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If you're still taking prompts- a little Benarmie where Ben has been the star player on the most popular sports team at his school since he was a freshman and Hux has a perfect GPA and is the president of all the academic clubs. Whenever they come within range of each other Ben's friends tease him about how he can't seem to keep his eyes off the nerdiest kid in school and Hux's friends insist Ben must be doing it just to embarrass him. Hux isn't so sure and decides to talk to Ben about it.

Why do you let him get away with that? Armie’s friends would ask all the time. The star of the Knights football team, Ben–every time he had a class or a lunch shift with Armie, he’d keep glancing over at Armie, and if they made eye contact, he’d hold it for just a second before looking away. Armie’s friends were sure that it was the lead-up to some great game, some Carrie-like plot to embarrass Armie. Their theory was supported by the way the other members of the football team, Ben’s lackeys, would tease Ben for it. “You’re making eyes at the nerd again,” they’d say, too loud. 

But Armie doubted that Ben was in on some conspiracy against him. Whenever that happened, Ben, not particularly annoyed, would just tell them to fuck off, he could do whatever he liked, look wherever he wanted. Armie didn’t have a ton of experience with flirtation in his direction, but it seemed like Ben was watching him like he was waiting for Armie to make the first move. 

What was Armie supposed to do, though? Shouldn’t Ben be the one to approach him–he had the better social credit to do so. If Armie just went up and asked him out, and he was wrong, he’d have to ride that particular disaster out until graduation. So he just didn’t.

Winter became spring, and the college acceptance letters choked Armie’s mailbox. His first choice was a small private college on the other side of the state, which had offered him a hefty scholarship and a sticker to put on his car announcing how much smarter he was than everybody else. He read the letter over and over, wondering how he could possibly be happier than he was in the moment.

Until lunch the next day. He was getting a bottle of water from the vending machine, not really trying to overhear Ben and his football friends talking, but they were all so loud that there was no helping it.

“But that school’s so small, man! And like, two hours off–!”

“Doesn’t matter,” Ben responded. “They gave me a full ride for football, I’d be crazy to not take it. Plus that’s where all the really smart kids go, so I can tell everybody that I’m like, elite.”

The water bottle clunked to the bottom of the machine and Armie took it back to his seat, his heart pounding. Had Ben accepted an offer at the same school as him?

He’d find out. By this point, even if he made an ass of himself, there wasn’t that much time left to spend at this school anyway. Armie just found himself caring less and less. He got his chance before the literature class they took together in the afternoon, while everyone was milling in the hallway or texting under their desks and the teacher was checking her emails. 

“Heard you got a scholarship,” Armie offered. “Full ride?”

“For football, yeah. At First Order College.”

“That was my first choice.”

“Did you get in? Wait, what a stupid question. Of course you did.” Ben grinned. “So you’re going there too?”

“If I don’t, my car’s lying now.”

“You got the sticker too? That’s too much.” Ben’s grin was so boyish and cocky and appealing that it made Armie grin, too. “Well, look. If they give us the option to pick roommates, we could maybe room together, yeah?” 

“Oh, absolutely.  Like, I know we’re supposed to meet new people, and we will….but it’s nice to be around people you know.”

Ben nodded. “God, I can’t believe I’m at the same college as you. You’re so smart, holy shit.”

“I think you’re selling yourself short. You’re smart and good at, you know, all the athletic stuff.”

Ben opened his mouth to say something else, but the class was starting and this teacher had no qualms with chewing out a football star for not being in his seat, so he walked off, still watching Armie in that same adoring way, adoring, yes, that was what it had been all along. 

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How would the UT, UF, SF bros and UT grillby react when they're frustrated at their S/O for something but the SO is just so darn cute they can't even stay angry.

Sans:  He is pretty hard to frustrate.  He’s a 0 or 100 kind of guy; the only thing I can think of that could really frustrate him is when somebody does something he doesn’t like but which he can’t fault them for.  Such as people questioning why he doesn’t answer their questions, or pointing out that he’s ignoring them.  He has his reasons, obviously, and hey he honestly tends to pry too.  And he doesn’t like it when people ignore him.  So when you ask him something about his past, an innocent question and nothing but curiosity on your face, the frustration bleeds out of him like water out of a popped balloon.  “heh… cuter than a kitten and twice as curious.  it’s not that interestin’, babe.  your face is a much better topic.  how did it get so nice?  i’m seriously askin’ here.”

Papyrus:  He’s pretty easy to annoy, really.  Puns, laziness, being untidy, eating unhealthy foods, playing incidental music to accompany his misfortune… Sans.  Anything Sans would do would annoy Papyrus.  And we all know what Papyrus does with Sans.  “HUMAN!!  I WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS!!  I WILL NOT SIT, NOR LAY DOWN, NOR EVEN STAND ON MY HEAD FOR THIS!!  THIS.. IS… UNACCEPTABLEEEeeeee…”  He trails off at the end, wagging finger frozen in place.  That face you’re making……  He pulls you to him, wrapping his arms around you.  What are you going, Papyrus?  “SHH MY LOVE, I AM TRYING NOT TO CONSUME YOU WITH THE FLAMES OF MY ARDOR… YOU ARE TOO ADORABLE AND I WANT TO SQUISH YOU!!”

Red:  It isn’t hard to frustrate Red.  And it isn’t easy to pacify him either, but damn that look on your face…  His eyes flick away from you, all over the room, anywhere but that expression you’ve got on.  “c’mon doll, enough with the puppy dog eyes.”  He groans, bringing his hands up to his face.  “fuckin… fine.  but don’t get used to this, ok sweetheart?  ‘m not lettin you off so easy next time.”  Yes he is.  He’s almost offended; he’s a tough guy, he isn’t supposed to fold this easy. 

Edge:  It’s hard not to irritate Edge.  Anything Red does annoys him, along with a host of other things.  Squeaky chairs, clicking pens, not doing exactly what he tells you to… The list could go on.  And his response is usually screaming.  “CEASE THAT INFERNAL RACKET THIS INSTANCE, YOU-….. Y-YOU…”  The screaming came suddenly, and that look of surprise on your face… brows lifted, eyes wide, lips a little parted….  “I AM NO LONGER ANGRY!  THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR FACE!  I AM GOING TO LEAVE NOW!”  He slams his door shut and screams into his pillow, face brilliant red.

