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regina asks emma out on a date to a fancy restaurant. something comes up and emma can't make it but doesn't think it's that big of a deal because regina wasn't serious right? so regina sits in the restaurant for a while waiting for her. emma only realizes it was a real date when henry calls her because regina comes home sad. emma makes it up to regina because she does really like her.

Thanks for the prompt :) 

Regina sighs as she sits at the restaurant table. She’s been here over an hour and it’s crystal clear that Emma isn’t coming. She bites down on her lower lip willing her tears not to fall. Emma said yes when Regina suggested dinner earlier so where is she? 

Regina frowns. Maybe Emma wasn’t interested at all and Regina’s been reading her cues all wrong? She sighs trying to ignore the pain rushing through her heart. 

She sniffs looking down at her phone still not seeing any kind of message from Emma. She doesn’t need one. it’s obvious she’s been stood up and it hurts far more than she thought it could have. With tears brimming in her eyes she reaches for her bag and phone before hurrying out of the restaurant. 


“What did you do?” 

“Hey kid,” Emma says answering the phone taken aback by his accusatory tone, “What’s up?” 

“What’s up?” he asks, “Where were you?” 

“What do you mean kid? I’ve been at work. I had to go deal with some teens who were spray painting the school again.” 

“And you didn’t think to message my Mom?” 

“What?” Emma asks before remembering - dinner. Regina asked her out to dinner but then she’s missed meals before due to work and it’s not been a big deal, “Oh dinner.” 

“Yeah dinner, Mom’s really upset.”  

“She is?” 

“Ma!” Henry cries out in frustration, “She asked you out on a date and you stood her up without a text.” 

Emma frowns sitting up straighter. She thought that Regina was joking when she called it a date. “She was serious about the date part?” 

“Trust me,” Henry says, “My Mom wouldn’t joke about how she feels about you.” 

“Shit. I’m an idiot,” she curse, “I thought she was joking! I didn’t think she felt that way about me.” 

“Ma you are blind,” he replies, “Anyone can see how you two feel about each other…you do like her don’t you?” 

“I really like her,” Emma assures him, “I just didn’t think she liked me that way. Okay kid, I’m coming over. Don’t tell your Mom.” 

“You better make this right,” Henry tells her before hanging up the phone. 


Emma hurriedly poofs herself into the best dress she can find, a form fitting black and grey one with black heels. She fluffs her hair before poofing up a bouquet of roses and lilies before finally poofing over to the mansion. 

“Please be forgiving,” Emma whispers before using her key to let herself in. She and Regina have had each other’s keys for a long time now, supposedly for emergencies but in truth they just waltz in and out of each other’s places. 

She locks the door behind her and hurries up the stairs. She pops into Henry’s room and says a quick hello before rushing over to Regina’s. She knocks on the bedroom door. 

“I’m okay Henry,” Regina’s voice sounds out. Emma can tell she isn’t. She can hear tears in Regina’s voice and curses herself once more for accidentally hurting Regina. 

She pushes the door open, “Not Henry, just an idiot.” 

Regina sits up with a frown hurriedly wiping her eyes and clearing her throat, “I thought you didn’t like being called an idiot.” 

“This time I am one. Regina I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to stand you up. I didn’t realise it was a date.” 

“I did say, ‘it’s a date’,” Regina points out. 

Emma sighs sitting on the edge of the bed, “I know but I thought you were joking around like we always do ya know? We’re always flirting and having lunch dates and I guess….I don’t know….I thought you just mean in a friend way. I didn’t realise you felt the same way as I did.” 

“And what way do you feel?” Regina asks. 

Emma smiles before handing her the flowers and using her thumb to wipe away an errant tear, “I really, really like you Regina and I mean in more than a ‘just friends’ way.” 

Regina smiles back at her, “I really, really like you too Emma.”

“I’m sorry I screwed up our first date,” Emma says, “I can’t go back in time and give us a fancy date but I can do this,” she waves her hand and magically a pizza and fries appear. “Pepperoni’s your favourite right?” 

Regina nods taking a slice before looking up at Emma, “Maybe we could call this a practice run?” 

“A practice run?” 

Regina nods again, “Well since the first date kind of got lost in all the confusion, I thought maybe we could try for another first date tomorrow night? Just to be clear I mean as ‘more than friends’.”

Emma chuckles at Regina’s playful smile before leaning in and doing something she’s wanted to for ages. She kisses Regina slowly and softly at first wanting to savour every moment and feeling rushing through her heart. She smiles as Regina kisses her back before eventually pulling away and replying, “I’d love to.”