’m gonna put you down for awhile.

Raising his hand to knock on your door, Bucky wondered what he was doing here.

The last time he had seen you, you told him to never come back.

He knew why.

Being an Alpha at the head of a pack put a lot of pressure on him.

Commitment wasn’t his thing. He couldn’t promise you forever.

You needed an Alpha who could give you all of himself, who could be there emotionally, more than just physically. That Alpha wasn’t him.

Yet here he was, waiting on you to open your door.

I said I can’t quit you baby,

I guess I’m gonna have to put you down for awhile.

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Hate That You Know Me (So Well)


Adrien and Marinette discuss Chat Noir.

Can also be found on FF.net and AO3.

“Can I ask you a question?”

She was lying face down on his carpet so he was left to interpret the muffled “yrsfh”. She hadn’t said no to him yet so he gave in to precedence.

“Does Chat Noir know?”

Marinette didn’t answer him right away so he leaned over the side of the couch to look down at her.  She turned her face so it was no longer buried in his rug and one very blue, very wary eye peeked up at him.

“No,” She whispered.  “No one was supposed to know.”

It had been like this for an hour now. 

She seemed to still be coming out of shock.  After all, it wasn’t every day your classmate stumbles upon your biggest secret. Adrien wished, not for the first time, that he had chosen any other alley, if only to spare her whatever she was feeling right now.

“I’m sorry,” He said, again.

She turned her face back into the carpet.  “Snrt yr fawl.”

And, really, it wasn’t.

Not when he considered the increase in akuma attacks over the past few months or the fact that he and Marinette had been circling each other for over a year.  In fact, Adrien was surprised that they hadn’t stumbled upon each other transforming sooner.

It really was obvious now that he knew.

Of course Ladybug was Marinette.  There was no one else in Paris like her.

And if, after the warm, pink light faded, her startled eyes met his with anything but absolute despair he wouldn’t have hesitated pulling her to him.

As it was, he had still been reeling from the gunshock that was watching his beautiful classmate (had she really been so close) transform into his beautiful partner, when she crumpled in on herself shaking no, no, no, no.

And when Adrien finally did realize what was happening and started to move forward she was already up, fragile and broken and strong.

“Don’t say a word.”

Caught in the steel of her eyes he could only nod before she threw her yoyo up and out, vanishing from the alleyway.

There was, after all, an akuma.

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“My Neighbor’s A Jerk” Part 3

Summary: Modern-Day (AU) There’s this mutual feeling between you and your neighbor, called hate. And since your first meet you both commence that feeling with a burning passion. You don’t know the reason behind his hate and you know for damn sure that he will never tell you. But what happens on the first day of your job, when you find out that you even work together? Maybe you will learn to co-operate?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 2714

Warnings: cockiness, jerk!Bucky, nothing new you should get used to it by now, new readers lol 

Author’s Note: anyone who wants to be tagged, let me know here

“My Neighbor’s A Jerk” Masterlist | Main Masterlist

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

None other than your infuriating neighbor stood near his desk, in a white button up, regrettably matching yours (yes, you noticed) and black dress pants, a hand raking through his hair, messing it up more than it already was. Your heart nearly leaped up to your throat as you tried to take in the situation in front of you.

He is your co-worker?  That means, you’ll be working with him. Under one roof. Not only you’ll have to put up with his shit at home but also he’ll make you go through hell at work!

Fuck me. You thought.

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Night time talks (boyf riends)

Okay so!! this is my first time writing a fic 4 bmc but its rly short sorry lmao

Please leave feedback and stuff!!


“Hey, Jeremy? Remember when you first got that Squip?”

Micheal was talking to himself again, sitting in the dark in Jeremy’s bedroom. It was honestly quite pathetic; venting and talking to nobody.

Well, almost nobody.

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Among The Beasts: Freedom

Reader x Kol Mikaelson


synopsis: Klaus’ attempts to live up to his promise to you lead him to dark paths, but, in the end, he manages to lift the curse up, waking you up. 

A/N: I don’t know if I made it clear, but the Mikaelsons are quite fond to the reader. She is friends with all of them, but has a deeper conection with Kol. :)

Word Count: 2525

Part 1 - Part 2

“This is funny”, Klaus thought, a while later, as he stood in front of his mother’s lifeless body, holding her heart on his right hand. It was indeed amusing, because all of Esther’s worries revolved around what he would become if he possessed his Hybrid powers. What kind of evil the blond would turn out to be. Yet, she did not considered the fact she was the one to blame. She made him. She sentenced a poor boy to a painful childhood just to hide her mistake.

A bitter chuckle left his lips. Yes, killing her was an act of mercy, for the witch deserved way more than a quick death.

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whoops, my hand slipped and here is a much more fic-like set of bullet points that i don’t have to heart to actually turn into a fic. part of a trilogy it seems.

one | two | three (THIS ONE!) | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine

  • something to know about michelle: she’s very good at keeping secrets
  • once, when she was eight years old, her older brother broke the brand new watch his parents had gotten him for christmas. he begged her not to tell anyone, most especially their parents or her four year old sister who would undoubtedly tattle to their parents. she never spoke a word of it to anyone and helped him fix it as best they could so that her parents never found out.
  • then, when she was eleven, she had the biggest crush on this one girl in her class, layla. and one day, one of her best friends alex told her that he had a crush on layla. so she never spoke a word of her crush, nor of alex’s, to anyone. that is, until one day alex and layla walked around the playground at lunch time holding hands and told everyone they were now dating.
  • and then after she moved to new york, spent the year trying to find a place for herself, and then finally found and joined academic decathlon, she met peter parker and liz allan. and she knew immediately that peter parker liked liz. he always stared at her during practice and smiled at her whenever she glanced at him. she heard him talking about her at lunch. everyone knew that peter had a crush on liz. but one day after practice, she was in the bathroom stall when liz and her friend betty walked into the restoom, chatting.
  • “oh my goodness I can’t believe you have a crush on that freshman.” betty scoffed. “really liz, like half the junior class is in love with you and you’ve got heart eyes for the scrawny kid from, what is it, queens?”
  • “he’s really sweet!” liz laughed. “I think he’s really cute. he’s always nice to me. can’t I like someone who also likes me? is that really a crime?”
  • “of course not.” betty sighed. “I’m just saying. he’s a freshman, you’re a junior. in two years, you’ll be going to college and he will still be here. do you really want that?”
  • “I don’t know.” liz replied, pausing for a while before michelle heard the sink start to run water. “peter is really sweet and smart. i’d like to see what could happen.”
  • “fine, fine.” betty laughs. “but don’t wait for that boy to ask you out because he seems shocked every time you even look his way.” they both laugh and with that, walk out of the bathroom.
  • michelle never spoke of that incident to anyone either. so, she’s good at keeping quiet when she needs to be. which is why she never tells peter that she knows. knows that he spends his time stopping bank robberies, muggings, and helping old ladies cross the street. knows that he saved her friends in washington dc. knows that he’s the reason liz’s dad went to prison and she had to move to oregon. she doesn’t tell anyone this. not even peter.

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Manspreading (Part 3)

Word Count: 9k

  “Don’t bring the dog into this. He’s young and he doesn’t need this kind of stuff pushed on him. He’ll grow up to have issues.” 

“Very funny, Tae. You’re a real funny guy. You know what else is funny? Your chances of sleeping in the same bed as me this month.”

Part 1, Part 2, Part 4, Epilogue

It wasn’t at all unusual for you to wake up smothered by the sixty-two kilograms of pure heat and clinginess that was Kim Taehyung. What was unusual however was how inappropriately naked the both of you were at the moment, and the suspiciously hard thing pressing against your side.

You’ve been awake for a good while now having an internal breakdown and devising increasingly elaborate plans to get yourself out of Taehyung’s loving death-grip. You wonder if you could slip out of his arms for a quick reprieve in the shower before you have to really face him, because right now you couldn’t think very clearly when he was so close to you and his addicting scent was bombarding your brain. He was always a heavy sleeper, and you figured you had a fairly good chance of slipping away without waking him up. When your eyes opened up and met his entirely too awake ones, you nearly jumped out of your skin.

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(Loki x reader) Can't sleep pt.4

A/N: ANGST TIME! (rip readers)

Words: 1,194

(Tag list below)

Warnings: Swearing, angst 

Part 1

Part 2 

Part 3

Loki sat on the couch in the avengers headquarters, reading a book as per usual whilst some of the other avengers sat around and discussed the current mission that was afoot. There were suspicions that a group of terrorists were planning a massive attack in the name of anti-vigilante protests. Whilst this was usually the government’s job to take care of this kind of thing, you, Natasha, Clint, Thor, Sam, and Steve were asked to take care of the suspected area that was under threat.