Black:  Good luck finding something that doesn’t frustrate Black, one way or another.  “WHAT DO YOU THINK THAT YOU ARE DOING?!?!  I WILL HAVE YOU KNOW THAT IS-!”  He stops abruptly, staring at your face.  His screaming comes just as suddenly as Edge’s, and while he can’t match Edge for pure volume his is screechier, which makes it feel much louder.  Your expression is downright startled, and with your eyes so large he can truly admire how lovely they are.  “I-I-IS…… HANG ON A MOMENT!!”  He returns and throws something at you, a brown paper bag.  What is this for?  “PUT IT OVER YOUR HEAD!”  What?  Why?  He looks away, a faint blush on his cheeks.  “I CANNOT YELL AT YOU WHEN YOU LOOK LIKE THAT!!”  That is not a very good incentive to put on the bag.  “… F-FINE, NEVER MIND THEN!  JUST… GO… BE CUTE SOMEWHERE ELSE!!”

Puppy:  He’s pretty hard to frustrate once he’s good and settled on you; he doesn’t let people close that easily but once he does you’re pretty much golden.  But he’ll be irritated if you drag him out somewhere he isn’t comfortable (most places), especially if it’s a bad day.  He’s tapping his foot and fiddling with something in his pocket, trying to suppress his nervous energy while he waits for you to get out of the changing room.  Ah, but when you do….  You give him a smile and a twirl, asking what he thinks.  The sparkle in your eye, the flush of your cheeks.. “very nice.”  He gives you a pat on the head and a lopsided smile.  Maybe this isn’t so bad. 

EDIT FUCK I FORGOT GRILLBY:  He doesn’t show very much on his face at all, much less frustration.  The only way you can really tell is the increased frequency of his pops and the somehow thicker silence surrounding him.  He is surprisingly easy to frustrate, though he shows it the least, and probably gets over it fastest cute face or no.  But when you give him that sweet expression…. his flames quiet for a moment, mellowing out until he’s almost smooth.  And then they’re back and he’s patting your head, looking away.  He’s so stoic you can barley tell he’s flustered.

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"Sorry" and Promptio! :))))))))


I’m so, so glad you sent me this one?? Because wow, I really needed to address The Train Scene… (I have a funny feeling that may have been what you had in mind, here)

This is, um, a Gladio-style apology: it does not actually contain the word “sorry.” I think it still works, though…

“Prompto? Gladio still seems a bit on edge. I think perhaps we should delay our journey to Tenebrae and rest here. Preferably with him and Noctis in separate rooms.”
“Phew! Glad you brought it up!”
“Do you have a preference regarding which of us sleeps where?”
“Are you kidding? You have to stick with Noct, especially right now. If he has more of those nightmares…”
“I’ve no doubt he will.”
“Yeah. And… I think you might be freaking the big guy out a little. I’ll room with him.”
“Are you certain? I know he can be… overbearing.”
“It’s fine, really. I know he’s just scared. I’ll try to calm him down.”
“If anyone has a chance, I believe it’s you.”

“Hey,” Prompto says brightly, “nice to have a break from traveling and everything, right?”

Gladio scoffs. He searches his pocket for their motel key like it’s hiding on purpose and needs to be brought into line. “A break? Is that what you call missing the train?”

It totally is. Prompto and Ignis held the group up on purpose. “I guess not.”

Prompto bounces on the balls of his feet while Gladio opens the door to what’s got to be the worst motel room in Cartanica. There’s no telling what color the wallpaper was originally. The beds look like they belong in a museum. The air smells like dust and wet wood. Nobody even tried to put up boring paintings of lighthouses or anything: it wouldn’t have mattered, that’s how bad this room is.

Gladio flicks the light switch. Nothing happens. “Perfect,” he says through gritted teeth.

This whole ‘getting Gladio to chill out’ thing is looking harder by the minute.

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Can I request a scenario with Jimin where you offered to shave for jimin and you're sitting on the bathroom counter cause u can't reach his face and u wrap ur legs around his waist to hold him still and he's just looking at u in adoration cause ur v cute (this was probably a mini scenario on its own... Ye) thank u!

Originally posted by vminv

Hey lovely~ Thank you for this really adorable request <3 I’m also sorry for the long wait ^^ I tried my best to maike this cute scenario that screamed KAWAII all the way. Park Jimin is bae af and all I gotta say is that I’M  IN LUV WITH HIS LAUGH x) Am I the only one who starts laughing along as soon as a giggle comes out of chimchim’s mouth lol 

Hope you enjoy~ Here it is~ Please request again <3 I really enjoyed  writing this scenario :)

Genre: romance/fluff/
Pairing: Jimin/You
Length: 2421 words
Summary: You and Jimin are a sweetly engaged couple  and one day you offer to shave his face for him.

Jimin and you have been engaged for about 3 months now and the boy still seems to be falling under your spell everytime he sees your face everyday.Your relationship was what people called mushy and cheesy as hell.Jimin was a fluff ball and you enjoyed each and every little compliments and events he made for you.You were his entire universe and he loved gazing into your gorgeous eyes.They were like the stars of his own personal galaxy.

You liked waking up to him and his cute bed hair along with that confused face he gives you. Jimin still can’t believe both of you live together, since he’ll wake up and ask you to pinch him. He has trouble believing  his biggest dream of becoming  your man by law was going to happen.He adored you so much and all of your imperfection.You were his other half for so long that he can’t even imagine how his life would be without your kisses ,your hugs or your addicting aroma that got him hooked.

You may have been only engaged and planning the marriage, but you were already all the way like a married couple. Jimin’s friends would complain non-stop at your display of affection.No matter where you were the boys would find ways to feel bitter about your cute relationship.

“Whoah….look at them going again”, Taehyung shooks his head in disbelief “ This is the reason why I don’t have a girlfriend”

“ I’m envious”, Namjoon sighs

“What are you envious about bruh??! Aiigooo…sweeter than that you’d die… Man I’m doing a sugar overdose…”, hoseok would fake a barf motion

“ You’re doing an overdose because of me?”, suga would wiggle his eyebrows “ Sorry man, but I already got a girlfriend.You should’ve made your moves before I was taken”, he smirks

“Now…whoah….this couple is really a different deal! They’re kissing now”,Taehyung mouth drops


Jimin would only smirk in response to his dongsaeng and Jin the oldest hyung  would fire back to protect the youngest member of this squad.

“Don’t scare the virgin ones jimin, he’s still innocent! Don’t taint the last hope left in this squad”, Jin comments

This was how relationship was viewed from Jimin’s friends.In the case of your friends, these girls were dying of jealousy with no tomorrow.You were getting married soon while they were still struggling to find a man.You and Jimin may have been pretty young to get engaged, but you agreed to get married once you finish up university .

