i can't take this shit for another half year

When I was a teenager I worked at McDonalds. Never in my life had I been more disrespected by customers and employers. I was just trying to get by in my life, pay my bills, take care of my loved ones, yet people felt entitled to take their problems out on me and belittle me. One day I got a phone call on the business phone to tell me that one of my best friends had died in a motorcycle accident. I dropped the phone and stared blankly at the wall and my boss looked at me as I cried and told me "suck it up. I can't cover your shift right now. You have to stay". I should have left. I should have told her to take the job and shove it up her ass. But I didn't. I stayed for another two and a half years. I got food thrown at me, been called names, looked down on, all just so people could shove their face with processed shit. All so I could live. Think twice before you call the people who serve you your fast food "low lifes". You don't know what anyone is going through. Whether they make hamburgers or drive ferarris. Compassion goes a long way.