“I don’t know why Tony would send you on this mission. It’s far too dangerous” Loki had said earlier. Holding your hand gently, hoping he would never have to let go. 

“I’ll be fine Loki, You know I can take care of myself” you had replied with your beautiful sweet voice.

“I know, I just worry about you” Loki responded, kissing you on your forehead before you had left him alone to wait for your return.

Loki tried to hide his concern for you by taking his mind off the problem at hand and focusing on the latest book you had given him called ‘Looking for Alaska’. It wasn’t as grand or spectacular as the other books you had given him, but he didn’t mind. It reminded him of you without making him fret. The other avengers still didn’t know about the two of you, only Thor knew that Loki had feelings for you. However, he didn’t know that he had confessed them to you.

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Home to you.

Did someone say angsty one way communication. Okay, it’s not texting but I’m SO your girl for angsty one way communication! This one is classic rip your heart out and duct tape it back together with glitter glue. Enjoy :)

“I don’t know if you can hear me, but I’m trying to get back home to you, and I won’t ever stop until I do.”

His hand dropped, grip still tight around the shell as he turned back to Ariel.

“Ariel, is there any chance-”

“I’m sorry, Captain. Unless you can hold your breath for… I mean I’m a fast swimmer but not that fast.”

“But you could reach Storybrooke? Would you ensure that my message was received?” She nodded and he felt a weight lift from his shoulders. “Thank you Ariel. This, this means more to me than I could ever hope to describe.”

When they reached the water’s edge she reached around her neck and unclasped her necklace, her tail reappeared as she dove into the cloudy water. No sooner had her tail passed beyond his view there was a bright light and a wave came crashing back towards the shore, Ariel caught in its tow.

“Ariel!” Hook dove forward, catching her arm before she was pulled back under. She was fumbling with something around her neck and soon she’d two legs under her again.

“You were out of my sight for no more than a moment, you couldn’t possibly have-”

I’m sorry, Captain. I’ve made the trip to Storybrooke countless times now but this time… I couldn’t break through. It was like the fury of a storm pushing back against me.

“So the ways are shut to you? Have you ever experienced such a thing before? Has something happened to the town?”

“No, It was more… more like reaching a locked door than an empty room.”

“Thank you for trying, Ariel. Perhaps another way…” He reluctantly handed her the seashell but she shook her head.

“Keep it. Talk to her sometimes. Maybe she missed your first message, so tell her again.”

He nodded and within moments she was no more than a ripple on the surface of the water.

“Emma? Ariel tried to reach Storybrooke, to ensure that you knew the truth but she was unable to pass. I hope you’re safe. I never meant to leave you. I’m trying to come home. I love you.”

She had clasped the shell around her neck hours ago, in the hopes of catching his voice again, and now she’d heard the message a dozen times. Each time a flare of anger rose up in her and she finally glared up at Gideon. “You’re telling me that instead of asking for my help in defeating the apparent source of all Evil, you thought it made the most sense to kidnap my true love and hold him for ransom? Did it occur to you for even a moment that I might have been more willing to help you before you tried to kill me and ripped my true love away?”

“Tell you my plan when you could have chosen to stop me? I’ve worked too hard for this to let it rest on the whim of another.”

“Let me talk to him,” she insisted, putting down what she had been working on suddenly.

“Not until you help me to-”

“No,” Emma interrupted. “Keep him trapped in another realm, fine. It will hurt me like hell but it won’t get you a single step closer to your goal. You need me. But until I’m sure that it is really him, that you haven’t killed him and recorded this message somehow, I’ll not so much as help you resolve a parking violation.”

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Highway (Part 8)

Originally posted by xopsychogirlxo

Summary: There’s a charming man that enters the diner like he owns the place, like he owns the town. And when he’s calling you baby doll, with a devilish smirk on his face and a twinkle of silver in his baby blues, you know you won’t be able to stop yourself from falling for the infamous Bucky Barnes.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Wordcount: 3,190

Part 1  / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8


He was in love with you.

Bucky Barnes was in love with you.

And it hit you harder than a ton of bricks.

You wanted so desperately to tell him that your date with Brock was so absolutely terrible because Brock wasn't Bucky. Because Brock wasn’t sweet like Bucky, he wasn’t kind and funny and he didn't smile like Bucky. 

Bucky’s smile had been imprinted into the back of your mind, and it’s still there, haunting you as you studied the voicemail over and over again. You studied the intricacies of his tones, the shifting in his voice and the small nervous chuckles he released every now and then.

His voice was a lullaby in and of itself, a beautiful lull full of profundity and velvet that was more than capable of keeping you up all night. Words tumbled from his lips like coarse sugar, spilling and filling into your attentive ears.

I think I’m fallin’ in love with you…

I know you’re probably not… entirely sure about who I am.

I used to be Sergeant Barnes, but now I’m just Bucky.

I’m sorry, sweet girl…that I'm just Bucky. I don’t have much to offer. Hell, I’m deaf in one ear 'n sometimes I wake up thinkin’ I’m gonna get shot through the window…sometimes I drink a little here 'n there, I take it too far sometimes. Helps me forget, though. 

But, y'know, lately, you’ve been helpin’ me forget too.

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(A langst fic inspired by @alienslovetea’s “Frost.” Check their blog out!)

Lightening surges beneath his fingertips. His muscles convulse, clench, loosen. His eyelids flutter as he seizes.

Garbled screams come through the intercom, distorted and lost to his electrified ears. Lance wants to answer back, but he’s locked in place, his body contorting against his will.

Blue shuts down completely, overloaded with power. Electricity still runs through her, burns under Lance’s skin and creates tracks of fire up his face.

All at once the electricity stops dead, though a cooling wave of relief cannot crush the way his body tingles, the way his body aches the way it does.

Lance heaves a great breath, head rolling limply in his seat. He is dazed, shocked — literally and figuratively — lost to the pain he feels. Light flashes and pops outside of Blue, faint behind the dead screen. Lance feels himself being carried, but cannot move to try and fly away. He only hopes it is his team.

The world swirls around him, dips in and out of his vision, plays a game of catch with his eyes. Lance can hear himself breathing, a dry, rattling noise he can’t stand, but he is so, so tired and is willing to put up with it if he can sleep.


Just shut your eyes.


It’s so quiet here.

“LANCE!” A voice shrieks in his ear, jolting him awake. The pain that streaks through him wakes him up more than whoever just screamed, though, but the saltiness of his tears shocks him more. His tears burn, sting, somehow reminder this situation is all too real.

Lance can’t move himself to speak. He tries, he really does, but his throat screams when he swallows to say something. Lance settles for humming.

“It's— it’s Shiro. We’re taking you back to the castle. I’ve got you buddy.”

He hums in acknowledgment, and… promptly blacks out.


“Just a few more ticks,” Allura snaps. Keith gets a vague, sickening feeling of deja vu, a mirror of a situation from years past.

“What’s a few more ticks going to do? Let him out!” Keith urges, impatient. He’s waited so long for Lance to leave the pod, and how’s a few more fucking ticks going to affect his recovery? Keith huffs.

“Calm down, Keith. You’re not the only one waiting on a friend,” Shiro murmurs, and Keith briefly wonders if he’s talking about Lance before turning his attention back to the pod.

“It’s been a “few more ticks,” Allura. I’m opening the pod.“

From the corner of his eye, Keith can see Pidge glaring at Lance’s pod. She looks just as tempted to press the button as he is, but Keith wouldn’t be surprised if Pidge actually—

A hissing sound followed by mist leaks from the pod, which was then followed by a body falling forward. Keith steps forward, catches him, whispers “I’ve got you,” and hope no one hears.

Hunk barges forward, and nearly snatchesLance away from his arms, eagerly searching for signs of life on his groggy face. “Heeeeeeey buddy,” Hunk begins, patting and petting his friend’s hair and face. “I know it’s been a while but how do you feel about eating?”

Keith inches forward a little closer. He wants to see Lance’s face.

“How long have I been out?” was the response instead, Lance’s voice thick and quiet much like one waking up from a nap.

“Too long, pal,” Hunk grins, and Pidge says “Like, a month! Do you know how long we waited for you?”

Lance stands, slinging his arm around Hunk’s shoulder. “Maybe a month?”

Pidge immediately looks surprised before laughing, and even Keith has to admit that was pretty clever. He won’t tell anyone he laughed, though.

“Alright Lance, let’s get you to the kitchen. Some food goo will do you good.” Hunk secures his grip on his friend, totters away chatting like nothing ever happened. Pidge trots after, chattering like a bird.