Jimin and you were both back from a long tiring day as Jimin threw his bag on the couch while slowly pulling on his tie to untie it.you could see him struggling with it since it would end up in knot.Jimin sucked at taking care of himself .He was like a baby in the body of an adult.This boy needed your supervision and help no matter what he did.He was a natural disaster

“ Geez, Jimin, what are you doing?”, you furrow your brows at the tie that was stuck “Omg…what the hell is this kind of knot”, you stare at it

“ Baby, don’t blame me ,This tie is too attracted to me and won’t come off”,he comments with a playful smile

You roll your eyes while smiling

“Of course, it’s the tie”, you chuckle” You’re always the best at anything you do”, you tap his cute nose

Jimin pout in response

“Y/N, was that intended to be sarcastic?”, he makes that puppy face

“I don’t know…was it suppsoed to be sarcastic?”, you raise a brow “It’s up to you and how you percieve see it”, you concentrate on his tie

As you concentrate on his tie, Jimin’s eyes would concentrate on all of your gorgeous facial features.He still couldn’t believe a beautiful girl like you would be his wife soon.

“Are you admiring me?”, you bat your lashes “I can’t blame you~ I’m a hot item nowadays”

“Hot item? “Jimin furrow his brows at what you just said before an annoyed expression got to his face “ Don’t tell me…that sunbae asked you out again”,Jimin facepalmed

You nodded while chuckling

“ I mean…can’t he leave you alone!! WE’RE GETTING MARRIED FOR JESUS SAKE”

“ He had dabs on me before you even came in the picture, how unfortunate is that for him”, you play along

“ w-what?! UNFORTUNATE?!”,jimin’s eyes widened

“Whoah there romeo, stop moving so much ,This tie is getting in a tighter knot”

“Just like our relationship”, he smirks as his sneaky hands slide around your waist

“Omg Park Jimin, what’s wrong with you!”, you hit his chest with your fist playfully “Weren’t you pissed like 2 seconds ago?”, You raise a brow

“See? That’s the beauty of having me as your fiancee! I’m the kind of guy that does not hold grudges against people”,Jimin smiles at you “that sunbae was too short to be your boyfriend anyways”

“Says the short guy himself”,you chuckled

“ you’re even SHORTER than me, SHORTY”, he stuck out his tongue childishly

“Ok, Jiminie, if that makes you feel better” you tap his shoulder “Look, just take off that tie , I’ll try untying that knot later, it won’t come off”, you sigh

“Just like my love for you~”, he winks at you

“Yes jimin, your love for me is tight like a knot”, you roll your eyes as you’re about to go to the other room

“Hey, where are you going?”, he grabs your arm as you turn around

“ i gotta go make supper, Chimchim”, you reply “Do you need something?”

“ You didn’t gave me a kiss, Y/N”, he pouts like a child

“Whoah, look at you being all aegyo and shit”, you point at him “What happened to the manly guy  from busan you used to be when we first met”

“That was when I needed to impress you”, he mutter under his breath

“What?”, you ask

“ No nothing, babe~ Just go do your stuff”, he pushes you forward

“What about the kiss?”, your eyes rounded

“ I’m fine, I’ll bare with it for now”, he nudges you

Jimin was a fool in love and he liked following each and everything you asked him to do.He depended on you and he needed you to be around, or else he’ll be a mess.He’s the kind of guy that needs you to be around in order to function properly.

There it was.Night finally arrived after you both ate supper and both of you were getting ready to go to bed. While you were applying that facial mask along with your other numerous beauty products, Jimin was there staring at you in awe.

“ You look so beautiful Y/N, even while wearing that weird ghost mask”, he says out loud

“ Was that a compliment?”, you chuckle “ Thank you for reassuring me that my beauty status ain’t a ghost’s one”

He watches you in fascination as you finally were done with your facial mask. Jimin took out that shaving cream and razor he usually use like each and every other day.

Your lips curve up into a smile as you see him pull out that shaving cream.You loved the fragrance of that shaving cream so much and you loved it’s consistency so much.

“Jiminie”, you nudge his shoulder

He stared at you  from his shoulder

“What’s up, babe?”, he takes off his tank top since he had to get changed anyways.

“Why are you stripping?”, you pout “ I wanted to shave your face for you!”, you pull his tank top down

“Whoah look at you!Girls would kill each other to get a glimpse of my body, yet you’re stopping a free strip tease from me“, Jimin scoffs

“Come on~ Just this time”, you wink at him while nugding his toned arm “ I don’t need to see your body babe, I already know it’s sexy”, you poke his shoulder cutely

Jimin freezed for three seconds and blushed at your bold comment.It was amazing how you still managed to make him flustered even though you both have been together for more than 3 years.

“Chimchim to earth”, you wave your hand in front of his face “Jiminie?”

“ Oh yeah….So what was it? you wanted to shave for me?”, he stares at you

You nod and jimin’s eyesmile makes its appearence.You just needed to see a smile on his face for you to brighten up.He was your sunshine and your universe.

“Hmm….but what to do?”, he taps his chin “ I think you’re a bit too short to reach my face”, teases you as he ruffles your hair

“Aiiishh..DON’T DO IT”, you grab his wrist to prevent him from messing up your hair

“ Ok I won’t “, he smirks “ As long as you kiss me I won’t do it again”

“After I’m done with shaving your face”, you cross your arms against your chest

“W-Why?!”, he pouts at your smaller frame

“Because, stop asking so many questions, love”, you climb on the counter

“Babe what are you doing?! It’s dangerous!”, he grabs your arm in worry

“ I’m just going to sit here. no need to get all  parental advisory  over me!”, you smack his arm as you make yourself comfortable on the counter “you’re the one who called me short in the first place”, you scoffed

“ I’m just worried about you!”, he frowns before running his fingers along your bare arms in a caring way

“Give it to me”, you suddenly say while showing your palm

Jimin furrow his brows at what you just asked

“Give you what?”, he tilt his head cluelessly

“ Shaving cream, pabo! Give it over~”, you snatch it away from his hands

Jimin stares at you with fascination written all over his face.You looked so adorable snatching that shaving cream from while struggling to even open it up.He wanted to help you ,but he just stood back and stared at you.You looked so cute trying to concentrate on how that thing opened

“Y/N”, jimin calls your name

“ I’m in the middle of a very important thing right now, don’t disturb me”, you tell him as your eyes wouldn’t leave the product in your hands

“Y/N…It’s the other way”, he comments before grabbing the lotion away from you to open it with ease.

You clap your hands in excitement as jimin hands you the product.Without further do you squeeze that bottle thingy to get the most cream to come out.It was like wonderland for you and it smelled so so so good.

