i can't talk about the finale right now

things no one cares about

I’m writing my Big Final Essay right now (lol I started it last night) for my hardest class, but I just got back my last paper from it and


I’m going to cry? I was wondering if I should even be a history major?

I am shook.

GUYS I JUST MET TAYLOR IM CRYJNG I am honestly in shock right now Taylor is so beautiful and incredible and perfect i can’t believe my dream finally came true. I never thought this would ever happen. This still doesn’t feel real to me honestly. Abby and I got to talk to taylor for so long, she was so patient I didn’t feel rushed at all. We talked about Vanderbilt and never grow up and Twitter friends and then we took our picture. So for our picture I was like I know this sounds weird but can we do the X sign because my Twitter is multayply and she was like omg I recognize your URL I thought it was so funny! I honestly was like what you know my URL like I didn’t even say that she followed me/liked my posts/tweeted me I can’t believe that. Taylor is the sweetest person in the world she listened and was genuinely interested in me. That made me feel so special and loved. Taylor, I will never be able to thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me or describe how much I love you. Tonight was honestly unreal. One of my biggest dreams came true. I am so beyond happy we finally got the chance to hug and meet, I really never thought we would get to. You have made me the happiest person ever today, I hope you know how much I absolutely adore you.
Love forever,
PS: your outfit was so on point honestly fall af (where’d you get your shirt and pants from??) and you’re just perfect k love you

Can we talk about how strong Sammy is? He lost his mother before he was even a year old, he went through who knows what shit during his childhood, he finally got out of the shitty life and then he goes and loses his girlfriend the same way his mother died. He lost his father not too long after that. His brother has died, twice. The first time because of him. And not to mention he literally went through his brother being a demon, literally went through being chased down by his big brother with an axe. And not even a year later that big brother who he has looked up to his entire life then goes and wants to kill him. Sam has been through so much shit and he still comes out being a beautiful angel.

Can we talk about how strong Sam Winchester is.

I don’t know if this is something canon Bilbo would have said, but it just felt quite right. Space is able to take out what we would usually have difficulties saying. Maybe because it’s so big that we feel the need to fill the void. Or to stay silent.

I’m falling deeply for this space AU eh