Keith makes to follow, but he feels a heavy hand, albeit warm, on his shoulder. “How are you feeling?” Shiro asks, just as familiar as always. “I know you were pretty anxious to see Lance again.”

“I’m fine, Shiro,” Keith says, even though he knows Shiro is right and he’s already feeling jittery to catch up. “Thanks for asking.” He says, though it’s more of an afterthought than anything.

Shiro blinks, chuckles, pats Keith on the back. “Alrighty tiger.” He nods his head in the direction Hunk and Lance and Pidge went. The second Keith feels Shiro’s hand retract, he’s off, ignoring Shiro’s laughter and Allura’s inquiries.


“Let’s calm down, okay Lance?” Hunk smiles at him, but the way he holds his body screams of defense. Lance knows Hunk is feeling threatened. His body language reflects that, but Lance doesn’t know how to shut this off.

Frost. Frost everywhere.

It sears his fingertips, encompasses nearly the entire kitchen except for the patches Hunk and Pidge stand on. She stares at him with owlish eyes, fascinated and frightened. “I— I am calm,” Lance says, though it sounds more like a question even to his own ears. A burst of ice shoots from his hands seeing his friend’s distress. “I don’t.. I don’t know what’s happening.”

“Maybe it’s.. you…” Pidge starts, before something clicks and she gasps. “When you were electrocuted inside Blue, maybe, maybe she transferred some of her powers to you. Maybe it was through quintessence, in an attempt to help you survive all the electricity— that really was a huge ball of electricity that fleet through at you, there was no way you and apparently Blue alone could take a hit like that and survive, so, so—”


“Right, sorry. I think you have Blue’s powers now.”

Lance winces, and the frost hardens, thickens to what may be ice. “How do I… how do I control this?”

Pidge shrugs like it isn’t a big deal.

Hunk, however, takes a step forward, nearly melts like the ice does around his foot when he makes it safely. “It seems you want to protect us, maybe? I guess we shouldn't— we should keep you calm, huh?” Pidge starts again, taking a tentative step towards Lance as well. Lance feels like a livewire, jittery, stripped raw and nervous. One wrong move, He thinks. One wrong move.

“What’s going on in here?” Keith stops in, crushing the frost beneath his boot. “Keith, wait—” Hunk and Pidge shouts, but it’s too late. Lance starts, jumping, a spout of cool mist covering the floor and freezing all four paladins in the room up to their knees.

Lance’s heart races, and he feels so terribly stupid for letting go like that. Now his feet are cold and his friends are covered in ice… and he has no idea how to voluntarily melt it.

His fingers twitch. They’re cold.

anonymous asked:

I saw that you opened requests in a recent post so here's mine. If it isn't then feel free to ignore it. RFA+Saeran react to an MC who lost her glasses and can't see anything because she's as blind as a bat? Love your recent headcannons and keep up the good work!

Thanks! Enjoy these~


  • You woke up and couldn’t find them anywhere
  • But you didn’t have work that day so you didn’t think it much of a big deal
  • Neither did Zen before you tried fixing the side of his coat with a sharp tug…only to realize that it was his ponytail
  • But then he just tells you that he’ll be your eyes until you find your glasses
  • It’s fine for the simpler things
  • Then you two are getting ready to go out and you’re putting on your make up
  • Your lip liner and eyeliner sticks looked very similar, and the labels were faded
  • In your rush, you ask if one of them was your lip liner
  • He’s getting ready too, so he just glances and nods
  • Next thing you know, you have a streak of black on the edge of your lip
  • He just thinks it’s better to find your glasses at that point


  • You woke up to Yoosung already gone for work and your glasses missing
  • It was going to be a long day, but you decided just to continue with your plans
  • You wanted to cook Yoosung a meal before he got home, so you found the recipe and carefully prepped so the ingredients were right
  • But that didn’t help your depth perception and aim
  • Before you could even finish, you had a lot of burn marks, small cuts, and a lot of ingredients that missed the pot
  • You got frustrated so you went to find your back-up pair
  • Not only were they the wrong prescription, but they also somehow broke right down the middle
  • You ended up looking for your regular pair through one lens that you were holding to your face
  • Yoosung comes home to find the couch cushions flipped up and furniture moved everywhere
  • “Is it blanket fort night?”
  • He also gets a small laugh when you look at him through your makeshift monocle
  • He starts laughing harder because he’s the one who put them away last night
  • “I thought you would go crazy looking for them, so I put them in the drawer last night,” he says before looking around at the mess. “I guess that didn’t help, huh?”


  • You couldn’t find your glasses and the cafe opened in less than an hour
  • So you insisted that you could just work without them
  • Jaehee didn’t know how blind you actually were so she let you do it
  • But she started to see when you almost put salt in coffee instead of sugar because you couldn’t read the labels
  • She was running after you all day trying to make sure you didn’t hurt yourself or mix something up
  • Eventually, she just told you to take orders and she’d make them
  • It was great until an equally as blind customer showed up
  • “Can you tell me what’s after the latte?”
  • You squint at the menu, “Uhh….yeah, can’t help you there.”
  • It’s a long day, but you come home without any huge disasters
  • You reach for the cereal box on top of the fridge…and find your glasses neatly folded on top
  • Jaehee is calm for a second before she starts yelling at you
  • “Why are they on the fridge?!”


  • Your glasses weren’t in the place where you usually put them
  • Which was bad considering you and Jumin had a fancy dinner to go to with some important people
  • And you couldn’t exactly get ready or survive the night without them
  • This leads you both into a frenzy as you search the entire penthouse
  • When the maid stops in, Jumin ends up recruiting her too to help find them
  • Both of your nerves are really strung high
  • After a few hours, you just decide to use your emergency ones
  • Which lasts you for the next day…until they disappear again
  • You have one last pair of emergency ones, but even those disappear within the week
  • You and Jumin are very confused and actually worried about someone stealing them
  • Until one day he goes over to pet a purring Elizabeth, and he finds her cuddled up to all three pairs of your glasses
  • You have to start putting your glasses in a place she can’t reach after that


  • You were taking a nap on the couch and you fell asleep
  • Seven passed by and took off your glasses so you wouldn’t crush them in your awkward position
  • But he was feeling a bit mischievous so he went and hid them
  • He even sets up little traps around the floor that you might trip over–nothing dangerous though
  • When you wake up and look for them, he acts super innocent and even pretends to look with you
  • He’s trying to hold back laughter every time you fall into one of the traps
  • Eventually, he brings them out pretending to find them
  • He holds them out of your reach and tells you that you have to pay him with a kiss if you want them back
  • He forgets that you’re still partially blind and your depth perception is off
  • You end up ramming your head into his nose while trying to reach for the glasses and give him a peck
  • You felt bad until you found out it was his fault in the first place


  • You were constantly losing your glasses, and Saeran was constantly helping you look for them
  • So this time, you didn’t want to tell him that you misplaced them
  • You told him you were wearing contacts for the day
  • He started having his suspicions when you kept ramming your knee on the same corner table
  • You two were watching some foreign cooking show and he looked away for a sec
  • “Hey, what did the subtitles say? I didn’t catch that.”
  • You sweat nervously having blanked out yourself, “Uh…they’re making something with flies.”
  • Turns out it was pies, but you can’t really see the “P”
  • It’s at this point that he figures it out
  • Now that the secret it out, you go look for them
  • After a lot of blind patting around, you beg Saeran to help you
  • He doesn’t move from his place on the couch, getting tired of you losing them so often
  • When he spots them, he just gives you a vague description where they are
  • You keep going to the wrong spot though, and you’re getting more irritated
  • He’s really lucky you can’t see the smirk on his face

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anonymous asked:

can you do how svt would act if they had a crush on a barista at their local coffee shop?? ((i'm a barista n i love your writing so i can't wait to imagine these scenarios every day at work lmao)) thank you!!!!!

- comes by a few times a week
- flirts with you jokingly just because your reactions are super cute
- tries to ask you out by telling you his name is every word of “will you go out with me?” whenever you ask for a name for his order
- at the end of the question, he asks “so… what do you say?”
- you say “….about what?” and seungcheol says “you know….. a date?”
- you’re racking your brain like ??? when did he ask me out ??? and seungcheol has to explain what he did….. clearly embarrassed…..
- you laugh because you serve over fifty customers a day….. how did he expect you to remember that LOL
-  but you grin “i’m good with that, i end at 7pm so maybe…?” and his face lights up as he says “i’ll be back by then.”