“B-Babe no no no!!! Don’t waste too much!!”, Jimin gets closer to you and tries to take the bottle away

“I’m not wasting anything Jiminie! All of this will go on your face!”, you frown at him “ I’ll make your face the smoothest ever~”, you wink at him

You instruct him to come closer to you with your hand. Jimin make his way closer to you and you find this proximity too far away so you grab the side of his tank top to make his face up close to you. You use your hands and fingers to spread the cream all over his chin ,cheeks and jaw. It smelled so good you could die. You could notice that apparent blush and rush of heat Jimin was going through. Here he was again , back at it with his perverted giggles

“Why are you laughing now?”, you chuckle along “ Do you like it that much?”

“No , you’re just so cute I can’t help it. Is it your first time shaving a guy’s face perhaps?”,he raises a seductive brow

“You should be honoured to be my first and my last ,Park Jimin”, you comment

Jimin bites his bottom lip in response and you panic

“Yah! careful! You might eat up the shaving cream and die!”, you slap his arm

Jimin is very agitated because he’s so close to you and he’s feeling nervous, but you’re scared to death to make a mistake and cut up his perfect skin with that razor in your hand.You weren’t going to do this ,with him moving non stop,so you had the brilliant idea to wrap your legs around his waist to keep him still.Jimin on the other side was even more flustered than he was seconds ago.You guys may be engaged for a while but Jimin is still very sensitive to each and every touch that come from you.

“ Why are you leaning away! Bring your face back here,Park Jimin!”, you snap as you were about to start shaving his perfect face “And DON’T MOVE”

Jimin nods and you scold him again

“ I said DON’T MOVE”, you repeat

Jimin freeze onto place as he can feel the sharpness of the razor touch his skin delicatly. Jimin’s eyes were fixated on you.He liked how you furrowed your brows cutely each and everytime you had to put that razor against his skin.He knew you were nervous about cuting up his skin and he found this worry written all over your eyes very cute.He was there staring at you in awe as the blade was near his jaw. He wasn’t afraid you’d fail at this, because he trusted and loved you too much.You both were going to get married anyways.

Once it was finally done and Jimin was able to wash off his face, you could see him pucker his lips at you

“What do you want now?”, you raise a brow

“Babe~ You promised me a kiss earlier!”, he pulls you in his manly embrace “And I gotta say that you did  a pretty good job at shaving my face earlier”, he smirks

“You did a pretty good job at staying in place too”, you smile at him

“ So, where’s my kiss?”, he gives you that cute gaze

“ I’ll kiss you once both of us go down the aisle”

“ omg that was a lame pick up line…”, jimin facepalmed “ Come on, seriously that’s not fair!!! You better  give me my–”

You cut him off by pressing your lips on his cheek

“…kiss”, you holds on his cheek like school boy

“Is that good enough, Park Jimin-ssi?”, you say before taping his nose and leaving to your room

“ Y/N!!! Wait for me ~ Let’s go together~~” he chuckles as he runs after you

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HCs for how Yuri K, Victor and Phichit will get a 23-year old student to study for her exams? (Not necessarily s/o lol, and no Yuri P this time because I KNOW he'd scream at me and I can feel it) I'm sorely lacking in motivation rn, and I can't believe I have to miss my YOI fix for the next 2 weeks, just look at that crying Thena icon, hahah wish me luck, thanks!!!

Don’t worry, I understand your pain. I can have hard time finding motivation to do my school work, as well. It can be really hard for me to focus, so I relate to you on a spiritual level rn. This one is dedicated to everyone that needs a little extra push today! I know you can do it! Thank for for the request, and good luck with your schoolwork! ((also I did these as friends, since I haven’t done anything very platonic yet!))

[Viktor Nikiforov]

  • Now Viktor is a very persuasive person, so he’s going to get you to hunker down and study one way or another
  • He probably won’t be the best at understanding your frustrations and emotions
  • but let me tell you he is gonna try
  • If your emotions get the best of you and you cry or something, he’s going to be a little shocked
  • He would just give you a hug and beg you to stop crying because you’re too beautiful to cry like why
  • It annoys him that the schoolwork you receive is so extreme that it brings you to this
  • Like why do schools have to be so hard on students ???? you shouldn’t have to cry your way through it ???????
  • Even if he thinks the workload is stupid, he’s going to be there to motivate you and make sure you’re successful
  • He’ll bring you into the kitchen of his apartment and sit down with you on the stools by the counter or at the kitchen table, whichever you like best
  • Viktor would sit with you and read a book while you study, stealing glances at you every so often to check up on you
  • Being as observant as he is, he probably would know exactly when you’d need a snack or a drink
  • When he notices you getting really worked up or frustrated, he’ll distract you by taking your hand and ballroom dancing with you around the living room for a few minutes; it’s also perfect because you can get up and stretch
  • the slow music and steady movements Viktor leads you through help to relax you a bunch
  • also slow dancing with Viktor????? I would study all the time if it meant i would get to do that
  • Even though he takes good care of you while you’re working, he’s going to be strict to make sure you’re focusing
  • He would probably take your phone away if he caught you sneaking glances at it every so often
  • “Are the answers to your exam questions in those Snapchats, (Y/N)? Do those funny dog videos have your notes written in them? Do-“
  • “No Viktor they don’t I’m sorry I’m crying trying my best and I’m frustrated and these exams are going to kill m e
  • He’s the type to give rewards for correct answers
  • Usually chocolates, peppermints, cakes, shots of vodka, etc.
  • even hugs and cheek kisses if you want I mean I know that’s what I’d want
  • If you’ve been studying for a long time, he’ll give you a shoulder massage while you’re hunched over your textbooks
  • He’d probably make you go to bed or at least take a nap once it got late; no matter how much you protest, he’ll insist that you need to put your health first
  • He just wants you to be successful, and he believes in you no matter what

[Yuri Katsuki]

