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I have been a twomin shipper since 2011, the ship has been so authentic and genuine and affections are real showing. What do you think about them as the years progress ?

That’s such a great question, I’m going to take some time pondering over this if you don’t mind ;A;

I’m actually quite the newbie in the fandom, but I can tell you that I did not “choose” that ship randomly. (Hell, I didn’t even choose - it just kind of… got me when I least expected it.) I’m going to confess that, at first, I was into OnHo, mostly because of fanfiction though; I didn’t know 2min at that time. As I grew used to SHINee and their interactions in general, I saw that two members stuck out the most in the way they acted towards each other… and I bet you can guess who am I talking about here.

Well, blah blah blah, everybody knows TaeMinho were… very affectionate with each other 2008-2011, which pretty much explains why 2min was/is one of the most popular pairings in SHINee, so I understand why the “hype” has died down since 2012-now. People are in constant need of blatant displays of affection so they can claim a couple their ‘otp’ (this doesn’t include me though), and, okay, let’s agree that things have changed, they haven’t being all touchy-touchy like they used to be when they were younger.

This is one of the points I wish to make: they aren’t kids anymore. They are adults. They are aware that their world evolves under camera flashes, that every single line, every gesture is being recorded.

Right, that didn’t stop them before… but maybe now, after years into their career, they understand that some things must be kept from the public if you want to keep your sanity in between being an idol and a ‘normal person’.

We all know that Taemin is a reserved person, as much as he gives all he has to the fans (while dancing, while singing or whatever), he tends to keep it to himself. Minho is… quite the contrary, he seems to enjoy showering the people he loves with attention, and with Taem he does just that: this little thing didn’t change with time. Doesn’t mean Taemin isn’t open to showing what he feels, too. He does, but he is subtle about it. Hesitant, even. For example:

(At first, when I saw this gif, I felt kinda bad for Min, being all enthusiastic about the hug and Taem just standing there. But, as I put in my tags, he leans in to Minho. He didn’t reject the hug. Others would probably think, “not rejecting doesn’t mean he wants it.” But I can’t imagine Taemin wrapping his arms around Minho in the middle of stage because he simply is not like that… from what I’ve seen, of course.)

Imo, it also has a lot to do with Taemin wanting to be independent for once. Minho can be too much sometimes, like a nagging mom - I don’t know why Kibum has such reputation, for me, Minho is way worse. He is so careful with Tae. He is… different with Taemin. Minho goes around with his hyungs being carefree, making jokes, doing endless skinship and all that bro thing. When it comes to Taemin though… there’s so much tenderness and care and love - be it romantic or not, you choose -, it’s not really hard to see it. He is always holding Taemin by the waist, or ruffling his hair, or smiling at him, or merely giving his full attention to the boy when he is speaking. Not to mention he seems like a happy puppy when he tries to be playful and Taem reciprocates eagerly. (Or when Taemin iniates it.)

Uh, ok, I strayed from my argument, sorry, I’m probably a rumbling mess right now. What I was saying is - Ace was the proof that Taemin wants to be taken seriously, as a man, as Taemin, not as “SHINee’s maknae”. And it must be hard to accomplish such a thing when Minho… I don’t even now how to say this… it’s just… Minho seems so used to giving his everything into taking care of Taem it can come off as over-protective.

I personally don’t think Taemin minds being “Taeminnie” to Minho, but in public, that’s most probably not the image he wants to pass. He doesn’t have to restrain himself with the other members, you know? I mean lol, he tried to kiss Kibum in the mouth. And perhaps that’s because he has nothing to hide with them. They are good friends, they like to play around, the fans go crazy for that.

…When he is with Minho, he ‘sobers up’ almost instantly.

Call me childish, call me delusional, call me a noisy fan that doesn’t know her place, but my bet is that, if there wasn’t anything to hide, he wouldn’t try and hide it. Look at his interactions with Jongin. They are best friends, they go around hugging and practicing and doing stuff together, and Taemin doesn’t mind being open about that. That’s what happens when you are friends with someone that bears no second intentions behind that friendship. (Or, most likely, when YOU do not bear second intentions.)

All in all, I don’t get it when people say “2min is dead”. They are so??? Freaking obvious when they aren’t paying attention??? Oh holly HELL Minho said that “he’d go anywhere for Taemin” and then took him by the neck and said “Aishiteru”, all of this on TV?? For everyone to see??? Tbh I wouldn’t take that “aishiteru” seriously IF it weren’t for Taemin’s reaction. He looked so surprised and upset. When a friend of yours tell you they love you, don’t you joke back too? He didn’t even laugh.

Oh yeah, finishing the whole ‘hold-back-when-we-are-in-public-minho-please’ paragraph, I’ve seen people say Taemin looks uncomfortable near Minho but… in my point of view, that’s not the case at all. Minho is… Minho. He wouldn’t insist on something Taemin, or anyone else for that matter, isn’t up to.

Anyway! I’m sorry for such a long reply (and for typos, I’m sure I must have made a lot of them.) My thoughts on their relationship is that… whatever it is, it has never been stronger. It’s like they don’t want what(ever) exists between them to be mistaken as fan-service, you know? That’s why they keep trying to suppress their actions, I think, although they do let it slip sometimes with the hand-holding, the waist holding and all that. Those little intimate moments are worth it. They are what makes me believe that they love each other a lot. And I’m not talking about being gay either - I strongly believe that there’s someone out there who’s similar to some kind of your soulmate, and not even gender could stop those two persons from coming together. 

 I wish I could articulate… all of this better in my native language, but I’m guessing this will do?

Once again, I apologize for writing this much but I just couldn’t get myself to stop once I started OTL. Thank you so much for the ask, anon  ♡