- comes by two to three times a week
- really really natural around you
- but one time, your hands brushed when you gave him his coffee and he screamed internally
- you cannot get his name right for the life of you
- jeonghun? jung jung? jeongyan? you have no idea
- you don’t say anything to each other really, other than the common “good morning” or “good evening”
- you feel really bad about not being able to get his name right, but you think “nah he probably doesn’t notice… and it’s no big deal, the cup’s going to be in the garbage anyway”
- one day, while cleaning up his table, he left his receipt behind
- and on it is a series of numbers….. and your name written just as badly as you write his

- comes by three times a week
- gets really shy when you have to take his order, avoids eye contact or his face will just turn bright red
- you’re a new barista, this is only your second week working
- you take joshua’s order as usual, but after him is this really rude customer
- they make this super long and complicated order which makes you a bit nervous to make since you’re not very experienced
- you do manage to make it, but when you hand it to the customer, they already start complaining
- like “i SPECIFICALLY asked for extra whip cream! and i asked for cinnamon not chocolate sprinkles!” and they’re yelling at you in front of everyone while you just sink in embarrassment
- but then joshua steps in and says “oh, that must be mine! they must’ve mixed up our drinks, i’ll take that”
- joshua shoots you a smile while taking the coffee and you can’t help but smile at his kindness
- the next time he comes….. you’ll pay for his coffee as thanks

- comes by every day
- teases you because he finds your reactions funny, calls you names like “love” and “darling”
- and whenever you ask for his name to write on the cup, he says something like “handsome boy” or “prince jun”
- sometimes you like to tease him back by writing things like “cocky boy” or “peasant jun”
- but it just makes him laugh and he looks forward to every visit
- one day, instead of giving you a name….
- you ask “can i have your name for the order?” but instead of a stupid nickname like you expected, he just tells you a bunch of numbers
- when you look up at him after writing them down, he grins at you and says “call me when your shift ends….. i’ll be right around the corner.”

- comes by every night
- he’s always super energetic and cheerful whenever he comes by, he always makes you smile on long and tiring days
- he always wants to show you his optimistic side to keep you happy
- but one day, he comes by and he isn’t smiling like he usually is, which worries you
- he walks over to the counter and tells you his order with a fake smile on his face
- when he takes out his wallet to pay, you place a hand on top of his and you say with a smile “it’s all right. it’s on me.”
- hoshi of course says no!! i’ll pay!! but you insist and take out your card to ring it up
- when he gets his drink, you see him smile down at it because instead of writing just his name, you wrote “feel better, hoshi”
- and he….. might have fallen for you more than he already has…..

- comes by once a week
- doesn’t say much to you, really
- only his coffee orders and then he sits at one of the tables and reads…. sometimes you catch him looking in your direction, but he turns away when you look over
- it’s wonwoo’s turn to order, but while he’s looking at the menu, you see the book in his hands and notice that it’s one of your favorites
- you exclaim “hey!! you read that too??” and wonwoo looks down at his book before looking up at you with sparkling eyes
- he says “it’s one of my favorites!!” and you both talk about your favorite characters and theories
- at some point, you start writing book recs on his cup and he gives some to you on a little post-it note
- but one day, when you unfold the note…. you see his name and number in there instead with a little message
- “coffee shop dates are nice, but i think a bookstore date is better for both of us…. what do you say?”

- comes by almost every day
- he gets really flustered around you, but he needs his coffee
- you’re taking the night shift and you realize that you didn’t even finish studying for a quiz you have the next day
- you have a few customers in line, and while making their drinks, you have your textbook open as you try to read a few lines of it whenever you can
- jihoon, who’s next in line, notices your stress and when you ask him what he’d like he asks “what do you recommend? i mean, what’s your favorite drink?”
- you tell him what it is and he orders it, but when you’re done making it…. he doesn’t take it
- he says “it’s your favorite drink, right? keep it. study hard, just don’t overwork yourself”
- your face grows warm at his words and you smile and say “thank you….”
- when jihoon comes by the next day, you offer to pay for his drink, but he instead says “how about a date instead….?”
- (you say yes)

- comes by every morning
- you always wonder how someone could be so cheerful in the early hours of the morning
- definitely strikes up a conversation with you each time
- probably asks for you when you’re not there and your co-workers are like oooohh i see
- you woke up pretty late that morning so you had to rush to work and skip breakfast
- you’re starving at the counter…. you were planning on buying pastries to eat but while rushing, you left your wallet on the dining table…. just great
- your usual customer seokmin comes in and greets you cheerfully like always
- but while you’re punching in his order, your stomach growls and you make a face that clearly reads embarrassment
- seokmin asks “did you not eat breakfast??” and you shake your head “i skipped breakfast…. i was going to be late for work so i had no choice”
- after much thought, he says “can i also order two scones and a breakfast sandwich?”
- you ring him up, but when you give him his food, he only takes the coffee and one scone and says “you have a long day ahead, you have to eat something, you know?”
- he flashes you his perfect smile and you give him one too because he really does have the ability to make anyone smile even this early in the morning

- comes by twice a week
- gets nervous around you, covers it up by making puns and lame jokes
- smiles and acts completely normal but he always leaves and screams at himself like WHY DID I SAY THAT I’M SO EMBARRASSING
- mingyu finds you really really cute and he tries to ask you out every time, but he always blurts out something stupid instead
- “i… like your shirt!!!” “…this is my uniform”
- “this coffee’s amazing!!!” “that’s tea”
- he takes a deep breath before entering the shop, and tells himself today is the DAY
- when he finally reaches the front of the line, mingyu walks over to you and gives you his order
- while you’re ringing him up, he says “umm so… are you busy later on? there’s this nice coffee shop i know called (name)….”
- you say “….you mean the coffee shop we’re in right now?”
- mingyu DIES on the spot because he messed up AGAIN but you laugh and say “i have a day off tomorrow. maybe we can do something then?” and he dies yet again LOL

- comes by once a week
- doesn’t come too often so that he’s not too obvious about his crush on you
- you’ve only been working at the coffee shop for a month and since it’s part-time you only work like three times a week
- you’re still not used to the tools and the menu, so you tend to mess up a few times
- your manager scolds you about it and you apologize over and over
- minghao enters the shop in the early morning to see your manager scolding you again for spilling a cup of coffee on the floor and you shrink in embarrassment to see that a customer witnessed it
- when you get back to the counter with somewhat of a sad smile on your face, minghao smiles at you and says “don’t worry, everyone has their bad days”
- you didn’t think that such simple words could help you feel better…. but they did, and you could feel yourself smiling again
- you say “thank you…. i needed to hear that”
- in return, you pay for his coffee, and although he usually only comes by once a week….
- you see him again the next day

- comes by so often just to see you, sometimes he comes back three times in the same day
- “my friends wanted coffee too!!!” “ahhh i was just craving the drinks from here”
- dresses up really well to impress you
- you’re working the night shift and seungkwan comes in like twenty mins before closing to order his usual drink
- you’re the only two there because your co-worker had to leave early
- while you’re making his drink, the newest trending song comes on the radio and you can hear seungkwan behind you singing along to it quietly
- you suddenly blurt out “you sing so well” and your eyes widen after realizing what you said
- but seungkwan grins at you and asks “hey do you know the dance to it?” and he starts dancing wildly to the music
- his drink is left halfway done as you join him in the middle of the coffee shop, dancing to what’s playing
- when the song ends, you both look at each other and laugh hysterically at what just happened
- you say “will you be back tomorrow?” and seungkwan says “like always…. and i’ll make a playlist we can both dance to just in case.”

- comes by once a week
- really shy, doesn’t want to embarrass himself so he only comes by once a week
- still embarrasses himself
- “name please?” “hanon. sorry, versol. WAIT—”
- you notice how nervous he is around you, but with the other baristas he isn’t at all….
- do you intimidate him?? do you look mean?? do you make bad coffee and he wants to tell you each time but he gets scared to cause drama?? WHAT IS IT
- when your co-worker takes his order, you decide you’re going to ask him about it once and for all
- after making his drink, while handing it to him, you ask “do i scare you??”
- hansol’s clearly taken aback as he says “sorry??”
- you say “you’re so….. natural around everyone here but me….. am i giving bad service?? please tell me so i can improve!!”
- but he just looks away and says “it’s not that…. you just make me a bit nervous….” and you ask “why??”
- without another second to lose, he says quickly “…you’re really cute.”
- he grabs his coffee and speed-walks out of the shop, leaving you with a shocked expression…. which turns into a laugh because how can someone be this adorable??