  • This bean is the best study buddy you could ever ask for
  • I mean he wears glasses so he must be pretty smart ???? jk I’m awful
  • He understands the stress and anxiety you’re having from past experience
  • Knowing how your emotions can get the best of you at times like this, he keeps a box of tissues handy in case you need to cry out your frustration
  • When that happens he’ll just hug you and stroke your hair
  • He’s so friggin patient i s2g he’s too perfect for this
  • To motivate you, he just creates a relaxed environment and offers to endure the worst with you
  • He’ll set up a quiet room with a table and create a playlist of relaxing symphonies to have in the background
  • and if you have ADHD like me he’ll take everything off of the walls so you don’t get distracted by the photos or pictures
  • You know this boy will make sure you use effective studying methods and take plenty of rest breaks
  • He’s going to make you get up during breaks and will help you stretch out; every few hours the break will be a short walk outside to get some fresh air
  • If you become angry or frustrated, he’ll stop you and try to help you understand what you’re struggling with
  • I can really see him getting all passionate in his explanations and using examples you’ll enjoy and relate too ugh this boy is adorable
  • He’s going to make sure you’re comfortable while you’re reading your textbooks; if your eyes start to hurt from reading the big walls of text, he’ll sit next to you and read to you out loud
  • Expect a fuckton of praise and encouragements from getting the correct answers
  • He’s gonna make you all kinds of snacks and drinks
  • “(Y/N), I made us pork cutlet bowls to eat! Don’t they look good pls be proud of me!
  • “Yuri how is a 900 calorie meal a snack I don’t understand-“
  • stfu (Y/N) you need the energy to push through and study hard ok just eat this shit i made for you with love jfc
  • Once it gets late, he’ll brew you all kinds of tea and coffee to help you stay awake
  • If you start getting sleepy, though, he’ll do his best to keep you focused
  • He’s going to try his best to stay up with you, but he might not make it and fall asleep on your shoulder
  • It might be you who falls asleep first, though, so he’ll just snuggle up next to you with a blanket and think of it as a reward
  • but for real just imagine you slumped over the table asleep and he just comes right up next to you and wraps a blanket around both of you before clinging to you like a koala omg best friends ever so friggin cute
  • No matter what results you get on your tests, you know he’s going to be proud of your accomplishments and the hard work you’ve put in

[Phichit Chulanont]

  • This boy won’t be the best at helping you study, but he’s going to cry try his best to motivate you and get you through it!
  • He’ll bring a table and chairs into his bedroom so you can be in a comfortable environment but can still have an area to work at without getting distracted
  • He’ll help you get into a productive rhythm and then sit back while you work
  • probably just sits at the table with you and plays around on his phone
  • He’s gonna take a bunch of selfies with you working in the background and post them on Instagram js
  • “(Y/N), you look so cute while you’re working, and-“
  • Phichit pls why are you like this
  • Expect to be constantly bothered by his questions about how you’re doing
  • “Are you comfortable? Do you need any food? Water? Is the oxygen pure enough in here? Am I bothering you?
  • “Phichit enough
  • He would feed you so you wouldn’t have to look away from your textbook to feed yourself
  • The look you make while you concentrate is really cute to him and he really enjoys seeing the expressions you make while you focus but you didnt hear it from me
  • There is a timer set on his phone so every few minutes you can take a break and get up to stretch
  • Once you start to get a little stressed from focusing so hard, he creates a second timer that he calls the “Hug Timer”
  • When it goes off, he jumps right out of his chair and tackles you in a big, warm bear hug
  • You can try to act annoyed, but he can see how much better you feel once you return your focus to your studies
  • plus a hug from Phichit could cure anything tbh
  • When you get frustrated, he shows you funny dog videos and pictures on Instagram to help you calm down and take your mind off of school for a little while
  • Tired of reading yourself? Phichit will take over and read the endless lines of text to you as if he were reading you a fairytale before bed
  • he would even do different voices ugh what a cutie
  • Whenever you feel like giving up on studying and burying yourself in the ground, he bribes you with a reward if you keep going
  • First he promises a drink from Starbucks, then movie tickets, then a trip with him to his next abroad skating event
  • Once you show signs of being physically exhausted, he won’t make you stay awake any longer
  • In fact, he would encourage you to take a nap with him before you got back to work
  • He might not be the best study buddy ever, but he admires you and your perseverance to succeed

anonymous asked:

Hello :3 I was wondering if you could do Kyoya realising he loves you and tries to avoid you (but he can't because you're part of the host club) and you finally ask what's wrong with him and he admits he loves you and you laugh because he's nervous (for like the first time in his life) and say "I love you too dork". Ok thanks I just thought that would be adorable because Kyoya isn't a very nervous/shy person. thank you!

SCREAMS BC THIS IS CUTE AT ALL GET OUT OMG and I managed to make it hella angsty I APOLOGIZE

When one of your close friends begged you to accompany her to the Host Club after school, you weren’t entirely sure what to expect - all you knew was that nearly the entire female population of Ouran was in love with them and screeched and wailed whenever you announced that you hadn’t been yet.

So, on a beautiful autumn day when you would have much rather have taken a walk through the park to see the changing trees, you find yourself being ushered by your friend into an unused music room. She’s squealing and talking at a hundred miles a minute, but she’s excited so you try to be to.

You’re greeted by Kyoya Ootori, who’s a grade ahead of you but notorious for being the one who really runs this club - whatever this club is. He says hello to your companion like they’re old friends, and then turns to you.

“Hello there, ____-san, isn’t it?” He asks, and you get the feeling that he’s only asking to be polite and that he knows exactly who you are. It’s a tad unsettling, but it’s too soon for you to decide if it’s good or bad. You nod, telling him that your first name is fine, and he hums in acknowledgement, making a note on his pad. “So tell me, what kind of host would you like to see?” 

You blink up at him, confusion evident on your face. Your friend had been so excited when you’d agreed to come that she’d mostly squealed and ignored your questions about exactly what happened there, you queries mostly met with “Ohhh, don’t worry about! Oh my gosh, you’re gonna love it! I can’t wait!” or some variation thereof. “I’m sorry, I don’t really understand exactly what’s happening here. My friend asked me to join her, but didn’t really tell me what you guys did.”

“Well then allow me to clarify. Here at the Host Club, girls, and occasionally male students, come to us to be treated to tea and conversation with the host of their choice. Occasionally, we have theme days where the Hosts will cosplay and food is served accordingly.” As he finishes speaking, the two of you are joined by Tamaki, who immediately takes your hand in his. 

“Well, Kyoya, who is this precious flower? A newcomer? Welcome to the Host Club, my dear! Do you have a preference? Perhaps the princely type, like myself? Or maybe the devilish type?” He gestures towards a table where the Hitachiin twins are sitting, surrounded by squealing girls whose faces were several different shades of pink, most likely caused by whatever quasi-incestuous act they were pulling now. You roll your eyes and shake your head. “They’re in my class, and they seem nice, but their shtick isn’t really my thing. Thank you though.”

Tamaki nodded emphatically, turning you dramatically to another side of the room where girls are crowding around Mori and Honey. “What about the boy Lolita type? Or the strong, silent type?” 

You cringe a bit. “I mean, they seem wonderful, but I’d rather be able to have a conversation with someone, and the cutesy type isn’t exactly my thing. I’m so sorry.”

It’s when you say this that Tamaki grips your hand even harder, fire in his eyes. “Do not worry, my sweet flower, we will find you the perfect host!” He turns to Kyoya, and it appears that he meant to ask him something, but suddenly your hand is being released and Tamaki is taking Kyoya and shoving him forward, towards you. “What about our cool type, hmmm my flower? Does this tickle your fancy?”

You take a good, hard look at Kyoya - who appears charming and incredibly annoyed at the same time - and take note of his strong, handsome features and air of mystery. You decide then and there to make it your mission to decode the ‘Cool’ host, whatever it takes. “If you wouldn’t mind, Kyoya, I think that would be quite nice.”

He smiles, exuding charm, “Why of course.”

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compliments for the signs
  • Aries: everyone is always pissing on yall for being angry. so what? you show emotion! you aren't afraid to stick up for what you believe in! PS i am waiting impatiently to be present for when some dumbass tells an Aries "dude, chilllllll" literally ill back you up leggo
  • Taurus: ok so everyone says you don't stop eating and you're lazy af. that's literally the entirety of Tumblr. my sister is a Taurus and yeah she eats loads and wont move to pick up a remote... and???? she's the best person i know, super fit, totally hilarious, and so are all of you. side note: why are you all so pretty??
  • Gemini: the "two-faced bitch" is getting annoying. i know loads of gems and none of them have wronged me or anyone i know. you guys have one of the best senses of dry humor, and you're always there to listen to my problems. you always get things done like one day you'll be commenting on some guys ass then bam you're dating him??? like that was easy
  • Cancer: i don't care if you're crying over spilt milk. gfy!!! you're sad! thank you for telling me!!! thank you for not being that person that says "i'm fine" and we all know is :( because that really sucks man i love being there for people thank you for opening up to me really
  • Leo: so you act really confident and self-aware and you hide your insecurities. NEWS FLASH: you shouldn't have any because you're fuggin 100% all the times i can't even begin. You're never afraid to try out new styles and you compliment those who look uncomfortable in their own skin and i love that. one last thing, i love it when you're so open about who you want to be and what you want to do and you don't care about other peoples opinions on that.
  • Virgo: there's so much more to you than your brains. you, gemini, scorpio, and taurus should just get together and let all the other signs watch ya'll talk because 8/8 m8 your humor is on point. also you're so understanding of your friends like you're so accepting. i could tell you i was going to have plastic surgery on my arm to add scales so i could be like a dragon and you'd tell me what color would look good on me.
  • Libra: this whole "superficial" biz is getting boring. ya'll are always so sweet to me. your the sign that, if they saw a kid crying, would go up to that stranger and ask whats wrong. then they'd go over to the kid that made em cry, see their point of view, and then properly unleash your wrath on the one in the wrong. like you're so fair and honest and unbiased and that's so cool because i'm sick of people not seeing others points of view.
  • Scorpio: sex-addict and psychopath is so old. hell yeah you're good at sex! hell yeah you get pissed! who doesn't? there's so much more to you than that. people forget you're in the water element for a reason. you're so insecure and sad and waiting for people to see you for who you are. you're so kind to your friends, you'd kill for them. (kidding). you're protective and passionate and feel everything so strong and great at reading people. you let others open up. thank you for that.
  • Sagittarius: i would give anything to go on a trip with you. they say you're detached af but everyone has their shit. so you have trouble opening up to people. so you have trouble talking to people about some things and sure you don't always show emotion. self-preservation ring a bell? you're doing your best being you. but please don't be afraid to open up. we all love you so much and you're so great and just such a wonderful person. don't stop that.
  • Capricorn: you work so hard. you're literally always pushing yourself and never asking for help but you're dying on the inside. you're wearing yourself thin and it has got to be exhausting. you make me day everyday with your laughs and humor and perkiness. you're legit so cute and you find the stupidest things funny. aLS0 your pet peeves are so cute. the weirdest things annoy you?? one example being that i used the word 'stupidest' in this.
  • Aquarius: you are s0 FUNNY omfg yeah you have that weird sense of humor and your aliens and memes 100% but that's so cool of you. you're so passionate about the world and your beliefs and no one gives you credit for that. plus you're such a leader. people would follow you blindly with your confidence. you typically see the good in the world and you're so free-spirited. legit 8/8 ily
  • Pisces: you're always stressed and constantly sad. don't. you have so much to live for. your laugh is so cute and you're so creative even though you don't admit it. you act tough at times but there's no need to. you could open up to anyone and they'd all be happy that you came to talk to them. you tell the best stories and your jokes are that stupid kinda funny. your awkwardness is adorable and i love you for that
True Name

Transcendence AU fic. Dipper encounters a group of cultists who claim to know his true name. Inspired by this post and this post (spoilers, especially the second one).

on ff.net

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anonymous asked:

I really love your blog~ especially that what if Saru ran away and became homeless now I keep thinking what if Mikoto and the rest raise him kinda like those if Saru was adopted into Reisei's family.

Poor little homeless Fushimi being raised by Homra trio is definitely intriguing. Kusanagi would probably be even more of a mom than he already is. I imagine at first he’s kinda like okay one, we can’t just adopt a random kid we found sleeping in our doorway he’s not a puppy (as Totsuka dries off Fushimi’s hair and looks up at Kusanagi hopefully like “Can we keep him?”), two, since when are we in the business of raising children (oh Kusanagi if only you knew) and three, I’m not letting the kid who must belong to someone stay in my bar and get us all arrested for kidnapping. Totsuka assures Kusanagi that it’ll be fine and asks little Saruhiko if he has parents to go back to. Fushimi doesn’t really want to answer and Kusanagi kinda sighs and figures well, they know the kid’s name so they can just do some asking around and find where he belongs and then they can send him home. Fushimi suddenly gets this absolutely terrified look and Mikoto stands up and just walks over to him, staring at him for a long moment before asking bluntly if Fushimi wants to go back home. Fushimi fidgets a little because Mikoto’s stare is scaring him a bit but he manages to shake his head no. Kusanagi sighs again because no, seriously guys this is kidnapping but Mikoto just says that okay, the kid’s staying here. Kusanagi sighs but agrees to it in the end, Totsuka is totally happy about the new puppy.

And once more Fushimi is raised all loved and doted on. Totsuka probably wants to play with him and talk to him all the time, like ooh new toy, but Fushimi’s all quiet and nervous so it’s hard to get him to come out of his shell. Then one day Kusanagi’s trying to balance his books a little for the bar and there’s a discrepency that he can’t figure out. Fushimi comes wandering out from upstairs, Kusanagi tells Fushimi if he’s hungry he can help himself and Totsuka and Mikoto will be back soon, Kusanagi’s just a bit busy right now. Fushimi sits himself down on a stool near Kusanagi staring at all the papers and then he suddenly reaches out and points to where Kusanagi’s math is off. Kusanagi doesn’t quite believe him at first because come on, it’s a little kid and this is a lot of math but then of course it turns out Fushimi was right and Kusanagi realizes that Fushimi’s a lot smarter than he’s been letting on. From that point he starts to realize just how much potential Fushimi has and starts letting him help out with a lot of stuff around the bar and Fushimi starts getting a little more open about things because he likes having a job to do, but on the bad side he gets a little less shy and a little more willing to call Totsuka annoying to his face (Totsuka finds this adorable) and he’s also still kinda jumpy around Mikoto and can’t really explain why.

anonymous asked:

Hollstein prompt: Laura and Carmilla have a mutual friend. Mutual friend is in trouble and needs Carmilla to fake date them but they can't tell Laura because she's really bad at lying.