- comes by unexpectedly, sometimes once a week, twice in the same day, or every day of the week
- doesn’t even like coffee LOL
- he pretends he does for the sake of you
- at first, he came by to get coffee for his friends, but now he comes by because he really wants to talk to you and maybe get to know you
- but he gets scared?? he gets really nervous because he’s afraid you might find it annoying
- as usual, he buys a small coffee and sits down at one of the tables
- you’re watching him and you notice his face contort in disgust whenever he takes a sip
- you think omg….. i must’ve messed up his order really bad…..
- you walk over to him and ask “hi, umm is the coffee bad??” and he shakes his head saying “no!!! it’s perfect!!!” but you don’t believe him and slowly walk back to the counter
- the next day, chan comes around again, but when he orders a coffee, you ask “are you sure??” and he sighs, confessing “okay…. i don’t…. really like coffee….”
- you ask “then why a coffee shop?” and he blushes and says “maybe i come for… someone….. maybe that someone’s you….”
- and you say “o-oh….” and you’re both left standing at the counter, smiling shyly at each other

i hope you enjoy imagining these at work ^^ thank you for your request!!

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u know that post that's like "humans cry because they feel too much of one emotion and their brain can't do anything but force it out as tears"? okay now imagine neil + a moment of overwhelming love for a certain 5'0" goalie

aloha, my magnificent anon. thank you for the prompt! i tweaked it just a wee bit, but i hope you enjoy it <3 also on AO3

send me prompts :)

“Andrew! Holy shit!” Neil kicks Andrew’s apartment door open with enough force that it hits the wall and swings back, nearly smacking him in the face. He jumps inside at the last second, just quick enough to dodge it. His balance is thrown off as he makes a grab for the wall, attempting to slow his descent. Unfortunately, this puts him directly in the path of Sir Fat Cat McCatterson. One more step, and Neil will crush his tiny, orange head. That is unacceptable.

Instead, Neil pushes away from the wall, changing the angle of his fall and saving Sir in the process. He lands face-down on the floor, somehow having clipped the edge of the small wooden table by the opposite wall that houses keys, wallets, and cigarettes.

The fall knocked the breath right out of his lungs, but Neil slowly rolls over, studiously ignoring the blood he can feel running down the side of his face. He groans out an, “Oh, fuck,” before giving in to the small coughing fit he thought he could hold back. The force of it pulls him onto his left side, where he comes face to face with the reason for his current predicament.

Sir cocks his head slightly to the side, meows once, and walks away. Neil tells himself that the last minute flick of Sir’s tail in his face was not meant to be insulting.

His eyes are rather blurred, but if he’s not mistaken, the dark, humanlike shape leaning against the kitchen doorframe is frowning at him.

“Really, Neil,” Andrew drawls. He could have chosen to phrase it as a question, but Neil knows he isn’t surprised. It’s more of an acknowledgement of Neil’s apparent inability to remain injury-free. “You’ve been here for less than forty-five seconds, and you’re already bleeding on my carpet.”

Neil coughs again when he tries to answer, so instead he settles for pushing himself up onto his knees, right hand flying to his face in an attempt to stop his nose from bleeding. He fails.

Andrew sighs, exasperated and put-upon, but thankfully begins moving toward him. Neil isn’t sure he could stay upright if he attempted to stand on his own. Andrew shoves away from the wall and makes his way over, but he bypasses Neil in favor of closing the front door that had remained slightly ajar.

“Honestly, do I have to do everything around here?” Andrew says as he locks the door with a quick turn of his wrist. Neil watches, appalled, as Andrew looks down to see that Sir has followed him back into the front hallway. He bends down to stroke along his spine, then picks him up and begins to scratch behind his ears. Neil can hear the purring from his place on the floor, still injured, still coughing, and still very much bleeding onto Andrew’s beloved carpet.

When Andrew finally deigns to look up at Neil, he takes his time with letting his eyes travel all over Neil’s face. He gently returns Sir to the ground and watches as he scampers off into the living room. Then, he makes his way over to Neil, crouching down to balance on the balls of his feet and take in Neil’s current state.

“Our cat just gave you a black eye and a broken nose,” Andrew says. And then he smirks. He fucking smirks.

Neil manages to croak out, “Asshole,” before another coughing fit takes him.

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High Tensions - Auston Matthews

Requested by Anon: Can you do one where the reader is Mitch Marner’s best friend but the reader an Auston hate each other (they actually like each other). They bicker a lot and then Mitch teases them into confessing. I loved your JVR one by the way!

Word Count: 1601
Team: Toronto Maple Leafs
Warnings: None

I hope you enjoy the approach I took with this! (:

“I still don’t understand why you two hate each other,” Mitch remarked as you two sat curled up on the couch in Mitch’s living room chatting after not seeing each other for a while. Mitch had been on a road trip with the Leafs that felt like forever while you had been drowning in homework and midterms. But now that your midterms were over, and the boys were back, you two had a day to hang out again. The only unfortunate part was that Mitch happened to live with the one Leaf you couldn’t stand. Auston Matthews. Luckily, Matthews had gone out with some of the other guys on the team while Mitch stayed back to hang out with you.

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RyuAnn hc pls im so sad there's a little of it

Yes, yes, and yes! I love them so much! Don’t worry, I’ll make these ones good to sooth your soul! 

RyuAnn Head Canons: 

  • they’ve been crushing on each other since middle school
  • shiho knows all about it
  • the trio was named “the three musketeers” in middle school 
  • shiho - bless her - has tried to set them up 
  • Everyone sees it. And I mean everyone. 
  • ryuji’s mom and ann get along super well, they chat all the time when she comes over to ryuji’s place 
  • these two are hardcore gamers
  • and when i say hardcore, i mean it
  • like, they have shooter competitions - they watch E3 together, the whole bit
  • it’s adorable 
  • when they fall asleep on top of each other ryuji’s mom takes a picture
  • ryuji’s mom makes snacks all the time for them
  • ryuji doesn’t realize he has a crush on her until kamoshida’s palace - sometime around her awakening
  • she ABSOLUTELY stayed with him in the hospital when kamoshida broke his leg - even though he was mad at her about the rumors going around
  • ann knew that she had a crush when ryuji’s mom called her and shiho to tell them that ryuji was in the hospital
  • akira jokingly shoves their heads together and goes “now kiss” 
  • they both get super annoyed
  • ann confesses to him after *that* event in shido’s palace (you know the one) 
  • definitely first kiss when confessing 
  • their relationship goes public almost immediately 
  • they can’t keep their hands off of each other - 3 years of pent up emotion will do that to you
  • hickeys? hell yeah
  • love bites everywhere
  • swollen lips galore 
  • their favorite place to have a make out session is - anywhere actually 
  • ryuji really tries not to hurt her - but it happens
  • she forgives him after being mad for a bit
  • flirting. so much flirting
  • the phantom thieves are so happy for them
  • they go on dates everywhere
  • beaches and parks are their favorite though 
  • they wear matching flower crowns in the summer
  • both of their parents are so happy when they get together
  • they’ve been waiting on this
  • ryuji is immensely proud of ann being America’s Next Top Model™️
  • he proposes to her during a fight; she cries when he does
  • their wedding is all pastel and black 
  • ryuji let her make the decisions, he’s pretty happy with how it turned out
  • they have 4 kids
  • ann is best mom; ryuji is a soft dad - he spoils the kids rotten
  • domestic!ryuji works as an engineer 
  • he teaches the kids how to bulid stuff
  • they flirt around the kids - much to their displeasure 

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Love me do

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Request:jhello!! i love your writings and i was wondering if you could do a angsty peter x reader writing based off of the seven minutes in heaven scene from Riverdale?-  @lukesxmermaid

AN: I LOVE RIVERDALE AND I LOVED THIS REQUEST SORRY IT TOOK SO LONG! So I decided to mix this scene and this other one for the request! Hope you guys enjoy! Also little rambing I’ve been feeling like writting is a duty rather tha a hobby lately, so I’m very sorry if I dont upload as regular, but also school just started so I’m trying to work things out

Word count: 2091


Originally posted by peterparkerimagine

As Y/n listened to the loud music and watched everybody drinking and dancing she felt out of place. She knew she probably looked that way as well. She thought maybe coming to the party would be fun, after all, Michelle and Ned were supposed to be here as well, but who she really came here for was Peter.

They’d been best friends for as long as she could remember, living next door to each other, walking to school and back home together, having sleepovers and so on. Everything was perfect between them, but of course Y/n had to fall like a fool for her best friend.

Anyways, she had arrived to the party, and had been hiding in the bathroom for 20 minutes, while the other 10 she had been standing in a corner pretending to have fun and eating chips. Finally she spotted her three friends coming into sight. They probably came together after decathlon practice.

“Hey Y/n! You’ve been here long?”

“Not much” she lied as she talked to Michelle. “Just got here”

“We would’ve arrived earlier, but someone couldn’t decide on what to wear” Ned rolled his eyes as Peter blushed. They were obviously talking about him.

“Guys! Seriously I didn’t even take that long!”

“Well, you ended up looking great, doesn’t he look handsome y/N?” Michelle questioned, a knowing smirk on her face.

Michelle was the first and only person Y/n told about her crush for Peter, and she was always looking for ways to push the two of them together, although it hadn’t worked very well in previous occasions.

“I mean- yeah umm, you look good”

“You really think I look good?”

The girl’s cheeks blushed as tried to look for words. Peter look at her with curiosity in his face, making her quickly look away. Why did her heart had to race up that much every time he saw her?

Before she could answer they were interrupted, as Flash threw his arms on both of their necks.

“C’mon lovebirds, we’re going into the sitting room to play a little game, and you’re all in”

He dragged Peter and Ned as Michelle and I seated across the room, next to Liz.

“Ughh I hate Flash! If he hadn’t interrupted outside you would’ve probably had made some progress with Peter”

“Let’s be honest MJ, Flash or not I wouldn’t have told Pete anything, I just can't”

“Why not? I’m pretty sure he likes you just as much!”

“But what if he doesn’t?”

Flash cleared his throat as he got a bottle in his hands and starting explaining the game’s rules, as if not everybody knew them already.

“We’re going to play 7 minutes in heaven people! So who wants to go first? Not you Penis Parker- we know nobody wants to kiss you anyways”

Peter sank into his seat as some people tried to muffle their laughs. Michelle rolled her eyes at Flash’s immaturity and made one of her sarcastic remarks.

“Seriously Flash? Are we back at middle school or what?”

“Since you’re so eager to start, why don’t you go first?

“Whatever, give me the stupid bottle”

Michelle spinned the bottle in the middle of the table. As Y/n watched the bottle spin she thought ‘Poor Michelle, I hope she doesn’t get Flash, I can’t imagine a worst chance’ but oh god was she wrong. As the bottle got slower and slower her own nerves increased. Why was she so nervous? It wasn’t like it was her turn. But of course the bottle had to stop in front of the one boy she had feelings for, the one she actually cared about and wanted to kiss herself.

Both Michelle and Peter stared wide eyed at the bottle and then at her. She felt as if all eyes were on her, waiting for her response. Was she really that obvious? She tried to swallow the lump on her throat and gave Michelle a reassuring smile. She knew it was just a game, and besides, she trusted her. She wouldn’t kiss the boy she knew she liked.

“Well, seems like Penis Parker is actually living his first kiss today! Congrats Parker!”

“Fuck off Flash- Peter is my friend! We’re not going anywhere!”

“You know the rules Michelle, you either take him or someone I choose- wait actually, forget about it, you can take me instead, forget about Parker”

Michelle looked over at Y/n. She knew it was wrong, but she didn’t want to go with Flash either. She tried to give her best apologetic look as she stood up and took Peter’s arm, guiding him towards the nearest empty room.

Y/n looked helplessly as Peter followed her and closed the door behind them. She tried to stop her eyes from burning, but she couldn’t help it. She tried to take deep breaths and relax, but with every second that passed through she found herself wondering, what if? What if they actually did kiss? What if Peter, or even Michelle gave in? What would she do? Would she be able to handle it?

She tried to ignore what was happening behind the closed door, but Flash kept making little comments about the noises he heard. Y/n thought he was probably making things up right? He kept saying how he could hear Peter moaning Michelle’s name, but she knew that couldn’t be.

She was glad most of the time was over, only 30 seconds to go. As she started to actually relax she heard a loud noise, and soon enough Flash was giving the insight.

“Yooo! I think Peter pinned Michele to the door! Who knew Parker got it in him?”

Y/n stared wide eyes at the door. She didn’t want to believe in Flash, but she had indeed heard the noise. Just 15 more seconds. Time seemed to stop as the boy announced time was over and opened the door.

Both Peter and Michele had swollen lips, crazy hair and even though they were both staring at the floor she could see their guilty faces. She felt her eyes starting to water once again, and a pressure in her chest telling her to get away as soon as possible, before things got embarrassing for her.

Michelle tried to find her sight but she refused to do so. She didn’t want him or her to know how she felt. Y/n stood up and made her way to the exit, without glancing in their direction. However she did say some last words to her so called friend.

“Good to know I can trust you”

“Y/n wait-”

“Save it”

She crossed the door to the living room as calmly as she could, but as soon as she was out of the house she started running, trying to leave everything behind. Not only the betrayal of her best friend, but also her broken heart.

She got to the streets and realised she didn’t knew where to go. She had planned on going back home with Peter, but now that she couldn’t maybe she should just go herself. She started walking trying to think of anything but tonight. Y/n had only made it a couple houses away when she heard Peter coming calling her name from behind. She wanted to keep going, ignore him and run away, but if she wanted to get things over better do it right now.

Y/n tried to keep her tears inside as she took a deep breath and turned around to face her friend. As he came face to face with him she wanted to forget what had happened, and just go back to how things used to be an hour ago. But now Peter obviously knew how she felt. She couldn’t go back.

“Y/n wait up!- What’s going on?”

“Don’t act like you don’t know it”

“I seriously don’t know what you’re talking about”

“Peter you cannot be such an ass! I like- I like you okay? I have for so much time! and not just as friends” The girl finally let the truth out, the one she had been holding for so long, as well as the tears as she thought of how things could change from now on. “I’m not asking what you did with Michelle in that closet- but I am asking you- do you love me?”

Peter avoided her gaze as he tried to think of an answer, but after the silence felt like to long she knew the answer. He didn’t love her, and he would probably never love her. She tried to turn around once again and stop embarrassing herself, but Peter walked  towards her and took her arm, spinning her around.

“Y/n, of course I love you”

“But of course you don’t love me as I want, am I wrong?”

“You’re just, so perfect”


“You’re like- the perfect girl next door and I- Y/n you’re way out of my league, I think you deserve better”

“If you don’t like me Peter you can just say so, you don’t have to make up a lame excuse as always”

“I’m telling the truth, I just- you could do much better than me”

“I don’t want anybody else”

The girl still had a sad look on her face, but she tried her last move. She got closer in his arms, and stroke his cheek with her left hand, staring into his eyes. She could see Peter getting nervous, and giving in. Maybe it really could work. She felt as they both moved closer, leaning into each other, looking at their lips and back into each other’s eyes. She wanted nothing more than to kiss him right now.

“I didn't”


They were so close to each other they were whispering. The girl didn’t even remember what they were talking about, she just wanted him to shut up, but apparently Peter was in a talkative mood.

“I don’t kiss MJ back in the closet, she was just- trying to help me”

This brought Y/n back to reality as she remembered what had happened a couple minutes ago. If they hadn’t kissed what had happened back there? She felt herself rolling her eyes, thinking Peter was just trying to cover for her. She stepped back and pushed him back, feeling her walls building up again. But so did Peter, knowing her better than anybody else.

“Y/n let me finish! She wanted to help!”

“Help how?”

“She told me you liked me okay?! And she wanted me to ask you out but I- I didn’t knew how! So she came up with this plan to make you confess and- that’s it! She faked the whole thing”

Y/n’s head was hurting from trying to process what Peter had just said. So had it all been a lie? What about the swollen lips and messy hair?

“But what about? the hair? the sounds?”

“It was all staged!”

“And you agreed to do it!?”

“I had to!- I wouldn’t get the guts to do it otherwise!”

“Do what?”

“Tell you how I feel, kiss you. I’ve like you for so long I don’t even remember. You’re the only girl I think of when I wake up and when I o to sleep. You make me so happy I don’t want to be away from you ever”

“Peter I-”

“Y/n, please, believe in me, when I say I love you”

Y/n smiled as she heard the words she had been waiting for. She took his face into her hands and this time didn’t stop until their lips crashed together. They kissed, moving their lips together. Both of them were eager to kiss more, but wanted to take their time to get to know every corner, every inch of each other. They kissed with years of love and passion. Pulling each other’s hair, running their hands through it and trying to held the other closer to themselves. They finally felt themselves smiling into the kiss, pulling slightly apart to catch their breaths, and join their foreheads.

“I love you too Peter”

Peter took her waist and spinned her around, like in all those movies they had watch, and all those dreams she had had. But this time it was for real.

She still had to apologize to MJ and thank her, but as she stared into those brown eyes, with his hands pulling her close and running his hands through her hair she knew things would be okay.