Okay, let’s see how this works. 

“Danny, Laura is in class.” 

“I know. I wanted to talk to you first.” 

You look up from the book you were reading. “What could you possibly want to say to me?” 

“Er…it’s kind of a favor?” 

You sigh. “Red, whatever your little Summer Society members did, if you expect to go and kill another hellhound for you–,”

“No! No, nothing like that. Can I sit down?” 

You roll your eyes and wave a hand toward Laura’s bed. Danny sits down. “Okay, so my family is kind of coming over to see me.” 

“Family trouble? I guess I can relate.” 

“Well, not exactly trouble, I love my parents. it’s more like a miscommunication that I’d rather not clear up.” 

You arch an eyebrow, sitting up from your typical lounging cat position. “What exactly was this ‘miscommunication’?” 

Danny nodded her head with her mouth open for a few moments, as though trying to find the best way to say what she wanted to say. 

“Come on Xena.” 

“…I may have gushed to my mom about this fantastic girl I met in my lit class…” 

The book was still open in your hands. You snap it shut. “Your parents think you’re dating Laura–” 

Well, in my defense, I never said we were dating, they kind of just assumed we started dating–” 

You want them to think you’re dating my girlfriend–” 

No! I don’t! I don’t want them to. It’s just that my mom called me the other day and was like ‘Danielle, how is your girlfriend doing?’ And I was about to correct her, but she was so excited to meet her when they came to visit. I didn’t have the heart to tell them.” 

“Danny, I am not letting you use my girlfriend as your beard while you stay in the singles closet.” 

“Oh, I wasn’t going to ask to borrow Laura. She’s a terrible liar, it’d never work.” 

“So what–” Your eyes widen. “Oh no. No no no no no–”

“Carmilla, please, you and Laura are the only friends they haven’t met yet–”

“No no no no no no no no–” 

“And it’s not like we need to make out or anything–”

“No no no no no no Hell fucking no.” 

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5SOS Blurb #3: Tickle Fight
  • Michael: Michael would be sitting next to you on the couch going on and on about some level of a game he can't seem to beat and you'll be on your phone scrolling endlessly on tumblr and soon you'd hear Michael stop mid-sentence and ask you, "Are you listening to me?"you'd look up from your phone and give a small smile at your boyfriend, "Yes, why?" Michael wouldn't buy your poor attempt at trying to be focused and he'd cross his arms and smirk at you and ask, "Really? What was I talking about then?" And when you couldn't respond he'd grab your phone out of your hand and start to tickle you all over making you crying with laughter and you'd beg him to stop and Michael would give you this really adorable laugh and say, "Beg for me to stop." And you'd sit there and surrender begging him to stop, "Michael please! I Can't breathe, please!" And Michael would finally stop and hand you back your phone, "Maybe next time you'll listen to me."
  • Ashton: You and Ashton would be having a lazy day at home, wearing nothing but your underwear, and you'd be laying next to Ashton making different patterns on his chest and Ashton would start chuckling telling you to stop because it's tickling him like crazy so you smirk and straddle Ashton and start tickling him for real this time and you ask him, "Do you want me to stop?" And Ashton would be in a fit of giggles and he'd shake his head vigorously begging you to stop tickling him because he can't stop laughing but you won't cave in so Ashton flips you two over so he's on top of you and he begins to tickle you everywhere and soon there are tears forming in the corners of your eyes so Ashton stops and leans down to peck your lips.
  • Calum: Calum would have the boys over to hang out, you could hear them being awfully loud downstairs while you were trying to take a nap. You go downstairs to tell them to be quieter when Calum invites you to sit and watch tv with them on the couch you protest telling Calum how tired you are so he walks over to you and wraps his arms around your waist trying to find your tickle spot, "Calum, cut it out." You'd laugh, trying to swat his hands away but Calum would shake his head no and lay you down on the couch making the other boys jump up and stand on the side, Calum would then straddle your waist tickling the lower half of your body all over, "Go Calum, go!" You hear the boys chant. You throw your head back and begin laughing even harder now, "Are you guys going to help me?" You ask between laughs. The other boys look at each other and shake their head beginning to leave, "Have fun you two!" Michael says, closing the front door behind him.
  • Luke: Luke would be sitting on his bed trying to figure out some chords on his guitar for the new song the boys are recording, you can tell from his current facial expression that he isn't too happy with the ones he has. He's been trying to figure out the right sound for hours now and he can't seem to get it right. "Dammit." Luke would yell, throwing his guitar over on the opposite side of the bed. You'd walk over to him, sliding your arm around his waist, "Turn that frown upside down!" You'd tell Luke, trying to make him smile by poking his cheek he'd just look at you with annoyed eyes which made you feel awful. You'd sigh and began to playfully tickle him which ended up putting a small smile on Luke's face, "C'mon, I know you want to laugh!" You'd say, biting your lower lip trying not to smirk, "Babe, cut it out I'm trying to be mad." Luke would admit, caving in. "Ha, I made you smile!" You'd say in victory, throwing your hands in the air. "Yeah, yeah." Luke would said, pulling you in for a kiss.
  • A/n: Sorry if this one sucks, I was rushing a bit and I couldn't focus, sigh.
Inside Joke

Fandom: Life is Strange
Pairing: Grahamfield (Max Caulfield/Warren Graham)
Rating: T?? A few strong/explicit words are used, but other than that nothing mature happens. I’m bad at ratings, forgive me.
Warnings: Again, a few strong/explicit words. That’s pretty much it though. Oh, and spoilers for episode 4.
Words: 1,150 (the same as Vortex Club Energy, what the heck)
Notes: I’m not quite as happy with this, as a piece of creative writing, as I was with VCE, but I just wanted to get this idea written and out there because it’s adorable and I’m dying slowly inside from these cute nerds bye.