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Obi-Wan and Anakin are sent undercover as a slave and owner. Obi-Wan doesn't want to do it, because of Anakin's past, but they can't get out of it. And Anakin is clearly upset. The council and everyone expects that Anakin will play the slave part, but Obi-Wan shaves his beard and packs differently and tells Anakin it's because red hair is so rare that it will make more sense that he would be the one owned. But really it's becsuse Obi-Wan is going to protect Anakin in every way he can.

Go big or go home.

That’s something that doesn’t apply to the Jedi temple really but Anakin still knew it was hard not to when it was whispered by padawans about to take on their first missions, terrified and trying to let it go into the Force.

This was by no means Anakin’s first mission.

Anakin was damn well an adult and he was tall and strong and yes a bit arrogant but sometimes he thought that the Jedi council was just as arrogant and lacked the tiniest shred of compassion, after all, why would they assign a known former slave to a mission that required sad former slave to go undercover AS a slave again.

Anakin threatened to crush the cup in his hand, to spill the juice in his cup over his fist and onto the table and from the way people were inching away from him, he was not leaking pleasant emotions into the Force.

Only Ahsoka stayed where she was in front of him at the table, eating her own meal quietly.

He was so grateful she wasn’t coming along for it, glad she had to stay for studies because if he had to bring her along on thi-

“There you are Anakin, are you ready?” Obi-Wan’s gentle voice floated over his shoulder and Anakin grumbled before nodding into his plate.

“Yeah, I was just getting something to eat before we depart.” He muttered, reaching down to pick up his bag even as he heard Ahsoka’s spoon hit the table and her shock filling their apprentice bond. Blinking, he peered over the table to see her stare open mouthed at something over Anakin’s shoulder.

That would be…

Anakin quickly turned and stared up too, eyes widening up in shock. “Obi-Wan, you shaved!”

Running his hand over a his smooth jaw, Obi-Wan quirked a small grin, looking every moment like that fresh faced knight Anakin remembered the first time he meet him unless you looked too closely at Obi-Wan’s eyes and saw the wear and tear. “Well yes, we are going undercover and I believe this would fit my role better?” He cocked his head.

Nausea filled Anakin’s stomach for a few seconds and then confusion. “Your…”

Pity filled those deep green orbs. “Anakin…I would never force you into a role like that and I know how to act, now come along, we have work to do.” He turned on his boot heel and headed towards the door, humming a little tune that Anakin faintly recognized.

Dazedly, he grabbed his bag and caught up to his old master, taking him by the shoulder. “Obi-Wan? I…you’re going to… you can’t be serious.” The knight questioned anxiously.

“Of course I am. Do you have any idea what kind of esteem you’ll have with me at your feet? A redhead? Don’t worry too much Anakin, it won’t be the first time I’ve worn a collar.” Obi-Wan offered carelessly.

Stiffening even as he followed Obi-Wan on autopilot, Anakin mentally reviewed their former adventures.

None of those had included Obi-Wan as a slave…


“Oh really Anakin, I had a life before you came along.” Obi-Wan offered as lightly as possible as they lined up. “Now, we are heading out to Alderaan, from there we are getting a prepared shuttle that you will pilot out to the outer rims. Our identification papers and prepared outfits are there.” He launched into mission preperation details with little to no issue.

Only when Anakin wrapped his arm around the redhead’s shoulders did he quiet down, peering up at him.

“…Thank you Obi-Wan.” Anakin whispered, knowing that it was not going to be easy to have to pretend to be a slaver and listen to others of the same sort but he would not be a slave again even in name only. “Thank you.”

Obi-Wan shot him a small, shy smile, dimples at the corner of his lips barely peeking out. “Oh Anakin, my stupid but beloved padawan.” He chuckled.

Anakin squeezed his shoulder. “Former padawan.”

“Always my first padawan.” Obi-Wan smirked faintly and Anakin couldn’t do anything but nod with a soft laugh.


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Being Lily Evans' younger sister? I absolutely adore your work and can't wait for more imagines xxx

A/N: This is ridiculously long, I don’t know what happened. I’m going with Lily’s sister is two years younger. So when the reader starts at Hogwarts, Lily will be in her third year.

  • You’ve gotta have a flower name: Daisy, Rose, Jasmine, Iris, etc. Take your pick

If you’re a Muggle:

  • When Lily shows you her magical abilities, you try hopelessly to copy her
  • She comforts you when you realise you can’t do the same things she can, and promises she’ll always be there to do magic for you
  • Like Petunia, you’re jealous of her magic
  • Unlike Petunia, your love is greater than your envy and you don’t let it ruin your relationship with your sister 
  • Lily’s friendship with Snape creeps you out, and you hate when he hangs around. Either he looks through you like you don’t even exist, or he ridicules you for not having magic
  • You write letters to each other every week. You worry yours are a little dull in comparison to hers, but she never complains.
  • The house seems so quiet when Lily’s away at school
  • You can’t wait for her to come home during the holidays. It’s like she brings the sun back with her
  • Lily tells you about some arrogant sod called James Potter. Not even two years later, and she’s introducing him to you as her boyfriend. It’s confusing and makes it glaringly obvious how much of your sister’s life you’re missing when she’s away
  • You try and keep the peace between your sisters, but it’s not easy
  • You’re the maid of honour at her wedding, and do your best to make up for Petunia not being there. You barely know anyone else there, but they all do their best to make you comfortable. It’s still a little awkward and overwhelming, and you’re happy when it’s over
  • Lily never tells you about the danger she’s in, and you only find out after her death
  • You go to the funeral alone; your parents are already dead and Petunia wouldn’t attend. You don’t talk to anyone and go home to cry alone
  • Dumbledore leaves Harry with you. You’re hopelessly unprepared to raise a child, being less than 21 years old and completely inexperienced. The only reason you agree instead of trying to find someone who could raise Harry the way he needs to be raised is because of the blood protection spell. There’s no way in hell you’d let Petunia raise him, knowing how she, her awful husband and spoilt child would treat him
    • Well, that’s the main reason. The other is his eyes, it’s just like looking into Lily’s. They remind you that he’s all that’s left of your sister and knowing that she sacrificed herself to keep him safe, you’ll do everything in your power to protect him too
  • Things are hard at first, but Harry is a fundamentally good kid and you adore him. He grows up strong and happy, knowing he’s loved. 
  • Maybe you get married to a Muggle, maybe you get married to a wizard/witch. Maybe you don’t get married at all. The one thing that never changes is that Harry is 100% your priority, 100% of the time, and he’s always going to be the most important person in your life
  • You cry when he first goes to Hogwarts, and spend the next 7 years constantly worried about him. He sure gives you enough reasons to be
  • Making sure Harry always knows how proud his mother would be of him

If you’re a witch: 

  • Lily’s so excited when you show her that you can do the same things she does 
  • Petunia’s jealousy is even worse. You try not to, but sometimes you and Lily end up accidentally excluding her. 
  • When Lily first goes to Hogwarts, you start counting down the days until you get to go too
  • It’s the greatest day when you finally get to board the train as well. Lily’s incredibly excited to show you around the castle and to introduce you to all the people she’s being telling you about 
  • She’s so proud watching you be sorted, she doesn’t care what house you’re in
  • Lily is the only thing that makes your homesickness better. You miss your parents and old friends. You even miss Petunia, even though she’s horrid to you most of the time
  • All of the Professors know you are ‘Miss Evans’ sister’ at first. It’s a little intimidating because they expect so much of you. Slughorn, in particular, is interested to see if you’re anything like your sister. 
  • You do manage to make your own reputation and step out of Lily’s shadow soon enough.
    • Even if James and Sirius insist on calling you ‘Baby-Evans’, ‘Evans Jr.’ or the like
  • Lily’s always there to help you if you’re struggling with a spell, a potion, or anything at all
  • You always make time for each other, and the two of you are closer than you’ve been in years now that you’re both going to Hogwarts
  • Snape creeps you out. He just barely tolerates you when Lily is around, ignores you when she’s not. He says nothing when his friends call you a Mudblood. You hate him for it.
    • You hate him even more after he calls Lily a Mudblood, and though you’d never tell her, you’re happy that it’s the end of their friendship
  • You maybe have a little crush on one of the Marauders. 
    • You do agree with your sister that sometimes they go too far, but they are actually quite funny and you’d kill for a friendship like theirs.
  • Watching her fall in love with James is honestly the most entertaining thing. Teasing her about it is so easy and you almost feel bad for taking advantage of the obvious target. Almost. 
    • Watching her introduce James to Petunia and Vernon is like watching a train wreck in slow motion. You never bring it up again and pretend it never happened at all
  • You’re the maid of honour at her wedding. The whole day is filled with so much love and magic, and you have the greatest time.
    • You tease both James and Lily, cementing your future role as annoying little sister to the both of them.
    • Sirius teases you, cementing his future role as the annoying big brother you never asked for. He does let you graduate from ‘Evans Jr.’ to just plain ‘Evans’ though
  • It’s the oddest feeling getting on the Hogwarts Express the year after Lily graduates, knowing she isn’t somewhere nearby on the train
  • You still have all your friends at Hogwarts, but it’s lonely being the only Evans in the castle
  • Whenever something interesting happens you make a mental note to tell Lily about it at dinner, forgetting she won’t be there
  • You’re so happy to see her during the holidays that you practically launch yourself at her
  • You’re really worried when she tells you she’s joined the Order
    • Obviously, you agree with the goals of the Order, but you really don’t want Lily to get hurt
    • James talks to you privately and assures you he’d never let anything happen to Lily. Then Remus does the same thing. And so does Sirius. You’ve kind of gotten the point by the time Peter talks to you. 
    • You still worry, but you trust the Marauders will do anything they can to keep her (and each other) safe.
  • You’re one of the first people she tells about the pregnancy
  • Lily goes into hiding during your last year at Hogwarts. 
  • You join the Order as soon as you graduate to try and protect her, James and your unborn nephew 
    • It’s Lily’s turn to worry about you. The worst thing is that she can never come with you on missions, she has to trust Sirius, Remus and Peter to look after you. The three try their best, but you still come back injured more often than Lily can stand
  • Meeting baby Harry for the first time is incredibly emotional and you love him the second you hold him
  • You and Sirius are the only guests at Harry’s christening. In your opinion, Sirius is the perfect choice to be his godfather. If there’s anything the last few years have shown you it’s that there’s nothing Sirius won’t do for James and Lily
  • It makes perfect sense to you that Peter actually becomes the Secret Keeper, while you and Sirius, the more obvious choices, act as red herrings. 
  • A week later, Lily and James are dead and you’ve never regretted anything more
  • When you arrive at Godric’s Hollow you find Sirius and Hagrid arguing about Harry
    • “Give Harry to me, Hagrid, I’m his godfather, I’ll look after him.’
    • “Dumbledore said I’m ter take Harry to his aunt.”
    • “Well, it’s a good thing that she’s already here then.”
  • You persuade Hagrid to give Harry to you, instead of taking him to Petunia’s as Dumbledore requested. Dumbledore has no right to decide what’s best for your nephew
  • You stop Sirius going after Peter alone, convincing him you’ll need his and Remus’ help with Harry.
  • The four of you go to Lily and James’ funeral together. It’s still a horrible, horrible day, but it’s easier having each other to lean on for comfort
  • (I’ll save raising Harry with Sirius and Remus for another involve; this is already too long)
  • You are constantly worried about Harry. If he ever needs anything, you’re only an owl away
  • You die during the Battle of Hogwarts (as a parental figure of Harry, it is your duty)
  • Before you even have time to process your death your sister is crushing you in a hug, thanking you for everything you’ve done for Harry
  • Even thought it’s been 16 years since you last talked to her, you fall back into the role of little sister like you no time has passed at all

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Hi there! I saw where you opened requests and I'm so excited because I loved your Sundance Kid series! Can I request a fic where McCree invites his fem!crush somewhere private to tell her how he feels since he can't seem to get it across to her with subtle flirting? (She's shy and finds it hard to banter back (/^.^\) Thanks!

Glad you like the series. Thank you for the request and I hope this is what you wanted. It took me a little longer than expected and its longer than I thought it would be!

You usually only came down to the shooting range to watch the others. You weren’t much of a shot and never were comfortable with a weapon in your hand. Technology and science were more down your alley. Since you were young, technology and science had fascinated you and that’s what you ended up doing with your life.

“Hey, sweet pea,” McCree calls out behind you and you turn to him with a smile. The cowboy had always been one your favorites.

“Hey there, McCree. I watched you shoot today. Looking good as always.” That seemed to boost his ego and he gave you a toothy smile.

“Not as good as I usually am though. My arm here has been actin’ a little funny – think you can look at it for me?” He holds his mechanical arm out towards you and you shake your head.

“Come with me to the lab and I’ll check it out.”

He walked silently beside you, twirling his six shooter every now and then with his flesh and blood arm.

“Are you nervous about something, McCree?” you ask him jokingly.

“Now what would I have to be nervous about, darlin’?” The truth was, he was ridiculously nervous and had nothing to do with his arm. In fact, there was nothing wrong with his arm, he just wanted to spend time with you.

You stop as you reach the door the lab and turn to McCree who seems to be a little too close to you all the sudden. “M-McCree,” he leans in closer and you take a deep breath.

“Yes, darlin’?”

“I need…I need you to put that cigarillo out before you come into the lab…please,” you add breathlessly. He smirks and nods, dropping the offending thing to the floor and stepping on it.

“You’re the boss,” he says, still too close to you.

“Yeah, don’t want anything accidentally exploding.” His eyes widen and he stands up straighter giving you room to move away and open the lab door. “So, what’s wrong with your arm?”

“Well, uh, it seems a lil stiff,” he lied.

“Where?” You hold your hands out and nod your head, waiting for him to show him your arm. He moved closer to you and held out his arm still not showing you where it was stiff. He wasn’t even looking at your arm, he was looking at you and you could feel yourself blushing. “McCree…”

“It’s Jesse.”

Jesse…could you please move your arm for me so I can diagnose the problem?”

He let out what sounded like a displeased grunt as you poked and prodded at his arm. You could still feel his eyes on you but you purposely avoided his gaze. “You sure are pretty,” he says suddenly.

“Oh…I…thank you, Mc-Jesse. I can’t find anything wrong. Maybe you should just try to take it a little easier on this arm for a bit.” You stand quickly and move away from him, feeling yourself getting warm again. “Is there anything else you needed?”

He wanted to say you. He wanted to say a little bit of your time, but he couldn’t bring himself to say either of those things. “No, sweetheart. Thank you. Guess I better just take your advice.”

“You do that and…I’ll see you later.”

He was about to speak when someone else came into the lab and caught your attention. He lingers for a moment and you look at him, “Did you need something else?”

“No, ma’am,” he gives you a forced smile and tips his hat before leaving.

You were busy in the lab for the next few hours and when you finally left, you went straight to your room to relax. The room was dark when you stepped in and you dropped your stuff into a chair before turning the light on. A piece of paper on the floor catches your eye and you bend to pick it up:

Meet me at the shooting range at 9,


What could he possibly want with you at the range this late? You look at the clock and realize its already 8:45. Looking down at what you were wearing, you shrug and tell yourself that will have to do; there was no time to change. Besides, there was no reason to get all fancy just to meet McCree at the range, right?

You make your way to the range, keeping a steady but calm pace. You didn’t want him to think you were rushing to see him but you also didn’t want him to think you stood him up.

“’Bout time you showed up,” Jesse says from the far corner of the range scaring you half to death. He made his way over to you, the ring of heat from his cigarillo shining a bit of light on his face.

“I’m actually a few minutes early, McCree,” you say nervously.


“Right. Jesse. So, what are we doing here? Are you going to show me how to shoot that Peacekeeper or something?” you joke.

“No, darlin’. I, well,” he takes his hat off and clears his throat, “There’s something I need to tell you.”

“I’m listening.”

He hesitates for a moment then blurts out, “I like ya, alright?”


“I been tryin’ to tell you for the longest, but you’re so shy and sweet and it was just so hard to come out and say it. I didn’t wanna scare you away, sweet pea,” he finishes and you couldn’t think of anything to say which scared him because he started pacing. “Now, I’m gonna need you to say somethin’. I can’t have you bein’ quiet. My heart’s just beatin’ outta my chest right about now…”

“You’ve always been one of my favorites,” you admit.

“So, you’re sayin’ you like me too, huh?”

“Maybe…a little,” you tease.

“Hey there, don’t go hurtin’ my feelings.” He seemed to be feeling a lot better now that he had told you what he needed to tell you. “You mind if I walk you back to your room?” He offers you his arm and you take it.

“Not at all, Jesse.”

“Before we go though, I gotta ask…who’s your other favorite so I can rid of them as soon as possible?” He puts his free hand on his Peacekeeper and you laugh.

“You’re a troublemaker.”

“I am but I reckon that’s why I’m your favorite.”

You nod your head in agreement. There was no use in denying it any longer.