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Fall | Luke Hemmings/5sos imagine

Part 1 | Part 2 |
Words - 1,2 K

The ringing noise in my ears made my head throb, and my stomach was feeling far from good. It takes a few minutes before I open my eyes and get greeted by the sun through the window, I blink a few times to get used by the bright sunlight. I began to look around myself and I don’t recognize the room at all. The panic began to flourish within me, there’s someone next to me on the other side of the bed but I can’t recognize him, he lies on his stomach and he has a pillow over his head so I can only see his broad back. I felt panic grow more in me and I quickly checked under the covers if I had my dress on, which I had. I calmed myself down for a few seconds as I tried to remember what happened yesterday. Nothing, I remember nothing…
I rose up slowly from the bed, don’t want to wake up the guy next to me. And then I feel the headache, I think I have never received this kind of severe headache in my life. ‘Fuck…’ I muttered as I crept towards the toilet.
The guy in bed woke up and turned to me.
‘Good morning’ He grinned at me. I froze and then turned against him, It was Luke.
‘Erm, yeah… Hi’ I waved to him awkwardly. I didn’t know what to say, I had tons of questions to ask about yesterday but nothing came out from my mouth so I just stood there shrugging.
'Sooooooo…’ I started but before I could continue, he interrupted me.
'We did not have sex (y/n), do you even remember anything?’ He said as he got out of bed, he was just in his sweetpants.
'Okay, great! No I don’t actually… The last thing I remember was me taking body shots off of you.’ I said as I felt relieved when he said that we didn’t sleep with each other. He walked past me into the bathroom and came out with a glass of water and two aspirins.
'So you can’t remember anything, not a single thing?’ He asked while handing over the glass of water and both aspirins.
'No, why? Is there anything special that I should have remembered?’ I smirked at him, knowing he’s hiding something from me.
'No I was just wondering, you drank pretty much and you were having a great time like i promised you! He smiled, a little bit proud of himself.
'Yeah I bet I had’ I chuckled while I swallowed the two tablets at once and went into the bathroom and freshened up…
When I walked out of the bathroom, Luke was no longer in the room. I went down to try to find Lexi. I bet she came here with Ashton as much as I saw them hold on to each other yesterday. yesterda… Why do I remember them? Okay this is fucked up and I shouldn’t drink in a really long while… Why did I even come with them, why didn’t I just grab a cab home? Except, I did something with Luke… But why didn’t he just tell me? Oh my god I really need to find Lexi and ask her what the fuck happened last night.
I went into the kitchen and saw Ashton, Lexi and Calum sit each with a bowl of cereal. Ashton and Lexi were in a deep discussion about some stupid dick-move someone or both did at the club yesterday, I didn’t care. Calum noticed me and he had a smug on his face, I looked back with a confused look.
‘How’s your memory, darling?’ He cracked, Ashton and Lexi became silent and turned to Calum to wonder who he was talking to and then got a caught sight of me.
‘Fuck off Calum’ I spit and sat down on a chair at the dining table. We talked about last night, nothing special just generally. Luke didn’t join us and I didn’t feel like asking anybody where he’d go.
20 minutes later Lexi and I was on our way out of their house to go home.
Calum called me right before I got out of the house. He pulled me aside and said, 'Try to remember yesterday, for Luke’s sake …’
What was he talking about? Luke’s sake?
‘I walked in on you two but the rest you will have to try remember yourself.’ He looked really serious.
'But, I…’ Was all I could say before I heard the taxi honk and we needed to go.
I jumped into the taxi with Lexi. I tried really hard to remember what happened yesterday. Small snippets from the night came back to me, body shots, dancing, more shots, Michael threw up *haha, that was really funny, I smiled to myself*, The car ride home to the guys and then…

'What do you think about my dress?’ I turned around and looked at him.
'I worship it.’ He smirked warmly.
I unzipped it and pulled down the shoulder straps keeping eyecontact with Luke the whole time. I took some steps forward and stood between his legs.
'And now?’ I looked down at him.
'Even better.’ He bit his lip.
I sat down straddling him.
'And what about my heels?’
'I admire them, but I admire them more off at this point.’ He wispered softly in my ear and I felt goosebumps form on both arms while he slide them off.
'And my stockings?’ I started to kiss his neck.
'Oh I adore them.’ A little moan slipped through his kissable lips. He cupped my face in his hands and crashed my lips. He slipped his tongue between my lips and explored the whole inside of my mouth. He teared my stockings apart and flippes us over the couch so he was on top of me. He throw the tattered tights on the floor, he started to leave sloppy kisses on my face, my lips, down my neck.
'Eager much?’ I smirked at him while I moved my hands from his hair down to his flannel shirt and began to unbutton it.
He ignored my comment instead he began to suck and bite my neck, moans escaped my lips and I really needed him but I wanted to have my fun first.
I got rid of Lukes shirt and threw it on the floor. I gave him a little push and flipped us both over down on the flor, staddling him.
'You said something about eager?’ he cocked an eyebrow at me.
'Oh, shut up…’ I chuckled.
Suddenly the door flew up and Calum stormed in.
’ Wooooooow, I didn’t know you two were up for some funny business!’ He laughed.
Luke and I got up from the floor immediately. Luke ran towards Calum and shooed him out, Calum did not listen so Luke followed him out of the room, he was so annoyed at Calum right now for cockblocking. I could hear them argue in the hall and Calum sounded really drunk. I laid down on the bed and their voices got weaker and weaker while I drifted of to sleep.


A/N: Part 2 is up! I don’t know how many parts there will be but we’ll see. If you want a third part just inbox me but it would be alot easier if you could help me and give me ideas for the next part! XX - AManda

anonymous asked:

Hi !! First of all, I'm in love with Feast for a king ( even if my friends now think I'm a kinky fuck because of the sex scenes I showed them ) and I absolutely adore your art style!! As for my question, I was wondering if you had any tips for newcomers on creating their own webcomics?? I apologize my writing's all over the place but thank you !! I can't wait for more updates !! Have a nice day

THE SEX SCENES HAVENT EVEN BEEN THAT KINKY YET EVERYONE C’MON!!!!! ITS JUST TENDER DICK IN CHEST WOUNDS. Well thank you for enjoying my comic so much. I don’t really know what advice to offer that isnt the same general things you hear again and again. I know hearing certain things like, assuring u that drawing indulgently is good and all that but I wanna wonder if I can challenge myself to give some more Hardcore Actual Realtalk Advice for making comics. I’m not even sure if this is great for newcomers lmao.. but these are things I try my best to “teach” myself whenever I work. Its more about the mentality of the entire work rather than focusing on one specific aspect of making comics, so, keep that in mind this isnt exactly supposed to be presented as.. well its sorta advice-y… its just.. like.. some major things I think about when I work, things I tell myself and try to improve teaching myself with. In fact, evne trying to articulate this process to you is basically a writing exercise to myself with figuring this shit out.
Its a lot to read but if you want to be my guest!

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